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Weekend Preview: Tim Horn Memorial Duals

By Steve Widzinski, 12/13/13, 3:45PM EST


DCC and St. Johns headline, but Hartland and Allegan could play spoiler

Tim Horn Memorial Duals at Holland

Angus Arthur & Drew Garcia at last year's event (Scott Confer)

Pool A
D1 #2 DCC
D3 #3 Allegan
D2 #8 Greenville
D1 #10 Clarkston
East Kenwood

Winning this pool will be far from a formality for the nationally ranked Shamrocks. Even with a few key pieces not due to appear until later this season, Allegan is the real deal, and DCC is a bit banged up themselves.

I see 119, 130, 140, 152, 171, 189, 215 and 285 as likely Shamrock wins with a healthy sprinkling of bonus. Meanwhile, I think Allegan is a near lock to win and win big at 103, 112 and 125.

That leaves 135, 145 and 160 as the key swing matches. If Allegan can will all 3 that would give them 6 wins to DCC’s 8, so all it would take is one upset to split, not to mention the Tiger’s flexibility is far greater.

Projected Finish – 1st DCC, 2nd Allegan, 3rd Greenville, 4th Clarkston, 5th East Kentwood

Pool B
D2 #2 St.  Johns
D1 #3 Hartland

Another nationally ranked team that will have its hands full, I think it’s going to take everything St. Johns has to get through this rock solid Hartland team.

State Champ Austin Eicher has yet to wrestle for the Eagles so far this season, but if he’s back they should have a very real shot to win at any of the 9 weights where the Red Wings don’t have a #1-ranked wrestler.

Both teams are strongest from 135-160, so that is where the dual is going to be won.

Projected Finish – 1st St. Johns, 2nd Hartland, 3rd Rochester, 4th Holland, 5th Fremont

Finals: DCC vs St. Johns

The next chapter of an incredible rivalry. St. Johns has won 3 of  their 4 meetings over the last 3 years, while DCC’s lone win came at this tournament last December.

Here’s how I see it playing out:

103 – I like tough St. Johns frosh Emilio Sanchez to score bonus at a weight that is currently a bit of a hole for the Shamrocks

St. Johns: 4 – DCC: 0

112 – Nationally ranked Ian Parker will be on the hunt for a fall at another relatively weak weight for the Shamrocks.

St. Johns: 10 – DCC: 0

119 – SQ Parker O’Brien is the favorite, but Lucas McFarland, another tough frosh, has a chance to swing this one for the Red Wings.

St. Johns: 10 – DCC: 3

125 – With Zdebski out it’s hard to know what to expect here, but Droste looked solid last weekend and at the GFC, so I think he’s the favorite.

St. Johns: 13 – DCC: 3

130 – Not sure who to expect at this weight for St. Johns. Either way, Toth should win for DCC, but the question is how many bonus points he can score.

St. Johns: 13 – DCC: 9

135 – This seems like a true swing match to me. DCC has a pair of tough seniors in Eli Joseph and Greg Johnson, while freshman Bret Fedewa looked awesome for the Red Wings last weekend. I’ll give the nod to experience.

St. Johns: 13 – DCC:12

140 – From what I understand Bozzo will be down to 140 and Hall up to 145 for St. Johns on Saturday. Myles beat Bozzo last year when he was quite a bit smaller. Now they should be pretty even in size and Myles is coming off a great offseason, so I feel pretty good picking him here.

St. Johns: 13 – DCC: 15

145 – Any questions as to whether Zac Hall could still be dominant at this weight where to put to rest last weekend when he TF’d Dundee state champ Doug Rojem. I don’t see him being able to takedown Malik as easily, but I do think he is close to a sure thing to win.

St. Johns: 16 – DCC: 15

152 – Very hard to predict as Bennett has looked absolutely awesome, but has yet to wrestle someone of Massa’s caliber. I feel pretty confident that Massa wins, but besides that it’s up in the in air. I wouldn’t be overly shocked if Bennett makes it a 1-point match, or if Massa pushes it to a major.

St. Johns: 19 – DCC: 15

160 – Morland showed some great promise on Wednesday, but ran out of gas late. I say he gets some redemption with a big win over Wixsom.

St. Johns: 19 – DCC: 18

171 – A hole for St. Johns at the moment, this should be a fall for Garcia.

St. Johns: 19 – DCC: 24

189 – Huge match here that will go a long way towards determining the fate of the dual. Marcicki certainly has a shot, but I need to see more offense before I pick him to beat Arthur.

St. Johns: 22 – DCC: 24

215 – Another absolutely critical match. Giese beat Wildmo pretty soundly last year, but Wildmo has gotten bigger, stronger and all around better this summer. Meanwhile, Giese, at least on Wednesday, looked like more or less the same kid from last season. I say Wildmo reverses the previous outcome.

St. Johns: 25 – DCC: 24

285 – Russell couldn’t have looked slicker against Davison on Wednesday. Sturgis will present a bigger challenge, but I think Jimmy’s good enough on his feet to win handily and possibly even get a major.

DCC wins, 27-25

So there you have it. Certainly, a lot of opportunities for both teams to swing my predictions, but as far as weights go I’m pretty confident this is what both lineups will look like.

Just remember, Allegan and Hartland are not to be slept on. Both have a chance to make the finals as well.

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