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Germaine, Frisch score big 1st round wins

By JJ Johnson, 03/19/14, 8:15PM EDT


NCAA Tournament Session 1 Recap

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NCAA Session 1 Notebook

NCAA Championships
Oklahoma City, OK

Session 1, March 20th, 12:00pm EST

285 Round 1- #7 Michael McClure (MSU/West Ottawa) vs. PJ Tasser (Pitt)- Mat 3

1st Period- Nothing going on here, we'e scoreless through one.

2nd Period- Tasser starting on bottom. McClure able to grind for a while, but Tasser escapes with 1:15 remaining and adds a takedown to go up 3-0.  McClure escapes, 3-1 with 30 sec in period. 3-1 after 2.

3rd Period- McClure starts on bottom and gets right out.  He needs a takedown, trailling 3-2. Double leg attempt from McClure, he scores! He's up 4-3, and riding time is close to a minute. Tasser escapes to tie it, McClure doesn't secure the extra point.  30 sec left. We're going to OT.

Sudden Victory 1- McClure with the takedown! He survives the first round scare. It's McClure's 100th career win.

285 Round 1- #4 Adam Coon (Michigan/Fowlerville) vs. Ross Larson (Oklahoma)- Mat 1

1st Period- Coon got to a bodylock and tried to step in, but Larson backed out. 1:10 on the restart. Coon fires of a shot with 20 sec left but nothing comes from it. We're scoreless after one.

2nd Period- Coon takes down and is out in two secons. 1-0 now. All the action being initiated by Coon, just can't seem to find an opening. 1-0 after 2.

3rd Period- Larson goes underneath. Coon riding tough on top, he's up over a minute of riding time. A nice lift mat return by Coon, looks like Larson threw in the towel.  2-0 Coon final.

184 Round 1- #6 Jake Swartz (Boise St) vs. Phillip Joseph (EMU/Lapeer East)- Mat1

1st Period- Lots of action, but no scoring after one.

2nd Period- Swartz starts on bottom. He gets out in 30 seconds, and after a restart gets to a high crotch and scores. It's 3-0 Swarz with 1 min left in the 2nd. Back points tacked on, 6-0 after two.

3rd Period- Swartz pushing the pace in the third period, he wins 13-3 over Joseph.

184 Round 1- #3 Gabe Dean (Cornell) vs. Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa St)- Mat 6

1st Period- High crotch quickly for Dean, Weatherspoon defending well.  Had a lock on his leg for a minute, but no scoring.  Dean back in on a leg, this time he scores. Weatherspoon does a nice job getting off bottom and it's 2-1 after one.

2nd Period- Weatherspoon starts down. Dean lets him go after getting his ride time to :45. 2-2 now.  Head inside for Dean this time, and he scores. Dean finishes the period on top, up 4-2 and with 2 min riding.

3rd Period- Dean goes down. He escapes and quickly scores. Let's him go and repeats. 9-4 now.  He adds a takedown at the buzzer to earn the major. 12-4 Dean.

184 Round 1- #14 John Rizgallah (MSU/Allegan) vs. Fred Garcia (Lock Haven)- Mat 2

1st Period- Missed it, but Garcia took him down, and Rizgallah quickly escaped. 2-1 for Garcia after one.

2nd Period- Rizgallah riding tough, he's now over a minute riding. Full ride out for Rizgallah. TIme at 1:55.  He'll take bottom in the third.

3rd Period- Rizgallah gets a reversal just before he lost the advantage.  He's up 4-2 with 1:10 riding and :45 left in the match. Takedown Rizgallah to ice the match.  He'll move on.

184 Round 1- #9 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) vs. Blake Stauffer (Arizona St)- Mat 4

1st Period- Stauffer fires off a low single with 30 seconds left.  He splits the middle but can't finish. We're scoreless through one.

2nd Period- Abounader takes bottom. He skates out 15 seconds into the frame. And that's really all the action for the 2nd period.  1-0 Abounader after 2.

3rd Period- Stauffer escapes and takes him down to go up 3-1 with 1 minute left. Stauffer dinged for stalling.  37 seconds left. That's how this one ends, 3-1 Stauffer winner.

174 Round 1- #10 Mike Ottinger (CMU) vs. Joe Latham (Oregon State)- Mat 3

1st Period- No score after one.

2nd Period- Ottinger starts down and he's out 2 seconds into it. 1-0. Latham in on a single, but Ottinger spins out and grabs a single of his own- and scores. 3-0 now with 20 seconds left in the 2nd. Latham escapes before the period ends and makes it 3-1.

3rd Period- Latham out quickly and it's now 3-2. They're scrambling around, stalemate called with 40 seconds left. Ottinger locked in a front headlock now.  Restart with 8 seconds left, and Ottinger holds on and moves on.

165 Round 1- #13 Dan Yates (Michigan/Hesperia) vs. John Staudenmayer (UNC)- Mat 7

1st Period- Late getting here, but Yates is up 2-0 with 2 min+ of riding time after 1.

2nd Period- Yates goes down, and scrambles to score a reversal. He's up 4-0 now and is in total control.  Staudenmayer gets out with 45 seconds left in the period. That's how the period will end.

3rd Period- Staudenmayer starts down.  He's out and trails Yates 5-2 with riding time factored in. Go-behind for Staudenmayer and he's got a claw tilt close to back points but not quite.  He's gonna try to turn him in the last 30 seconds, not cut him. And he darn near does, but Yates survives and advances.

165 Round 1- #12 Jackson Morse (Illinois/Lowell) vs. Ryan LeBlanc (Indiana)

1st Period- Zeroes after one.

2nd Period- Morse tries to pull him back into a side headlock but LeBlanc rolls out.  1-0 LeBlanc.  LeBlanc in on a shot, Morse locks in the crotch but it's two for Indiana. 3-0 now. Jackson escapes and trails by two going into the third.

3rd Period- Quick escape by Morse, 3-2 deficit now.  But a quick TD by LeBlanc stretches his lead. Jackson escapes but can't get the takedown he needs and falls 5-3.

165 Round 1- Josh Houldsworth (Columbia/Holly) vs. #16 Jim Wilson- Mat 6

1st Period- 0-0 deadlock after one.

2nd Period- Wilson goes down and gets out quickly.  He's up one after two.

3rd Period-Houldsworth escapes just before Wilson can lock up riding time.  It's tied at 1 with 40 seconds left. Shot by Wilson, Houldsworth defends it and it looks like we're heading to OT.

Sudden Victory 1- Good action but no solid attempts yet. High crotch by Houldsworth, Wilson spins out, and Wilson sits the corner for the win.  3-1 in SV-1.

157 Round 1- #12 Luke Smith (CMU) vs. Tristan Warner (ODU)- Mat 8

1st Period- Zeroes after one.  Smith going down.

2nd Period- Smith out in 30 seconds. 1-0 after two.

3rd Period- Smith Gets a leg in on top, but Warner sits through and reverses him.  Now Smith with a reversal of his own. 15 seconds left now for Smith. Warner almost slips out at the last second, but it's a 3-2 win for Smith as he advances.

157 Round 1- Brandon Zeerip (EMU/Hesperia) vs. #7 Brian Realbuto (Cornell)- Mat 5

1st Period- Realbuto in on a shot, but Zeerip counters nicely. Realbuto takes Zeerip down and slaps a quick cradle, Zeerip rolls out but it's 4-1.  Another takedown for Realbuto and back points with a two on one tilt. It's 8-1 after one.

2nd Period- Realbuto gets out, Zeerip takes him down, and gets out again.  Zeerip almost holds him on his back off Realbuto's shot but gets nothing.  It's 10-3.

3rd Period- Realbuto adds one more takedown and riding time, giving him the 13-3 win.

157 Round 1- Brian Murphy (Michigan) vs. Dylan Alton (Penn State)- Mat 7

1st Period- Scoreless after one.  Murpy takes bottom.

2nd Period- Murphy's out.  He leads 1-0 after the second.

3rd Period- Alton gets out and fires off a shot.  Murphy stops in pain, no takedown awarded.  They're reviewing it now. They give the takedown.  It's 3-1  Alton, but not sure why we're neutral. Murphy pressing hard here in the final 45 seconds. Murphy's just driving him all over the place, no stall calls yet. Alton scores at the buzzer to win 5-1.

149  Round 1- Matt Frisch (CItadel/Oxford) vs. #2 Nick Dardanes (Minnesota)- Mat 1

1st Period- No score after the first period.

2nd Period- Dardanes is going down.  Frisch with a ten second ride, Dardanes up 1-0. Frisch doing a nice job fending off the attacks from Dardanes.  45 seconds left now. Dardanes with a double attempt, Frisch slides him by for TWO! I believe they gave a penalty point at the end of the period.  It's 2-2 after two, and Frisch takes bottom.

3rd Period- Escape Frisch, he's up 3-2.  Another nice shot by Dardanes but again fended off by Frisch for TWO!! And now he's got a cradle locked up! Escape Dardanes, but it's 8-3 now. Put it in the books, 8-5 Frisch.  Biggest upset of the tournament so far.

149 Round 1- #9 Eric Grajales (Michigan) vs. Michael DePalma (Kent State)- Mat 3

1st Period- Early takedown for DePalma but Grajales escapes and it's 2-1.  DePalma gets to an inside reach but Grajales' hips neutralize that to a stalemate.  Arm drag for Grajales and he scores the takedown and is scoring backs with a turk. 6-3 Grajales.

2nd Period- DePalma stands up and Grajales drops to a cradle. He gets the FALL! 3:32 is the time.

141 Round 1- #7 Zach Horan (CMU) vs. Mike Nevinger (Cornell)

1st Period- Horan in quickly and Nevinger tries to scramble through.  He's scoring backpoints now.  5-0 Horan. Escape Nevinger makes it 5-1.  Now Nevinger has Horan in trouble.  Two and two near fall for him.  Horan almost escapes at the end, but its 5-5 after 1.

2nd Period- Looked away for two seconds, but Horan is up 7-6.  That's the score heading into the third.

3rd Period- Nevinger down, and he's out immediately. 7-7 now.  Horan gets to a single and splits the middle, Nevinger holding on for his life.  Nothing.  Wer'e headed to OT!

Sudden Victory 1- Looks like CMU wants a video review before this OT. We'll see what happens. Doesn't hold up, here we go.  Horan fires a shot of :30 in and gets TWO! Huge win over the 2x All American from Cornell.

141 Round 1- #13 Stephen Dutton (Michigan) vs. Josh Dziewa (Iowa)- Mat 1

1st Period- Nice double for Dutton, he scores first. Dziewa out and another takedown for Dutton.  4-1 with 1:15 riding after the first.

2nd Period- Dutton takes bottom.  Full rideout for Dziewa.

3rd Period- We'll start from neutral. No scoring here either, early takedowns by Dutton hold up, he's your winner.

133 Round 1- Rossi Bruno (MIchigan) vs. #15 Mark Grey (Cornell)- Mat 5

1st Period- Grey scores first but Bruno escapes and scores a takedown of his own to take a 3-2 lead.  Bruno doing a great job on top, switching from a cross wrist to a bar. 3-2 lead holds up after 1

2nd Period- Bruno takes bottom.  He gets to a sit out and Grey tries a suck back.  No dice, Bruno escapes. He gets to a single leg and Grey tries to hit a high flyer.  Takedown Bruno. 6-2 with riding time after 2.

3rd Period- Bruno riding tough, but Grey gets to his feet and escapes. 6-3 with 1:22 left.  Riding time insurmountable, so it's 7-3. Wow! Bruno gets to another shot, Grey cement mixers him, almost holds him on his back, but Bruno rolls out.  No points. Takedown Grey, escape Bruno.  8-5 now, and that's how it ends. Nice win for Michigan!

133 Round 1- #12 Joe Roth (CMU) vs. Kevin Devoy (Drexel)- Mat 6

1st Period- Late getting to it, but Roth up 2-1 after one.

2nd Period- Roth goes down and gets out immediately.  And a nice shot for Roth, he's got two. Devoy gets to his feet after Roth slaps a bar on.  It's 5-2 after two.

3rd Period- Devoy takes down and he's out as Roth's riding time gets to :46.  Desperation for Devoy as he tries a lateral drop, but Roth counters for a takedown, three near fall, and riding time for the 11-3 major!

133 Round 1- Vinnie PIzzuto (EMU) vs. #13 Cody Brewer (Oklahoma)

 1st Period- Brewer with a quick takedown and minute ridout before Pizzuto gets an escape. Brewer scores again with a head inside single after a brief scramble. 4-1 after 1.

2nd Period- Brewer takes bottom.  He's out in five seconds.  Another takedown for Brewer followed by a Pizzuto escape.  Brewer pouring it on now.  12-2 with 3 min riding.

3rd Period- Pizzuto down now, and Brewer is scoring backpoints with a turk. He holds him on his back for the period. 18-3 tech fall Brewer.


125 Round 1- Conor Youtsey (Michigan/Mason) vs. #15 Anthony Zanetta (Pitt)

1st Period- Lots of good action, but no scoring halfway through. Zanetta gets to a leg, Youtsey scrambles though and scores but it's stopped before he gets back points. 2-0 after 1.

2nd Period- Zanetta gets to a cross wrist tilt, and Youtsey tries to fight off his back but a fall is called.  Zanetta is your winner.

125 Round 1- Jared Germaine (EMU/Swan Valley) vs. #7 Ryan Taylor (Wisconsin)

1st Period- Germaine gets taken down early but but gets out and then hits a cement mixer and gets the FALL!! 45 seconds.

125 Round 1- Tim Lambert (Nebraska/FHE) vs. David White (Binghamton)

1st Period- Lambert in on a shot and scores in first five seconds.  White gets out after a 10 second ride.  Low single now, Lambert coming out the back door.  But White reverses it and they're scrambling around, now looks like he's in position to score.  Nope, stalemate. Another low single for Lambert, and again a stalemate.  Lots of action, but just 2-1 Lambert after one. 

2nd Period- White goes down, and Lambert now over a minute of riding time.  Great rideout for Lambert, 2-1 going into third.

3rd Period- White slaps on a half and crab ride, but Lambert reverses him immediately and gets a leg in on top.  And with 3:34 riding time, Lambert wins 5-1 in his NCAA Championships debut.

125lb Pigtail - Corey Keener (Central Michigan) vs Brandon Jeske (Old Dominion)

1st Peiod- Jeske in for a quick takedown in first 15 seconds.  Keener takes injury time, giving Jeske choice and he's out right away. 3-0 halfway through period.

2nd Period- Jekse takes choice and he's out quickly to extend lead to 4-0.

3rd Period- Keener takes down and get sucked back immediately.  Fall Jeske.

157 Pigtail- Brian Murphy (Michigan) vs. Justin Deangelis (Oklahoma)

1st Period- Not a lot of action.  0-0

2nd Period- Murphy out in one second.  Deangelis fires off a quick shot but Murphy counters. 1-0.  A couple good flurries but no scoring.  Murphy still up one going into 3rd.

3rd Period- Murphy will a good 30 second grind on top.  Deangelis out before riding time secured.  1-1 tie.  Murphy gets to a leg attack and scores a takedown! Deangelis out though.  3-2, 20 sec left.  Deangelis gets to a leg, Murphy whizzers him down and scores another takedown. 6-2 final for Murphy.







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