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Serbenta, Ringler Win Flonationals

By MI Grappler, 04/22/19, 9:15AM EDT


The revamped Flonationals went down over the weekend and several Michiganders turned in solid performances.  Formerly a prominent Folkstyle national tournament, FloNats is now a Freestyle and Greco tournament, with the Cadets earning seeding criteria at the UWW World Team Trials as well as selecting the Cadet Pan Am team.  While  the numbers were significantly lower than year's past, the quality of competition was still there if you were wrestling on Day 2.

Two champions were crowned, both from Cedar Springs.  Sage Serbenta won the 79 kg Junior Freestyle title and Ryan RIngler won in at 86 kg.  Both went through some tough opponents to earn titles but each did so in somewhat dominant fashion.  Both Serbenta and Ringler were D2 state champions and 1st Team Dream Team members. 

Dundee had an impressive showing as a team, with five wrestlers placing over the weekend.  2x state champ Stoney Buell doubled up, placing 7th in Greco and 6th in Freestyle.  Buell was the only Michigander to place in both styles.  The Vikings also had a pair of incoming freshmen get on the podium - Kaden Chinavare was 7th at 48 kg in Freestyle, while Aiden Davis placed 8th at 55 kg in Greco.  Casey Swiderski and Christian Killion were the other two placers, who went 6th in Cadet Greco and 7th in Junior Freestyle, respectively.

The highest Michigan finisher in Cadet Freestyle was Manny Rojas, who placed 4th at 71 kg.  Rojas went through a tough road in which he advanced to the semis where he dropped a 6-4 decision to nationally ranked Cael Valencia of California.  He would finish the weekend 4-2.

Other notable performances in the Junior Freestyle division were Eddie Homrock placing 3rd at 61 kg and Austin Boone taking 4th at 70 kg.  Homrock was dominant in his four wins and fell only to GFC Champ/OW Frankie Tal-Shahar of Florida,  6-4 in the semis.  For Boone, it was his first placing at a postseason national tournament and definitely something to build on moving forward.  

For a more in-depth look at some notable wins from the weekend, take a look below.

MI Placers

UWW Cadet Freestyle
48 kg - Kaden Chinvare (Dundee) 7th Place
71 kg - Manny Rojas (DCC) 4th Place
71 kg - Stoney Buell (Dundee) 6th Place

UWW Cadet Greco
55 kg - Casey. Swiderski (Dundee) 6th Place
55 kg - Aiden Davis (Dundee) 8th Place
80 kg - Jon Clack (Lakewood) 8th Place
92 kg - Colin Jagielski (Bedford) 5th Place

UWW Junior Freestyle
54 kg - Daniel Rehfeldt (Kent State/DCC) 2nd Place
54 kg - Jamal Chakkour (Crestwood) 3rd Place
61 kg - Eddie Homrock (Brighton) 3rd Place
65 kg - Christian Killion (Dundee) 7th Place
70 kg - Austin Boone (Lowell) 4th Place
79 kg - Sage Serbenta (Cedar Springs) 1zt Place
86 kg - Ryan Ringler (Cedar Springs) 1st Place
86 kg - Noah Montanari (Richmond) 6th Place
97 kg - Luke Davis (Richmond) 3rd Place

MI Entries

UWW Cadet Freestyle
48 kg - Kaden Chinavare
- W 16-8 over Dominic Hoffarth (OH- OAC Runner-Up)
- W 13-2 over Cameron Hines (CT- State 3rd)

55 kg - Aiden Davis
- W 15-4 over Martial Sutton (CT- State 3rd)
- W Fall 3:30 over Jacob Rivera (CA- State 6th)

55 kg - Casey Swiderski
- W 8-3 over Erik Roggie (VA- National Preps 2nd, Beast of the East 2nd)
- W Fall 2:36 over Dayne Dalrymple (TN- State 3rd, KC Stampede 7th)
- W 14-4 over Drew Currier (CT- State 2nd)

55 kg - Brendan Ferretti
- W 10-7 over Jackson Arrington (PA - State Champ)

55 kg - Sam Freeman
- W 8-6 over Keegan Slyter (KS- 2x State Champ, 4th Fargo Cadet Greco, 2nd Cadet Folkstyle, 2nd NHSCA Juniors, 2nd KC Stampede)

71 kg - Manny Rojas
- W 14-8 over Erik Gibson (PA- State 3rd)
- W Fall 2:50 over Luca Augustine (PA - State Q, 5th Beast of the East, 3rd NHSCA Sophs)

71 kg - Stoney Buell
- W 7-4 over Daniel Patten (OH- State 5th)
- W 10-0 over Noah Inboden (OH- State 4th)
- W 10-6 over Erik Gibson (PA- State 3rd)

80 kg - Ira Jenkins
- W Fall 2:00 over Theo Sewell (TN- State 4th)

80 kg - Jon Clack
- W Fall 0:12 over Jonathan List (OH- State 8th)

UWW Cadet Greco
55 kg - Aiden Davis
- W Fall 3:07 over Matthew Morris (NY- State 6th)

55 kg - Casey Swiderski
- W 9-6 over James Joplin (NC- State 4th, 2nd NHSCA Sophs)
- W 10-0 over Martial Sutton (CT- State 3rd)

92 kg - Colin Jagielski
- W 9-4 over Brent Paulus (OH- State 4th, Fargo Cadet Free 8th, Fargo Cadet Greco 6th)

UWW Junior Freestyle
61 kg - Eddie Homrock
- W 10-0 over Tyler Storck (KY- State 6th)
- W 12-1 over Chris Cook (NY- State 6th)
- W 17-10 over Drew Munch (PA- Nat Preps 3rd, Ironman 6th, Beast of the East 7th, NHSCA Fresh 4th, Powerade 5th, '17 Nat Preps 1st, NHSCA Soph 6th)

65 kg - Christian Killion
- W 12-2 over Timothy Decatur-Luker (NC- 3x State Champ)
- W 17-7 over Beau Curtis (VA- State Champ)

70 kg - Austin Boone
- W Fall 5:51 over John Rocco Kazalas (PA- State 5th)
- W 8-6 over Patrick Leder (Canada)

79 kg - Sage Serbenta
- W 12-0 over Brandon Green (NJ- State Champ, 7th Flonats, NHSCA Frosh 6th, NHSCA Soph 3rd, NHSCA Junior 3rd)
- W 12-2 over Dane Csencsits (PA- State Q)
- W 8-4 over Tanner Mendoza (AZ- NHSCA Junior National Champ)
- W 13-7 over Joseph Walker (IN- State 6th, GFC 2nd, IHPO 3rd)

86 kg - Ryan Ringler
- W 10-0 over Mason McCready (PA- State Q, NHSCA Seniors 7th)
- W 11-7 over Julian Gorring (PA- State 2nd, Cadet Greco 3rd, UWW Cadet Greco 7th)
- W 3-1 over Mike Doggett (PA- Nat Preps 2nd, Beast of the East 5th, 6th Ironman, NHSCA Juniors 8th, Powerade 7th, NHSCA Sophs 7th)

97 kg - Luke Davis
- W 6-3 over Bradley Smith (OH- State 7th, UWW Cadet Greco 6th)


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