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Fargo Flashback - Weber, Salata Win Women's Junior Titles (2009)

By MI Grappler, 07/12/17, 12:00PM EDT


2009 Womens Junior Recap


The Junior Womens Nationals started and ended today in Fargo and two Michigan Women won National Titles.  

CC Weber, who was the returning champ at 109lbs, stormed through the competetion this year, winning every match by either tech-fall or fall.  CC did not lose a single period and she did not surrender a single point on the day.

The second Michigan Women to claim the gold this afternoon was Julia Salata of Canton.  Salata was 1-0, 2-0 over Brittany Goebel of Illinois in the 146lb finals.  Prior to the finals Salata, who placed at the Canada Cup last month, only had one match go to a third period en route to winning her pool.

Five other Michigan Women placed in the Top 8 of their weight classes to earn All-American honors.  Two Michiganders placed at 165lbs as Jennifer Spitza took 4th and Stephanie Tucker finished 7th.

Kristi Garr (95lbs) and Kayla Orr (190lbs) also finished 7th in their respective weights and Casie Laslo took 8th at 132lbs.

The Michigan Women finished 6th overall as a state with  28 points.  Texas won the team title with 69 points.

Michigan Junior Womens All-Americans
95lbs - Kristi Garr - 7th
109lbs - CC Weber - 1st
132lbs - Casie Laslo - 8th
146lbs - Julia Salata - 1st
165lbs - Jennifer Spitza - 4th
165lbs - Stephanie Tucker - 7th
190lbs - Kayla Orr - 7th

Michigan's Results from the Junior Womens Freestyle Nationals
Women-95 - Kristi Garr's place is 7th.
Match #1 Kristi Garr (Michigan) over Sara Gonzalez (Texas) Fall 1:20
Match #2 Carlene Sluberski (New York) over Kristi Garr (Michigan) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #3 Kristi Garr (Michigan) over Justine Palabrica (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-5,3-2
Match #4 Erin Golston (Illinois) over Kristi Garr (Michigan) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #5 Brianna Rahall (Virginia) over Kristi Garr (Michigan) Dec 2-1,3-1
Match #6 Kristi Garr (Michigan) over Meghan Chun (Hawaii) Fall 2-0,0:41

Women-102 - Rachel McFarland's place is unknown.
Match #1 Megan Garcia (Colorado) over Rachel McFarland (Michigan) TF 6-4,1-2,8-2
Match #2 Rachel McFarland (Michigan) over Ofelia Valdez (Texas) Fall 0-1,0:56
Match #3 Kayleigh Longley (Maine) over Rachel McFarland (Michigan) Dec 2-0,6-0

Women-109 - C.C. Weber's place is 1st.
Match #1 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Alexandria Hollabaugh (Montana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Kalin Alverez-Knight (California) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Madelynn McIlwain (Washington) Fall 0:16
Match #4 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Sarah Hildenbrandt (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #5 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Taylor Busboom (Texas) Fall 7-0,0:52
Match #6 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Sarah Hildenbrandt (Indiana) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #7 C.C. Weber (Michigan) over Kayla Brendlinger (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,6-0

Women-116 - Brenda Brzoznowski's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chrissy Chow (Hawaii) over Brenda Brzoznowski (Michigan) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #2 Brenda Brzoznowski (Michigan) over Samantha Lopez (California) Fall 1-9,0:38
Match #3 Miranda Bennett (Missouri) over Brenda Brzoznowski (Michigan) TF 10-3,7-0

Women-124 - Kayla Petit's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kayla Petit (Michigan) over Courtney Kinimaka (Hawaii) Fall 1:59
Match #2 Gabrielle Klein (Wisconsin) over Kayla Petit (Michigan) Dec 2-0,8-0
Match #3 Kayla Petit (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #4 Kayla Petit (Michigan) over Liza Gutierrez (Texas) Fall 0-6,1:09
Match #5 Logan Howard (New York) over Kayla Petit (Michigan) Fall 1:59

Women-124 - BreAnna Miesler's place is unknown.
Match #1 BreAnna Miesler (Michigan) over Danielle Mayberry (Nevada) Fall 6-0,0-4,1:05
Match #2 BreAnna Miesler (Michigan) over Danielle Robinson (California) Fall 0-1,6-1,0:39
Match #3 Kayla Bartosch (Kansas) over BreAnna Miesler (Michigan) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Katy Yoder (Ohio) over BreAnna Miesler (Michigan) Fall 6-0,0:40

Women-132 - Cassie Laslo's place is 8th.
Match #1 Cassie Laslo (Michigan) over Ashley Bowe (Washington) Fall 0:56
Match #2 Kirsten Strickler (Texas) over Cassie Laslo (Michigan) Fall 1:31
Match #3 Cassie Laslo (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #4 Jenna Burkert (New York) over Cassie Laslo (Michigan) Fall 7-0,1:10
Match #5 Anna McAleavey (Texas) over Cassie Laslo (Michigan) Dec 5-1,6-0

Women-139 - Jesse Spitza's place is unknown.
Match #1 Shana Lee Prifte (New York) over Jesse Spitza (Michigan) Fall 0:31
Match #2 Holly Thein (California) over Jesse Spitza (Michigan) Fall 0:36

Women-146 - Hope Tuinstra's place is unknown.
Match #1 Carmen Orozco (Arizona) over Hope Tuinstra (Michigan) Fall 7-0,1:48
Match #2 Laura Ponshock (Texas) over Hope Tuinstra (Michigan) Fall 7-0,0:26

Women-146 - Julia Salata's place is 1st.
Match #1 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Kaylee Carr (Washington) Fall 1:57
Match #2 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Andrianna Rivas (Texas) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #3 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Chelsea Taylor (Nebraska) Fall 1:13
Match #4 Julia Salata (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #5 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Francisca Harriss (California) Fall 0:20
Match #6 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Mary Westman (New York) Dec 2-6,4-3,7-1
Match #7 Julia Salata (Michigan) over Brittany Goebel (Illinois) Dec 1-0,2-0

Women-165 - Jennifer Spitza's place is 4th.
Match #1 Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) over Casey Silkwood (Wisconsin) Dec 4-1,5-3
Match #2 Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) over Shelby Zobel (Texas) Fall 1:06
Match #3 Faith Wasmund (Washington) over Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) Dec 4-0,3-0
Match #4 Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #5 Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) over Casey Silkwood (Wisconsin) Dec 4-1,5-3
Match #6 Jessica Smith (Ohio) over Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) Fall 1:27
Match #7 Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) received a bye.
Match #8 Jordan Hagerman (Missouri) over Jennifer Spitza (Michigan) Dec 6-0,3-1

Women-165 - Stephanie Tucker's place is 7th.
Match #1 Jordan Hagerman (Missouri) over Stephanie Tucker (Michigan) Fall 8-1,0:30
Match #2 Stephanie Tucker (Michigan) over Alexis Walker (Texas) TF 8-1,6-0
Match #3 Elda Mendoza (Texas) over Stephanie Tucker (Michigan) Fall 0:29
Match #4 Stephanie Tucker (Michigan) over Alexandrea Holt (California) Dec 4-3,7-0

Women-190 - Kayla Orr's place is 7th.
Match #1 Kayla Orr (Michigan) over Betty Granados (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:58
Match #2 Indya Randall (Texas) over Kayla Orr (Michigan) Fall 1:50
Match #3 Pamela Abshire (Texas) over Kayla Orr (Michigan) Fall 1:39
Match #4 Kayla Orr (Michigan) over Melissa Reyes (Texas) Fall 0:34