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GFC 2016 Final Results

By GFC Staff, 10/04/16, 6:30AM EDT



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High School Elite Division

1st Place - Jesse Mendez of IN
2nd Place - Riley Bettich of MI
3rd Place - Joshua Barr of MI
4th Place - Connor Williams of FL
5th Place - Thomas Deck of KY
6th Place - Sam Freeman of MI
7th Place - Robbie Altland of MI
8th Place - Mojahid Ahmed of MI

1st Place - Noah Horst of TN
2nd Place - Hunter Olson of OH
3rd Place - Reese Fry of MI
4th Place - Devon Johnsen of MI
5th Place - Nickolas Alayan of MI
6th Place - Luc Valdez of IL
7th Place - Logan Bailey of IN
8th Place - Andrew Hughes of MI

1st Place - Rayvon Foley of MI
2nd Place - Jake Canitano of OH
3rd Place - Corey Gamet of MI
4th Place - Hunter Whitman of IN
5th Place - Blake Saito of OH
6th Place - Donavan Ortiz of FL
7th Place - Brendan Zelenka of MI
8th Place - Andy Graham of OH

Elite - 119
1st Place - Carson Manville of VA
2nd Place - Mike Mars of MI
3rd Place - Jordan Crace of OH
4th Place - Branson Proudlock of MI
5th Place - Benyamin Kamali of MI
6th Place - Austin Franco of MI
7th Place - Logan Heil of OH
8th Place - Sean McKenna of IL

1st Place - Carlos Champagne of IL
2nd Place - A.J. Facundo of MI
3rd Place - Eric Bartos of OH
4th Place - Kaleob Whitford of MI
5th Place - James Whitaker of MI
6th Place - Donte Rivera-Garcia of MI
7th Place - Kyle French of MI
8th Place - Hunter Corcoran of MI

st Place - Kevon Davenport of MI
2nd Place - Angel Perez of FL
3rd Place - Hector Colom of NY
4th Place - Adam Davis of PA
5th Place - Victor Schoenherr of MI
6th Place - Jack Tangen of IL
7th Place - Kaleb Louis of WI
8th Place - Tim Wright of IN

1st Place - Grant Aronoff of FL
2nd Place - Breyden Bailey of IN
3rd Place - Paul Konrath of IN
4th Place - Trent Lashuay of MI
5th Place - Nick Freeman of MI
6th Place - Austin Boone of MI
7th Place - Donnell Washington of IL
8th Place - Lamonte Chapman of OH

1st Place - Ben Freeman of MI
2nd Place - Franco Valds of FL
3rd Place - Nolan Saxton of MI
4th Place - John Siemasz of MI
5th Place - Noah Schoenherr of MI
6th Place - Gary Gottschalk of OH
7th Place - Patrick Ryan of IL
8th Place - Sean Ohearon of MI

1st Place - Markus Hartman of IL
2nd Place - Cameron Amine of MI
3rd Place - Gary Define of OH
4th Place - Garrett Model of WI
5th Place - Bryce Marcus of FL
6th Place - Brian Case of MI
7th Place - Alec Rees of MI
8th Place - Rahman Johnson of IL

1st Place - Colt Yinger of OH
2nd Place - Kyle Hatch of IN
3rd Place - Bret Fedewa of MI
4th Place - Kam Bush of MI
5th Place - Alex Cramer of IL
6th Place - Kurtis Ortman of MI
7th Place - Jaydon Elge of NE
8th Place - Bilal Bailey of IL

1st Place - Nick Kiussis of OH
2nd Place - Ryan Thomas of OH
3rd Place - Brad Laughlin of IN
4th Place - Robert Patrick of PA
5th Place - Lucas McFarland of MI
6th Place - Dylan Tarrence of MI
7th Place - Shane Gantz of WI
8th Place - Angel Del Cueto of FL

1st Place - Zachary Braunagel of IL
2nd Place - Collin Lieber of MI
3rd Place - Ashton Eyler of OH
4th Place - Matthew Heaps of MI
5th Place - Nino Bastianelli of MI
6th Place - Nick Lindsey of MI
7th Place - Drake Pauwels of MI
8th Place - Dominic Vasquez of MI

1st Place - Kordell Norfleet of IL
2nd Place - Jared Ball of OH
3rd Place - WIlliam Feldkamp of MI
4th Place - Kavan Sarver of OH
5th Place - Cash Thompson of MI
6th Place - Tyler Glave of MI
7th Place - Beau Yineman of WI
8th Place - Nick Brandt of MI

1st Place - Ryan Vasbinder of MI
2nd Place - Diata Drayton of IL
3rd Place - Eli Boulton of MI
4th Place - David Griffet of IL
5th Place - Trevor Piggott of MI
6th Place - Donald Moses of MI
7th Place - Chase Gibson of MI
8th Place - Zachary Kramer of MI

1st Place - Devon Kozel of MI
2nd Place - Chase Beard of MI
3rd Place - Zach Muller of Unattached
4th Place - Patrick Depiazza of MI
5th Place - JaWuan Peete of MI
6th Place - Jacob Rhoades of IN
7th Place - Logan Kennedy of MI
8th Place - Luke Tromp of MI

Middle School Division

1st Place - Brandon Cannon of OH
2nd Place - Dylan Gilcher of MI
3rd Place - Nolan Wertanen of MI
4th Place - Hayden Whidden of FL
5th Place - Anthony Walker of MI
6th Place - Braxton Vest of IN
7th Place - Blake Walker of FL
8th Place - Alexander Walker of FL

1st Place - Alec Hunter of WI
2nd Place - Joel Mylin of IL
3rd Place - Aiden Davis of MI
4th Place - Darius Marines of MI
5th Place - Cameron Litaker of MI
6th Place - Deegan Herman of MI

1st Place - Casey Swiderski of MI
2nd Place - Nasir Bailey of IL
3rd Place - Jacob Halsey of MI
4th Place - Gavin Owens of OH
5th Place - Cooper Davidson-Haase of FL
6th Place - Isaac Ruble of IN
7th Place - Logan Cravatas of OH
8th Place - Koy Bronkema of MI

1st Place - Brendon Abdon of FL
2nd Place - Nolan Gessler of OH
3rd Place - Mikey Lewarchick of OH
4th Place - Trey Bates of TN
5th Place - Tom Crook of FL
6th Place - Damari Reed of IL
7th Place - Austin Fietz of MI
8th Place - Hunter Keller of MI

1st Place - Jesse Mendez of IN
2nd Place - Logan Brown of MI
3rd Place - Garett Lautzenheiser of OH
4th Place - Micah Hanau of MI
5th Place - Joshua Pelzer of IA
6th Place - Caleb Tyus of IL
7th Place - Cooper Willis of WI
8th Place - Jesse Brumm of MI

1st Place - Noah Gochberg of TX
2nd Place - Zeke Seltzer of IN
3rd Place - Noah Mis of IN
4th Place - Jack Crook of FL
5th Place - Max Brown of MI
6th Place - Caine Tyus of IL
7th Place - Connor Voltz of OH
8th Place - Diesel Duncan of IN

1st Place - Dylan Kohn of FL
2nd Place - Derek Fields of OH
3rd Place - Tyler Swiderski of MI
4th Place - Danil Korochenskiy of FL
5th Place - Hayden Cook of MI

1st Place - Alek Martin of OH
2nd Place - Dominick A. Lomazzo of MI
3rd Place - Clint (Deuce) Brown of OH
4th Place - Connor Gaynor of IL
5th Place - Zach Johnson of MI
6th Place - James Smith of IN
7th Place - Julius Polk of MI
8th Place - Grant Galliway of MI

1st Place - Darian Estevez of FL
2nd Place - Justin Van Vaerenbergn of Unattached
3rd Place - Brayden Thompson of IL
4th Place - Ira (Alexander) Jenkins of MI
5th Place - Devon Bell of IN
6th Place - Mykel Riordan of MI
7th Place - Orlando Cruz of IN
8th Place - Kyle Terry of IN

1st Place - Stoney Buell of MI
2nd Place - Noah Ewen of OH
3rd Place - Tyler Angus of OH
4th Place - Peyton Bechtold of IL
5th Place - Clayton Whiting of WI
6th Place - Manuel Rojas of MI
7th Place - Mitchell Broskie of OH
8th Place - Raul Soto Jr of FL

1st Place - Peyton Craft of OH
2nd Place - Brenden Severs of OH
3rd Place - Raymond Ellis of Unattached
4th Place - Vincent Scaramuzzino of MI
5th Place - Adrien Cramer of IL
6th Place - John Browning of MI
7th Place - Lincoln Pritchard of MI
8th Place - Cameron Piercy of OH

1st Place - Logan Young of MI
2nd Place - Joshua Boggan of MI
3rd Place - Justin Miller of IL
4th Place - Robert Bowman of IN

1st Place - Wyatt Guoan of MI


1st - Jonah Mcpherson of MI

1st Place - Grey Burnett of OH
2nd Place - Brady Baker of MI
3rd Place - Mazzy Lambert of MI
4th Place - Jaxon Foote of MI
5th Place - Bryce Holt of MI

1st Place - Jackson Blum of MI
2nd Place - Grayson Fuchs of MI
3rd Place - Blake Bartos of OH
4th Place - Carl Nihranz Iv of MI
5th Place - Maxwell Edwards of OH
6th Place - Meyer Murray of MI
7th Place - Ross Bettich of MI

1st Place - Seth Mendoza of IL
2nd Place - Jericho Quinter of OH
3rd Place - Adam Polk of MI
4th Place - Lucas Peters of WI
5th Place - Ty Wilson of OH
6th Place - Aiden Hays of OH
7th Place - Cameron Chinavare of MI
8th Place - Israel Waite of MI

1st Place - Louden Stradling of MI
2nd Place - Bruce Rodkey Iii of OH
3rd Place - Ethan Purdy of NY
4th Place - Cole Evans of OH
5th Place - Zachary Welker of WI

1st Place - Brandon Cannon of OH
2nd Place - Braeden Davis of MI
3rd Place - Elijah Spencer of OH
4th Place - Renzo Morgan of IL
5th Place - Pierson Manville of VA
6th Place - Kaden Chinavare of MI
7th Place - Blake Paige of MI
8th Place - Gavin Greathouse of OH

1st Place - Aiden Davis of MI
2nd Place - Ryan Stowers of OH
3rd Place - Colin Young of IL
4th Place - Wyatt Jenkins of MI

1st Place - Cooper Davidson-Haase of FL
2nd Place - Kamden Hughes of OH
3rd Place - Jonathan Reini of MI
4th Place - Cory Thomas of MI
5th Place - Logan Montoya of OH
6th Place - Alyssa Rodkey of OH

1st Place - Aaron Cramer of IL
2nd Place - Conner Shaw of NY

1st Place - Mikus Bishop of MI
2nd Place - Luke Liberatore of IL
3rd Place - Reid Schroeder of IN
4th Place - Jack Seacrist of IL
5th Place - Travis Richardson of MI
6th Place - Landon Purdue of MI

1st Place - Jacob Liberatore of IL
2nd Place - Carter Neves of OH
3rd Place - Danil Korochenskiy of FL

1st Place - Isabella Awishes of MI


1st Place - Anthony Talamonti of IL
2nd Place - Derek Fields of OH
3rd Place - Luis Peraza of FL
4th Place - Tyler Swiderski of MI

1st Place - Reese Darrow of MI
2nd Place - Cameron Edwards of OH
3rd Place - Jacob Osmolinski of MI
4th Place - Julian Hernandez of FL

1st Place - Gavin Ritter of OH
2nd Place - Kyle Gruber of OH
3rd Place - Derek Gilcher of MI
4th Place - Shawn Sparacino of IL

1st Place - Mason Gosnell of FL
2nd Place - Zac Weiler of WI
3rd Place - Zack Luis of FL
4th Place - Chris Lilly of MI

1st Place - Devin Kohn of FL
2nd Place - Seth Konynenbelt of MI
3rd Place - Jarrett Bischoff of OH
4th Place - Logan Sanom of MI

1st Place - Dylan Cook of OH
2nd Place - Dane Donabedian of MI
3rd Place - Matthew Grant of MI
4th Place - Daniel Pino of MI

1st Place - Nathan Wynsma of MI
2nd Place - Austin Moore of IN
3rd Place - Elliott Rodgers of IN
4th Place - Jeffrey Jones of MI

1st Place - Tomas Castaneda of OH
2nd Place - Austin Ohearon of MI
3rd Place - Chase Bates of MI
4th Place - Max Ehlen of WI

1st Place - J.t. Mullins of MI
2nd Place - Anthony Johnson of MI
3rd Place - Jake Roberts of MI
4th Place - Cross Gonzalez of MI

1st Place - Logan Broskie of OH
2nd Place - Michael Fernandez of FL
3rd Place - Jorge Benitez of FL
4th Place - Davin Simpson of MI

1st Place - Jacob Smith of MI
2nd Place - Trent Davis of OH
3rd Place - Scott Bauer of IL
4th Place - Zsigmond Squiers of MI

1st Place - Tyler Delooff of MI
2nd Place - Parker Nowak of MI
3rd Place - Devon Forest of MI
4th Place - Schirmers Trace of MI