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Jayhawks Dominate Niagara Duals, Place Nine at Thunderwolves Open

By MI Grappler, 12/04/17, 6:45AM EST


Jayhawks Dominate at Niagara Duals

The Jayhawks traveled to Sanford, New York to wrestle in the Niagara County Community College Duals. The Jayhawks were down a wrestler, forfeiting at 133lbs, but still managed to dominate their competition. The Jayhawks were 2-0 beating Alfred State College 35-12 and Mercyhurst Northeast Community College 31-12. The Jayhawks went 15-3 in the individual matches in the two duals. “Our guys wrestled well. We’re improving a little bit every week.” Said Head Coach James Tietema. “We still got a lot of season ahead of us and a lot of improving to do, but we are looking much better at the techniques we have been working on in practice.”

The Jayhawks are now 3-1 on the season and currently ranked 20th. Their next dual meet match will be Thursday, Jan. 4th at the NWCA Multi-Division National Duals in Ft. Wayne, Ind. The Jayhawks sophomores lead the team with some great wins. 125lbs - Benny Gomez (Holt, MI/Holt HS), 141lbs – Zeke Breuninger (Dexter, MI/Dexter HS), 197lbs - Baker Hadwan (Dearborn, MI/Churchhill HS), and 285lbs Ramon Correa (Holland, MI/West Ottawa HS) were undefeated in the duals. “We Have great leadership on our team.” Said Coach Tietema. “It has helped the freshman gain a lot of confidence early and develop quickly. I’m excited to see how we do at the National Duals in January.”

The Jayhawks will compete next at the Thunderwolves Open on Saturday, Dec. 2nd at Niagara County Community College.

Alfred State College vs. Muskegon Community College
125 - Benny Gomez (MCC) over Patrick Lehman (Alfred State) (TF 20-3 4:32)
133 - Gress Jeffrey (Alfred State) over Unknown (FF)         
141 - Zeke Breuninger (MCC) over Casey Connor (Alfred State) (Dec 9-5)           
149 - Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Nathan Gilligan (Alfred State) (Fall 6:12)          
157 - Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Satchel Holder (Alfred State) (Fall 2:59)  
165 - Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Devin Horton (Alfred State) (Dec 9-5)           
174 - Riley Tercha (MCC) over Unknown (FF)            
184 - George Vanvalen (Alfred State) over Ronnell McGhee (MCC) (Fall 2:35)   
197 - Baker Hadwan (MCC) over Brandyn Whitacre (Alfred State) (Dec 7-3)       
285 - Ramon Correa (MCC) over Ryan Mattison (Alfred State) (Dec 2-1)           

Team Score:                                        12    35

Mercyhurst Northeast vs. Muskegon Community College
125 - Benny Gomez (MCC) over Unknown (FF.)                   
133 - Tyrone Sims (Mercyhurst NE) over Unknown (FF)        
141 - Zeke Breuninger (MCC) over Monteze Thomas (Mercyhurst NE) (Fall 2:45)      
149 - Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Jude Mattocks (Mercyhurst NE) (MD 12-3)       
157 - Zachary Cassidy (Mercyhurst NE) over Jojo Dowell (MCC) (Dec 9-4)           
165 - Blake Ross (MCC) over Derek Ridgeway (Mercyhurst NE) (Dec 6-3)           
174 - Riley Tercha (MCC) over Kennard Hairston (Mercyhurst NE) (Dec 6-2)       
184 - Deven Simpson (Mercyhurst NE) over Ronnell McGhee (MCC) (Dec 1-0)    
197 – Baker Hadwan (MCC) over Hunter Harnish (Mercyhurst NE) (Dec 3-2)   
285 - Brock Johnson (MCC) over Austin Slocum (Mercyhurst NE) (Fall 1:48)       

Team Score:                                        12    31

Jayhawks Place Nine at Thunderwolves Open

The Jayhawks traveled to Sanford, New York on Saturday, Dec. 2nd to wrestle at the Thunderwolves Open on the campus of Niagara County Community College. The Jayhawks placed all nine wrestlers entered in the tournament. “I think this is the first time in my 6 years at MCC that every wrestler we entered into a tournament placed.” Said Head Coach James Tietema. “Our freshmen are wrestling well and our sophomores being consistant. I’m very happy with our performance today.”

Freshman Dren Bartrum (Greenville, MI/Greenville HS) wrestled a great tournament. “Dren is a guy that works hard, listens to his coaches, and gets better every time he wrestles.” Mentioned Coach Tietema. “It’s great coaching guys like him and we have a few other freshmen like him. Freshmen Sage Gonzales (Alma, MI/Alma HS) and Jojo Dowdell (Whitehall, MI/Whitehall HS) had great tournaments, both finishing 3rd.” Sophomore Corey Robinson (Whitehall, MI/Whitehall HS) and freshman Riley Tercha (Haskins, OH/Otsego HS) were out of the line-up due to illness. “It would have been great to have every one competing and everyone place, but 9 out of 9 is great.” Added Coach Tietema.

The Thunderwolves Open is a great tournament to compete at. We get to see some of the top East Districts I and II. Niagara or Mercyhurst NE are usually competing for the district title in the East District II and Spartanburg Methodist is a top team in the East District I. The Jayhawks will travel to Chicago, Ill. next weekend to compete at the Art Kraft Open at Triton Community College.

Thunderwolves Open Results for Muskegon Community College:

125 - Benny Gomez – 3rd
Benny Gomez (MCC) over Christian Antoine (Unattached) (Fall 4:00)
Justin Patrick (Buffalo Unattached) over Benny Gomez (MCC) (Dec 4-1)
Benny Gomez (MCC) over Patrick Lehman (Alfred State College) (TF 19-2)
Benny Gomez (MCC) over Caleb Wiggins (Jamestown CC) (Dec 10-3)

141 - Zeke Breuninger - 3rd
Zeke Breuninger (MCC) over Joseph Velez (Unattached) (Maj 12-0)
Blake Retell (Buffalo Unattached) over Zeke Breuninger (MCC) (Dec 4-2)
Zeke Breuninger (MCC) over Ben Winkler (Jamestown CC) (TF 16-0)
Zeke Breuninger (MCC) over Michael Perdomo (Penn State Fayette) (SV-1 9-7)

149 - Dren Bratrum - 1st
Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Jonah Cavallo (Brockport State) (TF 16-1)
Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Caleb Davies (Albany) (Fall 4:00)
Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Casey Connor (Alfred State College) (Maj 17-4)
Dren Bratrum (MCC) over Aaron Fountain (Spartanburg Methodist College) (Fall 4:13)

157 - Jojo Dowell - 3rd
Steven Kapuscinski (Niagara CCC) over Jojo Dowell (Muskegon Community College) (Dec 3-2)
Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Jacob Power (Spartanburg Methodist College) (TF 24-5)
Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Brandon Turner (Saint Clair CC) (Fall 6:51)
Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Anmar Al-Abolidi (Henry Ford College) (TF 18-1)
Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Zack Brown (Brockport State) (MFF)
Jojo Dowell (MCC) over Michael Zito (Jamestown CC) (TF 19-2)

165 - Blake Ross - 4th
Anthony Miraglia (Alfred State College) over Blake Ross (MCC) (Dec 5-4)
Blake Ross (MCC) over Casey Provost (Brockport State) (Inj. 3:00)
Blake Ross (MCC) over Dustin Joy (Unattached) (Dec 6-4)
Blake Ross (MCC) over Jaelen Jean (Niagara CCC) (Dec 7-6)
Blake Ross (MCC) over Jacob Garrow (Niagara CCC) (Dec 8-3)
Blake Ross (MCC) over Derek Ridgeway (Mercyhurst NE) (SV-1 7-5)
3rd Place Match - Sage Gonzalez (MCC) won by rule over Blake Ross (MCC) (RULE)

165 - Sage Gonzalez - 3rd
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Casey Provost (Brockport State) (Maj 13-1)
Zach Cassidy (Mercyhurst NE) over Sage Gonzalez (MCC) (SV-1 5-4)
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Edward Stanton (UMass Unattached) (Maj 17-7)
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Liam Roche (Albany) (Fall 1:55)
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Anthony Miraglia (Alfred State College) (Fall 6:09)
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Zach Cassidy (Mercyhurst NE) (MFF)
Sage Gonzalez (MCC) over Blake Ross (MCC) (RULE)

174 - Ronnell McGhee - 6th
Ronnell McGhee (MCC) over Ryan Newman (Edinboro Unattached) (Dec 6-3)
Ronnell McGhee (MCC) over Adam Mateo (Niagara CCC) (TB-1 2-1)
Ryan Kromer (Buffalo Unattached) over Ronnell McGhee (MCC) (Fall 2:19)
Caleb Spears (Spartanburg Methodist College) over Ronnell McGhee (MCC) (Dec 3-2)
Cameron Calderelli (Buffalo Unattached) over Ronnell McGhee (MCC) (Dec 1-0)

285 - Brock Johnson - 5th
Brock Johnson (MCC) over Bryce Hanley (Penn State DuBois) (Fall 6:23)
Brock Johnson (MCC) over Devlen Kuschel (Henry Ford College) (Fall 1:39)
Ian James (Buffalo Unattached) over Brock Johnson (MCC) (Dec 1-0)
Andrew Wade (Spartanburg Methodist College) over Brock Johnson (MCC) (Dec 4-2)
Brock Johnson (MCC) over Kyle Fitzgerald (Alfred State College) (RULE)

285 - Ramon Correa - 2nd
Ramon Correa (MCC) over Ryan Mattison (Alfred State College) (Fall 2:56)
Ramon Correa (MCC) over Shaerod Rodgers (Brockport State) (TF 15-0)
Ramon Correa (MCC) over Samuel Weinger (RIT Unattached) (Dec 4-1)
Ian James (Buffalo Unattached) over Ramon Correa (MCC) (Dec 5-2)