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College Week 9 Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/14/22, 1:45PM EST


#3 Michigan vs #7 Ohio State

#3 Michigan is fresh off a double digit win over #24 Pitt and will kick off their B1G dual slate with a rivalry showdown tonight against #7 Ohio State. U-M has claimed four of the last six meetings in the series, including each of the last two. The match will be at 7 p.m. in Columbus at the Covelli Center and will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.

Projected Lineups
125 - #1 Nick Suriano (UM) vs #18 Malik Heinselman (OSU)
133 - #8 Dylan Ragusin (UM) vs Dylan Koontz/Will Betancourt (OSU)
141 - #4 Stevan Micic (UM) vs #21 Dylan D'Emilio (OSU)
149 - Cole Mattin (UM) vs #2 Sammy Sasso (OSU)
157 - #15 Will Lewan (UM) vs #26 Bryce Hepner/Jashon Hubbard (OSU)
165 - #10 Cam Amine (UM) vs #7 Carson Kharchla (OSU)
174 - #6 Logan Massa (UM) vs #7 Ethan Smith (OSU)
184 - #2 Myles Amine (UM) vs #7 Kaleb Romero (OSU)
197 - #8 Patrick Brucki (UM) vs #20 Gavin Hoffman/Rocky Jordan (OSU)
285 - #2 Mason Parris (UM) vs #12 Tate Orndorff/Gavin Hoffman (OSU)

Match to Watch
Out of the 8 ranked matches, we are going with the 174lb match here. Both Logan Massa (174lbs) and Ethan Smith (165lbs) are coming off a 5th place finishes at the NCAA tournament a season ago. Both wrestlers have spent time at 165 and 174lbs over the past 5 seasons, but the two have never met. This will be an important meeting for both B1G and NCAA seeding.

Assuming everyone wrestles on both sides, there are a total of 8 ranked matchups. 165 through 184 is particularly impressive, as there are three consecutive top-10 matches. Last week against MSU, Ohio State had a few starters out. We assume the Buckeyes will be back at full strength this weekend. In the dual against MSU, Ohio State bumped Gavin Hoffman to 285 and slid NCAA qualifier Rocky Jordan into the 197 slot. The Buckeyes could make a similar move this weekend or run with their lineup straight up, but either way, Michigan would be favored in both matches. A full-strength Wolverines lineup has too much firepower for Ohio State. Michigan could win as many as 7 or 8 matches.

Michigan State vs #16 Purdue

Michigan State is coming off a tough loss to #7 Ohio State and will look to bounce back against two B1G teams this week. They start off with a dual at #16 Purdue on Saturday, followed by a match against Indiana in Bloomington on Monday. Purdue has been solid this season, especially in their upset win over a very tough Nebraska squad. The biggest question of the dual is whether or not we will see Kendall Coleman at 157lbs for the Boilermakers.

Projected Lineups
125 - Tristan Lujan (MSU) vs #14 Devin Schroder (Pur)
133 - #11 Rayvon Foley (MSU) vs Matt Ramos (Pur)
141 - Jordan Hamdan (MSU) vs #24 Parker Filius (Pur)
149 - Eddie Homrock (MSU) vs Trey Kruse (Pur)
157 - #19 Chase Saldate (MSU) vs Cooper Noehre (Pur)
165 - Caleb Fish (MSU) vs Hayden Lohrey (Pur)
174 - Nate Jiminez (MSU) vs #21 Gerritt Nijenhuis (Pur)
184 - #29 Layne Malczewski (MSU) vs #23 Max Lyon (Pur)
197 - #19 Cam Caffey (MSU) vs #15 Thomas Penola (Pur)
285 - Brad Wilton (MSU) vs Michael Woulfe (Pur)

Match to Watch
This is a winnable dual for the Spartans, but they will have to win the toss-up matches. If Kendall Coleman wrestles for Purdue, that would become the match to watch. We assume for now that Coleman is still out. That leaves 184 and 197 as two of the swing matches. Caffey beat Penola 9-7 in a dual a season ago. Malczewski and Lyon split matches last season, so that will be a our match to watch here. The winner of this rubber match could decide the outcome of a close dual.

Rayvon Foley has the ability to pick points up quickly from top, and Saldate has 10 bonus point wins this season. MSU may need some bonus points from these two. If the Spartans can pick up a few bonus points from Foley and Saldate (assuming Coleman is out) and then win 3 of 5 matches between 141, 149, 165, 184, and 197, they could be in a good position for the upset. Even if Coleman is back, we think MSU should win 4 of the 5 swing matches for the upset.

Michigan State vs Indiana

Michigan State's second dual of the road trip is against Indiana in Bloomington on Monday. The Hoosiers are 0-2 in the B1G, but both losses came to top-20 teams (#1 Penn State and #17 Rutgers). This is a tough Indiana squad with 4 ranked wrestlers.

Projected Lineups
125 - Tristan Lujan (MSU) vs #33 Jacob Moran (Ind)
133 - #11 Rayvon Foley (MSU) vs #18 Brock Hudkins (Ind)
141 - Jordan Hamdan (MSU) vs #30 Cayden Rooks (Ind)
149 - Eddie Homrock (MSU) vs Graham Rooks (Ind) 
157 - #19 Chase Saldate (MSU) vs Derek Gilcher (Ind)
165 - Caleb Fish (MSU) vs Sammy Cokeley (Ind)
174 - Nate Jiminez (MSU) vs Sean Grim (Ind)
184 - #29 Layne Malczewski (MSU) vs #8 DJ Washington (Ind)
197 - #19 Cam Caffey (MSU) vs Nick Willham (Ind)
285 - Brad Wilton (MSU) vs Jacob Bullock (Ind)

Match to Watch
The match to watch here is at 133lbs. Both Foley and Hudkins have had extremely successful careers thus far, but the two have never met. Foley is up at 133lbs after being an All American and 2x NCAA qualifier at 125lbs. Hudkins has qualified for the NCAA tournament twice, but he has not yet reached the podium. 

Matt Ortiz (165lbs) and Nick South (174lbs) have not competed for Indiana since last month's Cleveland State Open. We assume that they are still not back on the mat. That said, Michigan State is favored at 133, 157, 165, and 197. If MSU can win at least 1 of the swing matches between 125, 149, 174, and 285, they should be in a good position to win the dual. 

Central Michigan

Central Michigan's dual against Northern Illinois was cancelled last week due to COVID precautions. This week, CMU will wrestle in the inaugural Chippewa Challenge quad. Cal State Bakersfield, American, and Campbell will head to Mt. Pleasant to square off. Ben Bennett (CMU assistant), Colin Heffernan (CMU assistant), Luke Smith (CSUB head coach), Jason Borelli (American head coach), Scotti Sentes (Campbell head coach), and Wynn Mychalak (Campbell associate head coach) are all alumni of CMU, which makes this a unique quad for Central Michigan.

CMU vs American
125 - Brock Bergelin (CMU) vs Andy Fallon (A)
133 - Vince Perez (CMU) vs Jack Maida (A)
141 - #13 Dresden Simon (CMU) vs Ethan Szerencsits (A)
149 - #27 Corbyn Munson (CMU) vs Patrick Ryan (A)
157 - #18 Johnny Lovett (CMU) vs Cole Painter (A)
165 - Tracy Hubbard (CMU) vs Breon Phifer (A)
174 - Bret Fedewa (CMU) vs Colin Shannon (A)
184 - Ben Cushman (CMU) vs Tim Fitzpatrick (A)
197 - Aaron Bolo (CMU) vs Will Jarrell (A)
285 - #9 Matt Stencel (CMU) vs Isaac Righter (A)

CMU vs CSU Bakersfield
125 - Brock Bergelin (CMU) vs Eddie Flores (CSUB)
133 - Vince Perez (CMU) vs #16 Chance Rich/Aaron Ibarra (CSUB)
141 - #13 Dresden Simon (CMU) vs #27 Angelo Martinoni (CSUB)
149 - #27 Corbyn Munson (CMU) vs Josh Brown (CSUB)
157 - #18 Johnny Lovett (CMU) vs Brock Rogers (CSUB)
165 - Tracy Hubbard (CMU) vs Augustine Garcia (CSUB)
174 - Bret Fedewa (CMU) vs Albert Urias (CSUB)
184 - Ben Cushman (CMU) vs Jacob Hansen (CSUB)
197 - Aaron Bolo (CMU) vs Josh Loomer (CSUB)
285 - #9 Matt Stencel (CMU) vs Jacob Sieder (CSUB)

CMU vs Campbell
125 - Brock Bergelin (CMU) vs Korbin Meink (C)
133 - Vince Perez (CMU) vs Domenic Zaccone (C)
141 - #13 Dresden Simon (CMU) vs Shannon Hanna (C)
149 - #27 Corbyn Munson (CMU) vs #9 Josh Heil/Chris Rivera (C)
157 - #18 Johnny Lovett (CMU) vs Matthew Dallara (C)
165 - Tracy Hubbard (CMU) vs Troy Nation (C)
174 - Bret Fedewa (CMU) vs #18 Austin Murphy (C)
184 - Ben Cushman (CMU) vs Sam Schroeder (C)
197 - Aaron Bolo (CMU) vs Levi Hopkins (C)
285 - #9 Matt Stencel (CMU) vs #25 Taye Ghadiali (C)

These are three very winnable duals for the Chippewas. CMU has a lot of firepower at the middle weights from 141 through 157, and they can expect bonus points in a lot of duals from Matt Stencel at 285. One match to watch for is at 285, where Matt Stencel will wrestle #25 Taye Ghadiali, a graduate of Warren Fitzgerald HS. Overall, the dual against Campbell should be the most competitive dual of the day. Josh Heil is an All American at 149, and Austin Murphy made it to the round of 12 at the NCAA tournament. Look for CMU to improve to 5-2 in duals this season.

Michigan Grapplers in the Rankings

125 - #1 Nick Suriano (Michigan)
125 - #14 Devin Schroder (Purdue, Grand Rapids CC HS)
133 - #8 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan)
133 - #11 Rayvon Foley (Michigan State, Ann Arbor Pioneer HS)
133 - #30 Dom Lajoie (Cornell, Gaylord HS)
141 - #4 Stevan Micic (Michigan)
149 - #11 Ian Parker (Iowa State, St. Johns HS)
141 - #13 Dresden Simon (CMU, Dansville HS)
149 - #16 Kanen Storr (Michigan, Leslie HS)
149 - #21 Josh Edmond (Missouri, Detroit CC HS)
149 - #27 Corbyn Munson (CMU, Chelsea HS)
157 - #15 Will Lewan (Michigan)
157 - #18 Johnny Lovett (CMU)
157 - #19 Chase Saldate (Michigan State)
165 - #10 Cam Amine (Michigan, Detroit CC HS)
174 - #6 Logan Massa (Michigan, St. Johns HS)
184 - #2 Myles Amine (Michigan, Detroit CC HS)
184 - #29 Layne Malczewski (Michigan State, Dakota HS)
184 - #32 Neil Antrassian (Penn, Monroe HS)
197 - #2 Max Dean (Penn State, Lowell HS)
197 - #8 Patrick Brucki (Michigan)
197 - #18 Cam Caffey (Michigan State)
285 - #2 Mason Parris (Michigan)
285 - #8 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin, Lake Fenton HS)
285 - #9 Matt Stencel (CMU)
285 - #25 Taye Ghadiali (Campbell, Warren Fitz HS)