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2013 GFC Rewind

By MI Grappler, 03/14/14, 4:15PM EDT


GFC participants shine at State Tournaments

Mark Hall was one of 7 wrestlers in the 171lb bracket at the 2013 GFC that went on to win State Titles

2013 GFC By The Numbers

Taking a look back at last year's Grappler Fall Classic, it is astonishing how many wrestlers who competed in Battle Creek at the GFC went on to State Titles and All-State honors in their respective states.

Of the 433 wrestlers entered in the High School division, 169 of them placed in their State Championships.  That means that roughly 40% of the GFC high school division consisted of All-State wrestlers.  

Moreover, 35 GFC participants went on to win State Championships, nearly 10% of the tournament field.

What was the toughest weight at the 2013 GFC?
Well, if we are going by the numbers, then 135 was the deepest field with 21 all-state wrestlers in attendance.  The top three were all state champions - Zehlin Storr (1st), Austin Eicher (2nd), and Tommy Cash (3rd).  Cash finished 3rd in the GFC and won the elusive Indiana State Title, where they only have one division and crown just one champion in each weight.  There were 45 wrestlers in the 135lb bracket, so nearly 1/2 the field was all-state wrestlers.

8 different brackets at the 2013 GFC featured double digit All-State Wrestlers: 112 (17), 119 (18), 125 (16), 135 (21), 140 (13), 145 (16), 152 (12), and 171 (18).

Arguably the most "dense" weight, which featured the most top-end talent in relation to the overall size of the bracket was the legendary 171lb chart won by Mark Hall of Minnesota that included 7 State Champions, including three state champions that failed to place in the top 8 at the GFC.  Of the 27 wrestlers entered at 171, 18 of them were eventual All-State wrestlers.




Date Announced for 2014 Grappler Fall Classic

The 5th Annual Grappler Fall Classic is set for Saturday, October 18th, 2014 and will be returning to the friendly confines of Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek!

More information on the 5th Annual GFC will be coming out later this Spring and Registration will open this summer.

The numbers dont lie, Pre-Season wrestling leads to Post-Season Accolades!

Save the date....start training....and GET SOME at the 5th Annual Grappler Fall Classic!

2013 GFC Honor Roll

2013 GFC Wrestlers who went on to All-State Status
169 All-Staters
35 State Champions
*State Champs in Bold

98 (1)

Andrew Flick (Michigan)


105 (10)

Lucas Hall (Michigan)

Ian Parker (Michigan)

Ben Freeman (Michigan)

KJ Suitor (Michigan)

Ty Lee (Wisconsin)

Michael Higley (Michigan)

John Siemasz (Michigan)

Brendan Abrigo (Michigan)

Brendan Ladd (Michigan)

Joey Silva (Florida)


112 (17)

Kanen Storr (Michigan)

Caleb Smith (Florida)

Benny Gomez (Michigan)

Seth Beard (Ohio)

Noah Gonser (Michigan)

Donte Rivera (Michigan)

Max Johnson (Michigan)

Jakob Chapman (Michigan)

Jared Bennett (Michigan)

Brandon Harris (Michigan)

Bryan Lavearn (Michigan)

Nolan Smith (Michigan)

Ricky Azelton (Michigan)

Nino Bastianelli (Michigan)

Judah Caballero (Michigan)

Anthony Pizzo (Michigan)

Trent Lashuay (Michigan)


119 (18)

Josh Heil (Ohio)

Dresden Simon (Michigan)

Eli Stickley (Ohio)

Reiley Brown (Michigan)

Alex Martinez (Michigan)

Mo Youseff (Michigan)

Glenn Beardsley (Michigan)

Nate Fleming (Michigan)

Devin Schroder (Michigan)

Jake Brindley (Florida)

Cody Vogel (Wisconsin)

Zach Blevins (Michigan)

Stephen Jendritz (Michigan)

Daniel Shear (Michigan)

Dillan Micke (Wisconsin)

Bryce Rogers (Florida)

Zach Schaub (Michigan)

Kenny Reinhart (Michigan)


125 (16)

Lincoln Olson (Michigan)

Matt Santos (Michigan)

Mason Smith (Michigan)

Martin Rodriguez (Michigan)

Bailey Jack (Michigan)

Cael McCormick (Indiana)

Kyle Keller (Ohio)

Foster Karmon (Michigan)

Sa’Derrien Perry (Florida)

Austin Quartullo (Wisconsin)

Jonah Gomes (Florida)

Sage Castillo (Michigan)

Logan Erdman (Kentucky)

Chris Poland (Michigan)

Joe Shuler (Michigan)

Brendan Meek (Michigan)


130 (7)

Robert Lee (Wisconsin)

Stephen Polakowski (Illinois)

Kyle Abdellatif (Michigan)

Ben Griffin (Michigan)

Ross Bahro (Michigan)

Ethan Owen (Florida)

Derek Krajewski (Michigan)


135 (21)

Zehlin Storr (Michigan)

Austin Eicher (Michigan)

Tommy Cash (Indiana)

Collin Tomkins (Michigan)

Sal Guerrierio (Florida)

Jordan Markey (Michigan)

Trent Roesley (Michigan)

Brendan O’Connor (Michigan)

Grant Turnmire (Michigan)

Dakota Ball (Michigan)

Zack Francis (Michigan)

Hudson Heidorf (Kentucky)

Gregory Johnson (Michigan)

Luke Spotts (Michigan)

Donald Janice (Michigan)

Marshall Conley (Michigan)

Santos Alvarez (Michigan)

Nick Pipes (Michigan)

Joey Dombrowski (Michigan)

Cole Gonzalez (Michigan)

Carter Ballinger (Michigan)


140 (13)

Zac Hall (Michigan)

Tevin Machart (Michigan)

Justin Oliver (Michigan)

Colton Adams (Nebraska)

Myles Amine (Michigan)

Dominic Russ (Michigan)

Andy Strey (Wisconsin)

Elijiah Cleary (Florida)

Jacob Heaps (Michigan)

Robert Freter (Michigan)

Logan Parks (Michigan)

Nick Torres (Michigan)

Matt Gudeneau (Michigan)


145 (16)

Nick Bennett (Michigan)

Malik Amine (Michigan)

Chad Decker (Michigan)

Zac Carson (Ohio)

Alec Ward (Michigan)

Doug Rojem (Michigan)

Dylan Taylor (West Virginia)

Nick Boggs (Ohio)

Kaleb Rahoi (Michigan)

Steve Bleise (Michigan)

Jacob Gorial (Michigan)

Gabe Flood (Michigan)

Oscar Ramos (Wisconsin)

Anthony Petrone (Florida)

Jake Balogh (Michigan)

Brock Morgan (Minnesota)


152 (12)

Logan Massa (Michigan)

Brendon Kelley (Indiana)

Steven Kymes (Michigan)

Jake Spengler (Florida)

Dominic Latora (Michigan)

Blake Montrie (Michigan)

Hunter Turner (Michigan)

Christian Lauderback (Michigan)

Trenton Holyfield (Michigan)

Dakota Hoffman (Michigan)

Darren Decker (Michigan)

Sam Mclean (Michigan)


160 (4)

Tyler Grimsley (Michigan)

Austin Hughes (Michigan)

Andrew McNally (Ohio)

Donny Mandell (Michigan)


171 (18)

Mark Hall (Minnesota)

Fox Baldwin (Florida)

Alex Marinelli (Ohio)

Kayne MacCallum (Illinois)

Jordan Cooks (Michigan)

Jake Johnson (Michigan)

Colton Jackson (Florida)

Logan Ritchie (Michigan)

Emery Parker (Illinois)

Brett Burtrum (Michigan)

John Weiss (Florida)

Jordan Atienza (Michigan)

James Davis (Michigan)

Tristin Rosted (Michigan)

Carson Whaley (Michigan)

Jeremy Scott (Florida)

Tristen Zienkiewicz (Michigan)

Spencer Reterstoff (Michigan)


189 (9)

Ty Wildmo (Michigan)

Jacob Cooper (Michigan)

Garrett Stehley (Michigan)

Devon Pingel (Michigan)

Derek Hillman (Michigan)

Jack Harris (Ohio)

Connor Price (Wisconsin)

Teddy Warren (Michigan)

David Prindville (Florida)


215 (5)

Jimmy Russell (Michigan)

Kendall Betteridge (Michigan)

Dallas Wanta (Wisconsin)

David Rudd (Florida)

George Lahar (Michigan)


285 (2)

Brian Darios (Michigan)

Aaron Mauldin (Michigan)