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Michigan 2019 Recruits & Outlook

By MI Grappler, 05/22/19, 7:45AM EDT


Amine (Right) and McHenry (Left)

Six wrestlers signed with U of M in the Class of 2019 and what they lack in number they make up for in potential impact.  Two blue-chip recruits inked with the Wolverines in 3x State Champ Cam Amine of DCC and 2x Cadet World Champ Kurt McHenry of Virginia.  They also landed OH State Champ and nationally-ranked Cole Mattin, and 2x State Champ Noah Comar from nearby Clinton.  

Taking a look at how it all fits into a lineup projection is a little shaky right now without knowing the redshirt situation.  About half the lineup has technically qualified to take an Olympic Redshirt.  Will any of them take it?  Will all of them take it?  No idea, but the best move from a team standpoint, for this year and beyond, is probably fewer rather than more.  The one redshirt that does make sense is Mattin at 125, who seems to be growing out of the weight class and could take a year off, sliding right into 133 after Micic departs.  If that's the case, expect senior Austin Assad to fill in at 125 while McHenry tacks on a little more size during his redshirt year. 

Look for the Wolverines to target 149, 174, and 184/197 in the Class of 2020.  

Returners Landscape

125 Mattin (JR) Assad (RSR) Medley (RSO)
133 Micic (RSR) Silva (RFR) Mars (RFR)
141 Storr (RJR) B.Freeman (RSO) Suitor (RJR) N.Freeman (RFR) Borg RFR)
149 Lamantia (RSR) Lombard (RSO) Meisinger (RJR)
157 Lewan (RFR) VanAnrooy (FSO) Hamdan (RSO)
165 Massa (RSR) Hughes (JR)
174 Amine (RSR) Maylor (RFR)
184 Embree (RSO) Correll (RSO)
197 J.Striggow (RSR) Davison (RSO) B.Striggow (RFR)
285 Parris (SO) Ready (RSO) Nemec (RSO)

Looking Ahead

Weight 2020 2021 2022
125 Mattin (JR)/Assad (RSR) McHenry (RFR) McHenry (RSO)
133 Micic (RSR) Mattin (RJR/SR)/Silva (RSO) Mattin (RSR)/Silva (RJR)
141 Storr (RJR) B.Freeman (RJR)/Silva (RSO) Silva (RJR)/C.Mattin (RSO)
149 Lamantia (RSR) Storr (RSR) B.Freeman (RSR)
157 Lewan (RFR) Lewan (RSO) Lewan (RJR)
165 Massa (RSR) Amine (RFR) Amine (RSO)
174 Amine (RSR) Hughes (SR) Maylor (RJR)
184 Embree (RSO) Embree (RJR) Embree (RSR)
197 Striggow (RSR) Davison (RJR) Davison (RSR)
285 Parris (SO) Parris (JR) Parris (SR)

Cameron Amine (Detroit Catholic Central, MI)

Projected Weight: 157/165
HS Placings: 1-1-2-1
HS Record: 167-15
National Tournaments
- 2nd 2018 Super 32
- 6th 2018 Junior Freestyle
- 5th 2017 Super 32
- 2nd 2017 GFC
- 3rd 2017 Flonationals
- 2nd 2016 GFC
- 7th 2016 Cadet Freestyle
- 4th 2016 Cadet Greco

Kurt McHenry (St. Pauls, MD)

Projected Weight: 125
HS Placings: 3-X-2-X (Prep Nats)
HS Record: Unknown
National Tournaments
- 2nd 2018 Prep Nationals
- 1st 2018 Beast of the East
- 2nd 2018 Powerade
- 1st 2017 UWW Cadet Freestyle Worlds
- 1st 2017 Beast of the East
- 1st 2017 UWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals
- 3rd 2016 Prep Nationals
- 1st 2016 UWW Cadet Freestyle Worlds
- 1st 2016 UWW Cadet Freestyle Nationals
- 1st 2016 Powerade
- 1st 2016 Beast of the East
- 2nd 2015 Beast of the East
- 6th 2015 Cadet Freestyle

Cole Mattin (Delta, OH)

Projected Weight: 141/149
HS Placings: 4-6-1-2
HS Record: 175-24
National Tournaments
- 2nd 2019 Senior Nationals

Noah Comar (Clinton, MI)

Projected Weight: 125/133
HS Placings: 2-1-2-1
HS Record: 217-8

Blake Querio (Holly, MI)

Projected Weight: 285
HS Placings: X-Q-6-4
HS Record: 121-31
National Tournaments
- 3rd 2018 GFC

Patrick Nolan (Carl Sandburg, IL)

Projected Weight: 141/149
HS Placings: X-5-4-6
HS Record: 127-25