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GFC to be held in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, October 3-4

By MI Grappler, 08/14/20, 8:15AM EDT


#GETSOME at the Grappler Fall Classic

The Grappler Fall Classic has a new home for 2020 as the premiere pre-season national tournament will be held at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

The GFC will go down October 2nd-4th weekend with High School Elite, Varsity, Girls, and Youth divisions all competing.  The event will relocate from Michigan where it has been held for the last 10 years.  

"We created this event with the goal to bring  the nation's best wrestlers to Michigan and we have been doing it consistently for the last decade.  However, with our extreme current restrictions in place by our state it has proven impossible to hold our event here," said Tournament Director and Founder Tony Greathouse.

"Once we faced the realization that Michigan was simply not an option, I looked at every possibility and worked with the folks at NUWAY to put together the best possible COVID compliance plan. When it was all said and done, Myrtle Beach fit our needs the best - to host a premiere national tournament safely this fall."

NUWAY, who has hosted numerous tournaments nationwide this summer, will handle all COVID compliance protocols for this event to ensure that the tournament runs smoothly.

The GFC format will hold as close as possible to the past years with High School Elite and Varsity Divisions to allow quality competition for all. 

High School Girls Division will compete for the 3rd year in a row and this year with Folkstyle and Freestyle tournamens and the Youth Divisions will be expanded and broken down by age to allow more youth wrestlers the opportunity to compete with kids their age and will also feature both freestyle and folkstyle divisions.

"We have a very spacious venue and are going to great measures to be able to safely fit a larger number of mats and athletes than most locations right now, so we are trying to take advantage of the opportunity and get athletes the maximum amount of mat time possible while they are competing," said Greathouse, 

The tournament will be held over two days, October 3rd-4th.  Registration will be up by Monday, August 17th.

For full details on each division, click below:
High School Divisions
HS Girls Divisions

Youth Divisions


Day Time Event
Friday, Oct 2nd 3:00pm Friday Fast Pass Weigh In
6:30-8:00pm Friday Weigh Ins
Saturday, Oct 3rd 9:00am HS ELITE begins (wrestle through Ch Quarters & Cons. Rd 12)
9:00am HS Girls Folkstyle
9:00am 14U, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U Folkstyle
3:00pm Saturday Fast Pass Weigh Ins
3:30pm HS Girls Freestyle
3:30pm 14U, 12U, 10U, 8U, 6U Freestyle
6:30-8:00pm Saturday Weigh Ins
Sunday, Oct 4th 9:00am HS ELITE Day 2 (up to placement matches)
9:00am HS Varsity Division
9:00am 13U, 11U, 9U, 7U Folkstyle
3:30pm 13U, 11U, 9U, 7U Freestyle

For more information and updates visit

2019 HS Elite Results

Full 2019 Results - click here.

1st - Drew Heethuis (Detroit CC, MI)
2nd - Braeden Davis (Dundee, MI)
3rd - Ethan Rivera (Florida)
4th - Nolan Wertanen (St. Joseph, MI)
5th - Joshua Vasquez (Illinois)
6th - Dutch Ballan (Traverse City Central, MI)
7th - Manus Bennett (Marlette, MI)
8th - Ethan Early (Indiana)

1st - Kai Owen (Florida)
2nd - Jacob Brya (St. Johns, MI)
3rd - Caden Horwath (Davison, MI)
4th - Sean Logue (Pennsylvania)
5th - Eligh Rivera (Florida)
6th - Bryce Luna (California)
7th - Louden Stradling (Battle Creek Lakeview, MI)
8th - Isaac Ruble (Indiana)

1st - David McClelland (Florida)
2nd - Danny Martinez (Florida)
3rd - Sean Spidle (Flint Powers, MI)
4th - Dylan Gilcher (Detroit CC, MI)
5th - Jordan Rodriguez (Chesaning, MI)
6th - Ryan Luna (California)
7th - Michael Torres (California)
8th - Carson Laughery (Texas)

1st - Casey Swiderski (Dundee, MI)
2nd - Braden Basile (Florida)
3rd - Joey Cruz (California)
4th - Nain Vasquez (Illinois)
5th - Jack Gioffre (California)
6th - Nasir Bailey (Illinois)
7th - Danny Nini (Florida)
8th - Vincent Robinson (Illinois)

1st - Nic Bouzakis (Pennsylvania)
2nd - Andrew Chambal (Davison, MI)
3rd - Tom Crook (Florida)
4th - Dy'Vaire VanDyke (Ohio)
5th - Michael Gioffre (California)
6th - Chase Liardi (New York)
7th - Nick Hart (Ohio)
8th - Cade Willis (Wisconsin)

1st - Jayden Gomez (California)
2nd - Jack Crook (Florida)
3rd - Adam Allard (Iowa)
4th - Sam Freeman (Brighton, MI)
5th - Connor Williams (Florida)
6th - Hayden Zinkin (California)
7th - Noah Horst (Tennessee)
8th - Gavin Alstott (Indiana)

1st - Eddie Homrock (Brighton, MI)
2nd - Chris Rivera (Florida)
3rd - Myles Griffin (Florida)
4th - Blake Boarman (Indiana)
5th - Hunter Leake (California)
6th - Jack Haskin (Ohio)
7th - Trenton Wachter (Rockford, MI)
8th - Owen Norman (Caledonia, MI)

1st - Bretli Reyna (Florida)
2nd - Henry Porter (California)
3rd - Garrison Dendy (Tennessee)
4th - Alek Martin (Ohio)
5th - Justin Rivera (Florida)
6th - Brendon Abdon (Florida)
7th - TJ Daugherty (Waterford Kettering, MI)
8th - Connor Thorpe (Wisconsin)

1st - Noah Castillo (Florida)
2nd - Chase Warden (Texas)
3rd - Austin Boone (Lowell, MI)
4th - Logan Bailey (Indiana)
5th - Victor Jacinto (California)
6th - Josh Barr (Davison, MI)
7th - James Johnston (Davison, MI)
8th - Sincere Bailey (Illinois)

1st - DJ Hamiti (Illinois)
2nd - Joshua Ogunsanya (Illinois)
3rd - Jack Ganos (Wisconsin)
4th - Ben Durocher (Wisconsin)
5th - Aaron Lofton (Texas)
6th - Tyler Lillard (Ohio)
7th - Dominick Lomazzo (Dundee, MI)
8th - Joshua Swan (Florida)

1st - Derek Gilcher (Detroit CC, MI)
2nd - Chase Saldate (California)
3rd - Bilal Bailey (Illinois)
4th - Dominic Isola (Florida)
5th - Eli Dickens (Indiana)
6th - Isiah Levitz (Indiana)
7th - Josh Kenny (Grandville, MI)
8th - Steven Villalobos (Florida)

1st - Adrian Vidaud (Florida)
2nd - William White (Illinois)
3rd - Kohl Drake (Florida)
4th - Mitchell Broskie (Ohio)
5th - Dane Donabedian (Brighton, MI)
6th - Ira Jenkins (Whitehall, MI)
7th - Jacob Cookerly (Indiana)
8th - Joe Barton (Ida, MI)

1st - Jacob Laplace (Indiana)
2nd - David Harper (Tennessee)
3rd - Joseph Walker (Indiana)
4th - Jack Darrah (Missouri)
5th - Mason Winner (Indiana)
6th - Jacob Brandt (DeWitt, MI)
7th - Gabe Jacobs (Florida)
8th - Wyatt Miller (Ohio)

1st - Chad Nix (Florida)
2nd - Greyson Stevens (Brighton, MI)
3rd - Nick Villarreal (California)
4th - Ryan Krimpelbein (Wisconsin)
5th - Colin Jagielski (Bedford, MI)
6th - Hunter McCall (Reeths Puffer, MI)
7th - Matthew Kaplan (Florida)
8th - Jake Noon (Ohio)

1st - Alex Coleman (Ohio)
2nd - Michael Keeling (Ohio)
3rd - Joe Harper (Imlay City, MI)
4th - Luke Bishop (Bishop Foley, MI)
5th - Isiah Pasik (New Lothrop, MI)
6th - Tyler Delooff (Lowell, MI)
7th - Raul Gonzalez (Florida)
8th - Matthew Jimenez (Florida)

Most Outstanding Wrestler: Derek Gilcher (MI)
Most Falls: Nic Bouzakis (PA)
Grappler State Cup Winners: Florida