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Central Regionals Preview

By MI Grappler, 05/24/19, 8:45AM EDT


The 16U division isn't super deep overall but will have some intriguing weights within it.  

106 is a good group, as it has this year's D1 103 lbs runner-up, Aden Williams,  and 3rd place finisher, Anthony Walker.  Also there is Davison incoming freshman Caden Horwath, who was 2nd at Cadet Folkstyle Nationals in the same bracket Williams did not place.  All three of them will be chasing St. Eds (OH) 103 lb state runner-up Sean Seefeldt.

At 120, Macomb Dakota state champ Brendan Ferretti will have a good test in Indiana state runner-up (one division) Zeke Seltzer.  Seltzer has done well nationally, placing at both Fargo and Flonationals as well.

Another weight to watch is 152 pounds.  Illinois' Damien Lopez is the man to beat in Greco, coming off a Cadet National title a year ago.  The real intrigue at this weight though is the fact that six Michigan guys are registered, with five of them being state qualifiers.  Manny Rojas, a defending Cadet Freestyle National finalist, and 2x state champ Stoney Buell are the most notable in the weight.


88 lbs
MI Entries
: Braeden Davis (Dundee)

94 lbs
MI Entries: Drew Heethuis (DCC), Nolan Wertanen (St. Joseph)

100 lbs
MI Entries: Dylan Gilcher (DCC)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Marshall Larson (MN) - State Q
- Parker Heintz (WI) - State Q
- Shane Corrigan (WI) - State Q/6th Cadet Folkstyle
- Spencer Moore (KY) - State 2nd

106 lbs
MI Entries: Aden Williams (Davison), Anthony Walker (DCC), Caden Horwath (Davison)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Keith Ransom (MO) - State 2nd
- Lucas Johnson (WI) - State Q
- Matt Ellis (OH) - State 7th
- Preston Spray (WI) - State Q
- Sean Seefeldt (OH) - State 2nd/6th Cadet Freestyle/8th Powerade

120 lbs
MI Entries: Brendan Ferretti (Dakota), James Rivers (Romeo), Zack Hall (Byron)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Cash Stewart (WI) - State 4th
- Zeke Seltzer (IN) - State 2nd/6th Cadet Freestyle/7th Flonationals Freestyle

126 lbs
MI Entries: Ashton Anderson (Clarkston), Bennett Sides (Gaylord), Ryker Johnecheck (Williamston)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Jordan Blew (IL) - State Q/2nd Dvorak
- Liam Hughes (WI) - 2x State Q

132 lbs
MI Entries: Evan Herriman (Davison), Max Honiss (South Lyon), Micah Hanau (Lakeshore)
Notable Out-of-State Entries 
- Cale Horsch (IL) - State 2nd
- Dayton Hall (IL) - State 5th
- Drake Hayward (WI) - 2x State Q
- Mitchell Mesenbrink (WI) - State 3rd/1st Cadet Folk/3rd Flonats Freestyle
- Tyler Goebel (WI) - State 2nd

138 lbs
MI Entries: George Ames (Clinton), James Johnston (Davison)
Notable Out-of-State Entries
- Aidan Bowers (TN) - 8th Flonats Greco
- Joseph Penchi (WI) - State Q
- Joshua Cherba (WI) - 2x State Q/8th Dvorak
- Kaeden Berger (PA) - State 7th

145 lbs
MI Entries: Andrew Stevens, Jacob Gonzales (Holly), Josh Barr (Davison), Remy Cotton
Out-of-State Entries:
- Adam Thebeau (IL) - 2nd Cadet Folkstyle Nats
- Evan Bennett (OH) - 6th NHSCA Freshman Nats
- Grant Hansen (IL) - 8th Dvorak
- Jared Stricker (WI) - State 5th
- Lowell Arnold (WI) - State Q

152 lbs
MI Entries: Brayden Gautreau (Gaylord), Justin VanVaerenbergh (WL Central), Kent McCombs (Clinton), Manny Rojas (DCC), Rippin Vining (Petoskey), Stoney Buell (Dundee)
Notable Out-of-State Entries
- Crosby Schlosser (WI) - State Q
- Damien Lopez (IL) - State Q/1st Cadet Greco

160 lbs
MI Entries: Anthony Vellucci (Lake Orion), Niko Martinez
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Austin Brooks (TN) - State 5th
- Caleb Atkins (KS) - State 4th/5th

170 lbs
MI Entries: Amarion Gibson (Hamady)
Notable Out-of-State Entries
- Luke Shaver (MO) - State Q/7th Cadet Folkstyle
- Nathan Critchfield (IL) - State Q
- Seth Slayton (KY) - 2x State Q

182 lbs
MI Entries: Andrew Ross (DCC), Jimmy Colley (Davison)
Notable Out-of-State Entries
- Benjamin Rush (KY) - State Q

195 lbs
MI Entries: Joshua Boggan (Kalamazoo Central)
Notable Out-of-State Entries
- Evan Bates (IN) - State 3rd
- Robert Bowman (IN) - 8th Dvorak

220 lbs
MI Entries: Bryce Simmons (Davison), Caden Ferris (Delton Kellogg), Eathan Westfall

The bulk of the competitors in the Junior division really comes between 132 and 160 pounds.  Michigan is sending reps in 11 of the 15 weights and the lighter and heavier weights just don't have a ton of entries.

At 132, a pair of Michigan state champs could meet up in 2xer Chayse LaJoie of Gaylord and Eddie Homrock of Brighton.  Both are top-10 overall in-state recruits in the Class of 2020.  They'll have a few good tests in the weight.  From Indiana, state champ Brayden Little and 3x placer Brayden Lowery are both entered and both are Cadet Freestyle All-Americans.   Also from Indiana, Raymond Rioux has been a state placer three times.  And coming from Illinois, two-time placer Nico Bolivar should be one to watch as well.

138 should be exciting, particularly in Greco, where Cadet Greco champ Fabian Lopez (IL) and UWW Cadet Greco champ Jalen Spuhler (WI) are entered.  Josh Edmond headlines a handful of Michigan entries, last year's Cadet Freestyle national champion.  

The deepest weight in the division is probably 152 pounds which has four state champions registered.  2x state champ Derek Gilcher is the lone champ from Michigan, and he'll have to deal with Matt Lee (IN), Dusty Morgillo (OH), and Max Kristoff (IL).  

160 contains six wrestlers who placed in the top-three of their respective state tournaments.  That said, expect Cadet World bronze medalist Alex Facundo to have little issue rolling to a title at the weight.


120 lbs
MI Entries: Cian Abion (Redford Union)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Zane VanVoorhis (OH) - State 5th

126 lbs 
MI Entries: Andrew Garcia (SL East), Caleb Meekins (Westland John Glenn), Dylan Phelps (Holt), Mack Baird (Hesperia)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Isaiah Bernal (IL) - 2x State Q
- Jaylan Claudio (IL) - State Q
- Luc Valdez (IL) - State 6th
- Tyler Driessens (IL) - State Q
- Zach Keal (KS) - State 3rd, 2nd/7th Cadet Folk/7th UWW Cadet GR/4th KC Stampede

132 lbs
MI Entries: Chayse LaJoie (Gaylord), Eddie Homrock (Brighton), John Sosa (Gaylord), Will Sides (Gaylord), Zavier Zakora (Waverly)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Brandon Khoury (MO) - State Q
- Brayden Little (IN) - State Champ/8th Super 32/6th Cadet Freestyle
- Brayden Lowery (IN) - State 3rd, 5th, 8th/8th Cadet Frestyle
- Cayden Henschel (WI) - State 5th
- Dakota Becker (IL) - State Q
- Eli Peyton (KY) - State 7th
- Michael Archer (IL) - State Q
- Nico Bolivar (IL) - State 5th, 3rd/5th Powerade
- Raymond Rioux (IN) - State 2nd/3rd/6th
- Tyler Conley (IN) - 2x State Q

138 lbs
MI Entries: AJ Baxter (Clinton), Camden Trupp (DCC), Josh Edmond (DCC), Matthew Grant (Onaway), TJ Daugherty (Kettering)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Austin Keal (KS) - State 4th
- Bailey Thelen (WI) - 8th Cadet Folkstyle/7th Junior Folkstyle
- Bryce Shelton (IL) - 2x State Q
- Dane Higgins (WI) - State 6th
- Daniel McMullen (KS) - State 6th/3rd
- Fabian Lopez (IL) - State Champ, 2nd, 6th/1st Cadet GR, 7th Cadet FS
- Jack Finnegan (IL) - State 5th
- Jake Insko (KY) - State 3rd/4th
- Jalen Spuhler (WI) - State Champ, 4th, 8th/8th Junior GR, 1st UWW Cadet GR
- Mohammad Jodeh (IL) - State Q
- Nathan Kinnear (TN) - State Q
- Samuel Schultz (MO) - State 6th
- Zach Weiler (WI) - State 5th

145 lbs
MI Entries: Isaac Meyer (St. Joseph), Jackson Hoover (Edwardsburg), Logan Sanom (DCC)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Alec Viduya (IN) - State Champ/2nd/4th
- David Conner (KY) - 2x State Q
- Evan Anthony (TN) - 2x State 2nd
- Garrett Bowers (TN) - State 3rd, 6th/6th Prep Nats/3rd Flonats FS
- Jackson Lingle (IL) - 3x State Q
- Jaden Reynolds (IN) - State 5th
- Josh Ogunsanya (IL) - State 4th, 5th/6th Cadet GR/4th Cadet FS
- Noah Leisgang (WI) - State 3rd

152 lbs
MI Entries: Derek Gilcher (DCC), Michael Pizzo (Clawson)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Aron Taylor (IL) - 2x State 6th
- Cole Hansen (WI) - State Q
- Devon Myers (OH) - State Q
- Dusty Morgillo (OH) - State Champ/3rd
- Ellis Pfleger (WI) - State 6th
- Gavin Model (WI) - State Q
- Isaac Riddle (WI) - State 4th
- Kellen Schauer (MN) - State 2nd
- Leo Mushinsky (IL) - State 2nd/4th/4th
- Matt Lee (IN) - State Champ, 7th, 7th/2nd Flonats Junior FS
- Max Kristoff (IL) - State Champ/6th/5th/5th
- Nick Buchanan (IN) - State 6th
- Nicholas Patch (IL) - State Q
- Payne Carr (KY)  -  State 3rd, 5th/6th Flonats Cadet GR
- Tucker Smith (WI) -  State Q

160 lbs
MI Entries: Alex Facundo (Davison), Dane Donabedian (Brighton), Jaden Fisher (Lake Orion)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Cooper Noehre (IN) - State 2nd
- David Cumberledge (OH) - 2x State 2nd/3rd NHSCA Freshman Nats
- Ethan Mueller (OH) - State Q
- Joey Martin (CA) - 3rd Junior Folkstyle/3rd, 4th Cadet Folkstyle
- Kevin Meicher (WI) - State Champ/2nd/4th/2nd
- Nolan Hertel (WI) - State 5th
- Reece Heller (IL) - State 2nd, 5th/5th Ironman
- Thomas Ketchen-Carter (KY) - State 3rd, 2nd/7th NHSCA Freshman Nats

195 lbs
MI Entries: Aurelius Krumholz (Gaylord)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
-  Cole Garcia (IL) - State Q
- Dalton Mayer (KY) - State 3rd
- Jadon Martin (CA) - 8th Junior Folkstyle
-  Marshall Kools (WI) -  State 3rd/5th Junior Folkstyle

220 lbs 
MI Entries: Eric Hernandez (Fennville)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Alex Cramer (IL) - State Champ, 2nd/3rd Super 32/1st Junior Greco
- Julian Ramirez (IL) - State 4th
- Logan Deasel (KY) -  2x State Q
- Mitch Hutmacher (IL) - State 2nd

285 lbs
MI Entries: Donovan King (Farmington)
Notable Out-of-State Entries:
- Wade Humphrey (OH) - 8th UWW Cadet Greco