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Beat the Streets Detroit Gala Recap

By MI Grappler, 06/03/22, 10:00PM EDT


Beat The Streets Detroit is an organization dedicated to growing the wrestling community at Detroit Public Schools and the Detroit community. Thursday, June 2nd, was the inaugural Beat The Streets gala held at the Detroit Athletic Club. The event showcased 9 high-level matches featuring numerous state champs and state placers.

Justin Gates tech Owen Segorski, 11-0
2x state finalist and 1x state champ Justin Gates from Davison kicked off the event with an 11-0 tech fall over D2 State champ Owen Segorski of Lowell. A low double to three consecutive leg laces early in the match decided the outcome.

Caylynn Chandler tech Danni Swihart, 16-5
Caylynn Chandler (Birch Run HS) and Danni Swihart (Hanover Horton HS) were the first of two matches for the women’s card. Chandler jumped out to an early 8-0 lead, but Swihart had a nice 4-point throw of her own to close the gap. A big throw out of bounds to kick off the 2nd period gave Chandler the 16-5 tech.

Clayton Jones dec Louden Stradling, 7-3
The 2nd of 3 matches between state champs featured Clayton Jones of Detroit Catholic Central against Louden Stradling of Gaylord. Jones hit a nice single to get the first takedown, and then he earned two sets of exposure points to close out the first period scoring at 6-0. Both Jones and Stradling were able to earn step-out points in the 2nd period. Jones gave up a takedown with 2 seconds left going for a big throw but held on to win 7-3.

Drew Heethuis tech Cam Chinavare, 11-0
Drew Heethuis, a 2x state champ, picked up a second consecutive win for Detroit Catholic Central. He wrestled sophomore state champ Cam Chinavare of Dundee. Chinavare came close to scoring on a head pinch in the first period, but Heethuis got crafty and came out on top for the takedown. He added 3 more takedowns and a turn for a second period tech.

Maggie Buurma fall Paisley Denault, 3:50
Maggie Buurma of Fowlerville HS picked up a fall against 8th-grade phenom Paisley Denault (Clarkston) in a rematch from U15, a match that Denault won. Denault jumped out to an early 8-4 lead, but Buurma picked up a second period reversal and turn that led to an eventual fall. 

Marcello Milani dec Jackson Blum, 7-2
Marcello Milani and Jackson Blum battled in a rematch from Super 32s where Blum, a freshman state champ from Lowell,  beat Milani in a close match. This time around, Milani was the victor. He had a 4-point throw right off the whistle and did not look back. Blum was in on numerous shots in the second period but was unable to finish as Milani sealed it late and won 7-2.

Josh Vasquez dec Ja’Marcus Smith, 16-15
In possibly the most entertaining match of the night, freshman Josh Vasquez of Grandville wrestled Ja’Marcus Smith, a Senior from Mumford HS who was the first state champion in Detroit Public School history. Vasquez jumped out early to an 8-1 to lead, but Smith battled back with numerous 4-point double legs. Vasquez was able to score nearfall off Smith’s shot late to leave with a 16-15 victory.

Caden Horwath dec Marcus Blaze, 3-2
3x D1 state champ of Davison and freshman stud Marcus Blaze of Ohio had a low-scoring match, but it was not for a lack of action. Horwath kicked off the first period with a shot clock point before Blaze ended the period countering a quad-pod gut attempt by Horwath to take a 2-1 lead. Horwath was able to pick up two push-outs in the second period and come away with a 3-2 victory.

Dylan Ragusin dec Ibragim Ilyasov, 11-10
In the last match of the night, University of Michigan standout Dylan Ragusin wrestled Ibragim Ilyasov of Russia. Ilyasov was a 2018 U23 European champ. Ragusin got an early takedown and a flurry of nearfall points to jump out to an 8-0 lead. Ilyasov battled back and cut the lead to one in the second period, but Ragusin hung on for an 11-10 win.

Videos from all of the matches are also posted! Other Beat the Streets Detroit details can be found here:

Full Results:
Justin Gates tech Owen Segorski, 11-0
Caylynn Chandler tech Danni Swihart, 16-5
Clayton Jones dec Louden Stradling, 7-3
Drew Heethuis tech Cam Chinavare, 11-0
Maggie Buurma fall Paisley Denault, 3:50
Caden Horwath dec Marcus Blaze, 3-2
Josh Vasquez dec Ja’Marcus Smith, 16-15
Marcello Milani dec Jackson Blum, 7-2
Dylan Ragusin dec Ibragim Ilyasov, 11-10