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D4 Team Preview: Hudson seeks historic 6-Peat

By Steve Widzinski, 12/02/13, 9:45PM EST


2013-14 Team Previews - Division 4

Hudson 5X

#1 Hudson


Key Losses:
135: Wyatt Spangler, Sr. (SQ)
285: Zach Rieger, Sr. (State RU)


Projected Lineup
112: #1 Roddy Hamdan, Jr. (State Champ)
119: #6 Tyler Roberts, Jr. (2X SQ)
125: #2 (119) Issac Dusseau, Sr. (State RU)

130: #7 Mason Lopinski, So. (SQ)
135: Carlos Randall, Sr. (SQ)
140: #1 Cole Weaver, Sr. (2X State Champ)
145: #2 JD Waters, Sr. (State Champ)
160: #3 Kyle Johnson, So. (State 3rd)
189: Clayton Brockway, Jr. (18-18)
215: #2 Jake Morgan, Sr. (State 7th)

Best Case Scenario – Newcomers emerge to fill the Tiger’s holes, and without missing a beat the team rallies around Coach Scott Marry to become the first to ever win six consecutive MHSAA titles.

Worst Case Scenario – Hudson’s struggles to resolve a seemed logjam in the lowerweights and receives little production from the new faces in their lineup, which ultimately leads to either Hesperia or New Lothrop dethroning the 5X reigning champs.


#2 Hesperia

Key Losses
145: Cash Bolles, Sr. (3X SP)
160: Lee Siersema, Sr. (State 3rd)
215: Andrew Hammersly, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup
103: #1 Davian Gowens, So. (State 6th)
112: #8 Cory Agens, Sr. (2X SQ)
125: Austin Kleiner, Sr. (RQ)
130: #1 Zack Yates, Sr. (State Champ)
135: Logan Eaves, So. (RQ)
140: #2 (135) Trent Roesly, Jr. (D3 State 7th)
145: #7 David Jacobs, Sr. (State 7th)
152: #3 (145) Chase Siersema, Sr. (2X State RU)
160: #5 Mark Workman, So. (State 4th)
171: Jeff Rumsey, Sr. (16-5)
189: #4 Eldon Graham, Sr. (State 4th)
215: #4 Scott Rosencrans, So. (SQ)
285: #4 Wyatt Conkle, Jr. (SQ)

Best Case Scenario – New Head Coach John Dingledine manages to pull off a seamless changing of the gaurd, the lineup falls into place beautifully, and the end result is a redemptive team state title won in a battle with Hudson; a team that has beat Hesperia in the finals 3 of the past 5 years.

Worst Case Scenario – The Panthers struggle to adjust to their new staff in what proves to be a transition year, and their season ends in the semifinals with a surprisingly lopsided defeated at the hands of Hudson or New Lothrop.


#3 New Lothrop

Key Losses
140: Jacob Perrin, Sr. (2X State Champ)
152: Clayton Symons, Sr. (2X State Champ)


Projected Lineup
103: Carson Krupp, Fr./Austin Birchmeier, Fr.
112: Connor Krupp, Fr.
125: #6 Cole Hersch, So. (State 8th)
130: #5 Gabe Bennett, Jr. (State 7th)
135: #10 Dalton Birchmeier, Jr. (SQ)
140: #4 Steve Garza, So. (State 4th)/Johnny Robinson, So. (SQ)
145: Eric Birchmeider, Fr.
152: #2 Aaron Bauman, Sr. (2X SP)
160: #1 Josh Wendling, Sr. (State Champ)
171: #2 Taylor Krupp, Sr. (State RU)
189: #2 Cody Symons, Sr. (State 3rd)
215: #8 Dakota Clark, Sr. (2X SQ)/Cody Symons, So. (RQ)
285: #5 Owen Wilson, Sr. (2X SQ)/David Robertson, Jr. (RQ)

Best Case Scenario  Despite an abdundance of firepower in the middle, the Hornets manage to get everyone in the right spot come February, and after 4 consecutive losses Coach Jeff Campbell & Co. finally manage to get through the semifinals, proceeding to knock off incumbent Hudson for their first team title since winning back-to-back a decade ago.

Worst Case Scenario – New Lothrop’s logjam in the middle keeps them from getting their best 14 on the mat, the freshmen down low struggle to contribute, and the team once again finds themselves on the losing end of the semis.

#4 Lawton

Key Losses:
285: Ely Dunn, Sr. (SQ)

Projected Lineup
112: #4 Julian Torres, Jr. (State 5th)/#5 Blake Parker, Jr. (SQ)
125: #2 Kyle Barkovich, Jr. (State 4th)
130: #3 Cole Menck, Jr. (State 6th)
135: Austin Beach, Jr. (SQ)
140: Travis Smith, Jr. (RQ)
145: Alex Dudek, Sr./Garret VanWyk, Jr.
152: #10 Chris O’Donnell, Jr. (RQ)
160: Jason Craig, Fr.
171: #6 Brody Conner Jr. (State 5th)
215: Dallas Walters, Jr.
285: Alex Calderon So.

Best Case Scenario – In what proves to be a breakout year, the Blue Devils distance themselves from the strong competition in their district/region, and go all the way to the state semifinals where they go toe-to-toe with Hudson, Hesperia or New Lothrop.

Worst Case Scenario – The pressure of now being a top-5 team weighs heavily on Latwon, the new members of their lineup struggle to limit bonus points, and the team's bid for BC comes to a premature end when they are knocked off by Schoolcraft or Decatur at team districts.


#5 Carson City Crystal

Key Losses|
112: Ken Dittenber, Sr. (2X State Champ)

Projected Lineup
103: #5 Taylor Barkley, So. (SQ)
125: Alex Baker, Jr. (2012 SQ)
130: #6 Dallas O’Green, So. (State 6th)
140: #6 Garner Cusack, Sr. (State 8th)
145: #1 Dillen Decker, Jr. (State 3rd)
152: #3 Darren Decker, Jr. (State 8th)
160: #8 Lincoln Burnham, Sr. (SQ)
189: Dakota O’Green, Sr. (RQ)
215: Austin Hopkins, Sr. (RQ)
285: Brad Osterman, Sr. (13-11)

Best Case Scenario – Building on last year’s success, the Eagles make a dominant return to BC where they are take car of business in the quarters and prove to a very worthy opponent for the #1 seed in the semis.

Worst Case Scenario – CCC is unable to fill their gaps, and despite some serious firepower, their bid to return to BC is spoiled by a talented young Dansville team at regionals.

#6 Blanchard Montabella

Key Losses
160: Logan Burns, Sr. (State 6th)

Projected Lineup
103: Trevor Walters, Fr.
112: Justin Denman, Fr.
119: Kelly Miller, Jr.
125:  Dustin Scott, Sr. (2X RQ)
130: #8 Dalton Kukleski, Sr. (SQ)
135: #8 Tristan Viglianco, Jr. (SQ)
140: Nate Miller, Jr.
145: #10 Zack Taubitz, Jr. (SQ)
152: Mike Hyde, Sr. (RQ)
160: Joey Durham, Jr. (2X RQ)
171: #4 Jonny Durham, Sr. (State 4th)
189: LD Lapham, Jr. (RQ)
215: Felipe Borgess, So.
285: #3 Danny Davidson, Sr. (State 8th)

Best Case Scenario – An unfavorable draw keeps the Mustangs out of Kellogg, but that doesn’t stop the Mustangs from being a top-5 team all year and giving Hesperia everything they can handle at districts.

Worst Case Scenario – Montabella struggles to build on last season’s success, fails to get production from newcomers, and ultimately falls out of the top 10.

#7 Schoolcraft

Key Losses
135: Chris Caporossi, Sr. (RQ)

Projected Lineup
103: Jason VanDyken, Fr.
112: #2 (103) Justin Braford, So. (State 8th)
119: Spencer Fox, Fr.
125: Ethan Sharp, Fr.
130: Ryan Landis, Jr. (2012 RQ)
135: Matt Ring, So. (23-17)
140: Zac Sharp, So. (SQ)
145: Thomas Meadows, Fr.
152: Jason VanDyken, Sr. (2X RQ)
160: #6 Steven Rantz, Sr. (D3 SQ)
171: Jack Bensley, Sr. (RQ)
189: #9 Cody Mikel, Sr. (2X D3 RQ)
215: Jon Meeker, Sr.
285: Caleb Piper, Jr. (23-15)

Best Case Scenario – The Eagles utilize their depth to knock off ranked foes Lawton, Decatur and Brandywine, punching their ticket to BC where they ultimately earn an opportunity to wrestle with the state’s best in Saturday morning’s semifinals.

Worst Case Scenario – Unable to match Lawton’s firepower in the lower half of the lineup, Schoolcraft once again falls victim to an unfavorable path and misses out on a chance to wrestle in BC.\

#8 Addison

Key Losses
140: Justin Schroeder, Sr. (SQ)
152: Jared Bruner, Sr. (2X State Champ)
171: Dakota Keenoy, Sr. (SQ)
171: Matt Murphy, Sr. (RQ)
189: Josh Betts, Sr. (SQ)

Projected Lineup
103: Seth Harvey, Fr.
112: #3 Marcus Richardson, So. (State 7th)
119: #4 Jason Richardson, Jr. (State 4th)
125: #3 Jake Voss, Sr. (State 3rd)
130: Colin Haag, Sr. (SQ)
135: Joe Sheldon
140: #7 (135) Mason Groenout, Sr. (SQ)
152: Joe Comstock, So.
160: Jake Kimble, Sr. (RQ)
189: Terry Young
215: #5 Nick Burt, Jr. (SQ)
285: Aaron Horton

Best Case Scenario – The Panthers manage to fill their upperweight holes created by graduation, eventually work their way back into the top-5, and beat Sand Creek at regionals before once again falling to incumbent Hudson.

Worst Case Scenario – Even with their studs down low, Addison gives up too many bonus points, and the Panthers are unable to sustain a spot in the rankings. 


#9 Niles Brandywine

Key Losses
103: Arsalan Rehman, Jr. (28-4)
125: Jeff Cornell, Sr. (RQ)
140: Chanc Ravish, Sr. (2012 State RU)

Projected Lineup
103: Mikey Kuchar, Fr.
112: Aaron Wentz, Sr. (13-9)
119: #10 (112) Jesse Lochmundy, So. (SQ)
125: Connor Earles, Fr.
130: Chance Eberly, Sr. (28-9)
135: Victor Moranchel, Jr. (2012 SQ)
140: Brandon Earles, Sr. (32-7)
145: #9 (140) Paul Lochmundy, Sr. (2X SQ)
152: Kenny Laurita, Sr. (35-14)
160: Vincent Salee, Sr. (27-16)
171: Sam Burge, Fr.
189: #5 Joe Monica, Sr. (State 5th)
215: Charlie Rodriguez, Sr. (35-13)
285: Cody Katterheinrich, Sr. (31-14)/Aaron Castro, Fr.

Best Case Scenario – Several veteran Bobcats make the jump to SQ caliber, giving their team enough firepower to beat Lawton, Schoolcraft or Decatur in the regional final and go to BC with a #4/5 seed, ultimately sneaking into the semis.

Worst Case Scenario – Brandywine is once again solid, but fails to progress, and once again loses handily at regionals.  

#10 Decatur

Key Losses
140: Thomas Horvath, Sr. (2X RQ)
171: Nathan Gerhold, Sr. (RQ)
285: Andrew Cortez, Sr. (RQ)

Projected Lineup

119: #5 Lucian Parish, So. (SQ)
130: #2 Hunter Bell, Jr. (State 3rd)
135: Mitchell Jacobs, Sr. (32-15)
152: Dale Mann, Sr. (RQ)
171: #5 Jason Nash, Sr. (State 6th)
215: #3 Cole Southworth, Jr. (SQ)
285: #9 Austin Kennedy, Jr. (RQ)

Best Case Scenario – The firepower is there, and several step up within the traditionally strong Decatur program to help the get the team through a brutal district/regional, and all the way to state semis.

Worse Scenario – The Raiders are unable to fill the holes around their studs, and an inability to prevent bonus points result in a district loss at the hands of Lawton or Schoolcraft.


Honorable Mention (alphabetical)


Key Losses
119: Jake Littlefield, Sr. (3X SQ)
125: Hunter Machus, Sr. (4X SP)
140: Joe Albarran, Sr. (RQ)
145: Brandon Losinski, Sr. (2X SQ)
160: Dan Erwin, Sr. (State 8th)
171: Leo Mora, Sr. (State 6th)

Projected Lineup
103: #10 Thomas Littliefield, Jr. (22-17)
119: Wes Disbro, Jr. (27-11)
135: #3 Kahle Scheenks, Jr. (State 8th)
152: Mykal Kline, So. (18-12)
160: Jukoada Sexton, Jr. (RQ)|
171: #3 Brett Burtrum, Jr. (State 8th)
285: Skylar Riker, Sr. (21-11)

Kent City

Key Losses
215: Konner Wolter, Sr. (State 4th)
215: Arnold Chavez, Sr. (RQ)

Projected Lineup
112: Jose Davila, So. (RQ)\
119: James Cook, Jr. (28-21)
125: Ryan Bockhiem, So. (RQ)
145: #9 Jayson Ellicott, Sr. (SQ)
152: #8 Brandon Rodenberg, So. (SQ)
160: #7 KJ Herremans, Sr. (SQ)
189: #1 Shane Rodenberg, Jr. (State 3rd)
215: Mason Bolt, Jr. (24-24)
285: #7 Tom Devos, Sr. (SQ)

Leroy Pine River

Key Losses
145: Larry Kissinger, Sr. (State 6th)
152: Carson Rawson, Sr. (SQ)
152: Maverick Martin, Sr. (SQ)
160: Justin Seeman, Sr. (SQ)
189: Tom Miller, Sr. (SQ)

Projected Lineup
112: Tony Moore, Jr. (SQ)
119: Robert Raghitzki, Sr. (RQ)
130: Elliot VanDreumel, Sr. (24-14)
140: #3 Kyle Nixon, Sr. (2X SP)
145: Brady Long, Jr. (RQ)
171: #8 Adam Langworthy, Sr. (State 8th)
189: Jeff Gross, Jr. (RQ)
215: Tyler McCurry, Jr. (27-13)


Projected Lineup
103: #8 Zac Decremer, So. (RQ)
112: Timothy Huddleston, So. (25-17)
130: Danny Houle, Sr. (11-5)
135: #5 Cole Gonzales, Jr. (2X SQ)
140: Tanner Gonzales, Fr.
152: Garret Bonetti, Jr. (15-18)
160: #6 (152) Taylor Bonetti, Jr. (SQ)
171: Zavier Gonzales, Sr. (RQ)
189: Jacob Rehn, Jr. (SQ)
215: Jordan Neumann, Sr. (22-15)
285: Kasey Siegle, Sr. (RQ)

Sand Creek

Key Losses
119: Ryan Knox, Sr. (RQ)
160: Nick Garza, Sr. (2012 State RU)
171: Masen Moore, Sr. (2X RQ)
215: Garret Miller, Sr. (State 5th)
285: Gage Beaubien, Sr. (State 7th)

Projected Lineup

119: Terry Burns, So. (SQ)
125: #8 Mike Peetee, Jr. (SQ)
130: Robert Standlick, Jr. (RQ)
135: Kyle Lakatos, So. (RQ)
140: Blake Scroogie, Jr. (RQ)
145: Eli Megale, Jr. (RQ)
160: Trevor McDormett, Sr. (2X RQ)
171: Roger Fox, Sr. (State 8th)
189: #7 Charlie Robertson, Sr. (SQ)


Key Losses
119: Darrin Crandall, Sr. (State 5th)
171: Jeff Teague, Sr. (State 7th)

Projected Lineup
103: Tyler Adams, So. (13-6)
119: Taylor Whitemore, So. (RQ)
125: Walter Betz, Sr. (RQ)
135: Cass Cortright, Sr. (24-9)
140: Nick Cooper, Fr.
145: Zeth Caudill, So. (SQ)
152: Brandon Tanner, Sr. (2012 RQ)
171: #1 Jacob Cooper, Jr. (State Champ)
215: Adam Lammers, Jr. (RQ)


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