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Flonationals Preview

By Steve Widzinski, 04/03/14, 1:30PM EDT


#1 seeded Ryan Prescott is one of 23 MI wrestlers to earn a preseed...



This weight is crazy deep. Given the 5lbs allowance, not only do you get many of the country’s top guys at 103/106, but it’s also a pretty reasonable cut for a high percentage of in-season 112/113lbrs. Hence, from a MI perspective we see 3 of the top 5 from the postseason P15 at 112. Of the group Lucas Hall has the most national credentials, but D1 state champs Max Johnson and Benny Gomez should be right in the thick of things as well. However, with Benny’s head-scratchingly low seed there’s a chance he could wrestle Lucas in the round of 16. If so, fireworks will fly. Both are absolute goers, and it should make for an action packed bout.

Seeded Wrestlers
#4 Lucas Hall, Lowell (10) – D2 (4-1)
2X GFC Champ
2013 Freakshow AA 

#5 Max Johnson, Davison (10) – D1 (X-1)

#13 Benny Gomez, Holt (11) – D1 (4-1-3)

Additional Competitors
Nino Bastianelli, Marysville (9) – D2 (8)
Bilal Berri, DH Crestwood (11) – D1 (X-X-X)
Justin Braford, Schoolcraft (10) – D4 (8-Q)
Jose Davila, Kent City (10) – D4 (X-X)
Kevin Fuller, Saline (11) – D1 (X-X-Q)
Davian Gowens, Hesperia (10) – D4 (4-1)
Grant Morrison, Brighton (10) – D1 (X-X)
Aaron Rehfeldt, Detroit CC (10) – D1 (X-X)
Jackson Renicker, Brighton (10) – D1 (8-Q)



There are no weak weights at this tournament, but this is certainly one of the more manageable ones to win. The depth is excellent, but as of now there aren’t any real world-beaters. All that to say; I think there’s a reasonable chance Devin Schroder wins this weight. He will need to be at his best, but if he wrestles as well as he did at the Palace last month I don’t see a reason he can’t beat any of the current entries. Additionally, Logan Griffin should be in the mix for an AA spot, and his efficient, low-scoring style should be a good fit for the college rules that are used at Flo.

Seeded Wrestlers
#3 Devin Schroder, GRCC (10) – D3 (1-1)
2012 Flo AA
2011 GFC AA

#7 Logan Griffin, Erie Mason (11) – D4 (2-1-1)
2012 USAW Cadet Folk AA

Addition Competitors
Kajaun Caldwell, Bloomfield Hills (10) – D1 (X-X)
Brendan Hazelton, L’Anse Creuse (11) – D1 (X-Q-5)
Alex Martinez, Ida (10) – D3 (2-4)
Clay Ragon, Dansville (10) – D4 (4-3)



Michigan will be very well represented at this weight, which may just be the toughest of the tournament. Lincoln Olson has absolutely dominated in-state competition throughout his HS career, and by the end of the season I thought he was wrestling as well I’ve ever seen from him. Trevor Zdebski and Mason Smith also ended the season on high notes, and could also be capable of making some serious noise this weekend. Given the talent present a top 8 finish on this chart would be quite the accomplishment, and I think all 3 of these guys are capable of achieving it. Also, the 119lbs spot on the postseason Dream Team is still very much up for grabs between, and will likely come down to how Zdebski/Smith fare.

Seeded Wrestlers
#8 Lincoln Olson, Davison (11) – D1 (1-1-1)
2013 GFC Champ
2012 USAW Junior FS AA
2011 USAW Cadet FS AA

#12 Trevor Zdebski, DCC (11) – D1 (3-3-1)

#13 Mason Smith, Clio (11) – D2 (4-1-1)
2012 Freakshow Champ
2012 JJ Classic Champ

Additional Competitors
Glenn Beardsley, Farwell (9) – D3 (3)
Lammont Cannon, Highland Park (11) – D4 (X-7-4)
Ahmed Dara, DH Crestwood (9) – D1 (X)
Derek Krajewski, Lowell (12) – D2 (X-Q-7-4)
Brendan Meek, Niles (11) – D2 (Q-Q-5)
Sean O’Hearon, Springport (9) – D4 (X)
Aaron Parr-Bessemer, Berkley (12) – D1/D2 (X-X-X-Q)
Matt Santos, Swan Valley (10) – D3 (2-4)
Dan Sayfie, GRCC (12) – D3 (X-X-Q-Q)



No MI boys cracked the seeds at this weight class, but, in my jaded opinion, Austin Thompson absolutely should have. The D2 champ came within a point of placing at this tournament last spring, and made substantial progress over the ensuing year. It will be a tough draw to overcome, but I would ne surprised in the slightest if Austin reaches the medal round.

Michigan Competitors
Carter Ballinger, Jonesville (12) – D4 (4-4-6-1)
Zeke Breuinger, Dexter (12) – D2 (X-Q-8-6)
Kevin Huynh, John Glenn (12) – D1 (X-X-X-4)
Courtland Lamberton, Niles (10) – D2 (X-X)
Austin Thompson, Marysville (11) – D1/D2 (Q-5-1)



Grant Turnmire was a surprise state champ this year who really seems to be coming into his own, but I’m not sure any of the MI guys registered here are on the level necessary to AA at a tournament of this caliber.

Additional Competitors
Matt Gudenau, West Bloomfield (11) – D1 (X-X-5)
Stahl McCoy, Highland Park (9) – D4 (X)
Zac Sharp, Schoolcraft (10) – D4 (Q-Q)
Grant Turnmire, Almont (11) – D3 (Q-7-1)



He’s coming off a monster state tournament, so look for Myles Amine to follow up with another big performance this weekend. Top-seeded Brock Zacherl of PA is a pretty heavy favorite, but beyond him I think Myles is the next best wrestler on the chart. Alec Ward and Nick Burg also earned seeds and will be threats. Additionally, Logan Parks is an absolute hammer that I think is due for a breakout national performance, and Austin Hughes is also capable of a run.

Seeded Wrestlers
#4 Myles Amine, DCC (11) – D1 (Q-3-1)

#15 Alec Ward, Greenville (12) – D2 (X-5-7-2)
013 GFC AA

#16 Nick Burg, Richmond (12) – D3 (X-3-2-3)

Additional Competitors
Collin Arnold, Jackson NW (9) – D2 (X)
Jacob Balogh, Southgate Anderson (11) – D1 (X-X-8)
Austin Hughes, Saginaw Nouvel (12) – D4 (5-3-2-3)
Noah Jakubas, Jackson NW (9) – D2 (X)
Connor McDill, Utica Eisenhower (11) – D1 (7-X-Q)
Logan Parks, Southgate Anderson (11) – D1 (X-Q-3)



This is a pretty well rounded MI contingent, but it would take a few big time upsets for anyone listed to crack the top 8. Of the current entries, I am most interested to see how super freshman Brenden McRill fares against elite competition.

Michigan Competitors
Gary Brown, Berkeley (11) – D1/D2 (X-X-X)
Nichols Brunt, L’Anse Creuse (11) – D1 (X-X-X)
Milik Dawkins, FCA (11) – D1 (X-6-Q)
Kamyab Kamali, East Lansing (11) – D1 (X-Q-Q)
Brenden McRill, Davison (9) – D1 (5)
Quentin Santiago, Wyandotte Roosevelt (12) – D1 (X-6-8-Q)
Nolan Tom, Sturgis (10) – D2 (X-X)



Devin Skatzka placed at Flo last year, but still has yet to really have a signature performance on the national level. I think that changes this weekend, and he asserts his status as a top recruit heading into his final offseason with a top 3 finish. TJ Barnes should also be in the mix to AA, and could draw some interest as one of the state’s top unsigned seiors.

Seeded Wrestlers
#4 Devin Skatzka, Richmond (11) – D3 (1-1-1)
2013 Flo AA

#8 TJ Barnes, Summit Academy (12) – D2/D3 (X-Q-3-2)

Additional Competitors
Jake Brock, Southfield (10) – D2 (X-X)
Luke Carver, Sturgis (10) – D2 (X-Q)
Trenton Holyfield, Hamilton (11) – D2 (X-X-6)
Alex Phillips, Ida (11) – D3 (X-X-X)
Matt Potter, Grandville CC (12) – D4 (X-Q-X-Q)
Ali Rashad, Highland Park (12) – D4 (X-X-Q-2)



Dakota Juarez made a name for himself with a runner-up finish at Senior Nationals last weekend, and he will look to carry that momentum over to Flo. IL’s Xavier Montalvo is a pretty heavy favorite to win this weight, but based on Juarez’s most recent performance I don’t think an upset is out of the question. Logan Ritchie will be right in the mix as well, and I see him making the blood round with a solid shot to place.

Seeded Wrestlers

#2 Dakota Juarez, Grand Haven (12) – D1 (7-3-4-2)
2014 NHSCA Senior National RU

2013 Flo AA

#11 Logan Ritchie, New Boston Huron (11) – D2 (6-4-1)
2013 GFC AA

Additional Competitors
Tyler Morland, Detroit CC (9) – D1 (X)
John Penfold, Goodrich (10) – D2 (X-X)
Kane Williams, Clio (9) – D2 (Q)



Max Dean is coming off an eye-opening performance during the final few weeks of the HS season, and is making a strong argument to be ranked as the state’s top sophomore this spring. Also a sophomore, Devon Pingel fell to Dean in the state finals last month and will be looking for a rematch. I fully expect both to AA, and I could see them potentially wrestling each other for 3rd/4th.

Seeded Wrestlers
#5 Max Dean, Lowell (10) – D2 (6-1)

#7 Devon Pingle, North Branch (10) – D2 (1-2)
2013 GFC AA



This isn’t a particularly deep weight, and I think there are reasonably strong odds that all 3 MI entrants finish on the podium. Derek Hillman had a disappointing finish to what was otherwise a spectacular senior season. I think he’s in for a big bounce back performance, and wouldn’t be shocked if he were to win the whole tournament.

Seeded Wrestlers
#4 Derek Hillman, Woodhaven (12) – D1 (X-Q-4-2)
2013 Super 32 AA
2013 GFC AA

#6 Jacob Cooper, Springport (11) – D4 (2-1-1)
 2013 USAW Cadet Folk AA

Additional Competitors
Shane Rodenburg, Kent City (11) – D4 (5-3-2)


195 - No Michigan Entrants 



Jordon Brandon made his mark with a 5th place finish at Flo last year, and now is back to finish the job as a senior. He seems likely to clash with GA’s Michael Boykin finals matchup where Brandon would be the underdog, but is also very capable of winning. Stud sophomore Landon Pelham will also be in the hunt, and his dangerous style could spell trouble in a potential semis matchup with Boykin.

Seeded Wrestlers
#2 Jordon Brandon, John Glenn (12) – D1 (X-X-2-1)
2013 Flo AA
2013 Disney Duals Gold Medalist

#5 Landon Pelham, Tecumseh (10) – D2 (6-5)
2012 USAW Cadet FS RU
2012 USAW Cadet GR RU
2012 USAW Cadet Folk AA

Additional Competitors
Ali Beydoun, DH Crestwood (11) – D1 (X-X-X)
George Lahar, Birch Run (11) – D3 (X-X-3)
Cody Tis, Southgate Anderson (11) – D1 (X-X-Q)



As far as heavyweight goes, this is a deep, balanced weight class that could unfold in many different ways. The top seed belong to Ryan Prescott, but there are plenty of additional title contenders. One such contender is Brian Darios, who could very possibly meet Prescott in an all-Michigan semifinal.

Seeded Wrestlers
#1 Ryan Prescott, Whittemore Prescott (11) – D4 (2-1-1)
2013 Flo AA
2011 GFC RU

#5 Brian Darios, East Lansing (11) – D1 (X-7-2)
2X GFC AA/1X Champ

Additional Competitors
Justin Hollins, West Bloomfield (11) – D1 (X-X-7)
Ali Wahab, DH Crestwood (10) – D1 (X-Q)


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