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D2 Team Preview: epic St. Johns + Lowell rivalry continues

By Steve Widzinski, 12/03/13, 10:30PM EST


Lowell attempts to spoil St. Johns bid for 5-peat

2013-14 Team Previews: D2

#1 Lowell


Key Losses

140: Zac Graves, Sr. (RQ)

145: Scott Van Oosten, Sr. (RQ)

215: Taylor Kornoely, Sr. (State RU)


Projected Lineup

103: #1 Lucas Hall, So. (State 4th)


119: #2 Zeth Dean, So. (State RU)

125: #1 Bailey Jack, Sr. (State Champ)

130: #3 Derek Krajewski, Sr. (State 7th)

135: Dan Kruse, So. (RQ)

140: #2 Jordan Hall, Jr. (2X SP)


152: Jacob Garcia, Sr. (15-14)

160: #3 Kanon Dean, Sr. (State 5th)

171: #3 Max Dean, So. (State 6th)

189: #3 Garret Stehley, Sr. (State RU)

215: #1 Josh Colegrove, Jr. (2012 State 3rd)

285: Logan Wilcox, Jr. (RQ)


Best Case Scenario – All the chips fall into place in regard to the lineup, Colegrove returns from injury without missing a beat, and the Red Arrows prove to be a consensus top-25 team in the country, sending off Head Coach Dave Dean with his 2nd title after dethroning bitter rival St. Johns to avenge 3 consecutive season-ending seasons.


Worst Case Scenario – The upper and lowerweights both get jammed up, last year’s underclassmen don’t progress as expected, and once again the Red Arrows find themselves unable to match St. John’s firepower, losing by a surprisingly wide margin in the finals.


#2 St. Johns


Key Losses

130: Jacob Schmitt, Sr. (3X State Champ)

145: Ben Whitford, Sr. (4X State Champ)

152: Brant Schafer, Sr. (2012 State Champ)

152: Josh Pennell, Sr. (State Champ)

189: Payne Hayden, Sr. (State Champ)

215: Blake Cooper, Sr. (State 5th)

285: Ben Proctor, Sr. (State 3rd)


Projected Lineup

103: Emilio Sanchez, Fr. (6th GFC)

112: #2 (103) Ian Parker, So. (State RU)

119: Lucas McFarland, Fr. (MYWA SQ)

125: Derek Droste, So. (10-21)



140: #1 Zac Hall, Sr. (3X State Champ)

145: #5 Mark Bozzo, Sr. (State 4th)

152: #1 Logan Massa, Jr. (State Champ)

160: #9 Drew Wixson, Jr. (RQ)


189: #1 Angus Arthur, Jr. (State Champ)/#2 Ty Wildmo, Jr. (D1 State 3rd)

215: Javarri Kerby, So. (GFC 8th)



Best Case Scenario – Any doubts about the Red Wing’s ability to overcome the 10 titles and 21 all-state medals lost to graduation are erased when new faces emerge to fill the gaps, their studs are pinning machines, and the team once again knocks off Lowell to earn a 5th consecutive state title along with a top-25 national ranking.


Worst Case Scenario – Despite having the most nationally ranked wrestlers of any team in the state, the Red Wings gaps prove too much to overcome, and their 4-year title streak ends in disappointing fashion when they lose soundly to rival Lowell in the finals.


#3 Warren Lincoln


Key Losses

125: Riwan Hormiz, Sr. (State 6th)

189: Anthony Homesly, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: DeMarco Dixon, So. (16-24)


119: Bobby LaFrance, So. (29-19)

125: #7 Garret Kaercher, So. (SQ)

­­130: Shawn Lindsey, So. (RQ)

135: #5 Robert Pope, Jr. (SQ)

140: Shawn Walker, Sr. (RQ)

145: Robert Loud, Sr. (RQ)

152: #6 (145) Khannor Kaercher, Jr. (State 8th)

160: #10 (152) Ethan Eisenman, Jr. (SQ)

171: #1 (160) Jelani Embree, Fr. (#1 Freshman)

189: #9 Stevie Hooper, Jr. (2X RQ)

215: Brandon Mitchell, Sr.

285: #9 Michael Abouya, Sr. (SQ)


Best Case Scenario – For yet another season the Abes take a big step forward, establish themselves as D2’s clear-cut #3, and take a nationally ranked St. Johns or Lowell team down to the wire in the semis, setting the stage for a state title run in 2014-2015.


Worst Case Scenario – Feeling the pressure of elevated expectations, few Abes are able to improve from last year, and they make it to BC as an #7/8-seed before losing a lopsided QF dual to St. Johns/Lowell.


#4 Stevensville Lakeshore


Key Losses

160: JP McDougall, Sr. (2X SQ)

215: Sebastian Aviello, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Austin Defries, So.

112: #9 Brandon Arend, So. (SQ)

119: Nathan Weber, Jr. (27-21)
125: #8 Aaron Ward, Jr. (2X SQ)

130: Robert Dente, Fr. (Top 25 Freshman)

135: #7 (130) Patrick Blommel, Sr. (2012 SQ)

140: #1 (135) Noah Hanau, Jr. (State 4th)

145: Dustin Clapp, Sr. (SQ)

152: Jaylend Coleman, So.

160: #7 (152) Gunner Harrison, Sr. (State 7th)

171: Jaylen Green, So.

189: Isaac Weir, Fr.

215: Gabe Gembala, So.

285: Bryce Robinson, Fr. (MYWA State RU)


Best Case Scenario – The young Lancers arrive a year ahead of schedule, getting big contributions from several new additions to lineup, and ultimately making a return to BC where they bow out in a competitive semifinal dual with Lowell or St. Johns.


Worst Case Scenario – Lineup gaps plague the Lancers, the middleweights become jammed, and once again a deeper and more balanced Niles squad cuts their season short.


#5 Gaylord


Key Losses

152: Trent Hunt, Sr. (State 8th)


Projected Lineup

103: #5 Dom Lajoie, Fr. (#6 Freshman)

112: #5 Jon Martin, So. (8th D3 State)

119: Jonah Foote, So. (RQ 103)/Trent Lashuay, Fr. (5th MYWA State)

125: Seth Lashuay, Sr. (SQ)

130: Matt Kempher, Sr. (26-15)

135: Jacob Panasso, Sr. (28-22)

140: Jeff Heinz, Jr. (RQ)

145: Brandon Ervin, So.

152: Matt Jenkins, Sr. (RQ)

160: Beau Wilcox, Sr.

171: #4 Tristan Gregory, Jr. (SQ)

189: Shane Foster, So. (RQ)

215: Forrest Madagame, So.

285: Will Volmer, Sr. (15-13)/Kyle Augustine, So.


Best Case Scenario – In what proves to be a breakout season, the Blue Devil’s young newcomers spur them to a regional title and decisive QF win in BC. 


Worst Case Scenario – Hampered by a logjam down low, Gaylord’s season ends in a disappointment when they are beat by Greenville or Bay City Western at team regionals. 


#6 Niles


Key Losses

119: Nicholas Zimmerman, Sr. (SQ)

145: Casey Burandt, Sr. (State RU)

152: Fritz Findieson, Sr. (State RU)

160: Jerrico Lamberton, Sr. (RQ)

189: Ryan Casey, Sr. (State 5th)

285: Derek Scott, Sr. (2X RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Andrew Flick, Fr. (MYWA State RU)

112: #3 Brendon Meek, Jr. (2X SQ)

119: Josh Dayhuff, Jr. (22-11)/Courtland Lamberton, So. (22-18)

125: Justin Jones, Sr./Brenden Hall, Fr.

130: Mitch Findieson, Fr.

135: #10 Noah Hall, Jr. (RQ)

140: #9 Darek Bullock-Mills, Sr. (SQ)

145: Warren Smith, Jr. (RQ)

152: Quentin Smith, So.

160: Lane Wells, Sr.

171: Sean Craig, Jr. (30-20)

189: Ted Jackowiak, Jr./Cody Thorton, Jr./Fred Kemp, Jr.

215: Alex Bata, Jr. (RQ)/Wyatt Thorton, Jr.



Best Case Scenario – The Vikings prove to be one of Michigan’s deepest programs, pulling from within to account for 6 valuable graduation departures, and ultimately match last year’s regional title and subsequent semifinals appearance.


Worst Case Scenario – Despite a strong freshmen class, this Vikings find themselves in a bit of a transition year, and are outgunned by a reinvigorated Lakeshore team at districts.


#7 Bay City Western


Key Losses

140: Micky Gosselin, Sr. (3X RQ)

160: Charles Proctor, Sr. (2X SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: #9 Nick Stack, Jr. (22-10)

112: Noah Schoenherr, Fr.

119: Coby Moore, Fr.

125: Blake Jackson, So. (RQ)

130: #8 Mike Rojas, Sr. (2011 SQ)/#9 Jacob Wibirt, Sr. (2012 SQ)

135: #3 Tom Schoenherr, Jr. (State 8th)

140: #5 Chris Schoenherr, Jr. (State RU)

145: Zach Davis, Sr. (22-18)

152: Noland Davis, Sr./Drake Laframbiose, Fr.

160: Cole Rechsteiner, So.

171: Tyler Kowalski. Sr./Bryar Proctor, So.

189: Cody Okes, Jr.

215: #5 Jacob Alarie, Sr. (State 8th)

285: Nathan Droptiny, Sr./Cody Witzgall, So.


Best Case Scenario – A strong class of newcomers emerge to compliment 3 returning SP’s + 2 SQ’s, vaulting the Warriors all the way to a #3-seed and competitive semifinal showing in BC.


Worst Case Scenario – Several returners fail to build on breakout seasons in 12/13, the middle of the lineup becomes too jammed, and either Gaylord or Greenville takes advantage to end the Warrior’s season at regionals.


#8 Greenville


Key Losses

112: Mike Schmidt, Sr. (State 5th)

140: Kyle Reamer, Sr. (SQ)

189: Dakota Sherrick, Sr. (SQ)

215: Carter Magirl, Sr. (2012 SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Tren Bartrum, Fr.

112: Stephen Hillicker, Fr.

119: Nate Baker, Jr. (2012 RQ)

125: Alex Budge, Jr. (18-11)

130: Tate Jeffrey, Jr. (21-16)

135: Will Parmalee, Sr. (RQ)

140: Seth Davis, Sr.

145: #1 Alec Ward, Sr. (2X SP)

152: Jake Hopkins, Sr. (RQ)

160: Reed Cox, Sr. (14-6)

171: Teagan Weadley, Sr. (9-5)

189: #10 Andrew Bowen, So. (RQ)

215: Jordan Dassinger, Sr. (RQ)

285: Cole Antcliff, Jr. (7-5)


Best Case Scenario – The Yellow Jackets lineup once again proves to be among D2’s most balanced, and that is the difference as they knock off Gaylord or BC Western en route to their 5th consecutive regional title, followed by their 3rd semifinals appearance in the aforementioned span.


Worst Case Scenario – Unlike most years, few step up to fill the Yellow Jacket’s graduation losses, and the firepower of Gaylord and/or BC Western proves too much to overcome.


#9 Tecumseh


Key Losses

125: Luke Liuzzi, Sr. (2X RQ)

145: Anthony Lesko, Sr. (2X SQ)

160: Cole Amstutz, Sr. (2X SQ)

285: Joe Rebbatoro, Sr. (2X SP)


Projected Lineup

103: #8 (112) Ricky Azelton, Sr. (State 5th)

112: Drew Marten, Fr. (MYWA State 5th)


125: Jake Hilton, Sr. (23-12)


135: Wyatt Camdus Jr. (2X RQ)


145: Kyle Humphries, So. (18-25)


160: Travis Byrd, Sr. (27-20)



215: #3 Landon Pelham, So. (State 6th)

285: #2 Preston Pelham, Sr. (State 7th)


Best Case Scenario – All 3 state placers return as bonafide state title contenders, and, thanks to some key patchwork in the middle of the lineup, the Indians find a way to reach their 3rd semifinal in 4 years.


Worst Case Scenario – The Indians struggle mightily to fit the pieces back together after a chaotic offseason, and it costs them a 4th consecutive regional title when they are upset by New Boston Huron or Mason.


#10 Ortonville Brandon


Key Losses

112: Nick Bis, Sr. (2X RQ)


103: #7 Brandon Ladd, So. (17-4)

112: #4 Bryan Lavearn, So. (State 6th)


125: Gordy Dwyer, Sr. (31-15)

130: Andy Gordon, Sr. (16-16)



145: #10 Trevor Boudreaux, Sr. (2X RQ)

152: Thor Wardell, Jr. (RQ)

160: #10 Max Wardell, Sr. (2X RQ)

171: #9 Matt Sears, Sr. (RQ)





Best Case Scenario – The Blackhawk’s manage to fill the majority of their gaps, their studs make a big jump to power them through a relatively favorable district/regional, and team proves they belong in BC with a competitive showing.


Worst Case Scenario – Their returners show little progress, and all season the Blackhawks are unable to limit bonus points, opening the door for Holly to upset them at districts.


Honorable Mention (alphabetical)


Byron Center


Key Losses: None


Projected Lineup


112: Austin Krontz, Sr. (RQ)

119: Bill Doran, Sr. (RQ)

125: #3 Jake Busing, Jr. (2X SP)

130: Jake Relkema, Jr. (23-13)

135: Collin Busing, Sr. (RQ)

140: #6 Nolan Waddell, Sr. (State 8th)

145: Jaxon Smith, Jr. (SQ)

152: Mike Hyuser, Jr. (17-8)

160: Tom Rimersma, Sr. (RQ)/Josh Lee, Sr. (24-11)








Key Losses

130: Jacob McKervey, Sr. RQ)


Projected Lineup


112: Alex Vandertern, So. (19-4)

119: Chase Dawley, So. (24-9)

125: #4 Nathan Ellis, So. (State 4th)

130: Nick Leschinger, So. (33-9)


140: Tyler Sofian, Sr. (31-15)

145: Jacob Smith, Sr. (RQ)

152: Jackari Vines, Sr.

160: John Penfold, So. (22-21)

171: Brandon Deszell, Sr. (21-6)

189: Andrew Riley, Sr. (24-13)




Muskegon Reeths Puffer


Projected Lineup



119: Andrew Emmons, Sr. (19-6)


130: JJ Covington, Sr. (33-8)


140: Paul Douglas, Jr. (RQ)

145: Blake Ross, Fr. (Top 25 Freshman)

152: John Woodring, Jr. (RQ)


171: Sean Williams, So. (RQ)

189: Julian Monday, Sr. (13-6)

215: #9 Buck Tottingham, Sr. (RQ)

285: Steven Hansen, Sr. (RQ)


New Boston Huron


Key Losses

112: Brandon Brooks, Sr. (SQ)

135: Joe Ferguson, Sr. (2X State 6th)

285: Mike Long, Sr. (SQ)


Projected Lineup


112: Judah Caballero, Jr. (2X SQ)

119: Eli Caballero, Sr. (2012 D3 SQ)

125: #10 Jon Wellman, Jr. (SQ)

130: Nick Phelps, So. (RQ)


140: Aaron Escobar, Sr. (35-11)



160: #2 Logan Ritchie, Jr. (2X SP)

171: Justin Collins, Sr. (26-8)

189: Riley Griffin, Jr.

215: #7 Deion Copley, Sr. (SQ)

285: Jeffrey Henderson, Sr.

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