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GFC competitors shine at State Championships

By GFC Staff, 03/29/17, 1:00AM EDT


135 finalists Grant Aronoff (FL) & Breyden Bailey (IN) both went on to win state titles this year

Every year the Grappler Fall Classic attracts a huge turnout of top notch prep wrestling talent to the state of Michigan from across the country to battle in an elite atmosphere with college rules. 

This year's GFC participants continued to excel respective State Tournaments - below this is a list of all the 2016 GFC athletes who earned all-state or state champion honors in their state tournaments.

In all, 181 Grappler Fall Classic participants went on to place in their state championships, including 44 State Champions.  Here are some interesting numbers from the 2016 GFC participants

  • 165 of the 325 Elite division entries were State Placers (50%)
  • 45 Elite division entries were state champions (14%)
  • 13 GFC entries finished the season ranked nationally by either InterMat or FloWrestling
  • 70 wrestlers who failed to place at GFC went on to place in their state tournament
  • 9 wrestlers who failed to place at GFC went on to win State Titles
  • 8 wrestlers who failed to win a match at GFC went on to place at the state tournament
  • 2 wrestlers who failed to win a match at GFC went on to win State Titles
  • DEEPEST WEIGHT? 119 - 24 state placers, 6 state champs
  • TOUGHEST WEIGHT? 285 - 9 of the 14 entries were all-state wrestlers with 4 of the 14 going on to win state titles
  • MOST STATE CHAMPS - 4 weights tied with 5 eventual champs (119-135-145-160)

Morale of the story?  The GFC is a battle ground of studs, and Champions start their season at the Grappler Fall Classic!  

The 2017 GFC will be held in October and details including date, venue, and registration will be released next month!  #GETSOME

GFC 2016 --> 2017 STATE PLACERS

Riley Bettich (Michigan)
Thomas Deck (Kentucky)
Hunter Assenmacher (Michigan)
Connor Williams (Florida)*
Robbie Atland (Michigan)

Noah Horst (Tennessee)*
Reese Fry (Michigan)*
Devon Johnsen (Michigan)
Nick Alayan (Michigan)
Andrew Hughes (Michigan)
(DNP) Wyatt Nault (Michigan)
(DNP) Collin Yinger (Ohio)
(DNP) Terrence Daughtery (Michigan)*

Rayvon Foley (Michigan)*
Corey Gamet (Michigan) *

Blake Saito (Ohio)
Andy Graham (Ohio)
Brenden Zelenka (Michigan)
Nathan Lawell (Florida)
Brandon Wireman (Michigan)

#20 (IM) Carson Manville (Minnesota)*
Mike Mars (Michigan)
#15 (IM) Jordan Crace (Ohio)*
Branson Proudlock (Michigan)*
#14 (IM) Ben Kamali (Michigan)*
Austin Franco (Michigan)
Logan Heil (Ohio)
DNP Hassan Johnson (Illinois)
DNP Jack Medley (Michigan)
DNP Corbyn Munson (Michigan)
DNP Noah Comar (Michigan)*
DNP Tommy Russell (Illinois)
DNP Christian Mejia (Indiana)
DNP Chaise Mayer (Michigan)
DNP Stephen Moreno (Florida)
DNP Brandon Lucas (Ohio)
DNP Diamonte Perry (Florida)
DNP Jack Samuels (Michigan)
DNP Stuart Massa (Michigan)
DNP Jedidiah Marlow (Ohio)
DNP Hunter Ryan (Ohio)
DNP (0-2) Mitchel Christensen (Michigan)*
DNP (0-2) Bryce Brust (Michigan)
DNP (0-2) Rhett Newton (Michigan)

AJ Facundo (Michigan)*
Eric Bartos (Ohio)
Kaleob Whitford (Michigan)
Donte Rivera-Garcia (Michigan)
James Whitaker (Michigan)
Kyle French (Michigan)
Hunter Corcoran (Michigan)
DNP Ty Mills (Indiana)
DNP Dan Poupore (Michigan)
DNP Chase Craft (Ohio)
DNP Isaiah Barry (Michigan)
DNP Christian Killion (Michigan)
DNP Robert Lefevre (Michigan)
DNP Emilio Sanchez (Michigan)
DNP Kemonte Simons (Michigan)
DNP Skyler Crespo (Michigan) *
DNP Reese Wallis (Michigan)

Kevon Davenport (Michigan) *
Hector Colom (New York)
Victor Schoenherr (Michigan)
Jared Abramson (Florida)
Jacob Speiss (Michigan)
Nick Barrett (Michigan)

#9 (IM) Grant Aronoff (Florida) *
#11 (IM) Breyden Bailey (Indiana) *
Trent Lashuay (Michigan)
Austin Boone (Michigan) *
Nick Freeman (Michigan) *

DNP Anthony Gibson (Michigan)
DNP Brandon Klein (Wisconsin) *
DNP Jacob Laplace (Indiana)
DNP Vinny Sessa (Florida)
DNP Trevor Robinson (Michigan)
DNP 0-2 Tony Williams (Michigan)

#6 (IM) Ben Freeman (Michigan) *
#19 (FLO) Franco Valdes (Florida)
Nolan Saxton (Michigan) *
John Siemasz (Michigan)
Noah Schoenherr (Michigan)
Sean O’Hearon (Michigan) *
DNP JD Greathouse (Michigan)
DNP Zach Melloh (Indiana)
DNP Avry Mutschler (Michigan)
DNP Andy Hansen (Michigan)
DNP Richie McLanahan (Florida)
DNP 0-2 Graham Calhoun (Indiana)

Markus Hartman (Illinois)
Cameron Amine (Michigan) *
Garret Model (Wisconsin)
Bryce Marcus (Florida) *
Brian Case (Michigan)
Alec Rees (Michigan)
Rahman Johnson (Illinois)
DNP Alex Kiester (Florida)
DNP Danny Pfeffer (Michigan)
DNP Ashten Habeil (Florida) *
DNP Joe Muzzin (Michigan)
DNP Tylor Orrison (Michigan) *
DNP Charlie Newton (Michigan)
DNP Nick Bleise (Michigan)
DNP Noah Nieman (Michigan)
DNP Patrick Kerr (Michigan)
DNP Doug Ferrier (Michigan)
DNP 0-2 Zach Bellaire (Michigan) *
DNP Lee Grabowski (Michigan)
DNP Collin Takata (Michigan)
DNP Anthony Gonzales (Michigan)

Colt Yinger (Ohio)
Kyle Hatch (Indiana)
Bret Fedewa (Michigan) *
Kam Bush (Michigan)
Jaydin Elge (Nebraska) *
DNP Coby Moore (Michigan)
DNP Joe Koontz (Ohio)
DNP Jack Chesman (New York)
DNP Dallas Blank (Michigan)
DNP Dallas Sortor (Michigan)
DNP Danny Braunagel (Illinois) *
DNP Nathan Atienza (Michigan) *

DNP Christian Febus (Florida)
DNP Xander Stroud (Indiana)

#11 (IM) Nick Kiussis (Ohio) *
#19 (IM) Ryan Thomas (Ohio) *
#16 (IM) Brad Laughlin (Indiana) *

Robert Patrick (Pennsylvania)
Lucas McFarland (Michigan) *
Dylan Tarrence (Michigan)
Shane Gantz (Wisconsin)
Angel Delcueto (Florida) *
DNP Ozkar Kasch (Indiana)
DNP Bryce Dempsey (Michigan)
DNP Nick Prowse (Michigan)
DNP Juan Vernanza (Florida)

Zachary Braunagel (Illinois) *
Collin Lieber (Michigan) *
Matt Heaps (Michigan)
Ashton Eyler (Ohio)
Nino Bastianelli (Michigan)
Drake Pauwels (Michigan)
Dominic Vasquez (Michigan)

#7 (IM) Kordell Norfleet (Illinois) *
Jared Ball (Ohio)
Kavan Sarver (Ohio) *
Will Feldkamp (Michigan)
Cash Thompson (Michigan)
Beau Yineman (Wisconsin)

#19 (IM) Ryan Vasbinder (Michigan)
Diana Drayton (Illinois)
Eli Boulton (Michigan)
Trevor Piggot (Michigan)
Chase Gibson (Michigan)
Zack Kramer (Michigan)

Devon Kozel (Michigan) *
Chase Beard (Michigan) *

#20 (FLO) Zach Muller (Illinois) *
Pat DePiazza (Michigan)
Juwan Peete (Michigan)
Jacob Rhoades (Indiana)
Logan Kennedy (Michigan) *
Luke Tromp (Michigan)
DNP Blake Coffell (Michigan)

112 Reese Darrow (Michigan)

112 Jacob Osmolinski (Michigan)
119 Luke Stephens (Michigan)
119 Jeff Leach (Michigan)
119 Derek Gilcher (MIchigan)
130 Devin Kohn (Florida)
130 Seth Konyenbelt (Michigan
130 James Samuels (Michigan)
130 Jarrett Bischoff (Ohio)
135 Matthew Grant (Michigan)
135 Scotty Amaya (Michigan)
140 Nathan Wynsma (Michigan)
140 Elliot Rodgers (Indiana)
145 Austin O’Hearon (Michigan)*
152 Cross Gonzales (Michigan)
152 Jayce Kuehnlein (Michigan)
171 Keegan Moore (Michigan)