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Hudson Super 16 - Pre-seeds & Analysis

By Steve Widzinski, 01/16/14, 6:30PM EST



#1 Joe Garcia, Adrian (12) – P15 #1, D2 #1, State Champ
#2 Michael Higley, Edwardsburg (10) – P15 #3, D2 #2, State 7th
#3 Brendan Abrigo, Manchester (11) – P15 #11, D3 #2, SQ
#4 Reese Jones, Watervliet (10) – D4 #10, RQ
#5 Emilio Sanchez, St. Johns (9) – D2 #8
#6 Robert LeFever, Erie Mason (9) – D4 #8
#7 Drew Mandell, Dundee (10) – D3 #9
#8 Connor Behem, Richmond (11) – D3 #10

Others (alphabetical)
 Garrett Cleveland, Berrien Springs (10)
Zach Lopinski, Hudson (9) – D4 #9
Davynn Schneider, Allegan (9)
Justin VanDyken, Schoolcraft (9) – D4 HM

Analysis – The heavy favorite is Garcia, who carries a top 10 national ranking, but has not been tested too strenuously yet this year. Opposite him on the bracket are a pair of undefeated wrestlers, Higley and Abrigo, who pretty clearly represent the next tier of competition. If either of them places outside the top 3 it will be a surprise. From there, I think there is minimal separation throughout the rest of the chart, and pretty much anyone could put together a strong day and crack the top 4. Of that group I like Sanchez the most. He showed some pretty impressive toughness against elite opponents at the DCC Super Dual’s last week, so he’s my pick to emerge from the pack.

Predicted Finish: Garcia, Higley, Abrigo, Sanchez

#1 Ian Parker, St. Johns (10) – P15 #4, D2 #2, State RU
#2 Aaron Kilburn, Richmond (10) – P15 #5, D3 #2, State 3rd
#3 Roddy Hamdan, Hudson (11) – P15 #8, D4 #1, State Champ
#4 Clay Ragon, Dansville (10) – P15 #10, D4 #2, State 4th
#5 Alex Hrisopoulos, Oxford (10) – D1 #8, State 5th
#6 Kenny Reinhart, Dundee (11) – D3 #7, State 6th
#7 Justin Braford, Schoolcraft (10) – D4 #7, State 8th
#8 Robert Grysko, Grass Lake (12) – D3 HM, 2X RQ

Domenic Ciucci, Grand Rapids CC (12)
Sean O’Hearon, Springport (9) – D4 #6
Amos Leach, Berrien Spring (9)
Liam Noble, Allegan (12) – RQ  
Devin Raymond, Erie Mason (10)
Ethan Woods, Manchester (9)

Analysis – Along with 119, 145 and 189, there is a strong case to be made for 112 as this event’s toughest weight. 7 total state placers is rare to come by at any in-state tournament, and the talent extends far beyond them. Top seed Ian Parker has a perfect season going. Since moving up from 103 he hasn’t put up points like he used to, but it has not stopped him from controlling matches and holding great position. He will have a tough test from either Ragon or Hrisopoulos in the semis, and then another from either Hamdan or Kilburn in the finals. I’m tempted to go with Kilburn who has been wrestling awesome, but I’ll take Parker in 1-point match. On the back end, I foresee a D4 state finals preview between Hamdan and Ragon. Hamdan is the defending state champ, but he’s ran into some stiff competition lately, while Ragon has yet to drop a match. That being said, I think Hamdan’s tougher schedule helps him grind through this bear of a bracket, and he locks one of his signature cradles in his final match for a 3rd place finish.

Predicted Finish: Parker, Kilburn, Hamdan, Ragon

#1 Devin Schroder, Grand Rapids CC (10) – P15 #2, D3 #1, State Champ
#2 Alex Martinez, Ida (10) – P15 #7, D3 #2, State RU
#3 Logan Griffin, Erie Mason (11) – P15 #8, D4 #2, State Champ
#4 Dresden Simon, Dansville (10) – P15 #6, D4 #1, State 3rd
#5 Zach Blevins, Dundee (10) – P15 #12, D3 #3, State 8th
#6 Charlie Steffens, Manchester (11) – SQ
#7 Lucas McFarland, St. Johns (9) – D2 #9
#8 Tyler Roberts, Hudson (11) – D4 #6, 2X SQ

Walter Betz, Springport (12) – RQ
Sam Ebersberger, Schoolcraft (12)
Jeremy Fratrick, Grass Lake (10)
Kyle Hughes, Monroe Jefferson (10) – D3 #7
Cody Keller, Richmond (10)
Deven Milosh, Michigan Center (10)
Carter Moore, Jackson (11)
Joe Orr, Allegan (10)
Garrett Ruppal, Forest Hills Northern (12) – RQ
Jacob Styles, Jonesville (10)
Garrett Tyrell, Oxford (9)
Hunter Vargo, Edwardsburg (10)
Ramiro Williams, Berrien Springs (10)

Analysis – Another absolutely brutal weight class. The top 4 guys are all state champion caliber, and with the way Blevins has been wrestling lately he may be too. The match to watch in the quarters is Blevins/Simon. Simon is undefeated on the year, but has yet to wrestle anyone as tough as Blevins. I think Simon wins, but then drops a close to Schroder in the semis. On the opposite side Martinez should meet Griffin in a rematch from Sherrif’s County a few weeks back. I like Martinez to once again come out on top, and advance to wrestle Schroder in a rematch of last year’s D3 state final where Schroder won by major decision. I think Martinez closes that gap considerably, but ultimately it will be Schroder who emerges as the champ.

Predicted Finish: Schroder, Martinez, Simon, Griffin


#1 Foster Karmon, Allegan (10) – P15 #9, D3 #3, State 3rd
#2 Kole Krauss, Grand Rapids CC (10) – P15 #14, D3 #4, State 4th
#3 David Leija, Lansing Waverly (10) – D2 #7, NE State 4th
#4 Derek Droste, St. Johns (10)
#5 Isaac Dusseau, Hudson (12) – D4 #2, State RU
#6 Nick Dettling, Manchester (10) – RQ
#7 Graham Barton, Richmond (10) – SQ
#8 Patrick Lynch, Watervliet (11) – D4 HM, RQ

Collin Campbell, Oxford (11)
Jared Dutra, Erie Mason (11)
David Fairbanks, Jonesville (10)
Spencer Fox, Schoolcraft (9)
Hunter Hackworth, Grass Lake (10)
Anthony Salemo, Forest Hills Northern (10)
Brandon Sovey, Monroe Jefferson (10)
Dustin Vires, Edwardsburg (11) – RQ
Taylor Whitemore, Springport (10)
Eric Worden, Michigan Center (12)

Analysis – A very solid weight, but probably one of the weaker ones as a whole. Karmon is perfect on the year and won the DCC Invite in pretty dominant fashion with both Krauss and Dusseau on his bracket, so I feel pretty good picking him to win another major tournament. For Dusseau it should be a weekend of redemption where he bounces back from a loss to unranked Droste last week. Meanwhile, the wildcard will be Leija who finished 4th at the Nebraska state tournament last season, and has a signature win over MI 4th place finisher Nate Ellis of Goodrich.

Predicted Finish: Karmon, Leija, Krauss, Dusseau


#1 Dakota Ball, Ida (11) – P15 #9, D3 #1, 2012 State Champ
#2 Brendan O’Connor, Dundee (12) – P15 #10, D3 #2, State 3rd
#3 Carter Ballinger, Jonesville (12) – P15 #6, D4 #2, 3X State Placer
#4 Zane Corey, Allegan (12) – D3 #6, 2X SQ
#5 Dan Sayfie, Grand Rapis CC (12) – D3 #10, SQ
#6 Adam Crego, Jackson (12) – RQ
#7 Cass Cortright, Springport (12)
#8 Garrett McEllis, Grass Lake (12)

Terrence Crawford, Berrien Springs (10)
Bret Fedewa, St. Johns (9) – D2 HM
Ben Feistritzer, Forest Hills Northern (11)
Eddie Fosnaugh, Erie Mason (11)
Bailey Gillenkirk, Monroe Jefferson (10)
Xavier Nuckles, Richmond (11)
Michael Prock, Hudson (11)
Matt Ring, Schoolcraft (10)
Jake Speck Watervliet (9)
Vinne Vackaro, Oxford (9)
Andrew VanKirk, Edwardsburg (12)

Analysis – The top tier is pretty clearly carved out with Ball, O’Connor and Ballinger all ranked in the top 10 statewide. Ball and O’Connor are 1-1 on the season, and the top favorites to win this weight in D3. Meanwhile, Ballinger is yet to lose, and owns a big win over D1 #3 Kyle Abdellatif of Ypsilanti. The best of the rest is Corey, who was very competitive with D2 #1 Bailey Jack a few weeks back. He’s a good bet to round out the top 4.

Predicted Finish: Ballinger, Ball, O’Connor, Corey


#1 Brock Thumm, Watervliet (12) – P15 #6, D4 #1, 2012 State Champ
#2 Austin VanAtter, Richmond (11) – D3 #8, 2X SQ
#3 Mason Lopinski, Hudson (10) – D4 #9, SQ
#4 Zac Sharp, Schoolcraft (10) – SQ
#5 Brock Vlcek, Manchester (11) – D3 HM, RQ
#6 Lawrence Willis, Vicksburg (11) – RQ
#7 Sean Sterling, Dundee (9) – D3 #7
#8 Christian Poupard, Monroe Jefferson (11) – RQ

Tomas Avila, Jackson (0-0)
Nick Cooper, Springport (17-4)
Alejandro Guajardo, St. Johns (4-4)
Matt Haycox, Berrien Springs (2-12)
Keathley Marks, Edwardsburg (13-11)
Kyler Milosh, Michigan Center (22-5)
Austin Penn, Erie Mason (10-6)
Jonathan Stid, Dansville (9)

Analysis – After missing nearly all of last season with injury, it’s safe to say Thumm is back to his old self. He’s come in undefeated, and riding a big win over D1 #3 Collin Tomkins of Grandville that makes him one of the heaviest favorites to take home gold on Saturday. The rest of the bracket is very wide open, and I wouldn’t consider it much of an upset if the #2 or #3 seeds lost.

Predicted Finish: Thumm, Sterling, Vlcek, VanAtter


#1 Cole Weaver, Hudson (12) – P15 #2, D4 #1, 2X State Champ
#2 Nick Burg, Richmond (12) – P15 #3, D3 #2, State RU
#3 Mark Bozzo, St. Johns (12) – P15 #10, D2 #5, State 4th
#4 Eddie Schlickenmeyer, Oxford (12) – D1 #7, State 4th
#5 Seth Radabaugh, Grass Lake (12) – D3 HM, SQ
#6 Brandon Tanner, Springport (12)
#7 Noah Newhouse, Dundee (12)
#8 Jared Webb, Jackson (12) – RQ

Matt Cuevas, Manchester (11)
Joey Ferrara, Ida (11)
Thor Huff, Allegan (10)
Ethan Lowery, Jonesville (12)
Cameron McCray, Berrien Springs (12)
Derek Raymond, Erie Mason (12)
Tim VanderHeyden, Edwardsburg (12)

Analysis – This is an excellent top-4, but I for everyone not named Cole Weaver I think it will be a race for 2nd place. Burg and Bozzo are both state title contenders within their division, but Weaver is just that good. Burg may be scrappy enough to make it a one takedown match, but I don’t see it ending any closer than that. Outside of the Weaver, Burg, Bozzo and Schlickenmeyer there isn’t a ton of established talent, and it would be a surprise to see anyone else break into the top-4.

Predicted Finish: Weaver, Burg, Bozzo, Schlickenmeyer


#1 Zac Hall, St. Johns (12) – P15 #1, D2 #1, 3X State Champ
#2 Kyle Simaz, Allegan (12) – P15 #1, D3 #1, State Champ
#3 Chad Decker, Grass Lake (12) – P15 #5, D3 #2, State RU
#4 Doug Rojem, Dundee (12) – P15 #7, D3 #3, State Champ
#5 Zeth Caudill, Springport (10) – D4 #8, SQ
#6 Carlos Randall, Hudson (12) – SQ
#7 Chad Hettinger, Vicksburg (12) – RQ
#8 Tyler Pridemore, Monroe Jefferson (11)

Kiley Albert, Michigan Center (12)
Peter Economou, Oxford (10)
Lucas Marks, Edwardsburg (10)
Matt Miller, Ida (11)
Garrick Ockerman, Manchester (11)
Jake Vanscoter, Richmond (12)
Zane Zakora, Lansing Waverly (12)

Analysis – In perhaps the day’s most highly anticipated final, Hall will give up some size against the always-entertaining Simaz. Both are among the best offensive wrestlers in the state on their feet, but Hall is far more calibrated, while Simaz is in all-out attack mode for 6 minutes. Simaz is a bigger and stronger than Hall and will put some points on the board, but I think Zac’s counterattacks will make the difference. As for the rest of the bracket, Decker and Rojem are studs in their own right, but Hall has already teched Rojem this season, and I’d be stunned if Decker were to upset Simaz. Decker beat Rojem twice this fall, but Rojem seems to be wrestling much better now, and I think he reverses that result when they meet for 3rd.

Predicted Finish: Hall, Simaz, Rojem, Decker


#1 Logan Massa, St. Johns, (11) – P15 #1, D2 #1, State Champ
#2 Devin Skatzka, Richmond (11) – P15 #4, D3 #1, 2X State Champ
#3 JD Waters, Hudson (12) – P15 #11, D4 #1, State Champ
#4 Chase Beard, Allegan (9) – D3 #6
#5 Austin Martin, Manchester (12)
#6 Jared Tennihill, Grand Rapids CC (11)
#7 Joe Hess, Edwardsburg (9)
#8 Dillon Hackworth, Grass Lake (11)

Andrew Grady, Springport (12)
Ethan Kerin, Oxford (10)
Zach Motylinski, Dundee (12)
Shane Petit, Monroe Jefferson (10)

Analysis – This is another highly anticipated match. There is little doubt in my mind that Massa wins, but how Skatzka competes will be very interesting. Massa is ranked as the top wrestler in the state regardless of weight, and this is a big opportunity for Skatzka to the make statement that he also belongs in that conversation as one of Michigan’s elite pound-for-pound kids. On the back end of the bracket, I think Waters may be a bit undersized at this weight, and I think the freshmen Beard has a nice chance to pull an upset.

Predicted Finish: Massa, Skatzka, Beard, Waters


#1 Kyle Johnson, Hudson (10) – D4 #4, State 3rd
#2 Justin Fratrick, Grass Lake (12) – D3 #8, SQ
#3 Donny Mandell, Dundee (11) – D3 #9
#4 Drew Wixson, St. Johns (11) – P15 #14, D2 #6, RQ
#5 Steven Rantz, Schoolcraft (12) – D4 #7, RQ
#6 Jacob Peasley, Berrien Springs (12) – D3 HM, RQ
#7 Noah Kinne, Oxford (11)
#8 Austin Rathburn, Manchester (12)

Mason Arent, Watervliet (10)
Trey Boerman, Allegan (10)
Chris Davis, Michigan Center (11)
Luke Ens, Grand Rapids CC (12)
Austin Pawlak, Richmond (11)
Anthony St. Andre, Monroe Jefferson (10)
Tyler Weaver, Ida (12)
Jarrett Wood, Edwardsburg (10)

Analysis – Although this arguably the weakest weight of the tournament, it is far from void of talent, and all of the top-6 seeds could wind up being all-state this March. I really like the way Wixson has been wrestling as of late, and I’ll go with him to upend the top-seeded Johnson, and then avenge a loss to Mandell in the finals.

Predicted Finish: Wixson, Mandell, Johnson, Fratrick


#1 Wesley Maskill, Oxford (12) – D1 #6, P15 #8, State 5th
#2 Tye Thompson, Dundee (11) – D3 #1, P15 #7, State 4th
#3 Austin Peltier, Richmond (12) – D3 #5 SQ
#4 Michael Golding, Manchester (12) – D3 #7, SQ
#5 Kevin Curby, Hillsdale (11) – D4 #10, 2X SQ
#6 Luke Mallery, Vicksburg (12) – D2 #9, RQ
#7 AJ Zervoudakis, Grand Rapids CC (12) – RQ
#8 Levi Sabin, Allegan (10) – D3 #8, RQ

Jack Bensley, Schoolcraft (12) – D4 #9, RQ
Jacob Herman, Edwardsburg (12)
Chase Linden, Morenci (11)
Hunter Longworth, Monroe Jefferson (11)
Derek Sortor, Ida (12) – RQ
Brian Sumber, Hudson (12)
Richard Terrell, Berrien Springs (12)

Analysis – The finals seem pretty clear cut. Neither Maskill nor Thompson should have too much trouble advancing through their half of the bracket, and should be pretty evenly matched in the finals. I’m not super confident in either, but I’ll go with Maskill and his unconventional mat game. The rest of the bracket is extremely balanced, and there are honestly 10+ guys who could end up in the top 4.

Predicted Finish: Maskill, Thompson, Mallery, Peltier


#1 Angus Arthur, St. Johns (11) – P15 #1, D2 #1, State Champ
#2 Jacob Cooper, Springport (11) – P15 #6, D4 #1, State Champ
#3 Jake McKiernan, Richmond (12) – P15 #5, D3 #2, State 6th
#4 Hunter Dunn, Monroe Jefferson (12) – P15 #10, D3 #2, State 7th
#5 Grant Tennihill, Grand Rapids CC (11) – P15 #11, D3 #3, SQ
#6 Cody Cousins, Vicksburg (12) – RQ
#7 Cody Mikel, Schoolcraft (12) – D4 #6, RQ
#8 Austin Farrell, Allegan (10) – D3 HM, RQ

Henry Arbogast, Manchester (12)
Clayton Brockway, Hudson (11)
Ricardo Flores, Berrien Springs (11)
Garrett Griffiths, Jonesville (12)
Ryan Heiserman, Dundee (11) – RQ
Grant Krause, Oxford (12)
Blake Parson, Edwardsburg (10) – RQ
Mark Waddington, Ida (12)

Analysis – This is an absolutely fantastic group of big guys. For starters, Arthur is a freak, and although he may not dominate, I’d be stunned to see him go down. On the opposite end of the bracket, McKiernan makes his season debut down at 189. Meanwhile, Cooper’s alpha lets him drop all the way to 160. I’ve always been a big fan of McKiernan’s, and I think he uses his size advantage to grind out a win and advance to the finals. As for the rest of the chart, Dunn beat Tennihill in the blood round of last year’s state tournament, but Tennihill has grown into an absolute monster, and I think he can get some revenge on Saturday.

Predicted Finish: Arthur, McKiernan, Cooper, Tennihill


#1 Cameron Lee, Lansing Waverly (12) – P15 #7, D2 #2, State 6th
#2 Ty Wildmo, St. Johns (11) – P15 #10, D2 #4, State 3rd
#3 Dan Drummond, Grand Rapids CC (11) – P15 #12, D3 #5, SQ
#4 Wade Stacey, Vicksburg (12) – D2 #8, SQ
#5 Jon Rodriguez, Jonesville (12) – D4 #8, SQ
#6 Weston DeHaven, Watervliet (11) – D4 #66, RQ
#7 Adam Lammers, Springport (11) – D4 #9, RQ
#8 Jonah Pfau, Allegan (12) – HM D3, RQ

Andrew Bates, Michigan Center (12)

Mitch Ely, Hudson (10)
Gabe Heiserman, Dundee (10)
Anthony Hinojosa, Richmond (11)
Jamal Pettiford, Oxford (12)
Ethan Rogers, Berrien Springs (11)

Analysis – Not a ton in the way of big names, but all of the top-8 seeds at this weight are all-state caliber guys within their respective divisions. Wildmo was ranked in the nation at 182 this fall, but has struggled a bit in making the jump up to 215. On the contrary, Lee is a senior who has been competing at this weight for the past 3 years. Drummond looked awesome at DCC a few weeks back, and he’s very capable of winning this weight as well. Stacey is another to watch for; he’s down to 215 after qualifying for state at 285 last season.

Predicted Finish: Lee, Wildmo, Drummond, Stacey


#1 Zach Wood, Oxford (12) – P15 #8, D1 #3, SQ
#2 Nate Boardman, Hillsdale (12) – D4 #9, RQ
#3 Presley Kellogg, Michigan Center (12) – P15 #10, D3 #3, State 8th
#4 Jake Morgan, Hudson (12) – D4 #2, State 7th
#5 Ross Hulick, Grand Rapids CC (12) – D3 #5, SQ
#6 Adam Boyd, Richmond (11) – D3 #8, SQ
#7 Tony Anderson, Jackson (12)
#8 Nic Sturgis, St. Johns (11)

Thomas Cook, Monroe Jefferson (12)

Brandon Cooper, Edwardsburg (12)
Nathan Hasley, Ida (12)
Phillip Paea, Berrien Springs (9)

Analysis – This is a very well rounded group of big boys who should be very competitive from the quarters on. I like #1-seeded Wood to take care of business on the top-half of the bracket, while Boardman, Kellogg and Boyd could all emerge from the other side. Kellogg is the only returning state placer in this group, and traded wins with Boardman in a pair of December meetings. Things should be very evenly matched on the back half of the bracket, and just about any of the seeded guys could get hot and wrestle back into the top 4.

Predicted Finish: Wood, Kellogg, Boyd, Hulick

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