In terms of rankings, D4 is a mess right now, teams have numerous round robin situations where teams have beaten each other and a lot of inconsistency from some of the top teams make it a nightmare to rank.  Notable that powerhouse New Lothrop is out of the rankings along with Hesperia, first time in MI Grappler era.  Biggest jump is Manchester from #8 to #4.  Regardless of where they are now, common sense has to lead one to believe that New Lothrop and Hesperia will be formidable opponents in a month when the post season rolls around.  

1. Hudson (1)
2. Pine River (3)
3. Manchester (8)
4. Springport (4)
5. Decatur (2)
6. Bronson (6)
7. Clinton (7)
8. Lawton (NR)
9. Carson City Crystal (9)
10. Addison (8)