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GGI Results & Video

By MI Grappler, 12/11/22, 9:45PM EST


Finals: D1 #2 Justin Gates (Davison) dec Blake Cosby (Dundee) 1-0
3rd Place - D3 #2 Michael Wilson of Gr Catholic Central
4th Place - D3 #3 Gianni Tripp of Alma
5th Place - D2 #2 Owen Segorski of Lowell
6th Place - D1 #8 Danny Russel of South Lyon

Finals:  D3 #1 Aiden Davis (Dundee) fall D3 #1 Fabian Facundo (Alma) 3:31
3rd Place - CJ Poole of Lowell
4th Place - D1 #4 Kyle Jelinek of Davison
5th Place - Ayden Mosher of Holt

Finals: D1 #1 Evan Herriman (Davison) dec D1 #2 Travis Richardson (Brighton) 4-3
3rd Place - D2 #3 Maddox Simcoe of Lowell
4th Place - D3 #2 Kole Katschor of Dundee
5th Place - D3 #4 Lee Braun of Gr Catholic Central
6th Place - D2 #3 Jared Boone of Lowell
7th Place - Luke Weaver of South Lyon
8th Place - Brayden Bundy of Davison


Finals: D2 #4 Landon Miller (Lowell) fall Luke Stefanko (Davison) 3:46
3rd Place - D3 #5 Trey Parker of Dundee
4th Place - Jaydon Ball of Davison
5th Place - Dustin Piehl of Stevensville Lakeshore
6th Place - Isaiah Ware-Marshall of Adrian
7th Place - Owen Schmuker of Allendale
8th Place - D1 #5 Zak Knapp of Brighton

Finals: D3 #3 Jacob Fenbert (Dundee) inj default over D1 #3 Max Callahan (Davison)
3rd Place - Ethan Collins of Dundee
4th Place - Kaden Schmuker of Allendale
5th Place - D2 #14 Andrew Byerle of Stevensville Lakeshore
6th Place - Justin Elder of Davison

Finals: D1 #1 Josh Barr (Davison) fall Casey Engle (Lowell) 2:23
3rd: D1 #13 Ty Hakfe (Holt)


Finals: D2 #3 Carson Crace (Lowell) fall D1 #10 Benny Leece (South Lyon)
3rd Place - Jackson Bremer of Holt
4th Place - Hunter Dunaway of Davison
5th Place - Logan Niccum of Stevensville Lakeshore
6th Place - Jaden Jankowski of Adrian
7th Place - Evan Hahn of Davison
8th Place - Donald Borg of Dundee

Finals: Layton Detter (Allendale) fall Ari McFarland (Lowell) 140
3rd Place - Cole Taylor of Stevensville Lakeshore
4th Place - Cayden Nicholson of Davison
5th Place - Aiden Massingill of Dundee


Finals: Juan Acosta (Lowell) fall Connor Crepeau (Holt) 5:45
3rd Place - Alexander Holmes of Davison
4th Place - Brandon Glisson of Davison


Finals: D3 #1 Haydn Nutt (Dundee) dec D3 #2 Mason Haines (Dundee) 3-1
3rd Place - D2 #1 Brady Baker of Stevensville Lakeshore
4th Place - D2 #3 Jarrett Smith of Lowell
5th Place - D2 #8Braddock King of Lowell
6th Place - D1 #8 Sawyer Hosford of Holt
7th Place - Drake Pollins of Brighton
8th Place - Ayden Ringler of Gr Catholic Central

Finals: D1 #1 Ryan Mosher (Holt) dec D3 #4 Braden Broderick (Dundee) 6-2
3rd Place - D2 #1 Carter Cichocki of Lowell
4th Place - D2 #8 Landon Musgrave of Lowell
5th Place - D3 #5 Dale Gant of Gr Catholic Central
6th Place - D2 #16 Joelan Coyer of Stevensville Lakeshore
7th Place - Payton Paguada of Allendale
8th Place - Diego Orozco of Adrian

Finals: D1 #2 Mariano Lopez of Holt fall D3 #1 Kade Kluce (Dundee) 2:47
3rd Place - D2 #7 Cole Lausch of Stevensville Lakeshore
4th Place - D2 #3 Jack Guerrero of Allendale
5th Place - D2 #9 Easton Lyons of Lowell
6th Place - D3 #7 Jeremy Amrhein of Dundee
7th Place - Cameron Trevino of Adrian

Finals: D2 #1 Jackson Blum (Lowell) m-dec D3 #1 Cam Chinavare (Dundee) 10-1
3rd Place - D1 #10 Calvin Martz of Davison
4th Place - D1 #11 Vaughn Tarbet of Brighton
5th Place - D2 #4 Vernon Riggins of Stevensville Lakeshore
6th Place - D1 #15 Jacob Harris of Holt
7th Place - Dominic Szuch of Davison
8th Place - Everett Taylor of Davison

Finals: D2 #1 Aaron Lucio (Stevensville Lakeshore) dec D3 #1 Kaden Chinavare (Dundee) 6-4
3rd Place - D3 #4 Buddy Leonard of Alma
4th Place - Trevor Boone of Lowell
5th Place - D1 #7 Aidan Meyers of South Lyon
6th Place -D1 #12  Easton Hardesty of Brighton
7th Place - Cael Kuzinski of Davison
8th Place - Jacob Garris of Davison