#4 Richmond vs #5 Montrose

Richmond Weight Montrose
#1 Emmett Kettel 103 #10 Thor Robbins
#3 Noah Harris 112 #11 Hunter Coxon
#2 Hunter Keller/Connor Bergeron 119 #7 Seth Coffin
Brian Nichol 125 #1 Aidan Bernard
Jackson Lacek 130 #1 Jake Elasivich
Nick Spinek 135 Bobby Skinner
#10 Austin Bergeron/Wyatt Peters 140 #14 Blake Greenman
Lucas Peters 145 #10 Ty Emmendorfer
152 Ben Wade
#10 Gavin Resk 160 Everett Jenkins/Blake Vancura
#9 Kevin McKiernan/#15(189) Regan Rewalt 171 #8(189) Cody Smith
#2 Wesley Peters 189 Braxton Powell
#13 Eddie Olson 215 Ryan McNeill
#2 Dan McKiernan 285 #3 Levi Harber/#8 Aden Viar

An awesome 4-5 matchup in D3 between Richmond and Montrose, teams that each put 10 wrestlers through to the state tournament.  They were in the same individual regional last weekend and there were some head-to-heads, with Richmond taking five of the seven bouts.  This will be the first meeting at Team State between the programs since the 2004 State Finals.  Since then, Richmond has been a mainstay, and Montrose is back for the third straight year.

With the dual starting at 130 pounds, look for the Rams to jump to an early lead as they run through a handful of weights they'll be favored at and that Richmond is younger and ultimately more inexperienced at.  Once they hit 160, though, Richmond will likely be favored at the next eight weight classes, which should be enough to propel them to a win regardless of what happens in the middle.  

Prediction: Richmond by 9

Potential Rematches from Regionals
103 - Emmet Kettel (R) dec. Thor Robbins (M), 2-0
119 - Hunter Keller (R) dec. Seth Coffin (M), 11-5
119 - Seth Coffin (M) dec. Conner Bergeron (R), 6-0
135 - Bobby Skinner (M) fall Wyatt Peters (R), 1:59
160 - Gavin Resk (R) maj. Everett Jenkins (M), 8-0
189 - Wesley Peters (R) fall Cody Smith (M), 1:51
285 - Dan McKiernan (R) fall Levi Harber (M), 3:26

#3 Alma vs #6 Freeland

Alma Weight Freeland
Jordan Pannill 103 #7 Noah Graham/Joseph Klopf
112 #14 Gibby Shepard/Mark Smith
#3 Dominic Anguiano 119 Wil Smith
#7 Gianni Tripp 125 Ty Fournier
Josiah Baltierra 130 #8 Tyler Tomasek
#4(140) Solomon Rosales/Landon Bethka 135 #16 Cayden Remainder
Will Shanklin 140 #6 Cole Fournier/#15(135) Wilson Longnecker
#3 Dametrius Castillo/Harrison Seeley 145
152 Jacob Stevens
#5 Jacob Munger/Brenden Everdeen 160 #13 Nolan VanLoo/Elijah Murphy
171 Reese Handcock
Jaden Morrow/Alberto Nieto 189 Dylan Kuebler/Nate Helmrich
Kory Bell 215 Adam Brewster/Luke Bercel
Caden Adams 285

Freeland is back at Team State for the first time since 2004, while Alma's seniors made it four-for-four during their careers - the only trips in program history.  While Alma is still very much in position to make a run to the finals, they'll have to do so without starters Adam Garcia and #8 Cole O'Boyle, and without a 112 pounder.

There should be opportunities for Freeland to take a few matches in this one, but the Panthers have a little more balanced lineup and should be safe.  Look for some quality matches between Rosales-Fournier at 140 potentially and Munger-VanLoo at 160.  Another one to keep an eye on is Baltierra-Tomasek at 130.

Prediction: Alma by 21

#2 Whitehall vs #7 Hart

Whitehall Weight Hart
Nolan Taranko 103 #16 Bryce Jorissen
#8 Ty Whalen/Dylan Osborn 112 #12 Trenton Swihart
#11 Matthew Goodrich/Kyren Bluhm 119 #4 Trayce Tate
Ryne Christensen 125 #14 Austin Martinez
Riley Buys 130 Koy Bronkema
Aiden Weiler 135 #12(130) Spencer Vanderzwaag
#2 Max Brown 140 #6(135) Chance Alvesteffer
#6 Marco Moore 145 #4 Mason Cantu
#4 Nick Blanchard/#13 Alec Pruett 152 Zane Thomas
#7 Jacob Haynes 160 #9 Thomas Tanner
#12 Connor Young 171 Guillermo Ortega
#12 Kris Dowdell 189 #7 Leo Guadarrama
#1 Ira Jenkins/#6(285) Shane Cook 215 #12(285) Braeden Carskadon/Angel Garza-Perez

The only matchup between conference foes takes place in this one as WMC squads Whitehall and Hart square off for the second time this year; Whitehall won 39-22 in the first meeting.  Hart was subject to some objectively unfavorable seeding and ended up at the 7 spot, but they're very much a contender to make a run.

From the last meeting, the Pirates made some adjustments, moving Vanderzwaag and Alvesteffer up a weight, and also get a boost from all-stater Trayce Tate at 119.  Whitehall has a distinct advantage in the upper weights and won every match but one from 152-285 last time out, a performance they'll hope to replicate today.  

Some notable matchups will be Brown-Alvesteffer at 140, Cantu-Moore at 145, Haynes-Tanner at 160, and Guadarrama-Dowdell at 189.  Hart is seeking its first semi's appearance, while Whitehall is looking to make it 3 of 4 in the semi's dating back to 2018.

Prediction: Whitehall by 12


#1 Dundee vs #4 Richmond/#5 Montrose

Dundee Weight Richmond Montrose
#2 Kade Kluce 103 #1 Emmett Kettel #10 Thor Robbins
#1 Braeden Davis/Cameron Chinavare 112 #3 Noah Harris #11 Hunter Coxon
#1 Kaden Chinavare/#10 Kyle Smith 119 #2 Hunter Keller/Conner Bergeron #7 Seth Coffin
#9 Logan Sander 125 Brian Nichol #1 Aidan Bernard
#9 Trey Parker 130 Jackson Lacek #1 Jake Elasivich
#1 Aiden Davis 135 Nick Spinek Bobby Skinner
#1 Austin Fietz 140 #10 Austin Bergeron/Wyatt Peters #14 Blake Greenman
#1 Casey Swiderski/Austin Jaworski 145 Lucas Peters #10 Ty Emmendorfer
152 Ben Wade
#1 Tyler Swiderski 160 #10 Gavin Resk Everett Jenkins/Blake Vancura
#1 Dominick Lomazzo/#11 Nic Bellaire 171 #9 Kevin McKiernan/#15(189) Regan Rewalt #8(189) Cody Smith
#1 Stoney Buell 189 #2 Wesley Peters Braxton Powell
Kaiden Hubbell 215 #13 Eddie Olson Ryan McNeill
285 #2 Dan McKiernan #3 Levi Harber/#8 Aden Viar

Dundee will get their first dual later in the day, as Constantine unfortunately pulled out after qualifying for the first time since 2012.  The Richmond-Montrose quarter could go either way but both will have an uphill battle when the winner takes on the Vikings.  

The three-time defending champs bring eight number-one ranked wrestlers to the State Tournament and probably one of the best teams ever assembled in the division.  If it's Richmond, there's three potential 1 vs 2 matchups in Kluce-Kettel at 103, Chinavare-Keller at 119, and Buell-Peters at 189.  Should Montrose get through, they'll be in a spot to pick up some wins from #1's Bernard and Elasivich and Harber at 285.  

- If Dundee vs Richmond, Dundee by 42
- If Dundee vs Montrose, Dundee by 38

#3 Alma vs #2 Whitehall/#7 Hart

Alma Weight Whitehall Hart
Jordan Pannill 103 Nolan Taranko #16 Bryce Jorissen
112 #8 Ty Whalen/Dylan Osborn #12 Trenton Swihart
#3 Dominic Anguiano 119 #11 Matthew Goodrich/Kyren Bluhm #4 Trayce Tate
#7 Gianni Tripp 125 Ryne Christensen #14 Austin Martinez
Josiah Baltierra 130 Riley Buys Koy Bronkema
#4(140) Solomon Rosales/Landon Bethka 135 Aiden Weiler #12(130) Spencer Vanderzwaag
Will Shanklin 140 #2 Max Brown #6(135) Chance Alvesteffer
#3 Dametrius Castillo/Harrison Seeley 145 #6 Marco Moore #4 Mason Cantu
152 #4 Nick Blanchard/#13 Alec Pruett Zane Thomas
#5 Jacob Munger/Brenden Everdeen 160 #7 Jacob Haynes #9 Thomas Tanner
171 #12 Connor Young Guillermo Ortega
Jaden Morrow/Alberto Nieto 189 #12 Kris Dowdell #7 Leo Guadarrama
Kory Bell 215 #1 Ira Jenkins/#6(285) Shane Cook #12(285) Braeden Carskadon/Angel Garza-Perez
Caden Adams 285

Alma is a safe bet to make through, and it's likely that Whitehall is their opponent, but Hart does have a shot in the quarters, so we can take a look at both scenarios.  Alma wrestled Hart earlier in the year, taking home a 43-22 victory.

It's a similar story for Whitehall against Alma in that they'll have the advantage in the back half of the lineup.  However, the Panthers have Castillo and Munger favored up there, as well as a swing match at 189.  They could also, and may have to, throw #4 Rosales up to 140 to take on #2 Brown.  

For the Alma vs Hart possibility, it's the middle weights that would decide it more than likely.  The two omitted wrestlers both picked up falls in the last outing - so for a 21-point margin, those are critical losses.  There would be some important matches at 103 and 119, and the flip for sure would come into play - for the 135/145/160 matches.

If Alma vs Whitehall, Whitehall by 5
If Alma vs Hart, Alma by 3

Potential Regional Rematches
119 - Dominic Anguiano (A) maj. Matthew Goodrich (W) 12-2
140 - Max Brown (W) dec. Solomon Rosales (A) 9-2
145 - Dametrius Castillo (A) maj. Marco Moore (W) 9-1


#1 Dundee vs #2 Whitehall/#3 Alma/#7 Hart

Dundee Weight Whitehall Alma Hart
#2 Kade Kluce 103 Nolan Taranko Jordan Pannill #16 Bryce Jorissen
#1 Braeden Davis/Cameron Chinavare 112 #8 Ty Whalen/Dylan Osborn #12 Trenton Swihart
#1 Kaden Chinavare/#10 Kyle Smith 119 #11 Matthew Goodrich/Kyren Bluhm #3 Dominic Anguiano #4 Trayce Tate
#9 Logan Sander 125 Ryne Christensen #7 Gianni Tripp #14 Austin Martinez
#9 Trey Parker 130 Riley Buys Josiah Baltierra Koy Bronkema
#1 Aiden Davis 135 Aiden Weiler #4(140) Solomon Rosales/Landon Bethka #12(130) Spencer Vanderzwaag
#1 Austin Fietz 140 #2 Max Brown Will Shanklin #6(135) Chance Alvesteffer
#1 Casey Swiderski/Austin Jaworski 145 #6 Marco Moore #3 Dametrius Castillo/Harrison Seeley #4 Mason Cantu
152 #4 Nick Blanchard/#13 Alec Pruett Zane Thomas
#1 Tyler Swiderski 160 #7 Jacob Haynes #5 Jacob Munger/Brenden Everdeen #9 Thomas Tanner
#1 Dominick Lomazzo/#11 Nic Bellaire 171 #12 Connor Young Guillermo Ortega
#1 Stoney Buell 189 #12 Kris Dowdell Jaden Morrow/Alberto Nieto #7 Leo Guadarrama
Kaiden Hubbell 215 #1 Ira Jenkins/#6(285) Shane Cook Kory Bell #12(285) Braeden Carskadon/Angel Garza-Perez
285 Caden Adams

Meaning no disrespect, like D2, it'll be a coronation for Dundee tonight.  They should roll to a fourth consecutive title and cap off an incredible run for their senior class, led by Stoney Buell, who'll look to become the 3rd wrestler in state history to win four team and individual championships.

As Whitehall is projected to be the opponent on paper, a couple of matches stand out in that dual.  Most notably, 140 pounds could have #1 Fietz vs #2 Brown in a possible preview of later in the week.  Dundee could also elect to bump Buell to 215 to take on #1 Jenkins.  Outside of that, Whitehall could pick up a win or two elsewhere, but the Vikings in blue simply have too much.

- If Dundee vs Whitehall, Dundee by 45
- If Dundee vs Alma, Dundee by 53
- If Dundee vs Hart, Dundee by 62