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MIG Recruiting Rankings - Michigan's Top Seniors (c/o 2017)

By Steve Widzinski, 09/02/16, 12:30PM EDT


Embree headlines c/o 2017 heading into senior season

Top 50 Senior Recruits (Class of 2017)

Name, 2015-16 W tClass State Placings School Pr Wt College Commitment
1 Jelani Embree, 171 (X-3-1) Warren Lincoln 184 Michigan
2 Trent Hillger, 285 (4-1-1) Lake Fenton 285 Wisconsin
3 Ben Freeman, 135 (1-1-1) Walled Lake Central 149 Michigan
4 Tyler Morland, 171 (X-3-1) Detroit CC 184 Northwestern
5 Dominic Lajoie, 119 (1-1-2) Gaylord 133 Cornell
6 Brenden McRill, 189 (5-3-1) Davison 184 West Virginia
7 Jared Roehl, 189 (6-1-2) Millington 197 Central Michigan
8 Drew Marten, 125 (Q-4-1) Tecumseh 133 Central Michigan
9 Rayvon Foley, 103 (X-6-2) AA Pioneer 125
10 Sean Sterling, 152 (4-3-1) Dundee 157 Central Michigan
11 Kameron Bush, 152 (7-3-1) Grandville 157 Central Michigan
12 Nathan Atienza, 145 (8-2-1) Livonia Franklin 165 Michigan State
13 Nick Jenkins, 285 (X-6-1) Detroit CC 285 Central Michigan
14 Chase Beard, 285 (5-2-X) Allegan 197 Michigan State
15 Reece Hughes, 140 (X-3-1) Hartland 149 Michigan
16 Collin Lieber, 152 (2-3-2) Croswell Lexington 174 Central Michigan
17 Noah Schoenherr, 130 (Q-2-1) Bay City Western 141
18 Donte Rivera-Garcia, 125 (7-2-2) Southgate Anderson 133 Lincoln (NJCAA)
19 Brad Wilton, 189 (X-6-2) Mason 197 Michigan State
20 Ryan Vasbinder, 189 (Q-4-3) Byron Center 197
21 Glenn Beardsley, 145 (3-3-X) Farwell 157
22 Kane Williams, 189 (Q-Q-5) Clio 184
23 Hunter Gasper, 160 (Q-1-X) Chesaning 165
24 Sam Greco, 171 (Q-6-X) Grandville 184
25 Elijuh Weaver, 112 (X-2-1) Warren Woods Tower 125
26 Jack Medley, 112 (7-7-3) Anchor Bay 133 Michigan
27 Kolin Leyrer, 152 (Q-Q-4) Holt 165 Eastern Michigan
28 Bret Fedewa, 152 (Q-Q-5) St. Johns 165
29 Xavier Graham, 125 (Q-Q-3) Brownstown Woodhaven 141
30 Connor Charping, 160 (Q-4-2) Trenton 165
31 John Siemasz, 135 (3-X-2) Westland John Glenn 133 Lake Erie College (D-II)
32 Lucas McFarland, 160 (Q-X-Q) DeWitt 157
33 Robert LeFevre, 119 (3-2-1) Erie Mason 133
34 Cash Thompson, 171 (X-Q-1) Lakewood 197 Ohio Northern (D-III)
35 Sean O'Hearon, 135 (X-4-1) Springport 149 Lake Erie College (D-II)
36 Trent Lashuay, 135 (7-7-2) St. Johns 141
37 Luke Raczkowski, 135 (Q-2-3) Parma Western 149
38 Pat DePiazza, 285 (X-Q-4) Cedar Springs 285
39 Ethan Woods, 130 (6-2-2) Manchester 141 Stanford
40 Devon Kozel, 215 (Q-4-2) Bangor 285
41 Nick Cooper, 189 (Q-2-1) Springport 197
42 Cameron Mahlich, 112 (8-1-4) Ionia 125
43 Dante Latora, 135 (X-5-Q) Portage Central 149
44 Noah Nieman, 135 (X-3-4) Blissfield 157
45 Erik Birchmeier, 171 (X-Q-1) New Lothrop 174
46 Spencer Good, 112 (X-6-1) Lumen Christi 125
47 Nolan Saxton, 130 (7-5-5) Chippewa Hills 133 Central Michigan
48 Hunter Corcoran, 125 (X-3-4) Lake Fenton 133
49 Matt Heaps, 145 (Q-Q-6) Portage Northern 157
50 Will Feldkamp, 171 (X-X-4) Dexter 197 Northern Illinois


Name, 2015-16 Wt Class State Placings School College Comittment
Anthony Gallagher, 103 (X-X-1) Perry
Drew Hutchison, 112 (Q-Q-5) Clio
David Helmuth, 119 (X-Q-2) Decatur
Kyle French, 119 (Q-Q-5) Marysville
Jack Snauko, 125 (X-Q-Q) Grand Ledge
Warren Stanfield, 130 (X-X-4) North Farmington
Mitch Findieson, 135 (X-Q-4) Niles
JD Greathouse, 135 (X-X-5) Mason Indiana
Brett Bastianelli, 140 (8-6-6) Marysville Brown
Brady Payne, 140 (X-8-3) Millingotn
Danny Pfeffer, 140 (Q-Q-Q) Fraser
Coby Moore, 145 (Q-Q-4) Bay City Western
Dawson Blank, 145 (X-X-3) Linden
Beau Caster, 152 (X-Q-6) Marquette
Hunter Grasso, 152 (X-Q-8) Brownstown Woodhaven
Jacob Shoop, 152 (Q-8-3) Mason County Central Grand View (NAIA)
Dylan Tarrence, 160 (X-Q-7) Flint Kearsley
Gabe Larner, 171 (X-X-5) DeWitt
Dylan Powers, 171 (X-X-6) Saline Eastern Michigan
Hunter Schneider, 171 (X-X-4) Midland
Nick Humphrey, 189 (X-Q-4) Monroe Jefferson Tennessee (Football)
Trevor Piggott, 189 (X-Q-8) Ionia
Dominick Reo, 189 (X-Q-3) Paw Paw
Eli Boulton, 215 (X-X-2) Lowell
Logan Kennedy, 285 (7-Q-2) Decatur


Name, 15-16 Wt Class State Placings School College Commitment
AJ Geyer, 103 (X-Q-2) Lake Fenton
Seth Harvey, 112 (Q-1-Q) Addison
Roy Costello, 112 (X-4-4) Richmond
Jeremiah Durian, 112 (Q-6-X) Bloomingdale
Andrew Flick, 112 (7-3-7) Niles
Cole Janes, 112 (X-Q-7) Grand Ledge
Nolan Klapec, 112 (Q-X-Q) Lakeland
Emilio Sanchez, 112 (Q-Q-Q) St. Johns
Jeff Crouch, 119 (X-X-5) Benzie Central
Connor Krupp, 119 (6-5-X) New Lothrop
Kemonte Simons, 119 (X-Q-6) Southfield
Austin Wieczorek, 119 (X-Q-Q) East Kentwood
Spencer Fox, 125 (X-7-3) Schoolcraft
Cooper Gunnells, 125 (X-X-6) Brooklyn Columbia Central
Keenan Gunnells, 125 (X-X-5) Brooklyn Columbia Central
Brandon Riggins, 125 (X-X-Q) Jackson
Sam Russell, 125 (Q-5-Q) Lowell
Lee Grabowski, 130 (X-Q-Q) Brighton
Branden Hall, 130 (X-7-Q) Niles
Andrew Hansen, 130 (X-Q-6) Rockford
Christian Lefler, 130 (X-X-8) Mayville
Mason Rife, 130 (7-6-6) Webberville
Ryan Schlack, 130 (X-Q-Q) Davison
Garnett Potter, 130 (X-8-Q) Hartland
Camden Alden, 135 (X-8-8) Charlevoix
Jimmy Muscato, 135 (X-X-7) Pinckney
Konnor Holton, 140 (7-X-2) St. Louis
Ethan May, 140 (Q-Q-3) Decatur
Kyle Naragon, 140 (X-X-7) Birch Run
Jackson Rickman, 140 (X-X-7) Trenton
Vinny Vackaro, 140 (X-Q-X) Oxford
Ben Behrenwald, 145 (X-X-5) Howard City Tri County
Bryce Dempsey, 145 (X-X-6) Lowell
JoJo Dowdell, 145 (X-Q-7) Whitehall
Cole Kemper, 145 (X-Q-Q) Grand Blanc
Hayden Maus, 145 (X-X-8) Portland
Stahl McCoy, 145 (X-Q-8) Hamtramck
Alex Motylinski, 145 (X-X-6) Dundee
Erik Rittenger, 145 (X-X-8) Caledonia
Levi Six, 145 (X-6-X) Fruitport
David Dumond, 160 (X-Q-5) Corunna
Tanner Gonzales, 160 (X-7-6) Manistique Ellsworth (NJCAA)
Kolten Lauer, 160 (X-Q-X) Perry
Trevor Patterson, 160 (X-6-X) Chesaning
Cameron Pietrzykowski, 160 (X-X-8) Portage Northern
Shermond Dabney, 171 (X-Q-8) Orchard Lk St Marys
David Erwin, 171 (Q-X-4) Bronson
Jonathan Stid, 171 (X-X-5) Dansville
Tyler Grames, 189 (Q-Q-4) Hudson
TJ Moore, 189 (X-Q-6) Cass City
Dalton Ballantine, 215 (X--4-X) Clio
Caleb Bangerter, 215 (X-X-3) Blissfield
Nathan Caudill, 215 (X-Q-4) Bronson
Zach Kramer, 215 (X-X-7) Monroe
Austin Popp, 215 (X-Q-5) Clinton
Jack Ross, 215 (X-X-6) Detroit CC
Ronald Roland, 215 (X-Q-Q) Flint Carman Ainsworth
Zach Bailey, 285 (X-X-4) Gladstone
Brock Johnson, 285 (X-X-4) Muskegon CC
Brad Gierman, 285 (X-7-3) Brown City


Below is a breakdown of Michigan's Top 10 senior recruits heading into the season.

1. Jelani Embree (Warren Lincoln)
Proj College Weight - 184
Embree won his first state title but it is his national resume that puts him atop this list.  He was a double Junior all-american in Fargo last year, including a 3rd place finish in Junior Freestyle despite moving up a weight to 182 after wrestling 170 in greco.  He is also a past UWW Cadet Freestyle National Champ.  He is verbally committed to the University of Michigan and currently sits #3 in the national rankings at 182lbs.

2. Trent Hillger (Lake Fenton)
Proj College Weight - 285
Hillger is the prototype college heavyweight and has blown through the D3 State Tournament the last two years at 215 his sophomore year and up at heavyweight last year.  A big time football player, you do not see him much nationally but he did wrestle at the Junior Duals last summer, going undefeated in Freestyle with some big wins including a win over Carter Isley who was 4th in Fargo.  He is currently ranked #4 in the country by FloWrestling.  He is without doubt the biggest un-comitted prospect in this senior class.  His college plans are unknown but it has been known that he is undecided between wrestling or playing football at the next level.

3. Ben Freeman (Walled Lake Central)
Proj College Weight - 149
Freeman will look to be the next 4x State Champ in MI this year and his national resume continues to grow as he was 3rd in Junior Greco this summer in Fargo and a match from placing in freestyle.  A returning GFC runner-up and FloNational Runner-Up, Freeman has shown the ability to compete with the best kids in the country throughout his career and seems to be a sure bet to compete well at the D1 level in college.  He is ranked #13 in the country at 138lbs and is committed to the University of Michigan.

4. Tyler Morland (Detroit Catholic Central)
Proj College Weight - 174
Morland probably proved the most over the summer with his Junior Freestyle All-American finish.  He also won his first state title last season.  He has great wrestling sense and mat wrestling skills for a bigger guy and now that he has proven himself nationally, he should be one of the biggest targets to recruit out of the state of Michigan.  He is currently ranked #14 nationally by FloWrestling.

5. Dom Lajoie (Gaylord)
Proj College Weight - 125/133
Any questions that were raised by his first state tournament loss last spring were quickly answered over the summer as Lajoie had the best Fargo showing of his life placing 4th in both styles at the Junior Nationals.  He is currently ranked #11 in the country and his ability to grind through tough matches and beat some of the best kids in the country should make him a very attractive lightweight for most colleges.

6. Brenden McRill (Davison)
Proj College Weight - 184/197
McRill is now a 3x state placer and returning 189lb state champ.  He is extremely athletic for a college 184/197lber and is a standout quarterback for the Davison football team.  His football comittments keep him out of most national competition so he flies under some radars but if he chooses to wrestle in college he should have tremendous upside once he begins wrestling year-round.  A very-athletic junior state champ at 189 and star quarterback brings deja-vu of Gabe Dean in high school.

7. Jared Roehl (Millington)
Proj College Weight - 197
Roehl flies under most radars because he has not wrestled much off-season or out-of-state, however, his career has been very impressive.  He was state runner-up last year to nationally ranked Brandon Whitman, losing a close 2-1 finals match.  His only other loss last year was to D1 Champ (#6 on this list) Brenden McRill.  He was undefeated state champ at 189 his sophomore year and his freshman year he lost 4-2 to eventual champ Zack Donahue in the 171lb semifinals before injury defaulting out.  In that freshman state tournament he actually beat Trent Hillger (#2 on this list).  He has the tools to be a great pickup for a college in need of a 197lber.

8. Drew Marten (Tecumseh)
Proj College Weight - 141
Marten emerged last March when he knocked off nationally ranked 2x state champ and current MSU freshman Lucas Hall in the State Finals.  He has been very active in the off-season, competing well at the UWW Cadet Nationals and Fargo.  Marten is definitely on the way up as he continues to get better throughout his career and should be a solid 133/141 at the next level.

9. Rayvon Foley (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
Proj College Weight - 125
Foley's national resume has been outstanding the last 12 months.  He won the Grappler Fall Classic and was Junior Freestyle Runner-Up this summer.  He lost a tough state finals match to Cadet Double All-American Ben Kamali, but his total body of work has been very consistent and very impressive as he has competed well and beaten many of the top lightweights in the country.  His talent and ability is unquestionable, but the biggest question mark with Foley is probably his size as he has been 103 thus far in his career, however, he is up to 112 for the GFC this year, has the frame to add some weight in college and a lifetime 125lber is hard to find.

10. Sean Sterling (Dundee)
Proj College Weight - 157
Sterling has been top 4 in the state every year in high school including a state title last year at 152lbs in which he beat another top senior this year in Collin Lieber (#16) in the finals.  He had 3 in-state losses last year all to State Champions and he broke out nationally with a 6th place finish at the FloNationals last spring and was also 6-1 at the Grand River Rumble.  He is a gritty wrestler who can wrestle well from all positions and if he does not commit early will be one of the top guys out of Michigan in the late signing period.