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MI Grappler Youth Fab 50

The Michigan Grappler Youth Fab 50 Tournament Series is a youth wrestling tournament series which will award youth wrestlers in MI points for placing in youth tournaments throughout the season.  The goal is to identify the wrestlers around the state who had the best overall success throughout  season.


1) Must be a Grappler Gold Annual Member
2) Fill out Fab 50 Entry Form
3) Check standings as they are released and e-mail if you see any errors


Note: If a platinum, gold, or silver event awards only the top 4 places, then only those places earn points from that event.  Likewise, if an event awards more than 6 places, ONLY the top 6 will earn points.

All MYWA season tournaments
1st - 4
2nd - 3
3rd - 2
4th - 1

GREIGHTS, MYWA Regionals, The Hammer
1st - 10
2nd - 8
3rd - 6
4th - 5
5th - 4
6th - 3

XMas Sparty, Grand River Rumble 
1st - 14
2nd - 12
3rd - 10
4th - 9
5th - 8
6th - 7

MYWA State Finals, NUWAY Nationals, NUWAY Summer Nationals, Freak Show
1st - 20
2nd - 18
3rd - 16
4th - 14
5th - 12
6th - 10

Super Platinum
Grappler Fall Classic
1st - 30
2nd - 26
3rd - 24
4th - 22
5th - 20
6th - 18

MAJOR EVENTS - 2019-20 Season

7/12 Grand River Rumble Folkstyle Lansing, MI Gold
7/12 Grand River Rumble Freestyle Lansing, MI Gold
7/25 NUWAY Summer Nats Folkstyle Atlantic City, NJ Gold
7/25 NUWAY Summer Nats Freestyle Atlantic City, NJ Gold
10/5 Grappler Fall Classic East Lansing, MI Super Platinum
10/19-10/20 Freak Show Las Vegas, NV Platinum
11/9 The HAMMER Brighton, MI Gold
12/22 Christmas Sparty Lansing, MI Gold
1/10 NUWAY Individual Championships Louisville, KY Gold
West GREIGHTS Silver
Far North GREIGHTS Silver
Northeast GREIGHTS Silver
North GREIGHTS Silver
Central GREIGHTS Silver
Metro GREIGHTS Silver
East GREIGHTS Silver
Southwest GREIGHTS Silver
MYWAY State Finals Lansing, MI Platinum
NUWAY Nationals Lansing, MI Platinum

Note - these are only the major events, every single MYWAY event throughout the season also counts towards the Fab 50.  Click here for the full MYWAY schedule.



5 Wrestlers of the Year will be awarded, one for each age group.  The wrestler of the year will be the eligible wrestler in each age group who scores the most points, and will be awarded a custom MIG Youth Wrestler of The Year Trophy.  They will also be featured on the MIG Fab 50 poster.


The MIG Youth Fab 50 will consist of the top 10 point scorers from each of the 5 age categories at the end of the season.  These 50 wrestlers will receive custom MIG Fab 50 gear and will all be listed on the MIG Fab 50 Poster.


Age divisions are based on your birth year, the same way MYWAY Age Divisions are determined.  The age divisions are as follows:

  • 5-6 Year Old 
  • 7-8 Year Old 
  • 9-10 Year Old 
  • 11-12 Year Old 
  • 13-14 Year Old 


  • Wrestlers in grades 8 and below are eligible.  High School wrestlers are NOT eligible for The Fab 50.  Grade is based on 2017-18 school year.
  • Only Michigan residents are eligible
  • Points can be earned by wrestler’s placing in any of the Fab 50 credited events listed on the schedule
  • Only one placing can be used from a single event (for example if someone competes in 2 age groups or weight classes at a tournament and places in both, only one placing can count towards Fab 50.)
  • To be included - Wrestler/Parent/Coach must submit a Fab 50 Entry Form.  Person submitting the Entry Form must be a Grappler Gold Annual Member, only one Fab 50 entry per Gold membership.
    * If you have multiple children/siblings contact for instructions.
  • Standings will be tabulated for all those eligible wrestlers (who have been properly registered for the Fab 50), every month throughout the season.  The final standings will be tabulated at the end of July to determine the final awards.  Wrestlers may be registered late, or mid-season and we will go back and tabulate their past results.
  • Placing in "novice" or "rookie" divisions of tournaments will not count towards the Fab 50 


2019 - Darius Marines, Jaquan Mcmiller, Maddie Hayden, Easton Fryover, Kaiden Skodak
2018 - Cameron Smith, Carter Smith, Blake Peasley, Xavier Anderson, Jacob Brya
2015 - Stoney Buell (Dundee) & Talan Parsons (St Johns)
2014 - Austin Franco (Lakeshore)
2013 - Dominick Lomazzo (Dundee)
2012 - Easton Turner (Shamrock WC)
2011 - Andrew Hughes (Spartan Lightning)
2010 - Caden Natale (Shamrock WC)
2009 - Zack Cooper (Xtreme)
2008 - Mark Hall (CMS)