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D1 Team Preview: DCC & Davison on collision course

By Steve Widzinski, 12/05/13, 1:00PM EST


National powers DCC and Davison continue rivalry

2013-14 Team Previews: D1

#1 Detroit CC


Key Losses

135: Ken Bade, Sr. (3X State Champ)

215: Jay Peterson, Sr. (RQ)

285: Bob Coe, Sr. (State Champ)


Projected Lineup

103: Aaron Rehfeldt, So. (17-19 D3)

112: Tommy Hermann, Jr. (17-18)

119: #8 Parker O’Brien, Sr. (SQ)

125: #2 Trevor Zdebski, Jr. (2X State 3rd)

130: #6 Evan Toth, Sr. (2X SQ)

135: Greg Johnson, Sr. (21-9)/Eli Joseph, Sr. (24-14)

140: #3 Myles Amine, Jr. (State 3rd)

145: #1 Malik Amine, Sr. (State Champ)

152: #1 Nick Bennett, Sr. (GFC Champ)

160: #8 Tyler Morland, Fr. (#3 Freshman)

171: #1 Drew Garcia, Sr. (2X State Champ)

189: #2 Logan Marcicki, Sr. (2011 State Champ)

215: #4 Nick Giese, Jr. (State 3rd)/#8 Jimmy Russell, Sr. (SQ)

285: Dylan Roney, Sr.


Best Case Scenario – This Shamrock squad proves to be the best of all time, and not only do they beat Davison for a 4th title in 5 years, but the team also ends the season with a consensus top-5 national ranking after beating Oak Park River Forest and Montini Catholic at their annual Super Duals.


Worst Case Scenario – Due to limited productivity down low and lineup complications up top, DCC’s bid at a 5th straight finals appearance is cut short in the semis when an opportunistic Hartland team utilizes their flexibility to perfection, creating enough favorable matchups to pull off the year’s biggest upset.


#2 Davison


Key Losses

140: Carter Stoddard, Sr. (State 7th)

152: Pat Rooker, Sr. (State 6th)

171: Ty Wildmo, So. (State 3rd)

215: Trevor Thomas, Sr. (SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: #4 Deven Perez, So. (30-3)

112: #4 Max Johnson, So. (3X GFC AA)/#6 Jacob Madrigal, Sr. (2X SQ)


125: #1 Lincoln Olson, Jr. (2X State Champ)

130: #8 Brenan McRill, Fr. (#4 Freshman)/Kurt Schlack, So. (17-12)

135: #6 Derek Humphrey, Sr. (2X SQ)

140: #2 Justin Oliver, Sr. (2X State Champ)/#4 Matt Miller, Sr. (State RU)

145: #2 Dom Russ, Sr. (2X SP)

152: #5 Thomas Garty, Sr. (2X SP)

160: Logan Mabbit, So.

171: #2 Jordan Cooks, Sr. (2X State Champ)

189: #10 Tanner Thomas, So. (17-12)

215: Jake Ellis, Jr. (17-13)

285: Dakota Powers, Jr. (23-18)


Best Case Scenario – Experience proves to be key as Davison fields their most veteran lineup in quite some time, and, motivated deeply be several consecutive losses to DCC, finally dethrones the incumbent Shamrocks to earn a team state title along with a consensus top-10 national ranking.


Worst Case Scenario – The loss of Wildmo proves to be a crucial one for the upperweights, and ultimately plays a key role in the semifinal outcome when Hartland upsets the Cardinals in shocking fashion.


#3 Hartland


Key Losses

125: Devon Chalut, Sr. (RQ)

171: Mitch Thomas, Sr. (State RU)

189: Ryan Hill, Sr. (SQ)

215: Chad Maks, Sr. (2012 SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: #7 Eric Lundwall, Sr. (RQ)/Hayden Culver, Fr. (Top 25 Freshman)

112: Reece Hughes, Fr.


125: #8 Sage Castillo, So. (SQ)

130: #7 Nate Hughes, Sr. (2X SQ)

135: Justin Rollins, Sr. (2012 SQ)

140: #1 (135) Austin Eicher, Sr. (State Champ)

145: #3 Jacob Gorial, Jr. (State RU)

152: #10 Anthony Colaianne, Sr. (2012 SQ)

160: Logan Vish, So. (RQ)

171: #9 Nate Smith, Sr. (SQ)


215: Jake Economou, Jr. (22-11)

285: #6 Josh Charneski, Sr. (SQ)


Best Case Scenario – After well over a decade of knocking on the door, Coach Todd Cheney’s Eagles make their in 15th consecutive appearance in BC, and, in thrilling fashion, upset nationally ranked DCC and Davison to finally claim their 1st state championship.


Worst Case Scenario – Lofty goals and expectations are put to rest early when an upstart Brighton squad writes the next chapter in the teams’ rivalry by pulling off a monumental district upset.


#4 Oxford


Key Losses

119: Dan Curtis, Sr. (2X SQ)

140: Mike Willits, Jr. (2012 State RU)

145: Rocco Borg, Sr. (4X SP)

160: Tom Spicuzza, Sr. (RQ)

171: Marty Gianolla, Sr. (2012 State 8th)

171: Liam Logan, Sr. (2012 SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: #2 Alex Hrisopoulos, So. (State 5th)

112: Bailey Kammerer, Jr. (19-23)


125: Colin Campbell, Jr. (25-8)



140: #5 Eddie Schlickenmeyer, Sr. (2X SP)


152: Noah Kinne, Jr. (13-6)

160: #4 Wes Maskill, Sr. (State 5th)

171: Wyatt Hardin, So. (23-5)

189: #9 Grant Krause, Sr. (25-11)/Levi Kinne, So. (21-2)

215: #6 Ben Line, Sr. (SQ)

285: #4 Zach Wood, Sr. (SQ)


Best Case Scenario – Once again the Wildcats manage to minimize heavy graduation losses with a competent group of new faces in the lineup, while their top wrestlers progress significantly, and, motivated by last year’s regional loss to Rochester, the program once again finds themselves in the state semifinals, battling admirably in a loss to DCC or Davison.


Worst Case Scenario – A weakened regional paves the way for the Wildcats to return to BC, but a number of unfilled holes in the lineup lead to a low seed and rather lopsided QF dismissal.


#5 Holt


Key Losses

119: Shayne Wireman, Sr. (2X State Champ)

140: Dom Trevino, Sr. (3X SP)


Projected Lineup


112: #1 Benny Gomez, Jr. (State Champ)

119: Jaycob Bechtol, So. (16-14)

125: #3 Martin Rodriguez, Sr. (State RU)

130: #9 Mino Trevino, Jr. (2012 SQ)

135: Kolin Leyrer, Fr. (#8 Freshman)

140: Mike Shaw, So. (RQ)

145: #10 Kyle Granger, Sr. (SQ)

152: Marco Reyes, Sr. (2011 SQ)

160: AJ Presley, Sr. (2X SQ)


189: Gage Sivyer, Sr. (20-18)

215: Tim Fischer, Jr. (13-20)



Best Case Scenario – The rejuvenated Rams build on last year’s regional title, ending Hartland’s 14-year streak en route to a 2nd consecutive appearance in BC, where they ride a #3-seed to the semifinals before falling to Davison or DCC in competitive fashion.


Worst Case Scenario – An abundance of talent in the middle convolutes the lineup, and a more balanced Hartland squad denies the Rams a return to BC by a wide margin.


#6 Grand Rapids FHC


Key Losses

152: Senad Tukelija, Sr. (SQ)

189: Sreter Pranovic, Sr. (SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Chad Strawser, So.

112: Daniel Tomko, Fr.

119: Max Postlewait, So. (RQ)

125: #7 Austin Tomko, Jr. (SQ)

130: Zach Love, Sr. (RQ)

135: #7 John Leark, Sr. (2X SQ)

140: Nick Hughes, Jr. (RQ)

145: Matt Mills, So. (RQ)

152: Noah Kuhlman, Sr. (2012 RQ)

160: Ike Kinney, So.

171: Magnus Alm, Sr. (RQ)

189: #8 Andrew Fotis, Sr. (RQ)

215: Andrew Pupel, Sr. (8-6)

285: #1 Parker Tillman, Sr. (State RU)


Best Case Scenario – The Rangers stake their claim to D1 dominance on the west side, powering through their district/region to make a semifinals appearance in the program's first trip to BC since Head Coach Brad Anderson was a junior on the team in 1999.


Worst Case Scenario – Expectations prove too great as the Rangers are unable to build on last season’s performance, and, just like last year, find themselves on the losing end of a close regional final with Grandville.


#7 Macomb Dakota


Key Losses

119: Nathan Friese, Sr. (RQ)

140: Brian Cotter, Sr. (RQ)

145: Kenny Seelye, Sr. (2X SQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Nicholas Barret, Fr. (MYWA State Champ)

112: Sal Caruso, Sr. (SQ)/Kelton Burch, So. (24-18)

119: Zack Prater, So. (20-13)

125: Jacob Patterson, Jr. (28-12)/KJ Jones, Sr. (15-6)

130: Andrew Burnham, Sr. (17-10)

135: Kyle Cendrowski, Sr. (RQ)

140: Nick Papas, Jr. (21-8)

145: Greg Schatko, So.

152: #6 Alex Bozinovski, Sr. (State 7th)

160: #3 Jake Johnson, Sr. (2X State 4th)

171: Josh Burnham, Sr. (SQ)

189: Greg Brohl, Sr. (18-9)

215: #9 Anthony Balabani, Jr. (SQ)

285: Reynard Hegarty, Sr. (RQ)


Best Case Scenario – The Cougars find themselves back in BC after getting through Anchor Bay at districts, this time advancing to the semifinals, thus solidifying their status as Macomb County’s top D1 program.


Worst Case Scenario – A crowded lineup plagues the Cougars who struggle to get their best 14 on the mat, allowing a more opportunistic Anchor Bay squad to spoil their planned return to BC with a district upset.


#8 Temperance Bedford


Key Losses

119: Mitch Rogaliner, Sr. (2X State Champ)

125: Mitch Pawlak, Sr. (State 3rd)

171: David Lijewski, Sr. (SQ)

189: Codie Bettencourt, Sr. (SQ)

215: Brandon Sunday, Sr. (State Champ)


Projected Lineup


112: #10 Ty Rogaliner, Jr. (2X RQ)

119: Cam Fornwald, Sr. (22-22)

125: Trent Allison, Jr. (9-3)


135: Jake Helminski, Jr. (RQ)

140: Jake Lohr, Sr. (2X RQ)

145: Trent Turshon, Sr. (24-22)

152: Blake Montrie, So. (8th GFC)

160: Jordan Snyder, Sr. (RQ)

171: Ben Beallas, Sr. (RQ)



285: #3 Adam Ortman, Sr. (5th State)


Best Case Scenario – A new crop of Mules emerges to lessen the blow of last year’s graduation losses, returners make big strides forward, and the combination yields a 3rd consecutive regional title in dominant fashion, followed by their first QF win since 2008.


Worst Case Scenario – Depleted by the loss of a stellar senior class, the Mules manage to sneak through a relatively weak region, but a lack of firepower leads to a low seed and a quick dismissal in BC.


#9 Grandville

Key Losses

119: Dakota Torralva, Sr. (State 6th)

215: Courtney Meyers, Sr. (State 6th)

285: Dakota Pike, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Dalton Lopez, Fr.

112: Josh Brower, So. (RQ)

119: Keedan Hoezee, Sr. (29-13)

125: Boony Merryweather, So. (13-13)

130: Christ Koetje, Jr. (RQ)

135: #2 Collin Tomkins, Sr. (State 4th)

140: Kam Bush, Fr. (#10 Freshman)

145: Davon Rivera, Sr. (26-20)

152: Jake Brower, Sr. (RQ)

160: Tavon Davis, Jr. (RQ)

171: Sam Greco, Fr. (3rd NUWAY)

189: Ian Hall, Fr.

215: Eppe Saarenheimo, Jr. (15-15)

285: Jose Villanueva, So. (16-11)


Best Case Scenario – The freshmen class proves to be among the best in school history, returners progress to the next level, and the Bulldogs once again knock off GR FHC to punch their ticket to BC, but this time find themselves on the winning end of the quarterfinals.


Worst Case Scenario – While solid throughout, the Bulldogs lineup cannot match the firepower of GR FHC’s, and their bid for back-to-back regional titles is rejected.


#10 Brighton


Key Losses

135: Ryan Foley, Sr. (2012 SQ)

145: Jordan Amine, Sr. (2X SP)

152: Aaron Calderon, Sr. (2012 State Champ)

160: Jordan Salmon, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Lee Grabowski, Fr.

112: #5 (103) Grant Morrison, So. (5th GFC)

119: Jackson Renicker, So. (State 8th)

125: Kyle Bohnsack, Jr. (RQ)


135: Jose Ramos, Jr. (RQ)


145: Ryan Salmon, Jr. (24-6)

152: Tanner Maschke, Jr. (39-8)

160: Beau Mourer, Jr. (25-7)

171: #6 Nick Brish, Jr. (2X SQ)


215: Luke Ready, So. (39-8)



Best Case Scenario – Pesky as ever, the Bulldogs, led by a new regime, peak at the right time for a thrilling run to BC, notching upsets of Hartland and then at Holt at districts/regionals.


Worst Case Scenario – In what proves to be largely a transitional year, the young Bulldogs find themselves unable to the firepower of Hartland, who eliminates them by a wide margin at districts.


Honorable Mention (alphabetical)


Anchor Bay


Key Losses

119: Chad Medley, Sr. (SQ)

140: Eric Rybarz, Sr. (State RU)

152: John Yank, Sr. (State 8th)

160: Jon Bourcier, Sr. (2X SP)

189: Chris VanOverBeke, Sr. (RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Jack Medley, Fr. (3rd MYWA State)

112: Nolan Romanowski, So. (21-11)

119: Adam Wiscombe, Jr. (RQ)


130: Jeff Andrews, So. (24-9)

135: #8 Joey Dombrowski, Jr. (SQ)


145: Trevor Yank, So. (27-21)


160: #6 Tyler Grimsley, Jr. (RQ)






Grand Haven


Key Losses

171: Connor Moynihan, Sr. (2X SP)

215: Matt Mulcahy, Sr. (2X SQ)


Projected Lineup



119: #1 Cam Bertucci, Jr. (2012 State RU)



135: Antonio Reyes, Jr. (SQ)


145: Luke Averill, Sr. (RQ)

152: Aaron Cummings, Jr. (RQ)

160: #1 Dakota Juarez, Sr. (3X SP)


189: Connor Morley, Jr. (17-8)


285: #9 Chase VanHoef, Jr. (RQ)


Grand Ledge


Key Losses

125: Brian Jones, Sr. (2X RQ)

171: Nick Verran, Sr. (2X RQ)


Projected Lineup

103: Cole Janes, Fr. (4th MYWA)

112: Jack Snauko, Fr. (8th MYWA)

119: #3 Jay Jay Brickley, Sr. (2X SQ)

125: David Weiss, Jr.

130: #10 Billy Reed, Sr. (2X RQ)

135: #9 Dylan Steward, So. (SQ)

140: Patrick Powers, Jr. (SQ)

145: Mateo Palacios, Jr.

152: Soloman Sanders, Jr.

160: Jake Ross, Jr.

171: Nick Cugini, Sr. (2012 RQ)

189: Aaron Riley, Sr./Ba Blamo, So.

215: Riley/Blamo

285: Matt Lloyd, So. (17-15)




Key Losses

112: Justin Kim, Sr. (2X SP)

125: Josh Wood, Sr. (2X State RU)

130: Joey Gunther, Sr. (RQ)

140: Kaelan Richards, Sr. (3X State 3rd)

160: Dean Vettese, Sr. (2X State 3rd)


Projected Lineup





130: Tyler Dukart, Sr. (RQ)


140: Dillon Maier, Jr. (19-19)

145: Ryan Morgan, So. (23-13)


160: #6 Aaron Morgan, Sr. (2012 State 8th)

171: #3 Shane Schadaia, Sr. (State 7th)

189: #2 Shwan Schadaia, Sr. (State Champion)


285: #10 Cameron Daniels, Sr. (RQ)