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Hammer Tournament Placewinners

By MI Grappler, 11/11/19, 1:00PM EST



1st Place - Cruz Urioste (46) of Battlecats
2nd Place - Brogan Beardsley (46) of Fenton
3rd Place - Kaiden Galindez (40) of Woodhaven Warriors WC
4th Place - Braden Dykhouse (43) of Lowell WC

1st Place - Henry Begg (55) of Unattached
2nd Place - Emma Mantei (55) of Dundee
3rd Place - Steve Gariety Jr (49) of Dundee
4th Place - Aaron Eifert (52) of Williamston


1st Place - Cole Patrick of Unattached
2nd Place - Brody Compau (52) of West Michigan Pursuit
3rd Place - Brecken Morrill of Unattached
4th Place - Mason Welmerink of Ares
5th Place - Alexander Schnurstein of Caledonia WC

1st Place - Hunter Sutfin of Barry County Grapplers Associa
2nd Place - Jaxson Boucher of Team GRWA
3rd Place - Ryan Fitch of Dearborn Heights Wildcats
4th Place - Chase VanPortfliet of Unattached

1st Place - Nicholas Wade of S.A.W
2nd Place - Jace Kimling of Michigan MatCats
3rd Place - Cole Tuttle of Quincy

1st Place - Gabriel Ryzyi of NBWC
2nd Place - Leland Moffat of S.A.W
3rd Place - Bobby Ray Vaughn of NBWC
4th Place - Tatianna Castillo of West Michigan Pursuit

1st Place - Avery Conroy of Bomber WC
2nd Place - Beckett Campbell of Unattached
3rd Place - Chase Shults of West Ottawa Panther Elit
4th Place - Remington Waldron of Lagrange WC
5th Place - Brayden Thorn of Eaton Rapids

1st Place - Gage Turnblom of Fenton
2nd Place - Christian Rodriguez of North Branch
3rd Place - Colton Curtis of Holly

1st Place - Jameson Onstott of Eaton Rapids
2nd Place - Remi Schoonbeck of Mattawan
3rd Place - Traelin White (92) of Pontiac Huskies

1st Place - Lyla Hensen of Grass Lake
2nd Place - Aidan Beddow of NBWC
3rd Place - Mya Kukulski of Bay County Road Runners
4th Place - Munsha Rayat of Michigan MatCats
5th Place - Jason Hernandez of Kalamazoo Premier WC


1st Place - Edward (ej) Smith of Bay County Road Runners
2nd Place - Carter Giles of West Michigan Pursuit
3rd Place - Liam Nicholson of Bay County Road Runners

1st Place - Jameson Wood of Brighton
2nd Place - Jordan Zambon of NBWC
3rd Place - Easton Barkby (58) of Unattached
4th Place - Cooper Barkby of Unattached

1st Place - Urijah Joostberns of NBWC
2nd Place - Brody Morrill of Unattached
3rd Place - Logan Welmerink of Ares
4th Place - Caden Eckert of Rockford WC

1st Place - Stone Redmon (74) of Monroe WC
2nd Place - Ethan Smith of Brighton
3rd Place - Pilot Swab of Lakeview WC
4th Place - Joshua Ledford of Team GRWA

1st Place - Dallas Korponic of S.A.W
2nd Place - Nathan Walkowiak of Unattached
3rd Place - Quinten Cassiday of West Michigan Pursuit
4th Place - Matthew Ausel of S.A.W

1st Place - Izaak Kukulski of Bay County Road Runners
2nd Place - Alex Buskirk of West Michigan Pursuit
3rd Place - Calvin Martz of All American Grappling Academy
4th Place - Cole Cichocki of Lowell WC

1st Place - Vaughn Tarbet of Cyclone Wrestling
2nd Place - Tyler Bashore of Captial City Lions
3rd Place - Maxwell Dominguez of NBWC
4th Place - Gavin Drenten of Team GRWA

1st Place - Trenden Bashore of Captial City Lions
2nd Place - Rocco Redmon of Monroe WC
3rd Place - Ashton Dack of Northwest Red Crushers
4th Place - Jacob Crofut of Unattached

1st Place - Louis Smith of Unattached
2nd Place - Nolan Larson of Sparta WC
3rd Place - Connor Kiernan (96) of Dundee
4th Place - Alexander Ehrman (96) of Michigan MatCats
5th Place - Dylan Evitts of Dearborn Youth Wrestling

1st Place - Dylan Granger of S.A.W
2nd Place - Ayden Tatum of Pontiac Huskies
3rd Place - Gavin Keller of Michigan West
4th Place - Harley Craft of Unattached

1st Place - Charles White of Pontiac Huskies
2nd Place - Bubbie Schoonbeck of Mattawan
3rd Place - Samuel Brown of Captial City Lions
4th Place - Logan Foster of Center Line

1st Place - Chase Brawley of Michigan West
2nd Place - Ryan Williams of Holt
3rd Place - Heaven Cole (140) of Mattawan
4th Place - Logan Tollison of S.A.W


1st Place - Logan Whidden of Comstock Park WC
2nd Place - Joshua Vasquez (80) of West Michigan Pursuit
3rd Place - Kaden Lapaugh of S.A.W

1st Place - Adam Polk (90) of Pontiac Huskies
2nd Place - Jacob Chase of Hamilton Hawkeyes
3rd Place - Vernon Riggins (90) of Michigan West
4th Place - Jamal Horne of Fenton

1st Place - Isaiah Mullins (105) of Northern Elite Pitbull
2nd Place - David Fielder (105) of S.A.W
3rd Place - Cole Lausch of Michigan West
4th Place - Julien Kimling of Michigan MatCats

1st Place - Buddy Leonard of Northern Elite Pitbull
2nd Place - Kaleb Smith-Baldwin (110) of S.A.W
3rd Place - Lucas Chavez (110) of Burnett Trained Wrestling
4th Place - John Wallace of Jr Marauders

1st Place - Seth Sivak of Unattached
2nd Place - Zachary Jarels of Cyclone Wrestling
3rd Place - Pierce Tate Carpenter Kydd of WLC Blast
4th Place - Drake Blazevski of Ruffin Trained

1st Place - Philip Lamka of Cyclone Wrestling
2nd Place - Aden Barrett of Unattached
3rd Place - Hayden Barrett of Howell
4th Place - Michael Daniels of Quincy

1st Place - Brock Trevino of Wrestling University
2nd Place - Bradley Singles of Unattached

1st Place - Joel Simon of S.A.W
2nd Place - Davin George of Quincy


1st Place - Jay Shaull of S.A.W
2nd Place - Isaiah Mullins of Northern Elite Pitbull
3rd Place - Jacob Reif (98) of Quincy

1st Place - Tamin Machart of Falcon WC
2nd Place - Adrian Rosas of Jr Marauders
3rd Place - Anas Shalhout of Unattached
4th Place - Gabe Mullins of Northern Elite Pitbull

1st Place - Lance Garrisi of Romeo
2nd Place - Justin Corcoran of Waterford
3rd Place - Michael Merritt of Romeo
4th Place - Ruggero Soto-Ricci of Unattached
5th Place - Tahami Waris of 4 Horsemen

1st Place - Randy Frailey of Hanover-Horton
2nd Place - Jacob Blawat of Rocket WC
3rd Place - Jacob Corcoran of Waterford
4th Place - Travis Richardson of Brighton

1st Place - Lucas Nagle of Pinckney
2nd Place - Jacob Clifton of Detroit Roughneck
3rd Place - Aidan Bernard of Unattached
4th Place - Ty Cowen of Team Fury

1st Place - Caden Natale of Unattached
2nd Place - Michael Loney of Ares
3rd Place - Blake Noonan of Michigan Revolution
4th Place - Dylan Lorincz of Dexter

1st Place - Jared Bloom of Williamston
2nd Place - Evan Blessing of Woodhaven Warriors WC
3rd Place - Zachary Jacobs of Mountie
4th Place - Christopher Sorrow of Hanover-Horton

1st Place - Julius Polk of Pontiac Huskies
2nd Place - Dylan Whidden of Comstock Park WC
3rd Place - Nicholas Dodman of Unattached
4th Place - Nicholas Rochowiak of Cyclone Wrestling

1st Place - Jayden Rittenbury of Summit
2nd Place - Justin VanVaerenbergh of Michigan Revolution
3rd Place - Roland Denker of Team Relentless
4th Place - Aiden Brown of Brighton

1st Place - Dominick A. Lomazzo of Dundee
2nd Place - Jake Bozek of West Catholic
3rd Place - Melvin Minniear of Homer
4th Place - Zach Quinn of Unattached

1st Place - Bryce Moberly of Unattached
2nd Place - Chandler Locke of Quincy
3rd Place - Maxamus Kyser of Shepherd
4th Place - Joseph Barton of Ida WC

1st Place - Josh Greathouse of Brighton
2nd Place - Caleb McNeil of Rocket WC
3rd Place - Andrew Quinn of Unattached
4th Place - Alex Laskowski of Unattached
5th Place - Harley Berne of Brighton
6th Place - Tristan Dalbec of Falcon WC

1st Place - Jacob Hough of Ares
2nd Place - Alexander Lukowski of Detroit Roughneck
3rd Place - Paul Corder of Unattached
4th Place - James Campbell of Mattawan

1st Place - Keegan Hoffman of Quincy
2nd Place - Ben Harris of Unattached