#1 Lowell vs #8 Charlotte

Lowell Weight Charlotte
Christopher Rogers/Steve Skinner 103
Easton Lyons 112 Treg Huver
#4 Ramsy Mutschler 119 #10 Jayden Schwartz
#7 Landon Miller 125 Caleb Smith
#4 James Link 130 Alex Shaver
#1 Zeth Strejc/Nate Cleaver 135 Auston Peabody
Cole Huisman 140 #14 Logan Haughton
#2 Will Link/#8 Tacho Gonzales 145 Justin Converse
152 #12 Bo Brandt
#1 Doak Dean/#5 Carson Crace 160 Montana Powell
#1 Jacob Lee 171 Alex Thorne
#6 Derek Mohr 189 Josh Garn
#4 Carter Blough 215 Devon Eaton
#1 Keegan Nugent 285 Andrew Taylor

Division 2's top seed and seven-time defending State Champion Lowell opens up their 2021 title run with Charlotte, who is making their first trip to Team State since 1990.  

The Orioles boast three state qualifiers in Schwartz, Haughton, and Brandt, and an otherwise solid lineup - one which is vastly improved from years past.  However, the Red Arrows just have too much for them here, with 13 state qualifiers and four top-ranked wrestlers.  Three matchups to watch will be all three of the qualifiers for Charlotte - 119, 140, and 152.  

Prediction: Lowell by 53

#4 Monroe Jefferson vs #5 Fremont

Jefferson Weight Fremont
#2 Cody Richards/#13 Isaac Masserant 103 Elias Bowen
112 #1(103) RJ Thome
#12 John Allen 119 #5(112) Tee Ward/#14 Eli Beasley
#10 Dylan Garcia 125 Daniel Romero
#7 Hunter Major 130
#15 Ethan Brabant 135 #10(130) Trey Myers
Noah White 140 Alex Gleason
#15 Seth Minney 145 Gage Montague
#15 Jac White 152 Matt Lucas
Carter Willard 160 Jager Kibart
Kam Woiderski 171 Maverick McKinnon
#10 Brendan Bashaw 189 #14 Michael Romero/Caden Christoffersen
Nathan Masserant 215 Cody Visscher
Freddie Martin/Dradyn Ray 285 Briar Hambrock/Colby Wright

The first of three competitive quarterfinals in the division features Monroe Jefferson, making their first appearance since 1995, and Fremont, who is debuting at Team State in D2 this year, after their first-ever trip last year, in D3.  Interestingly, both teams were in D3 last season.  Jefferson qualified nine for State, compared to Fremont's six.  Unfortunately the Packers will be without senior all-stater Trey Breuker, who was ranked 3rd at 160.  

It's likely we'll see five ranked matchups in this one, most notably at 112 between RJ Thome and Cody Richards, ranked #1 and #2 at 103. Thome won last year's meeting 2-0 in the 5th place match.  Fremont freshmen Tee Ward and Trey Myers have had impressive seasons and will likely square off with qualifiers Allen and Brabant at 119 and 135, respectively. 

This dual could go either way, but on paper give the nod to Jefferson.  Whoever is going to win this one will likely do so in the middle weights.  In any case, a win for either school would mark their first trip to the Semifinals. 

Prediction: Monroe Jefferson by 12

#3 Goodrich vs #6 Warren Woods Tower

Goodrich Weight Tower
Dylan Angelo 103 #4 Tyler Daniel
#10 Brody Orcutt 112 Elijah Stevens/Daniel Staniszewski
#15 Heremius Cheff 119 Chet Staniszewski
#15 Ryan Angelo 125 #1 Joe Haynes
Luke Francis 130 #2 Dru Wilson
#3 Carson Richards/Nolan Weber 135 #8 Gavin Shoobridge
140 #10 Mathew Booth/Ethan Radvansky
#9 Easton Phipps/Jayden Compton 145 #3(140) Josh Howey
#5 Brady Benson 152 Vincent Provo
Damian Brody 160 #14(152) Dominic Johnson
William Garrard 171
#4 Cameron Macklem/Landon Purdue 189
#12 Zach Schmitz 215 Jeffery Boyd

Another good matchup here between unbeaten Goodrich and Warren Woods Tower, making their sixth straight appearance.  Tower will be without two-time state champ Omari Embree and all-stater Ryan Radvansky in the upperweights.  

It's tough to say what the matchups will look like in this one, but there's going to be some movement in the middle that will play a role in who wins.  With Tower forfeiting at least two weights, they'll have to lean on their lower weights.  Goodrich has a young but experienced team with just one senior, and has a fairly balanced lineup from top to bottom.

Expect a dual decided by less than ten points with the most critical matches coming from 135-160.  Both programs have been to State Finals matches within the last four years, so they're both capable of making some moves to advance.

Prediction: Goodrich by 8

#2 Stevensville Lakeshore vs #7 Allendale

Lakeshore Weight Allendale
#14 Taylor Lucas 103 Tyler Brown
Cubby Wolf 112 #12 Jack Guerrero
#9 Cameron Litaker 119 #9(112) Harris Meekhof/Reece Meyers
#2 Aaron Lucio/#12 Kyle Stampfly 125 Hilton Rood/Lucas Meyers
Kent Heppler 130 Caleb Huyser/Ben Bakran
Braedyn Baryo 135
#1 Micah Hanau/Dillan Plisow 140 #6(135) Cristian Perez
Luke Ponton 145 Cameron Moore
James Harris 152 #10 Jordan Silvis
Daniel Vaughn/Brock Strebeck 160 Jeremy Vandermolen
Tafara Rukunda 171 Joshua Vandermolen
Matt Vaughn 189 Kameron Postmus
RJ Veldman 215 Aaron Holstege
Malachi Bell 285 Mitch Umlor

A rematch of an earlier season dual won convincingly by the Lancers, 52-21.  Allendale has since moved some guys around, and gotten some guys back, so expect a closer dual this time.  

What's interesting here is that from 140 down the teams combine for eight state qualifiers, but just one from 140 up.  That leaves a lot of uncertainty in the upper weights and the teams were basically even there in the first go-around.  

For Allendale, they'll need to pick up an upset or two down low and get Perez off of Hanau.  For Lakeshore, they'll need to maximize through the middle and hold serve up top.  It's definitely not a typical 2 vs 7 matchup, but Lakeshore is in a better position to advance on paper.

Prediction: Stevensville Lakeshore by 12


#1 Lowell vs #4 Monroe Jefferson/#5 Fremont

Lowell Weight Jefferson Fremont
Christopher Rogers/Steve Skinner 103 #2 Cody Richards/#13 Isaac Masserant Elias Bowen
Easton Lyons 112 #1(103) RJ Thome
#4 Ramsy Mutschler 119 #12 John Allen #5(112) Tee Ward/#14 Eli Beasley
#7 Landon Miller 125 #10 Dylan Garcia Daniel Romero
#4 James Link 130 #7 Hunter Major
#1 Zeth Strejc/Nate Cleaver 135 #15 Ethan Brabant #10(130) Trey Myers
Cole Huisman 140 Noah White Alex Gleason
#2 Will Link/#8 Tacho Gonzales 145 #15 Seth Minney Gage Montague
152 #15 Jac White Matt Lucas
#1 Doak Dean/#5 Carson Crace 160 Carter Willard Jager Kibart
#1 Jacob Lee 171 Kam Woiderski Maverick McKinnon
#6 Derek Mohr 189 #10 Brendan Bashaw #14 Michael Romero/Caden Christoffersen
#4 Carter Blough 215 Nathan Masserant Cody Visscher
#1 Keegan Nugent 285 Freddie Martin/Dradyn Ray Briar Hambrock/Colby Wright

You'll see a recurring theme with the 1 seeds in their semifinal across all divisions - they're all in no real danger of making an early exit.  Lowell is primed to advance to their tenth consecutive state finals match and should have little issue getting past their semifinal opponent. 

If they wrestle Jefferson, expect the best matches to take place between 112-130 pounds.  If the Bears are going to get on the board, that's where it'll be.  In the case of Fremont, it's probably similar; 112 pits #4 Mutschler vs #5 Ward in the highlight match.

- If Lowell vs Jefferson, Lowell by 47
- If Lowell vs Fremont, Lowell by 53

#3 Goodrich/#6 Warren Woods Tower vs #2 Stevensville Lakeshore/#7 Allendale

Goodrich Tower Weight Lakeshore Allendale
Dylan Angelo #4 Tyler Daniel 103 #14 Taylor Lucas Tyler Brown
#10 Brody Orcutt Elijah Stevens/Daniel Staniszewski 112 Cubby Wolf #12 Jack Guerrero
#15 Heremius Cheff Chet Staniszewski 119 #9 Cameron Litaker #9(112) Harris Meekhof/Reece Meyers
#15 Ryan Angelo #1 Joe Haynes 125 #2 Aaron Lucio/#12 Kyle Stampfly Hilton Rood/Lucas Meyers
Luke Francis #2 Dru Wilson 130 Kent Heppler Caleb Huyser/Ben Bakran
#3 Carson Richards/Nolan Weber #8 Gavin Shoobridge 135 Braedyn Baryo
#10 Mathew Booth/Ethan Radvansky 140 #1 Micah Hanau/Dillan Plisow #6(135) Cristian Perez
#9 Easton Phipps/Jayden Compton #3(140) Josh Howey 145 Luke Ponton Cameron Moore
#5 Brady Benson Vincent Provo 152 James Harris #10 Jordan Silvis
Damian Brody #14(152) Dominic Johnson 160 Daniel Vaughn/Brock Strebeck Jeremy Vandermolen
William Garrard 171 Tafara Rukunda Joshua Vandermolen
#4 Cameron Macklem/Landon Purdue 189 Matt Vaughn Kameron Postmus
#12 Zach Schmitz Jeffery Boyd 215 RJ Veldman Aaron Holstege
285 Malachi Bell Mitch Umlor

Since both quarterfinals on the bottom half of the bracket are projected to be close, we covered all our bases.  And really, no matter how it shakes out, look for an equally similar dual in the semifinals.  

The interesting thing about this scenario is that each matchup yields a different, but equally close dual.  Matchups make duals, and these teams are separated by single digits on paper.  Hard to really break down each different scenario in depth since only one is going to happen, but Lakeshore is the projected winner, as they're narrowly favored over both Goodrich and Tower.  If that's the case, it'd be the Lancers' first State Finals appearance since 1994.

- IF Goodrich vs Lakeshore: Lakeshore by 7
- IF Goodrich vs Allendale: Goodrich by 5
- IF Tower vs Lakeshore: Lakeshore by 6
- IF Tower vs Allendale: Allendale by 2


#1 Lowell vs #2 Stevensville Lakeshore/#3 Goodrich/#7 Allendale

Lowell Weight Lakeshore Goodrich Tower Allendale
Christopher Rogers/Steve Skinner 103 #14 Taylor Lucas Dylan Angelo #4 Tyler Daniel Tyler Brown
Easton Lyons 112 Cubby Wolf #10 Brody Orcutt Elijah Stevens/Daniel Staniszewski #12 Jack Guerrero
#4 Ramsy Mutschler 119 #9 Cameron Litaker #15 Heremius Cheff Chet Staniszewski #9(112) Harris Meekhof/Reece Meyers
#7 Landon Miller 125 #2 Aaron Lucio/#12 Kyle Stampfly #15 Ryan Angelo #1 Joe Haynes Hilton Rood/Lucas Meyers
#4 James Link 130 Kent Heppler Luke Francis #2 Dru Wilson Caleb Huyser/Ben Bakran
#1 Zeth Strejc/Nate Cleaver 135 Braedyn Baryo #3 Carson Richards/Nolan Weber #8 Gavin Shoobridge
Cole Huisman 140 #1 Micah Hanau/Dillan Plisow #10 Mathew Booth/Ethan Radvansky #6(135) Cristian Perez
#2 Will Link/#8 Tacho Gonzales 145 Luke Ponton #9 Easton Phipps/Jayden Compton #3(140) Josh Howey Cameron Moore
152 James Harris #5 Brady Benson Vincent Provo #10 Jordan Silvis
#1 Doak Dean/#5 Carson Crace 160 Daniel Vaughn/Brock Strebeck Damian Bondy #14(152) Dominic Johnson Jeremy Vandermolen
#1 Jacob Lee 171 Tafara Rukunda William Garrard Joshua Vandermolen
#6 Derek Mohr 189 Matt Vaughn #4 Cameron Macklem/Landon Purdue Kameron Postmus
#4 Carter Blough 215 RJ Veldman #12 Zach Schmitz Jeffery Boyd Aaron Holstege
#1 Keegan Nugent 285 Malachi Bell Mitch Umlor

Piggybacking off that 2/3/6/7 semi, no matter how it shakes out, look for Lowell to once again be hoisting a mitten by days end.  Each team presents a different challenge for the Arrows but twelve top-eight ranked wrestlers is an uphill battle for any team to undertake.  Interestingly, Warren Woods Tower would be projected to give them the toughest dual of the four (without the aforementioned Embree and Radvansky).  

Since Lakeshore is favored to be the opponent here, we can take a quick look at that matchup as their some intriguing individual bouts.  119 would likely be #4 Mutschler vs #9 Litaker, a match won by Litaker in the 2019 3rd-place bout, 3-0.  Lowell could opt to bump Strejc to 140 to set up a 1 vs 1 match with Hanau, in a rematch of last year's state final.  And 125/130 should feature state qualifiers in Lowell's Miller and Link vs Lakeshore's Lucio and Stampfly.  

- IF Lowell vs Lakeshore, Lowell by 32
- IF Lowell vs Goodrich, Lowell by 30
- IF Lowell vs Tower, Lowell by 21
- IF Lowell vs Allendale, Lowell by 49