#1 Clinton vs #8 Ravenna

Clinton Weight Ravenna
#3 Connor Younts 103
#1 Coy Perry 112 #11 Nick Scofied/Christian Dohm
#2(112) Connor Busz/Chase Packard 119 Raynaleen English
#1 Nik Shadley/#3(119) Zak Shadley 125 #4 Kevin Spoelman
#7 Ethan Younts 130 Jakob Rutsch
#2 Landis Gillman 135 #6 Austin Brown
#1 George Ames 140 Jon Schuitema
#2 Kent McCombs 145 #16 Josh Kooiman
#2 AJ Baxter 152 Julius Nerlich/Jaxon Mann
#1 Spencer Konz 160 Davidthon Orr
#1 Brayden Randolph 171 Zeke Thompson
#1 Logan Badge 189 Malte Krause/Kiah Shull
#6(285) Ryan Phillips 215 Brenden Forsythe/Steven Cook
Brandon Felts 285 Landen Goerbig

Ravenna came on strong in the postseason, earning a trip to Team State for the first time in school history.  They run into the defending champs and top-rated Clinton in the opening round, a team that returned much of its title team from a year ago and added some impact freshmen.  

Though Ravenna was able to put four through to the individual tournament, none of them will be favored on paper, which isn't making a grandiose statement since Clinton has twelve wrestlers ranked inside the top-three.  If you had to pick two to watch, check out Spoelman at 125 versus either of the Shadleys, and Brown at 135 vs Gillman - a 2 vs 6 matchup.

Prediction: Clinton by 68

#4 Whittemore-Prescott vs #5 Leslie

W-P Weight Leslie
Makayla Brown 103
#10(103) Adrien Fragoso 112 Ethan Lubahn
Eli Murphy 119
#8 Devan Nader 125 Evin Yoemans
#15 Caiden Baillet 130 #14 Lucas Mooney
Collin Kundinger 135
Dillan Parent 140 #6 Cannon Risner
Jesse Allen 145 Hunter Doyle
#8 Kyle Fenner 152 #6(145) Gabe Weber
#4 Dakota Gagnon 160 #3(152) Grant Weber
#15 James Morrison 171
#4 Russell Wilson/#13(215) Jesse Morrison 189 Nick Carey
#16 William Stothers 215 #5 Ben Smieska/Garrett Penix-Bedell
Faith Keller 285 Austin Shroufe

Unbeaten Whittemore-Prescott took out #5 Pine River to earn a trip back to Team State for the first time in 15 years.  Their opponent has been waiting since 1995 to get back, and did so by knocking off #8 Manchester.  So a couple of pretty cool stories and programs who've been knocking on the door for the past couple of years.

It's a tale of two lineups, with Leslie only weighing in 11 wrestlers, though five qualified for state, and essentially spotting their opponents 24 points out of the gate.  W-P has a full lineup that features nine state qualifiers.

In saying both of those things, it's going to be a race to 40 points, first one there wins.  Leslie absolutely has to maximize bonus points from their big guns.  Conversely, W-P needs to minimize those in which they are not favored and win a swing match or two.  Those swing matches will be at 130, 152, 160, and 189.

It's really tough to say who comes out on top here, but on paper it points to Whittemore-Prescott, who'll be seeking their first win at Team State since winning it all back in 2002.

Prediction: Whittemore-Prescott by 9

#3 New Lothrop vs #6 Bark River-Harris

New Lothrop Weight Bark River-Harris
Leo Bauman 103 Brenden Siedlecki/Alison Kleiman
#4 Daven Lockwood 112 #10 Avry Corrigan
Brynne Birchmeier 119 Katie Viau
#7 Caleb Sharp 125 #10(119) Daniel Dani/Elliot Corrigan
Parker Noonan 130 #16(125) Josh Riley/Kaine Eichhorn
Jack Kulhanek 135 #1 Dillon Raab/Ethan Messersmith
#3 Andrew Krupp 140 Melody Racicot
#10 Jackson Knieper 145 Clayton Eichhorn
#12(160) Harry Helmick 152 Noah Gagne/Evan Siedlecki
#1(152) Bryce Cheney 160 #8 Tyler Racicot
#9 Brady Gross 171 #4 Wyatt Raab/#9(160) Drew Allgeyer
#8 Kody Krupp 189 Jacob Wandahsega
#1 Cam Orr/#9 Grayson Orr 215
#1 Isiah Pasik 285

Another first trip this weekend comes from the U.P. in Bark River-Harris, who put together an impressive record of 25-2 on the season. Their opponent is New Lothrop, who is back for the 21st year in a row and 30th all-time.  

BRH has a tough lineup top to bottom with seven state qualifiers, boosted by Illinois transplants Dillon Raab (#1@135) and Wyatt Raab (#4@171), who are both unbeaten on the year.  New Lothrop sports 11 state qualifiers, nine of which run from 140-285.  That's where they'll likely be able to get a stranglehold on this dual regardless of what happens in the lower weights.

Prediction: New Lothrop by 32

#2 Hudson vs #7 Schoolcraft

Hudson Weight Schoolcraft
Josh Deline 103 #15 Carsten Svoboda
#7 Cole Marry/Aidan Coombs 112 Calib Lipscomb
#2 Payton Rogers 119 #15 Lane DeLoof/Gerrin Kinkela
#6 Austin Marry/#12 Tristan Bolenbaugh 125 Treasure Fox
#9 Jackson Miller 130 Kolby Lloyd
#1(130) Bronson Marry/#5(140) Tyler Bolenbaugh 135 #4 Gary Cramer/Taylor Cook
#1 Caden Natale/#9(140) Aden Barrett 145 Riley Cochran
Calix Campbell 152 Ryan Ling/Drew Hamlin
#3 Dylan Smith 160 Jett Gott
#12 Logan Sallows/Bradley Bertram 171
#4(215) Cameron Underwood/Logan Ryan 189 #12 Tagg Gott
Connor Westbrook 215 #7 Jimmy Downs/Huston Hodge
Gage Coombs 285

Hudson is seeking their 13th straight trip to the State Final match.  That road starts with Schoolcraft, making their second trip to Team State, after first qualifying in 2019.  The two squads had a handful of matches against each other last weekend, all of which were won by Hudson.  

The 12 state qualifiers on Hudson's team pose a tough challenge for any lineup and Schoolcraft will be outmatched heading into the dual.  135 will likely be the highlight match between Cramer and either Marry or Bolenbaugh.  Six underclassmen state qualifiers for Schoolcraft should give them plenty to build on, as it surely did two years ago.

Prediction:  Hudson by 41

Potential Regional Rematches
112 - Cole Marry (H) fall Calib Lipscomb (S), 1:35
119 - Payton Rogers (H) fall Lane DeLoof (S), 0:59
145 - Caden Natale (H) fall Riley Cochran (S), 1:38
215 - Cameron Underwood (H) fall Jimmy Downs (S), 3:54


#1 Clinton vs #4 Whittemore Prescott/#5 Leslie

Clinton Weight W-P Leslie
#3 Connor Younts 103 Makayla Brown
#1 Coy Perry 112 #10(103) Adrien Fragoso Ethan Lubahn
#2(112) Connor Busz/Chase Packard 119 Eli Murphy
#1 Nik Shadley/#3(119) Zak Shadley 125 #8 Devan Nader Evin Yoemans
#7 Ethan Younts 130 #15 Caiden Baillet #14 Lucas Mooney
#2 Landis Gillman 135 Collin Kundinger
#1 George Ames 140 Dillan Parent #6 Cannon Risner
#2 Kent McCombs 145 Jesse Allen Hunter Doyle
#2 AJ Baxter 152 #8 Kyle Fenner #6(145) Gabe Weber
#1 Spencer Konz 160 #4 Dakota Gagnon #3(152) Grant Weber
#1 Brayden Randolph 171 #15 James Morrison
#1 Logan Badge 189 #4 Russell Wilson/#13(215) Jesse Morrison Nick Carey
#6(285) Ryan Phillips 215 #16 William Stothers #5 Ben Smieska/Garrett Penix-Bedell
Brandon Felts 285 Faith Keller Austin Shroufe

The semifinals shouldn't be an issue for Clinton in the case of either quarterfinal winner.  Both duals will have some great matches in them, though.  

W-P is the projected winner of the 4/5 quarter, so if that happens, look at 160 between #1 Konz and #4 Gagnon, a rematch of last year's 3rd-place bout won by Konz, 2-0 in OT.  Undefeated Russell Wilson at 189 could test himself against Badge, or bump to 215 and take on another tough opponent in Phillips.  

If Leslie manufactures a win in the quarters, they'll likely have a few more competitive individual matches against the Redskins.  At 140, #1 Ames vs #6 Risner was a 3-2 match last weekend.  Up a couple weights from that, the Webers are one weight above where they entered (but also at where they spent most of the year) and would take on Baxter and Konz.  Then at 189 and 215 the Blackhawks have all-staters in Carey and Smieska to take on Badge and Phillips.

If Clinton vs Whittemore-Prescott, Clinton by 56
If Clinton vs Leslie, Clinton by 48

Potential Regional Rematches (Clinton-Leslie)
130 - Ethan Younts (C) fall Lucas Mooney (L), 5:26
140 - George Ames (C) dec. Cannon Risner (L), 3-2
145 - Kent McCombs (C) tech. Gabe Weber (L), 16-0
145 - Kent McCombs (C) tech. Hunter Doyle (L), 15-0
152 - AJ Baxter (C) maj. Grant Weber (L), 10-1

#2 Hudson vs #3 New Lothrop

Hudson Weight New Lothrop
Josh Deline 103 Leo Bauman
#7 Cole Marry/Aidan Coombs 112 #4 Daven Lockwood
#2 Payton Rogers 119 Brynne Birchmeier
#6 Austin Marry/#12 Tristan Bolenbaugh 125 #7 Caleb Sharp
#9 Jackson Miller 130 Parker Noonan
#1(130) Bronson Marry/#5(140) Tyler Bolenbaugh 135 Jack Kulhanek
140 #3 Andrew Krupp
#1 Caden Natale/#9(140) Aden Barrett 145 #10 Jackson Knieper
Calix Campbell 152 #12(160) Harry Helmick
#3 Dylan Smith 160 #1(152) Bryce Cheney
#12 Logan Sallows/Bradley Bertram 171 #9 Brady Gross
#4(215) Cameron Underwood/Logan Ryan 189 #8 Kody Krupp
Connor Westbrook 215 #1 Cam Orr/#9 Grayson Orr
Gage Coombs 285 #1 Isiah Pasik

This is the first meeting between Hudson and New Lothrop since 2018, which was a year that marked the fifth straight time they wrestled each other for a state title.  The 2021 edition should be just as exciting as years past, as a tight dual is expected.

Both squads bring in double-digit state qualifiers and made some moves, as expected.  Hudson brought Marry up to 135 and brought Bolenbaugh down to 135, put Barrett at 145 with Natale, and Underwood weighed in at 189.  New Lothrop simply flipped Cheney and Helmick at 152/160.  

Hudson has the clear advantage in the lower weights, while New Lothrop will likely have the upper hand up top.  That leaves 140-171 to decide the outcome most likely.  More than likely, Hudson will throw Marry to 140 and Natale to 152, especially given that 135 will be the starting weight for the round.  160 is a huge match with top-ranked Cheney bumping up to #3 Smith.  171 pits sophomores against each other in #12 Sallows of Hudson and #9 Gross of NL.  Also watch 112, Marry vs Lockwood.

No matter how it shakes out, expect it to be tight from start to finish.  You might even see a cradle or two.

Prediction: Hudson by 9


#1 Clinton vs #2 Hudson/#3 New Lothrop

Clinton Weight Hudson New Lothrop
#3 Connor Younts 103 Josh Deline Leo Bauman
#1 Coy Perry 112 #7 Cole Marry/Aidan Coombs #4 Daven Lockwood
#2(112) Connor Busz/Chase Packard 119 #2 Payton Rogers Brynne Birchmeier
#1 Nik Shadley/#3(119) Zak Shadley 125 #6 Austin Marry/#12 Tristan Bolenbaugh #7 Caleb Sharp
#7 Ethan Younts 130 #9 Jackson Miller Parker Noonan
#2 Landis Gillman 135 #1(130) Bronson Marry/#5(140) Tyler Bolenbaugh Jack Kulhanek
#1 George Ames 140 #3 Andrew Krupp
#2 Kent McCombs 145 #1 Caden Natale/#9(140) Aden Barrett #10 Jackson Knieper
#2 AJ Baxter 152 Calix Campbell #12(160) Harry Helmick
#1 Spencer Konz 160 #3 Dylan Smith #1(152) Bryce Cheney
#1 Brayden Randolph 171 #12 Logan Sallows/Bradley Bertram #9 Brady Gross
#1 Logan Badge 189 #4(215) Cameron Underwood/Logan Ryan #8 Kody Krupp
#6(285) Ryan Phillips 215 Connor Westbrook #1 Cam Orr
Brandon Felts 285 Gage Coombs #1 Isiah Pasik

Clinton will have an experienced, proven, and worthy opponent no matter who gets through the other semifinal.  They wrestled Hudson earlier in the year, in their first dual against each other within their new conference, winning 41-19.

Like DCC-Davison, their dual with Hudson was one that had several close matches - of the seven decisions, six were won by Clinton.  One important note also is that Kannon Marry is not wrestling for Hudson, who scored a major at 103 last time out.  The finals starts at 140, so you have to imagine it's Ames-Marry out of the gates in a battle of #1's.  The Tigers will have to keep bonus points to an absolute minimum up top to give themselves a shot down low.

For New Lothrop, they simply don't match up with Clinton well at all.  If they get the chance to compete in the finals, they could look at maybe six wins if it goes absolute best case scenario, and that wouldn't be enough.  Again, that doesn't detract from the Hornets' squad - not many teams do match up well with Clinton.

With all that said, Division 4 is always the most unpredictable and there's a kid or two who comes out of nowhere and does something improbable every year.  So the defending champs will have to earn it, but they control their own destiny for sure.

If Clinton vs Hudson, Clinton by 21
If Clinton vs New Lothrop, Clinton by 38