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CMU 2019 Recruits and Outlook

By MI Grappler, 06/13/19, 11:00AM EDT


The Chippewas will bring in six freshman this fall from four different states.  Michigan natives Ryan Ringler, Vince Perez, and Cade Dallwitz all inked with the Chips and all were D2 state finalists; Ringler won a pair of titles and Perez was a 2019 state champ.  Hunter Watts will join them from Indiana, a four-time placer and state champ in a single-division state.  Johnny Lovett of Florida is another solid pickup - he was 3rd at Seniors and 4th at Super 32.  

Coach Borrelli's team is still in a rebuilding phase but they have plenty to be excited about with a young crop of talent and only one senior in this year's class.  Nearly the entire lineup will return, most of them for multiple years, so that will be very beneficial moving forward.  Leading the way will be All-American Matt Stencel and National Qualifiers Drew Hildebrandt and Logan Parks.  Look for them to seek out 125, 157, 197 and 285 projected wrestlers in the Class of 2020.  

Returners Landscape

125 Hildebrandt (JR) Shupp (RFR)
133 Bergelin (RSO) Perez (JR) Rogers (RFR) Christensen (RFR)
141 Marten (RSO) Munson (RFR) Breece (RFR)
149 Simon (RJR) Raczkowski (RSO)
157 Parks (RSR) Bush (RSO) Hubbard (RFR)
165 Fedewa (RSO) Montrie (RJR) Gross (RFR)
174 Castillo (JR) Lowell (RSO)
184 Gray (RSO) Pauwels (RFR) Cushman (RFR)
197 Pelham (RJR) Bolo (RSO)
285 Stencel (RJR) Jenkins (RSO)
Weight 2020 2021 20222
125 Hildebrandt (JR) Hildebrandt (SR) Perez (RSO)
133 Bergelin (RSO) Bergelin (RJR) Bergelin (RSR)
141 Marten (RSO) Marten (RJR) Marten (RSR)
149 Simon (RJR) Simon (RSR)/Munson (RSO) Munson (RJR)
157 Parks (RSR) Bush (RJR)/Hubbard (RSO) Bush (RSR)/Hubbard (RSO)
165 Fedewa (RSO) Fedewa (RJR)/Lovett (RFR) Fedewa (RSR)/Lovett (RSO)
174 Castillo (JR)/Montrie (RJR) Ringler (RFR) Ringler (RSO)
184 Gray (RSO)/Cushman (RFR)/Pauwels (RFR) Gray (RJR)/Cushman (RSO)/Pauwels (RSO) Gray (RSR)/Cushman (RJR)/Pauwels (RJR)
197 Pelham (RJR) Pelham (RSR) Bolo (RSR)/Dallwitz (RSO)
285 Stencel (RJR) Stencel (RSR) Jenkins (RSR)

Ryan Ringler (Cedar Springs, MI)

Projected Weight: 174
HS Placings: 3-3-1-1
HS Record: 203-8
National Tournaments
- 1st 2019 Flonationals Junior Freestyle
- 4th 2018 UWW Cadet Greco
- 4th Flonationals
- 7th USAW Cadet Freestyle
- 3rd USAW Cadet Greco

Hunter Watts (Jimtown, IN)

Projected Weight: 133/141
HS Placings: 6-2-1-3
HS Record: 176-16
National Tournaments
- 7th NHSCA Junior Nationals

Johnny Lovett (Miami Southridge, FL)

Projected Weight: 157/165
HS Placings: X-Q-1-1
HS Record: 177-31
National Tournaments
- 3rd 2019 NHSCA Senior Nationals
- 4th 2018 Super 32
- 8th 2018 USAW Junior Freestyle

Vince Perez (Tecumseh, MI)

Projected Weight: 125/133
HS Placings: Q-3-2-1
HS Record: 196-22

Cade Dallwitz (Holly, MI)

Projected Weight: 184/197
HS Placings: Q-8-2-3
HS Record: 190-28

Alex Jacobs (St. Thomas, TX)

Projected Weight: 149/157
HS Placings: X-Q-Q-8 (Prep Nats, no state tourney)
HS Record: Unknown
National Tournaments
- 8th 2019 Prep Nationals