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Tulsa Recap - Donahoe wins 10& U Team Title, 2 Michiganders win titles

By MI Grappler, 01/22/14, 1:15PM EST


Tulsa Nationals Recap

The Tulsa Nationals, one of the premiere National Youth Wrestling Tournaments in the country, went down last weekend with a good crop of Michiganders making the trip to compete.

Team Donahoe won the 10&U Team Title behind the work of 5 placewinners in that division, including 100lb Champion Manuel Rojas.  

Brady Benson of Goodrich was the other Michigander to win a title, winning the 8&U 100lb weight class.

Read below for a full list of placers, and click here to view the brackets.

Michigan Placewinners

55lbs - Braeden Davis, 2nd 
58lbs - Aden Williams, 6th 
100lbs - Brady Benson, 1st

58lbs - Dylan Gilcher, 2nd
61lbs - Caden Horwath, 5th
80lbs - Stoney Buell, 6th
85lbs - James Johnston, 6th
90lbs - Jimmy Colley, 6th
100lbs - Manuel Rojas, 1st

64lbs - Sean Spidle, 6th
96lbs - Austin Boone, 2nd
160lbs - Easton Turner, 4th

75lbs - Corey Gamet, 3rd
101 - Austin Franco, 6th




Recent News

Letter from Hall of Fame Football Coach Noel Dean to EMU Football Coach Chris Creighton

Sign The Petition (Click Here)

Chris ,


I have to do what is right for the state of Michigan. As you know, I have coached high school football in the state of Michigan for the past 27 years. I have great respect for you as a coach and a person. You are just under the wrong leadership at the wrong time.


EMU's Athletic Director Scott Wetherbee  giving kudos 2 days before giving the program the axe

EMU's Athletic director Scott Wetherbee giving kudos to the team 2 days before giving them the axe. What kind of person does that?


Your president, a guy from South Dakota obviously doesn't understand the culture of Michigan and the value us lifelong Michigan residents not only have for the sport of football but wrestling too.


He doesn't understand how deeply intertwined football and wrestling is in this state. Many coaches are involved in both and have sons, nephews and grand kids that participate in both.


My biggest impact players have been both football players that are wrestlers. I am always and also told to have multi athletic players. This is in stark contrast to HIS position.


I can't stand by and not take a stand against what is happening at EMU with the wrestling program. Wrestling contributes too much to the fabric of our schools systems in Michigan (a guy from South Dakota might not get it), but if I stick to the facts on this. wrestling is only a bone to keep people happy FOR NOW. They are coming for you next.


If this goes through, you and your staff will not be allowed in any one of our buildings. I won't speak for the others copied in this email but I wanted them to see my position.


Bottom line is, a guy from South Dakota is dumping on boys in the state of Michigan. I personally have had enough of people like this. Time to get priorities in order.


You are a good man but, you may be at the wrong institution.


Noel Dean


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