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Week 1 Wednesday Primer

By MI Grappler, 12/11/19, 9:15AM EST


D1 #1 Detroit CC vs D2 #1 Lowell

DCC Weight Lowell
#2 Drew Heethuis 103 Landon Miller
#3 Anthony Walker 112 #4 Ramsy Mutschler
#2 (112) Dylan Gilcher 119 #7 Nick Korhorn
#8 Caleb White 125 James Link/Bryce McCune
#14 TJ Bunn 130 #6 Zeth Strejc
#3 Camden Trupp 135 #4 Dawson Jankowski
#1 Josh Edmond 140 #8 Will Link
#1 Marc Shaeffer 145 #1 Austin Boone
#1 Logan Sanom 152 #2 James Fotis
#4 Manny Rojas 160 #6 Doak Dean
#1 (160) Derek Gilcher 171 #10 Derek Mohr
#11 John Browning 189 #4 (171) Jacob Lee
#1 Brendin Yatooma 215 #14 Jacob Hough
#1 Steven Kolcheff 285 #1 Tyler Delooff

It doesn't get much better on opening night than having the 3-time defending D1 state champs taking on the 6-time defending D2 state champs.  They'll square off in a raucous environment for an assembly dual at 1:45 pm in Novi.  

Looking at the potential matchups, the Shamrocks should be favored to win double-digit matches.  However, you'll see a number of high-level bouts including a pair of 1 vs 1's - Marc Shaeffer vs Austin Boone at 145, and Steven Kolcheff vs Tyler Delooff.  Another great one could come at 152 in top-ranked Logan Sanom vs second-ranked James Fotis.  

It'll be a great test for both squads and opening night inside that atmosphere will definitely pose a great challenge.  In the end, look for DCC to prevail behind the strength of six #1 ranked wrestlers and a lineup that features fourteen ranked in the top-16.

MIG Predcition: DCC by 30

D1 #3 Brighton vs D1 #7 Rockford

Brighton Weight Rockford
#4 Quaylon Newton 103 #16 Jak Keller
#8 Aiden Smith 112 Elijah Bunn
Travis Richardson 119 Bryson Aulbach
#2 Mason Shrader 125 Brocke Fisher
#2 Sam Freeman 130 #15 Ashton Halland
#1 Eddie Homrock 135 Andrew Bolen
Carson Plum 140 #4 Trenton Wachter
#3 (140) Zach Johnson 145 #10 Evan Kaser
#11 (145) Aiden Brown 152 Mason Jakiemiec
#2 Dane Donabedian 160 Moses Bosscher
#6 (160) Harley Berne 171 Josh Hill
Josh Greathouse 189 #4 Cole Gleason
#2 Greyson Stevens 215 Reid Nicholson
#3 Luke Stanton 285 Tanner Hohnholt

A west side tilt between a pair of top-ten teams in D1 should feature some good individual matchups.  Last year Rockford took five bouts from the Dogs in their dual and with it being early in the season, expect something similar as Brighton's lineup will look a little differently than being at full strength. 

Sixteen total ranked wrestlers are split between the two squads, if everyone is competing.  The light weights should be competitive and it'll be interesting to see if the Rams chase for matchups or go after a dual win.  In either case, the Dogs should be a little too deep and get away with a win on the road.

MIG Pick: Brighton by 23

D1 #6 Temperance Bedford vs D2 #9 New Boston Huron, D3 #1 Dundee vs Woodhaven

Bedford Weight New Boston Huron
Brock Jandrasek 103 Anthony Nappo
Erik Simmons 112 Codi Clark
Nathan Gerber 119 John Graybeal
Chase Grzegorczyk 125 John Lakatos
Tyler Boerst 130
Grant Burton 135 Nathan Farkas
Austin Meszaros 140 #5 Dylan Carr
#5 Randy Boisselle 145
#7 Rollie Denker 152 #3 Kaleb Rosen
#14 Mason Rimmer 160 #3 Nelson Poet
#11 Logan Frantz 171 #2 Cody Brenner
#2 Colin Jagielski 189 #4 Braden Damiani
#14 Cage Dye 215 Brendan Damiani
Cole Bettencourt 285 #16 Tyler Short
Dundee Weight Woodhaven
#1 Braeden Davis 103
#10 Kaden Chinavare 112 Marcello Luna
Jacob Fenbert 119
#1 Casey Swiderski 125
#5 (125) Aiden Davis 130 Nathan Lundgren
#4 (130 Austin Fietz 135 #6 Evan Blessing
#4 Kyle Yuhas 140 #6 Anthony Ferensic
#1 Christian Killion 145 Virgilio Lugo
#2 Tyler Swiderski 152 #3 (145) Mason Grasso
Nic Bellaire 160 Wilson Johnson
#1 (160) Stoney Buell 171 #7 Josh Watters
#2 (171) Jaxon Guinn 189 Jacob Navarro
#11 Dennis Root 215
Kaiden Hubbell 285 Tyler Melfi

Havoc at Huron goes down in New Boston with four quality teams going at it.  The two duals above will happen first with the winners squaring off after that.

Overall, Dundee should come away with a pair of wins.  The most intriguing dual is between Bedford and Huron, who both have some veteran upper weights and are more green in the lower weights.  Woodhaven will have some tough tests but it will be a good gauge to see where a number of their guys slot in at early in the season.

MIG Picks: Dundee over Woodhaven by 41, Bedford over Huron by 13, Dundee over Bedford by 25

D2 #10 Niles vs D3 #10 Dowagiac

Niles Weight Dowagiac
#5 Mikey Robles 103 #8 Jordan Simpson
Conner Pickens 112 Ja'Yunte Franklin
#2 (112) Jamison Zimmerman 119 Tyler Huston
Carson Landon 125 Pedro Brito
#4 (125) Ryan Franco 130 Brendan Lozano
135 Alex McIntosh
#7 Javond Ball 140 Seth Ward
Connor Tibbitts 145 Jonathan Phillips
Skylar Means 152 Deny White
#6 (152) Kade Wagley 160 #10 Lamberto Paredes
Lincoln Carrington 171 Malakai Haines
Darian Sosa 189 Luke Staten/Brayan Paredes
Chase Andres 215 #12 Mike Schlup
Caiden Smith 285 #5 Wyatt Bailey

Good matchup between returning state quarterfinalists in southwest Michigan.  Both teams will look to develop their lineups early in the year and this is a great test right off the bat.  In general, Niles is a little deeper with more firepower and will be the favorite going in.

A couple of ranked matches could go down in Robles vs Simpson at 103 and Wagley vs. Paredes at 160.  Niles will be favored in each.  Dowagiac will need to control the upper weights if they're going to compete.

MIG Pick: Niles by 24

Grandville vs D3 #4 Chippewa Hills

Grandville Weight Chippewa Hills
Noah Ziegler 103 Robert VanVleet
Jaron Muratore 112
Sobriel Calvo 119 #6 Daylin Wittig
Justin Gorman 125 #10 Taylor Gibson
#6 Dash Herrema 130 #13 Gavin Miller
Ashton Grifhorst 135 #4 Carson Hayes
Bobby Schondel 140 Logan Hansen
Sully Duffy 145 Korante Lowery
#16 (145) Anthony Taylor 152 Craig Wernette
Amaris Bush 160 #6 Trenton Wiggins
#3 (160) Josh Kenny 171 #6 Gabriel Petoskey
Arthur Gardine 189 #5 Chayton Wiggins
Sam Fritz 215 #5 Carl Whipple
Jordan Kaat 285 #4 Colby Roosa

This is probably the most interesting matchup of the day, depending on if the lineups are at full strength.  Grandville sits just outside the top-ten in D1 and has some guys that will be in the mix by the end of the year.  Chip Hills has nine ranked in Division 3, with a particularly tough back half of their lineup.

The Bulldogs will need to take the middle weights and steal a couple if they're going to be competitive.  Conversely, Chip Hills has to dominate down low and up top, and really can't afford too many mishaps or they'll be on upset alert.  In the end, the Warriors do have more experience and should be okay to get away with a win.

MIG Pick: Chip Hills by 16

D4 #2 New Lothrop vs Linden

New Lothrop Weight Linden
#7 Daven Lockwood 103 Liam Saad
Colin Brynolfson 112 Brenden Shingleton
#6 Andrew Krupp 119 Bryce Shingleton
#2 Alex Wolford 125 Michael Lescelius
#6 Logan Wolford 130
Isaac Richardson 135
Will Craven 140
#6 Jackson Knieper 145 #2 Jayden Rittenbury
Harry Helmick 152 #4 Jimmy Roti
Austin Barnette 160 #10 Uzziah Delgado
#9 Julius Garza 171 #14 Wyatt Gocha
#2 Justin Carnahan 189 #6 Colton Powell
#1 Cam Orr 215
#2 Isiah Pasik 285

Oxford vs Westland John Glenn

Oxford Weight John Glenn
Zach Call 103
Johnathon Moore 112 #5 Josh Mars
Kade Rushlow 119 #10 Ty Cowen
#5 Jack Thompson 125 Ayden Collins
#4 Darren McLeod 130 Charles Kersten
Andrew Marshall 135 Zhavier Curtis
#7 Nathan Call 140
Liam Hamilton 145
Sal Vackaro 152 #9 Shawn Brown
Isaac Tabert 160 Logan Valente
Gabe Kerin 171 #14 Justin Morrison
Ty Myre 189 Sadiq Sheikhmeeri
#15 Melvin Eckles 215 #16 Hayden Rhoades
Brennan Mielnicki 285

Another assembly dual on opening night at Linden High School, with it being Linden vs John Glenn, New Lothrop vs Oxford, and then Linden/NL and John Glenn/Oxford following those.  The most relevant are the second round of duals, as it'll be two D1 Honorable Mention teams and two Flint-area teams, so we'll take a look at those.

Oxford and Glenn have had some great battles in the past couple of years and expect this one to be very similar.  Both squads will have a lot of new faces, both have kids that will battle, and both are perennial contenders at Team State.  Expect it to be within ten points either way, with a slight edge to the Wildcats.

In the New Lothrop-Linden dual, expect some great matches up top and down low.  Krupp-Shingleton and Carnahan-Powell should be the best matches of the dual, although it should be competitive throughout.  The Hornets will be contenders once again in D4 and a win over a solid program like Linden would be a great start to the year for them.

MIG Picks: Oxford by 8, New Lothrop by 15