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Grappler Fall Classic


2019 GFC WAS A SELLOUT with over 1100 wrestlers from 26 states


2019 Grappler Fall Classic

GET SOME at the Grappler Fall Classic

The GFC started in 2010 and has evolved into one of the premiere pre-season national events for High School, Middle School, Elementary and female wrestlers.

Features of the GFC include:

  • More mats to help the tournament run quicker and keep it to a premiere ONE DAY tournament to keep costs down.
  • HS Elite & Varsity Divisions to allow great competition for all high school wrestlers to get great mat time in the pre-season
  • College riding time and out-of-bounds rules
  • College officials
  • Great location in the MIDWEST the heartland of Amateur wrestling
  • Live Video of all matches on all mats
  • Middle School and Elementary divisions running alongside the star-studded High School division, allowing the best youth wrestlers the opportunity to compete in a great environment



High School Elite
98 - Drew Heethuis (MI)
105 - Kai Owen (FL)
112 - David McClelland (FL)
119 - Casey Swiderski (MI)
125 - Nic Bouzakis (FL)
130 -Jayden Gomez (CA)
135 - Eddie Homrock (MI)
140 - Bretli Reyna (FL)
145 - Noah Castillo (FL)
152 - Dean Hamiti (IL)
160 - Derek Gilcher (MI)
171 - Adrian Vidaud (FL)
189 - Jacob LaPlace (IN)
215 - Chad Nix (FL)
285 - Alex Coleman (OH)
Outstanding Wrestler - Derek Gilcher (MI)

Middle School
75 - Moses Mendoza (CA)
80 - Isaiah Cortez (CA)
85 - Seth Mendoza (IN)
90 - Elijah Cortez (CA)
95 - Justin Gates (MI)
100 - Daniel Zepeda (CA)
105 - Moses Mirabal (CA)
110 - Harrison Konder (IL)
120 - Brady Ison (IN)
130 - Jeremy Ginter (MI)
145 - Gunner Cramblett (OH)
170 - Brock Trevino (MI)
Outstanding Wrestler - 

50 - Grady Moos (OH)
55 - Jaclyn Bouzakis (FL)
60 - Cohen Reer (OH)
65 - Morgan Turner (IL)
70 - Lincoln Rohr (OH)
75 - Chazz Robinson (IL)
80 - Justus Heeg (IN)
85 - Jayden O'Farrill (FL)
90 - Travis Grace (CA)
95 - Evan Stanley (IN)
105 - Jimmy Mastny (MI)
125 - Erik Brockman (WI)
HWT - Cole Dunlavy (SD)
Outstanding Wrestler: 

Girls (7-12 grade)
84 - Sky Langewicz
90 - Sasha Reynolds
102 - Eva Diaz (FL)
108 - Carleigh Czerneski (MI)
114 - Hannah Arledge (MI)
120 - Violet Cabrera (MI)
126 - Madison Diaz (FL)
132 - Eliyana Kuzma (MI)
139 - Chloe Ogden (FL)
146 - Logan Ryan (MI)
155 - Sabrina Nauss (MI)
HWT - Elana Bommaritto (MI)
Outstanding Wrestler - 

Top 5 nationally ranked Nic Bouzakis of Florida has now won 3 GFC titles, including 2018 over Fargo Champ Corey Gamet of Michigan

2017 saw one of the best finals matchups in GFC history as Top 5 nationally ranked seniors Joey Silva (FL) and Anthony Madrigal (IL) went at it! Silva is now at the University of MIchigan while Madrigal went to the University of Oklahoma.

Current Penn State NCAA Champ Mark Hall (MN) had one of the most epic GFC runs in history in 2013 when he knocked off future NCAA All-American Alex Marinelli (OH) in the semifinals and 5x FL State Champ Fox Baldwin in the finals at 171lbs.


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Why Wrestle at the GFC?

College-Style Rules
The Grappler Fall Classic is a high-school preseason event featuring College-Style rules, including riding time and extended out-of-bounds rules that are used at the College Level.
National Exposure
Don't miss your chance to take on the best that the Midwest has to offer and gain national exposure with College Coaches in attendance and a massive amount Video Coverage to be featured on the Associated Wrestling Press you are sure to be seen and noticed when wrestling at the GFC!  
East Lansing, Michigan is centrally located in right in the center of the Midwest - the heartland of Amateur Wrestling!  The GFC is conveniently located a easy driving distance from wrestling hotbeds of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Pennsylvania and more! Some of the best wrestlers in the country reside in the midwest, and with the GFC they can do battle right here, in the midwest!

GFC News

Are you up to the Challenge? cordially invites the baddest and best wrestlers from across the country to make a trip to the great state of MICHIGAN this fall to put their talents on display at the 10th Annual Grappler Fall Classic
Wrestling is becoming a year-round lifestyle as opposed to a Winter season sport and Preseason wrestling has become a staple for those looking to compete at the next level.  The Grappler Fall Classic provides an environment to compete during this essential preseason time right here in the Midwest,  the heartland of high school wrestling!
The 2019 GFC will have all the great features that have made this a must-attend tournament for the nation's best -  college riding time rulescollege extended out-of-bounds rulescollege officials
college coaches on hand, LIVE VIDEO COVERAGE, and a fast track to national exposure for those who come to the GFC and #GETSOME!
This year's event will once again invite the roughest and toughest Elementary, Middle School, and Girls Division grapplers to compete alongside the high school studs.
For the 2nd straight year the GFC will be held on the banks of the Red Cedar River on the campus of Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan.  All divisions compete on the same day under the same roof!  #GETSOME