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Super 32 - 1st Round Matchups

By MI Grappler, 10/12/19, 5:45AM EDT


Super 32 kicks off his morning in Greensboro, North Carolina and Michigan is bringing many of its best to test themselves against the rest of the country in what has become the toughest folkstyle tournament in the nation.  

This year's crop of Michigan preps yields both a high quantity as well as high quality.  In all, 31 wrestlers will be competing.  Of that number, 19 of them are ranked in the top-ten of their respective classes in Michigan Grappler's Class Rankings.  While Josh Edmond enters as the only returning Super 32 placer, eight others have placed at either Fargo or UWW- the other two major national tournaments.  Further, five Michigan GFC finalists (3 champs) from a week ago are back in action.

Typically we'd do an article pinpointing a handful of guys who would be the state's "Best Bets," but this group is too deep to single out just a handful.  It's definitely possible that the state-record of 9 placers (set in 2011) could be within reach. 

Recent years have seen a few performances that really put guys on the map.  Last year River Shettler's 5th place finish solidified himself as a top-20 guy in the country, and the year prior both James Whitaker and Layne Malczewski catapulted themselves into the national conversation as well.  

Take a look below at the first matchups for all of the high school wrestlers getting ready to do battle this morning and be sure to check back over the course of the next couple of days,  as well as our social media pages, for continued coverage of the 2019 Super 32 Challenge.

First Round Matchups

106 - Caden Horwath (Davison) 12 seed
- Round of 128: Jude Robson (VA) State Runner-Up

106 - Dylan Gilcher (DCC) 13 seed
Round of 128: Michael Adams (NY)

106 - Anthony Walker (DCC) 19 seed
- Round of 128:  Hayden Cunningham (PA)

106 - Nolan Wertanen (St. Joseph)
- Round of 128: Matthew Repos (PA)

113 - Jacob Brya (St. Johns)
- Round of 128: Christopher Compton (SC) 2x State Champ

113 - Andrew Kolman (Holly)
- Round of 128: Braden Basile (FL) State Champ, '19 GFC Runner-Up

120 - Casey Swiderski (Dundee) 17 seed
- Round of 256: CJ Shea (CT)

120 - Andrew Chambal (Davison) 24 seed
- Round of 256: Jack Eckerle (NY) State Qualifier

120 - Aaron Lucio (Lakeshore)
- Round of 256: Kyle Waterman (PA) State 6th

120 - Ty Cowen (Westland John Glenn)
- Round of 256: Kai Burkett (PA) State 5th

126 - Aiden Davis (Dundee)
- Round of 128: 6-seed Caleb Tanner (OK) 3x State Champ

132 - Sam Freeman (Brighton)
- Round of 128: Zane Birtchet (NC)

132 - Shane Williams (Lakeshore)
- Round of 128: Brayden Spears (VA) State 3rd

132 - Micah Hanau (Lakeshore)
- Round of 128: Riley Fort (TN)

138 - Josh Edmond (DCC) 4 seed
- Round of 128: Tyler Eastes (FL)

138 - Eddie Homrock (Brighton) 11 seed
- Round of 128: Max Franz (CO)

138 - TJ Daugherty (Waterford Kettering) 15 seed
- Round of 128: Kodiak Cannedy (TN) State Champ, 7th NHSCA FR Nats

138 - Camden Trupp (DCC)
- Round of 128: Jayden Cardenas (NY) State Qualifier 

138 - Nate Young (Holly)
- Round of 128: Drake Acklin (OK)

145 - Austin Boone (Lowell) 7 seed
- Round of 128: Jack Janda (NJ) 2nd '18 NHSCA FR Nats

145 - Josh Barr (Davison) 18 seed
- Round of 128: Jackson Hurst (TN) State 4th

145 - Tyler Swiderski (Dundee)
- Round of 256: Thor Michaelson (WA) 6th '19 16U Freestyle Nats

145 - Christian Killion (Dundee)
- Round of 128: Sebastian Jimenez (TX)

145 - Dominick Lomazzo (Dundee)
- Round of128: Carter Chase (OH) State Qualifier 

152 - Logan Sanom (DCC)
- Round of 64: 27-seed Dusty Morgillo (OH) State Champ

152 - Kenny Snyder (Chippewa Valley)
- Round of 64: Jeese Alvarado (VA) or William George (FL)

160 - Derek Gilcher (DCC) 3 seed
- Round of 128: Darian Estevez (FL) State 2nd '18

160 - Caleb Fish (Eaton Rapids) 4 seed
- Round of 64: Mason Box (NM State Champ) or Christian Carroll (IN)

160 - Manny Rojas (DCC) 18 seed
- Round of 128: Lorenzo Gonzalez (WA) State 3rd

160 - Max Callahan (Davison)
- Round of 64: 8-seed Elliott Rodgers (IN State Champ) or Bailey Flanagan (FL 3rd '18)

285 - Tyler Delooff (Lowell)
- Round of 16: Levi Krakoff (FL)

Other Potential Early Matchups

Round of 32: Dylan Gilcher vs #10 Brandon O'Brien (Iowa)
Round of 32: Anthony Walker vs #19 Charlie Farmer (Illinois)
Round of 32: Nolan Wertanen vs 10-seed Gabe Giampetro (Delaware)
Round of 32: Caden Horwath vs 21-seed Marlon Yarbrough (Ohio)

Round of 64: Jacob Brya vs #19 Diego Sotelo (Illinois)

Round of 64: Sam Freeman vs #19 Patrick Noonan (Pennsylvania)
Round of 64: Shane Williams vs 4-seed Devin Murphy (California)
Round of 64: Micah Hanau vs 26-seed Blake Boarman (Indiana)

Round of 64: Eddie Homrock vs Drake Campbell (Indiana)
Round of 32: Camden Trupp vs #6 Sam Hillegas (Pennsylvania)
Round of 32: TJ Daugherty vs 18 seed Cole McComas (Ohio)

Round of 64: Christian Killion vs 13-seed Matthew Singleton (Georgia)
Round of 64: Austin Boone vs Cade Ballestrini (Pennsylvania)
Round of 64: Dominick Lomazzo vs Brock Ellis (Indiana)
Round of 32: Josh Barr vs 15-seed Paniro Johnson (Pennsylvania)

Round of 32: Manny Rojas vs Eli Dickens (Indiana)