District 17-3 (Grayling)
Toughest weight: 160 lbs
#7 Trevor Povolo, Kingsford
#9 Trenton Wiggins, Chippewa Hills
HM Bryson Jensen, Manistee
Notes:  All three of these guys should compete to win this district, though none of them have met.  Povolo and Jensen have just a few losses between them, but Wiggins has a common opponent win over Jensen's lone loss on the season.

District 18-3 (Freeland)
Toughest weight: 135 lbs
#6 Colt Smedley, Clare
#8 Dylan Kolbiaz, Standish Sterling
#9 Nick Dodman, Sanford Meridian
#10 Jon Bouchey, Clare
HM Hunter Dysinger, Shepherd
Notes: Another weight where there will be an odd man out if they're all there.  Smedley beat Kolbiaz 3-1 in the conference finals last weekend, so he'll be the pick to win it.  Dodman could be in the mix as well, as he's beaten Bouchey twice by similar margins as Kolbiaz's win over Bouchey.

District 19-3 (Comstock Park)
Toughest weight: 119 lbs
#8 Billy Ostyn, Grant
HM Will Kidder, Shelby
HM Alex Cantu, Orchard View
HM Chase Schroder, GR Catholic Central
Notes: Ostyn and Cantu are both state qualifiers, with Kidder and Schroder both being regional qualifiers.  Realistically, this district could turn out a number of different ways but have to think Ostyn will be the frontrunner to win it.

District 20-3 (Alma)
Toughest weight: 103 lbs
#2 Nolan Rodriguez, Alma
#3 Dominic Anguiano, Alma
#5 Bryson Ehle, Belding
#8 Zachary Gibson, Lakewood
Notes: A super deep weight here in which a couple of really talented kids will not make it through.  You can see the four above, but also throw in D'Angelo Campos of Corunna and Colton Juillett of Chesaning, who have just seven losses combined.  Rodriguez is a returning state placer unbeaten at the weight.  Ehle was a state qualifier last year.

District 21-3 (Montrose)
Toughest weight: 285 lbs
#3 Griffin Barnette, Montrose
#4 Joe Harper, Imlay City
#7 Terrance Watson, Birch Run
#10 Adam Lawrence, Byron
HM Hunter Dickson, Caro
Notes: Another five-for-four situation.  Barnette was 6th in the state last season, Lawrence and Dickson were state qualifiers, and Harper and Watson were regional qualifiers.  A lot of head-to-heads so far this season, other than Dickson who missed a good chunk of the year.  Either way someone is going  home early.

District 22-3 (Richmond)
Toughest weight: 215 lbs
#2 Nathan Nowik, Armada
#3 Luke Davis, Richmond
#6 Joe Ahles, Algonac
HM Dan McKiernan, Richmond
Notes: As they stand listed above is how the placement went last weekend at the BWAC tournament.  Nowik over Davis 8-6 and Ahles over McKiernan 4-3.  McKiernan could possibly go up to 285 where he spent most of the season but either way he'll have a tough road to get to Ford.  

District 23-3 (Constantine)
Toughest weight: 215 lbs
#5 Boe Eckman, Constantine
#8 Max Swift, Delton Kellogg
#9 Caden Ferris, Delton Kellogg
#10 Eric Hernandez, Fennville
Notes: Pretty solid group here with four of the top ten in the weight.  Eckman should be the favorite, having beaten Swift twice.  The other three have all beaten each other so it'll likely be Delton Kellogg teammates battling it out for a finals spot.

District 24-3 (Michigan Center)
Toughest weight: 112 lbs
#1 Hunter Assenmacher, Ida
#4 Ryker Johnecheck, Williamston
#5 Austin Fietz, Dundee
Notes: Interesting situation here, as Fietz defeated top-ranked Assenmacher Wednesday night at Team Districts.  That should elevate him to the one seed.  Johnecheck has been outstanding in his freshman campaign for the Hornets and should be right there with both.