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MSU 2019 Recruits & Outlook

By MI Grappler, 05/30/19, 11:00AM EDT


The Spartans will be welcoming a pretty solid freshman class in the fall.  Leading the way are 4x state champ Jordan Hamdan of Hudson and 2x Ohio state champ Jordan Crace, both of whom ended their senior years nationally ranked.  A pair of 2x MI state champs also inked with Coach Chandler and company, with DCC's Easton Turner and Caro's DJ Daniels signing.  Another notable pickup is Garrett Pepple, a grad transfer from Indiana University who spot-started for the Hoosiers during his four years there.   

With just two seniors in 2020, the next two years will see a fairly similar lineup, with guys jockeying for starting positions and competing for opportunities, which is a great thing from a depth perspective.  All-American Rayvon Foley still has a redshirt year available and that could come into play this year or next year.  In any case expect them to look for a 125 to fill the void there, as well as some middleweights (149/157) to continue to build depth there.  They've already started the 2020 Class off by getting a commitment from California's Chase Saldate, ranked 8th in the country by Flo.

Returners Landsape

125 Foley (JR) Griffin (RSR) Saldana (RJR) Franco (RFR) Curtin (RJR)
133 Santos (RJR) Moscovic (RFR) Eisho (RFR)
141 Hrisopoulos (RJR) Ellis (RJR) Krauss (RJR) Renicker (RJR)
149 Enriquez (RSO) Omania (RFR)
157 Tucker (RJR)
165 Ritchie (RSR) Hiles (RJR) Atienza (RSO) Burress (RFR)
174 Hughes (RJR) Malczewski (RFR) Jimenez (RFR)
184 Caffey (RSO) Kruse (RJR) Cool (RFR)
197 Wilton (RSO) May (RJR) Malczewski (JR)
285 Beard (RSO) Rebottaro (RJR) Ross (RSO) Lloyd (RJR) Cooper (RSO)
Weight 2020 2021 2022
125 Foley (JR) Foley (SR)/Saldana (RSR) Foley (RSR)/Franco (RJR)
133 Pepple (RSR) Hamdan (RFR) Hamdan (RSO)/Foley (RSR)
141 Crace (FR)/Hrisopoulos (RJR) Crace (RFR)/Hrisopoulos (RSR) Hamdan (RSO)/Crace (RSO)
149 Enriquez (RSO)/Omania (RFR) Enriquez (RJR)/Omania (RSO) Crace (RSO)/Enriquez (RSR)/Omania (RJR)
157 Tucker (RJR) Tucker (RSR) Enriquez (RSR)/Omania (RJR)/Saldate (RFR)
165 Hughes (RJR) Hughes (RSR) Atienza (RSR)
174 Malczewski (RFR) Malczewski (RSO) Malczewski (RJR)
184 Caffey (RSO) Caffey (RJR) Caffey (RSR)
197 Wilton (RSO) Wilton (RJR) Wilton (RSR)
285 Beard (RSO) Beard (RJR) Beard (RSR)

Jordan Hamdan (Hudson, MI)

Projected Weight: 133/141
HS Placings: 1-1-1-1
HS Record: 199-8
National Tournaments
- 5th 2018 Super 32
- 5th 2018 GFC
- 3rd 2018 Junior Greco
- 7th 2018 Flonationals
- 1st 2016 Cadet Greco 
- 2nd 2014 GFC

Jordan Crace (Bellefontaine, OH)

Projected Weight: 141/149
HS Placings: 3-1-X-1
HS Record: 111-5 (w/o JR year)
National Tournaments
- 3rd 2018 Super 32
- 6th 2018 Junior Freestyle
- 8th 2017 Super 32
- 2nd 2017 Ironman
- 6th 2014 GFC

Easton Turner (Detroit CC, MI)

Projected Weight: 184/197
HS Placings: X-Q-1-1
HS Record: 125-26

DJ Daniels (Caro, MI)

Projected Weight: 157/165
HS Placings: Q-3-1-1
HS Record: 214-19

Miles Hoey (Mt. Carmel, IL)

Projected Weight: 149/157
HS Placings: X-X-X-Q
HS Record: 82-43
National Tournaments
- 7th Dvorak

Cameron Monzadeh (Lake Highland Prep, FL)

Projected Weight: 157/165
HS Placings: X-X-3-2
HS Record: 119-60

Garrett Pepple (East Noble, IN/Indiana University)

Projected Weight: 133
College Record at IU: 36-44
HS Placings: X-2-2-1