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Show Me Nationals - Grows 27% in second year.

By Editor, 11/13/14, 4:30PM EST


26 States Heading to St. Louis, MO.

The Show Me Nationals - St. Louis, Missouri on November 29, 2014.

We conducted a survey at the end of the RMN Events season in May following the 2013-14 season looking ahead to the up and coming season.  The following questions were asked:

  • Would you come back and participate and do you think, this time around more members from your team would attend?
  • How many wrestlers attended last season from your team and how many would you say realistically would participate this time?
  • Would you vote to the move the event to the weekend before Thanksgiving?

It was re-assuring to hear a lot of positive feedback from the people that participated in the Show Me Nationals first year in St. Louis, Missouri in 2013. Our goal will be to continue to meet the expectations of coaches, parents and the wrestlers and keeping everyone a part of the decisions for this event is very important to us.

The state of Missouri is very well known for attracting top competitors to their tournament and we will work hard to continue that tradition by hosting a wrestling tournament that brings different styles of wrestling and good competition from various parts of the U.S.

This year, we will continue to improve by bringing a fun and exciting event to the state of Missouri. With the support of NUWAY this year, teams from Michigan and Illinois are now showing up in bus loads. The Show Me Nationals will be awarding custom hand crafted championship belts to all the 1st place champions and huge custom made medals for 2nd – 6th place. There are very few tournaments that offer awards like this anymore and we are committed to make this one of the top events Missouri has to offer.