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NCAA Day 2 Recap

By MI Grappler, 03/17/23, 10:00PM EDT



157 - Will Lewan (Michigan) - wrestling in consolations, guaranteed Top 8
165 - Cameron Amine (Michigan/DCC) - wrestling in consolations, guaranteed Top 6
184 - Will Feldkamp (Clarion/Dexter) - wrestling in consis, guaranteed Top 8
197 - Max Dean (Penn State/Lowell) - wrestling in consis, guaranteed Top 8
285 - Trent Hillger (Wisconsin/Lake Fenton) - wrestling in consis, guaranteed Top 8
285 - Mason Parris (Michigan)


#16 Jack Medley (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #18 Ryan Miller (Penn) - win major decision 13-4
Con Rd 3: #9 Eric Barnett (Wisconsin) loss dec 7-4

#20 Jarrett Trombley (NC State)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #14 Noah Surtin (Mizzou) - win dec 2-1
Con Rd 3: #6 Stevo Poulin (UNCO) - loss dec 9-5

Analysis: Medley and Trombley both had great tournaments and fell 2 rounds shy of the all-American rounds with tough losses to top 10 seeds.


#12 Dylan Ragusin (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #21 Chance Rich (CSU-B) win by m-dec 10-0
Con Rd 3: #14 Jesse Mendez (Ohio State) - loss 1-1 

Analysis: A tough loss to Mendez on the backside and Ragusin falls just short of placing again this year.


#24 Casey Swiderski (Iowa State/Dundee HS)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #7 Vince Cornella (Cornell) - win by fall 6:48
Con Rd 3: #18 Frankie Tal-Shahar (Northwestern) - win by dec 10-Blood Round: #12 Parker Filius (Purdue) loss by fall in 3rd period

Cole Mattin (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #9 Mosha Schwartz (Oklahoma) win by fall 1:39
Con Rd 3: #17 Dylan D'Emilio (Ohio State) loss 8-2

Analysis:  Swiderski's run looked like it was going to make it to day 3 as he was up in the 3rd but caught and pinned to end his true freshman campaign.  He battled back from a first round loss and he is now just one win away from the podium.  Big win for him over fellow former GFC Champ Tal Shahar after a wild win where he pinned Cornella from Cornell in the final 30 seconds with a cement mixer.  Mattin had a good run end just short of all-American - big pin this morning over #9 Schwartz then fell to Buckeye rival D-Emilio.


#22 Chance Lamer (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #21 Ethen Miller (Maryland) - win by decision 4-2
Con Rd 3: #15 Austin Gomez (Wisconsin) - win by fall :43=
Blood Round: #8 Max Murin (Iowa) - lost 3-2 decision

#19 Johnny Lovett
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #4 Caleb Henson (V-Tech) - Lost 5-3 SV

Analysis: Lamer's run from the #22 seed continued with a huge pin over Austin Gomez to get to the blood round where he lost on controversial ending to Max Murin of Iowa.  Lamer appeared to have the takedown to win but did not get the 2 even after a coaches challenge.


#9 Will Lewan (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Quarterfinals: #1 Austin O'Conner (UNC) loss 10-2 M-Dec
Blood Round: #20 Swensen (SDSU) - won 7-4
Tomorrow: #4 Jared Franek (NDSU) in the Cons Quarterfinals

#11 Chase Saldate (MSU)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #12 Kendall Coleman (Purdue) win dec 6-4
Con Rd 3: #13 Trevor Chumbley (Northwestern) win dec 8-5
Blood Round: #7 Bryce Andonian (Virginia Tech) - lost by fall 6:22

Analysis: Lewan and Saldate both in the blood round, getting there from opposite directions.  Lewan was solid and in control the whole time against Swensen to get back to the AA rounds.  Saldate was in a back and forth match with Andonian when a 3rd period throw ended in a fall for the Hokie and end of Saldate's tournament.


#11 Cameron Amine (Michigan/DCC)
Day 2 Results
Quarterfinals: dec #3 Dean Hamiti (Wisconsin) 3-2
Semifinals: #2 Keegan O'Toole (Missouri)

#29 Caleb Fish (MSU)
Day 2 Results
Quarterfinals: #5 Quincy Monday (Princeton) Loss 10-4
Blood Round: #7 Michael Caliendo (NDSU) loss 12-6

Analysis: Amine was in his typical March form, solid position and a nice re-attack in the 3rd to beat Hamiti again.  

Fish's cinderella run ended a match shy of all-American honors as he lost to the #5 Monday in the quarters and then the #7 Caliendo in the blood round.


#20 Alex Cramer (CMU)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2:#19 Troy Fisher (Northwestern) - Loss 18-5 M-dec



#14 Will Feldkamp (Clarion/Dexter HS)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #13 Lenny Pinto (Nebraska) win by fall 4:30
Con Rd 3: #22 Colton Hawks (Missouri) win 5-2
Blood Round: #9 Isaiah Salazar (Minnesota) win 8-4
Cons. Quarters vs #5 Marcus Coleman (ISU)

#15 Layne Malczewski (MSU/Macomb Dakota HS) 
Day 2 Results
Cons Rd 2: #17 Tate Samuelson (Lehigh) loss 5-1

#20 Neil Antrassian (UVA)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #19 Jacob Nolan (Binghamton)Loss 7-5

#8 Matt Finesilver (Michigan)
Day 2 Results:
Con Rd 2: #10 Travis Wittlake (Ok State) dec 7-2
Con Rd 3: #18 Brian Soldano (Rutgers) dec 9-2
Blood Round: #5 Marcus Coleman (Iowa State) lost 4-3

Analysis: Dexter native Feldkamp having a great tournament and secures all American honors knocking off #9 Salazar of Minnesota.  Finesilver looked strong heading into a big blood round match with Coleman from Iowa State he lost 4-3.


#9 Max Dean (Penn State/Lowell HS)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #26 Gavin Hoffman (Ohio State) - win by dec 6-0
Con Rd 3: #18 Tanner Harvey (Oregon State) - win dec 10-5

Tonight - Blood Round. vs #11 Jaxon Smith (Maryland)

Analysis - Max is battling back and has Big Ten foe Smith of Maryland, a freshman, next in the blood round looking for his 4th All-American finish.


#1 Mason Parris (Michigan)
Day 2 Results
Quarterfinals: m-dec #9 Lucas Davison (Northwestern) 10-1

Tonight: Semifinals vs #4 Tony Cassioppi (Iowa)

#11 Trent Hillger (Wisconsin/Lake Fenton HS)
Day 2 Results
Quarterfinals: #3 Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)

Tonight: Blood Round vs Sam Schuyler (Iowa State)

#12 Colton McKiernan (SIU-E/Richmond HS)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #27 Ben Goldin (Penn) win by dec 2-0
Con Rd 3: #13 Tyrell Gordon (UNI) won 2-1
Blood Round: #10 Zach Elam (Missouri), Lost 11-5

#17 Taye Ghadiali (Campbell/Warrent Fitzgerald HS)
Day 2 Results
Con Rd 2: #18 Josh Heindselman (Oklahoma) loss 3-2

Analysis: Parris looking dominant with big match against Cassioppi tonight.  Michigan natives McKiernan (SIU-E) and Hillger (WIS) made the bloods. McKiernan lost to Elam finishing a match shy of AA honors.