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NCAA Tournament Session 2 Notebook

By JJ Johnson, 03/20/14, 6:30PM EDT


Coon, McClure, Dean, Grajales advance to Quarterfinals

A rundown of the play-by-play from each match that a Michigan wrestler competed in during Session #2 on Thursday evening.

UM's Steve Dutton in on a shot against Devin Carter in the 141lb Rd of 16. Photo/Boris Veysman, NYWN

CMU's Mike Ottinger fell 6-2 to #7 Tyler Wilps o Pitt in the 174 Rd of 16. Photo/CMU Athletic Communications

Session #2 Notebook

NCAA Division I Championships
Oklahoma City, OK
March 20th, 2014

184 1st WB Rd- Phillip Joseph (EMU/Lapeer East) vs. Austin Morehead (Oregon St)- Mat 8
1st Period- Joseph with a nice single leg and scores a TD, but Morehead gets right out. 2-1. Another leg attack and another TD for Joseph. Morehead escapes and Joseph stops a shot to a cradle- give him 5.  One more escape for Morehead, and Joseph will pick him to his back this time- 5 more. 14-3 after 1.
2nd Period- Joseph with a quick double leg and Morehead escapes again. One more double on the edge as well. It's 18-4 and he's gonna cut him. 18-5. TD Joseph and he gets the Tech Fall, 20-5 in 4:03.

184 1st WB Rd- Lelund Weatherspoon (Iowa St/Napoleon) vs. Fred Garcia (Lock Haven)- Mat 5
1st Period- Coming in late, 2-1 Garcia midway thru the period. And there's a late TD for Spoon as the period comes to a close.
2nd Period- Spoon riding tough on top, he's up over :30 now, with 1 min left in the period.
3rd Period- Spoon tacked on three takedowns and RT to give himself an 11-4 win. 

184 1st WB Rd- #9 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) vs. Donald Patrick (Davidson)- Mat 3
1st Period- Nice slideby from Abounader and he'll pick up two on the edge. 2:16 riding, 2-0 lead after 1. He's going down to start the 2nd.
2nd Period- Abounader stands up and gets out in ten seconds. Abounader adds one more TD to push his lead to 5-0.
3rd Period- Patrick in on a shot late, but Abounader counters and leads 7-0 now with insurmountable riding time. Patrick escapes with :09 left and Abounader wins 8-1.

165 1st WB Rd- #12 Jackson Morse (Illinois/Lowell) vs. #5 Nick Moore (Iowa)- Mat 8
1st Period- Two takedowns for Moore make it 4-2.
2nd Period- Moore up and out, he leads 5-2. Morse takes a shot but Moore quickly counters for a takedown. Morse moving well on bottom, Moore just following him, and Moore gets dinged for a stall. 7-2 after 2 with 2:17 riding for Moore.
3rd Period- Morse gets to his feet and fires off a shot but to no avail. Another shot by Morse, but another go behind for Moore. It's 9-3 with riding time. Moore is going to cut him. There's one more TD for moore. :27 remaining. 12-4 final, Nick Moore is your winner.

157 1st WB Rd- Brandon Zeerip (EMU/Hesperia) vs. Anthony Perrotti (Rutgers)- Mat 1
1st Period- Coming in late, Zeerip and Perrotti tied at 2. That's how the first will end.
2nd Period- Zeerip goes down and almost gives up back points but is able to roll through. He gets to a single leg and scores a TD as well. Perrotti up and out. 5-3 Zeerip. Perrotti answers with a takedown of his own. Zeerip immediately gets away. 6-5 BZ. Beautiful single leg from Zeerip, and an escape from Perrotti. Rutgers coach wants a challenge on whether or not Zeerip had control. It stands. Zeerip nearly has a go behind on the edge but runs out of room. 8-6 Zeerip after 2.
3rd Period- Perrotti is out, and Zeerip still holding a 1 pt lead. RT will not be a factor in this one. Zeerip gets dinged for stalling with 1:15 remaining. Shot by Perrotti, Zeerip reshoots to a single, and then Perotti reshoots to a single of his own. He locks up a cradle on the edge and gets a two count. 11-8 Perrotti with :37 to go. Perrotti drops to an ankle and Zeerip desperately tries to roll thru but gives up 2 more back points. 13-8 Perrotti final.

157 1st WB Rd- Brian Murphy (Michigan) vs. Johnny Greishehimer (Edbinoro)- Mat 6
1st Period- Quick go-behind for Murphy and he's got the lead. Greisheimer with a granby escape, but not before Murphy racks up 1:25 riding. 2-1 Murphy after 1. He's taking bottom to start Period 2.
2nd Period- He gets right up but Gresheimer fires off a single leg.  As Murphy fights it off, he's hit for a bogus stalling call. Lots of offense from Greishehimer, he gets to a single and almost scores, but Murphy does a forward roll out of bounds. 3-1 Murphy with riding time after 2.
3rd Period- Greisheimer starts underneath. Greisheimer slides out the back of Murphy's ride and it's deadlocked at 3 with just over a minute remaining. RT is dangerously close to getting erased, its at 1:10 now. Restart with :18 remaining, RT is at 1:01. Stalemate, :08. Murphy needs an escape as RT is gone. Granby roll but no escape. We're going to OT.
Sudden Victory 1- Low single from Murphy, Greisheimer locks up a cradle and he gets the takedown and the fall for the win.

133 1st WB Rd- Vinnie Pizzuto (EMU) vs. Jimmy Gulibon (Penn St)- Mat 1
1st Period- Pizzuto in on a single, he climbs up and gets the first points. Pizzuto riding tough on top. Gulibon gets out and Pizzuto in again. They go out of bounds but DelPorto thinks Pizzuto had 2. They'll review it. It doesn't hold up. Now Gulibon in on a single of his own, but Pizzuto fights it off and is sitting the corner. 2-1 Pizzuto after 1.
2nd Period- With riding time, Pizzuto goes on his feet. Gulibon gets to a single leg and tries to split the middle. And he'll get it. Gulibon finishes the period on top. He leads 3-2 and will take bottom.
3rd Period- Gulibon up and out right away. Double leg attempt from Pizzuto, Gulibon reshoots to a single and he scores. Now Guilbon getting a tight waist tilt, he's got 3 back points and riding time as well. It's a 10-2 win for Gulibon.

133 1st WB Rd- Nick Smith (NIU/Ida) vs. Tyler Goodwin (Maryland)- Mat 3

1st Period- Smith in on a single right away but Goodwin gets to a single of his own now. These guys are rolling around. Takedown Smith. Not sure what happened, but I assume there was a penalty point awarded for Goodwin, its 2-1. Back points now for Smith as Goodwin tries to scramble after getting lifted. 5-1 after 1.
2nd Period- Smith goes down and gets a reversal. He puts him on his back and Smith gets the fall!

125 1st WB Rd- Conor Youtsey (Michigan) vs. Jamie Franco (Hofstra)
1st Period- I looked over just as Youtsey hit a wicked suckback, and he stuck him! He advances to Day 2.

285 2nd Rd- #4 Adam Coon (Michigan/Fowlerville) vs. #13 Ernest James (Edinboro)- Mat 7
1st Period- After a scoreless first, Coon will go down.
2nd Period- Big lift mat return by James, but Coon is back up and out. Double leg blast by James, but Coon fights it off and goes behind for 2. James stands up on the restart and he's out with 15 sec to go. 3-1 Coon after 2.
3rd Period- James comes up but Coon lifts him and returns him. James stands up again and he's out. 3-2 Coon with a minute to go. James takes another shot but Coon counters and gets to a single.  They go out with :13 to go, still 3-2. And that's the final score. Coon advances. 

285 2nd Rd- #7 Michael McClure (MSU/West Ottawa) vs. #10 Jeremy Johnson (Ohio)- Mat 6
1st Period- Nothing happening here. Scoreless. 
2nd Period- McClure's choice, he goes down. Johnson drops to an ankle and McClure kicks out. 1-0.
3rd Period- Johnson goes down and gets out as well. We're tied at 1. 1 minute left and now McClure gets to a shot, but it's fended off by Johnson. McClure in on a shot again, but Johnson is unbelievably able to fight it off. Stalling Johnson. 6 seconds to go, McClure is on blood cleanup. We're going to OT.
Sudden Victory 1- Both guys are battling. McClure shoots, Johnson tries to scramble and he leg passes to neutralize the situation. Tiebreakers are coming.
Tie Break 1- McClure goes down for the first :30. He's out in two seconds. Now Johnson will go down. McClure drops to a single, stalemate. :13 to go. McClure rides him out for the win!

184 2nd Rd- #3 Gabe Dean (Cornell/Lowell) vs. #14 John Rizgallah (MSU/Allegan)- Mat 8
1st Period- Dean in on a leg and he scores a takedown 10 seconds in. Rizgallah back up and out. 2-1 Dean halfway through the first. Dean gets to another single, Rizgallah hopping, but Dean collects the other leg and scores. 4-1. Rizgallah sits out and tries to scramble, and he'll earn an escape in the last 5 seconds.
2nd Period- Riz defers and Gabe takes bottom. Right away Rizgallah tries to slide a leg in. Dean catches it, but Rizgallah is holding on tight. Dean slips out, reversal. Dean ordered to cut him by his coaches. 6-3. Low single right away, but they go out. :44 left. There's a single leg and there's two for Dean. 8-3 after 2.
3rd Period- Rizgallah goes down and Dean is right back on the attack. He grabs a leg toward the edge but Rizgallah rolls them both out of bounds. Dean in again on a single, but Rizgallah doing a nice job scrambling. Takedown Dean and he'll ride out to win 11-4 with his riding time.

174 2nd Rd- #10 Mike Ottinger (CMU) vs. #7 Ty Wilps (Pittsburgh)- Mat 1
1st Period- No score after the first between these two PA natives.
2nd Period- Wilps takes bottom.  Ottinger grinds for 20 seconds but Wilps gets to his feet and gets out. Both guys pushing but no real shot attempts. They go out and we get a restart with :18. 1-0 Wilps.
3rd Period- Ottinger down. He's out right away. Wilps in on a shot with :45 to go, but Ottinger wrestles out of it.  Wilps up to a double and he gets it on the edge. He gets back pionts as well.  6-2 Wilps final.

165 2nd Rd- #13 Dan Yates (Michigan/Hesperia) vs. #4 Steven Monk (NDSU)- Mat 8
1st Period- We're scoreless after one.  No real offensive attempts from either side besides a couple of Monk headbutts.
2nd Period- Yates goes down.  Monk has a cradle locked up and he'll get the fall at 3:37.

157 2nd Rd- #12 Luke Smith (CMU) vs. #5 Isaac Jordan (Wisconsin)- Mat 3
1st Period- No score after 1.
2nd Period- Smith going down. He gets to his feet, Jordan lifts, and he hits a granby on the way down. He's out, 1 minute left in the period. Jordan in on a shot with :15 left, Smith sitting the corner and Smith almosts scores! Time runs out, nothing awarded. 1-0 Smith after 2.
3rd Period- Smith riding tough on top. 40 seconds in, stalemate called. He's got a leg in again and he's got Jordan worn down. Stalemate, :46 left. Smith has :26 riding. And on the restart Jordan gets up and out. 1-1 with under 30 to go. We're going to OT.
Sudden Victory 1- Jordan hits a high crotch, and Smith tries to sit the corner. Takedown Jordan. He's your winner.

149 2nd Rd- Matthew Frisch (Citadel/Oxford) vs. #15 Mitch Minotti (Lehigh)- Mat 1
2nd Period- It's 3-0 Minotti as I'm getting to it halfway thru the period. Minotti gets to a single and Frisch tries to sit the corner.  Minotti collects the leg and gets the 2. 5-0 through 2.
3rd Period- Frisch starts down. Minotti riding tough on top, he's over a minute riding. Frisch gets out late, but Minotti adds one more and wins 8-1.

149 2nd Rd- #9 Eric Grajales (Michigan) vs. #8 David Habat (Edinboro)- Mat5
1st Period- Grajales scores two takedowns and leads 4-1.
2nd Period- Habat up and out, Grajales with a NASTY headlock for five, then Habat reverses him. Escape and takedown for Grajales, 12-4.  Habat with a reversal. It's 12-6 and Grajales has 1:47 of riding.
3rd Period- Grajales gets out, Habat has a leg but no control given.  Now they review it.  No takedown.  :45 left, Grajales still up 13-6. A couple late TDs for Habat, but Grajales is your winner, 15-10. 

141 2nd Rd- #7 Zach Horan (CMU) vs. #10 Todd Preston (Harvard)- Mat 7
1st Period- It appears they awarded a takedown that was initially not called one.  Preston leads 2-0 after 1.
2nd Period- Preston goes down and he's out right away. 3-0.  Now Preston in on a single, Horan goes for the keylock tilt, but to no avail.  Preston gathers the other ankle, and there's 2. 5-0 after 2.
3rd Period- Horan starts down and gets a reversal quickly. Preston to his feet, and he's out. Horan couldn't muster anything late, and Preston gets the W.

141 2nd Rd- #13 Stephen Dutton (Michigan) vs. #4 Devin Carter (VA Tech)- Mat 4
1st Period- Late getting to it, but Dutton leads 3-2 halfway through the first. Carter out and gets another takedown, but comes out front to bundle, letting Dutton escape.  5-4 Carter.
2nd Period- Dutton goes down, gets out and gets to a shot, and he'll score on the edge! He leads 7-5. Carter up and out, 7-6 now. My vision was blocked but it appears Carter scores a takedown, and now leads Dutton 8-7.
3rd Period- Carter down and he escapes.  1 minute left, Carter still up 9-7. Late takedown by Carter should ice it, and it does. 11-7 final.

133 2nd Rd- Rossi Bruno (Michigan) vs. #2 AJ Schopp (Edinboro)- Mat 8

1st Period- Schopp takes a shot, and Bruno spins behind for 2!  Schopp reverses Bruno and now hes working hard on top.  No turns on top for Schopp, but he does get over a minute of riding.
2nd Period- Bruno starts underneath. Bruno warned for stalling, even though Schopp has an ankle hooked and is riding a side headlock. Schopp rides him out.
3rd Period- Schopp goes down and he's out right away. Schopp gets a takedown and subsequent rideout to win 6-2.

133 2nd Rd- #12 Joe Roth (CMU) vs. #5 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)- Mat 5
1st Period- Graff with two takedowns, leads 4-2 after 1.
2nd Period- Roth takes bottom.  And he gets to his feet.  4-3.  Graff with a nice single leg for 2. And he's up over a minute of riding time. Roth out and it's 6-4 after 2.
3rd Period- Graff starting down with 1:14 riding. Roth erases time and he's down three now. Another single for Graff, Roth tries to spin out but Graff secures the takedown. Graff out and it's 9-5 plus riding.  Roth in on a nice leg attack, but Graff fights out. 10-5 final for Graff.

125 2nd Rd- Jared Germaine (EMU/Swan Valley) vs. #10 David Terao (American)- Mat 1

1st Period- Terao with a nice slide by for a takedown.  2-0.  Germaine gets to his feet after a 30 second ride and he's out.  Ankle pick for Germaine, he leads 3-2. Terao out, 3-3. Germaine in on a single, Terao whizzering, and defends successfully. They award a takedown at the buzzer, EMU will challenge. And the call stands.
2nd Period- Germaine goes down and is out right away. Takedown Terao, escape Geramine. 7-5. Germaine called out of bounds on a takedown that he was clearly in on. Coach Bolyard not happy.  Germaine in on another single. Terao picks Germaine's ankle and they scramble around, Germaine comes out the back door and gets a takedown at the buzzer to tie it up!
3rd Period- Terao will start down.  Germaine tries to go the head but Terao reverses him to his back and now leads 11-7.  Restart with 1 minute left. Germaine gets the reversal and erases riding time.  It's 12-9 with :33 left. Germaine takes him down and tries to cut him but Terao just latches on and won't let him.  Finally lets him go with 5 seconds left but it's not enough.  13-11 Terao.

125 2nd Rd- #12 Tim Lambert (Nebraska/FHE) vs. #5 Dylan Peters (UNI)- Mat 5
1st Period- Peters catches Lambert stepping, scores with a low single.  Lambert up and out to cut the score in half. 2-1 after 1.
2nd Period- Peters starts on bottom. Lambert/Peters scrambling, but Lambert is accumulating riding time. Up over a minute now. Peters escapes just at the buzzer. Lambert's riding time is 1:24.
3rd Period- Lambert goes down and gets out, but Peters takes him down right away. 5-2.  Lambert out again quickly, 5-3 now. Peters with another takedown as he sits the corner for 2.  :45 sec left. Lambert with the reversal but it's not enough as Peters wins 7-5.

125 WB Pigtail- Corey Keener (CMU) vs. David White (Binghamton)- Mat 1
1st Period- White in on a shot and Keener is locked in the crotch.  White puts him on his hip, and hooks a leg for a takedown. White with a leg in now and he's riding tough. He power halfs Keener over, figure fours the head and gets the fall.