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On Paper: D1 #1 Detroit CC vs D1 #2 Davison

By MI Grappler, 01/21/20, 12:15PM EST


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START TIME: 6:30pm @ Detroit Catholic Central High School

The most anticipated dual of the regular season goes down Wednesday night at Detroit Catholic Central as the Shamrocks, ranked 5th nationally, will take on Davison, the number 16 team in the country.  It's one of the oldest, and maybe greatest, rivalries in the state and the 2020 version should be nothing short of spectacular.

Since 2000, the two programs have combined to win 13 of the 20 Division 1 Team State championships.  In the last twelve duals between the two, DCC has won seven to Davison's five.  Of those twelve duals eight have been decided by ten points or less.  

Tomorrow's dual will feature an amazing showcase of talent that should include 27 ranked wrestlers - including 14 wrestlers ranked in the top-two of their weight class, with nine of those being ranked number one.  Further, 21 wrestlers reside within the top-25 of their respective grade-level rankings.  And for a look into the future, six of the top nine freshmen in the state come from these two programs.

Potential Lineups

Davison Weight Detroit CC
#1 Caden Horwath/#2 Aden Williams 103 #5 Drew Heethuis
112 #1 Dylan Gilcher/#5 Anthony Walker
#7 Owen Payne 119
#6 Jaron Wilson/#12 Kyle White 125 #13 Caleb White
#1 Andrew Chambal 130 #7 TJ Bunn
#5 Evan Herriman 135 #3 Camden Trupp
140 #1 Josh Edmond
#3 James Johnston 145 #2 Marc Shaeffer
#1 Josh Barr 152 #2 Logan Sanom
#1 Alex Facundo/#2(171) Jay Nivison 160 #2 Derek Gilcher
#3(160) Max Callahan 171 #1 Manuel Rojas
189 #13 John Browning
#3 Jimmy Colley 215 #1 Brendin Yatooma
Tyler Jelinek 285 #1 Steven Kolcheff

Davison has the top-two 103 pounders in Horwath and Williams, but expect Williams to get the nod as he won the first meeting against Heethuis in the CCI finals. It should be another hard-fought match and consider it a toss up.

That allows Horwath to slide up to 112 where he'll likely meet Walker in another CCI rematch won by a Cardinal.  It's possible that Gilcher could stay down for a Super 32 bloodround rematch (won by Gilcher, 4-2) but not likely.  Expect him to bump to 119 against Payne and run back what was one of the most exciting matches from the CCI.  

Davison should have the edge at both 125 and 130, with 125 being more of a toss up than 30.  With Edmond at 140 for DCC, it makes sense that Chambal and Herriman would stay down at 130 and 135.  But of the first seven weights, on paper, Davison is favored in four.

From 145-189,  there will be some awesome matches - almost all of which should feature wrestlers ranked inside the top three.  At 145 expect a great matchup between Shaeffer and Johnston, ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  Shaeffer spent his first two years at Davison, but this will be his first dual against his former school.

152 will be a rematch of the CCI final where Barr defeated Sanom, 15-8, and in which a heated exchange took place after the match.  Have to think this one gets physical from the very beginning.  Barr is still unbeaten in his freshman campaign.

The next three weights depend mostly on where Davison weighs in at.  Nivison got down to 160 last week so that suggest that he and Facundo will both weigh in at 60 and Callahan at 71.  Either Nivison or Facundo will get Gilcher and that probably sets up Rojas vs Callahan, in a match of CCI champs at 171 and 189.

The Shamrocks should have distinctive advantages with their top-ranked 215 and 285 pounders, Yatooma and Kolcheff.  Yatooma and Colley have never met, but Colley will have to look to minimize bonus there.  Jelinek has also picked up steam as the season has gone on and could save team points at heavyweight as well.

In the end, on paper, you're looking at a 7-7 split with the Shamrocks having more opportunities for bonus.  If Davison is going to take down the three-time defending champs, they'll likely need to find eight wins.

MIG Pick: DCC by 6

Head-to-Head Results from CCI

103 - Aden Williams (Davison) dec. Drew Heethuis (DCC) 4-2
112 - Caden Horwath (Davison) maj. Anthony Walker (DCC) 17-6
119 - Dylan Gilcher (DCC) dec. Owen Payne (Davison) 6-5
152 - Josh Barr (Davison) dec. Logan Sanom (DCC) 15-8
160 - Alex Facundo (Davison) dec. Derek Gilcher (DCC) 9-3
171 - Manuel Rojas (DCC) dec. Jay Nivison (Davison) 3-1

Last 12 Meetings

2019: Detroit CC def. Davison, 35-29
2018: Detroit CC def. Davison, 49-6 (Team Semis)
2018: Detroit CC def. Davison, 36-17
2017: Detroit CC def. Davison, 35-22 (Team Finals)
2017: Detroit CC def. Davison, 32-22
2016: Davison def. Detroit CC, 29-25 (Team Semis)
2016: Davison def. Detroit CC, 29-23
2015: Davison def. Detroit CC, 35-28 (Team Quarters)
2015: Davison def. Detroit CC, 34-30
2014: Detroit CC def. Davison, 34-19 (Team Finals)
2014: Davison def. Detroit CC, 31-28
2013: Detroit CC def. Davison, 29-26 (Team Finals)

By the Numbers...

Individuals Ranked = 29
Individuals Ranked Top-5 = 21
Individuals Ranked Top-2 = 14
Individuals Ranked #1 = 9

Individuals in Top-25 of Class Rankings = 21
Individuals in Top-10 of Class Rankings = 14
Freshmen in Top-9 of Class of 2023 = 6

Returning State Placers = 14
Returning State Finalists = 8
Returning State Champs = 6
Fargo Finalists = 5

Individual State Placers since 2000
Davison - 130
Detroit CC - 126

Individual State Finalists since 2000
Detroit CC - 68
Davison - 54

Individual State Titles since 2000
Detroit CC - 53
Davison - 33

Team Titles since 2000
Detroit CC - 7
Davison - 6