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MYWAY State Finals Preview: 13-14 year olds

By MI Grappler, 03/27/14, 12:00PM EDT


Future HS stars on display in Battle Creek

This age division is one of the best to watch every year at the MYWAY State Tournament is usually a pretty good preview of who will be the big name freshmen to watch at the high school level over the next couple of years.  Expect to see some great matchups and expect to see a good number of these kids in Auburn Hills over the next few years!

Featured Weight Class

Austin Boone of Lowell is one of a fleet of hammers in the 95lb bracket

This weight is absolutely loaded!  All four guys from the NE Regional alone could win this thing.  Tanner Culver (Hartland) was 4th at NE Regional and is a returning MYWAY State Champ who actually beat NE Regional Champ Kaleob Whitford (Inflict) at Regionals!  Eric Spidle (Donahoe) and Wyatt Scribner (Holly) are the other two studs from the NE Regional who are hammers to watch for in this bracket.

As if that was not enough - throw in returning State Champs Nick Freeman (WLC Blast) and Austin Boone (Lowell) and you have 6 State Champ caliber wrestlers in this chart.  Boone has been having a tremendous season, taking 2nd at the Tulsa Nationals and cruising through in-state competetion to this point while Freeman is not far behind taking 4th at Liberty and competing well at top-tier Dual Tournaments this year.

Day 1 will be filled with fireworks in this weight as Whitford-Boone will meet in the Quarterfinals and Freeman-Culver will meet in Round 2!  What is even worse is that if the bracket plays out then the loser of Freeman-Culver will likely wrestle the loser of Whitford-Boone in the Blood Round, meaning one of those stud hammers will likely not place this weekend!  What a weight!

Placing prediction: 1) Boone 2) Scribner 3) Whitford 4) Freeman 5) Spidle 6) Berry 7) Stovall 8) Atherton


Wrestlers to Watch

Here are some of the big-name individuals to watch for this weekend in the 99-00 age division.

80 - Devon Johnson (Shamrock)
85 - Noah Comar (Unaffiliated)
95 - Austin Boone (Lowell)
95 - Tanner Culver (Hartland)
95 - Nick Freeman (WLC Blast)
100 - Layne Malczewski (Dakota)
107 - Austin Franco (Lakeshore)
114 - Tyler Sanders (Dakota)
114 - Avery Mutschler (Lowell)
122 - Will Marano (Dearborn Hts)
122 - Jarrett Trombley (Corunna Cavaliers)
130 - McAllister McAvoy (Dundee)
145 - Austin Engle (Lowell)
145 - Enrique Hernandez (Hemlock)
170 - Tyler Moore (Modus Operandi)
195 - Trent Sexton (Clinton)

#1 Austin Franco (Lakeshore, 107lbs)
#19 Anthony Gonzalez (Pound for Pound, 122lbs)

Finals Predictions

70lbs - Ryan Sebesta (Dakota) over Austin Noe (Downriver)
75lbs - Robert Atland (Hart Attackers) over Nicholas Collyer (Branch County)
80lbs - Isaac Lefler (Unnat.) over Skyler Crespo (Modus Operandi)
85lbs - Chaise Mayer (Warren Pride) over Branson Proudluck (Unnat.)
90lbs - Michael Mars (Unnat.) over Anthony Mack (Dansville)
95lbs - Austin Boone (Lowell) over Wyatt Scribner (Holly Roughriders)
100lbs - Daniel Poupore (Unnat.) over Austin O'Hearon (Eaton Rapids)
107lbs - Austin Franco (Lakeshore) over Cameron Amine (Top Dog)
114lbs - Anthony Gibson (Shamrock) over Tyler Sanders (Dakota)
122lbs - Jarrett Trombley (Corunna) over Hunter Hohman (Northern Elite)
130lbs - Hunter Dart (Addison) over Brayden Kessler (Northern Elite) 
138lbs - Brian Case (Inflict) over Joseph Muzzin (Warrior Elite)
145lbs - Austin Engle (Lowell) over Trevor Sholtz (Lake Orion)
155lbs - David Kruse (Lowell) over Anthony Reo (Bombers WC)
170lbs - Tyler Moore (Modus Operandi) over Chase Gibson (Unnat.)
195lbs - Austin Emerson (Bedford) over Tyden Ferris (Delton)
220lbs - Joe Nagle (Comstock Park) over Bob Moore (Airport)
HWTA - Samuel Snyder (Essexville Sharks) over Jacob Caywood (Tecumseh)
HWTB - Ty Sinclair (Hastings) over Montez Person (Clio)


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13-14 Year Old Schedule

Friday 3/28
Session #1 - 12:00-3:30pm

Saturday 3/29
Parade of Champions - 2:45pm
Final Rounds - 3:00-5:00pm

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