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Repeat Successful: DCC and Dundee remain atop D1 and D3 mountains

By MI Grappler, 02/23/14, 12:00PM EST


Shamrocks and Vikings beat common foes in finals, holding off Davison and Richmond

D3 FINALS: Dundee holds off Richmond for 2nd year in a row

Photo by Junfu Han,

It is beginning to become as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning - the D3 state title is going to go through Dundee and Richmond.  It has been 14 years since one of the two squads did not make the Division 3 Finals and for the 3rd year in a row these power programs met each other in the state finals and for the 2nd year in a row it was Dundee coming out on top.  

Each team won 7 matches in the dual, however, Dundee's big bonus point wins were the difference.  The Vikings had three falls and two technical falls, while Richmond was only able to muster one bonus-point win with 6 of their 7 wins coming via decision.

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285	0	3	Adam Boyd (R) Dec Russell  Ege (D), 4-0
103	0	6	Connor Behem (R) Dec Drew  Mandell (D), 5-3
112	0	9	Aaron Kilburn (R) Dec Kenny  Reinhart (D), 5-4
119	5	9	Zach  Blevins (D) Tech Fall Graham Barton (R), 26-11
125	10	9	Brendan  O’Connor (D) Tech Fall Xavier Nuckles (R), 18-2
130	10	12	Nick Burg (R) Dec Sean  Sterling (D), 9-5
135	10	15	Austin Vannatter (R) Dec Brad  Scholl (D), 5-1
140	13	15	Doug  Rojem (D) Dec Jake VanScoter (R), 9-3
145	19	15	Sean  Marogen (D) Fall Alex Muzljakovich (R), :53
152	19	18	Devin Skatzka (R) Dec Donny  Mandell (D), 11-4
160	25	18	Ryan  Heiserman (D) Fall Austin Pawlak (R), 3:05
171	28	18	Tye  Thompson (D) Dec Austin Peltier (R), 9-2
189	34	18	Teddy  Warren (D) Fall Anthony Hinojosa (R), 3:37
215	34	24	Brady LaFore (R) Fall Russell  Ege (D), :36

D1 FINALS: DCC slams door on Davison to win 3rd straight

Drew Garcia reacts to the CC crowd after his overtime takedown to seal the win for the Shamrocks. Photo/Jared Purcell,

After losing to Davison on week 1 of the season, followed by the loss of nationally ranked senior Logan Marcicki for the season with a knee injury, the common thought proccess was that it was going to take something big for DCC to defend their title.

However, the Shamrocks made some big lineup changes and scored some big wins and if you were just reading the final box score, you never would have known that they were not the favorites with a 34-19 win that was sealed up by Drew Garcia knocking off Jordan Cooks in overtime in a matchup of D1-caliber, nationally ranked 2x State Champs.

For the full recap, click here.


285	0	3	Jimmy Russell (DCC) Dec Dakota Powers (D), 7-1
103	0	9	Aaron Rehfeldt (DCC) Fall Jacob Alvarez (D), 1:31
112	3	9	Max Johnson (D) Dec Parker O’Brien (DCC), 4-0
119	3	13	Trevor Zdebski (DCC) Maj Dec Jacob Madrigal (D), 9-1
125	7	13	Lincoln Olson (D) Maj Dec Evan Toth (DCC), 13-5
130	10	13	Derek Humphrey (D) Dec Greg Johnson (DCC), 9-4
135	13	13	Mathew Miller (D) Dec Eli Joseph (DCC), 3-0
140	19	13	Justin Oliver (D) Fall Ryan O’Connor (DCC), 1:07
145	19	16	Myles Amine (DCC) Dec Dominic Russ (D), 6-4
152	19	19	Malik Amine (DCC) Dec Brenden McRill (D), 5-3
160	19	25	Nick Bennett (DCC) Fall Jacob Robart (D), 1:40
171	19	28	Tyler Morland (DCC) Dec Thomas Garty (D), 9-5
189	19	31	Drew Garcia (DCC) Dec Jordan Cooks (D), 3-1 OT
215	19	34	Nick Geise (DCC) Dec Jake Ellis (D), 4-1


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