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Herm Wilkinson Preview

By MI Grappler, 12/08/17, 12:15PM EST


HS Weekend Tournament Preview

Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Herm Wilkinson hosted annually the first weekend of the year at Howell High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the Herm, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

Allegan Southwest Classic
Warren Woods Tower Duals
John Glenn Rocket Duals
Rochester King of The Hills
Columbia Central Duals
Oscoda Team Tournament



Andrew Krupp (New Lothrop)
Zach Phifer (Howell)
Dakota Patino (Grand Ledge)
Kiefer Kolito (Dewitt)
Nick Ebright (Dewitt)
Dante Kohn (Hudsonville)
Julian Azir (Belleville)
Matthais Kingen (Swartz Creek)
Breakdown: Pretty much everyone here is a freshman looking to make a splash on the high school scene.  Obviously a tough task to predict who's going to come out on top so we'll just play the odds.  16 all-state honors have come from a New Lothrop wrestler with the surname Krupp, so we're taking the Hornet freshman to win it in his debut tournament.  Zach Phifer of Howell is a really talented incoming guy as well and could challenge for a Herm title.  Kolito, Ebright, and Patino will all be in the mix too, as it's really anyone's bracket.
Predictions: 1) Krupp 2) Phifer 3) Ebright 4) Patino

Andrew Hughes (Grand Ledge)
Cameron Sanderson (Mattawan)
Jackson Knieper (New Lothrop)
Nolan Johnson (Howell)
Thomas Leese (Belleville)
Matt Foddrill (Dewitt)
Michael Hinojosa (Durand)
Christian Dow (Hudsonville)
Jacob Joyce (Dexter)
Caleb Pelikan (Swartz Creek)
Breakdown: At the top, Grand Ledge's Andrew Hughes is the guy to beat at this weight.  He was 3rd in the state as a freshman and a Cadet Folkstyle AA in the spring.  Hughes will be challenged by Mattawan's Cameron Sanderson, a state qualifier a year ago.  Foddrill, Hinojosa, and Johnson all have experience and are the tier below Hughes and Sanderson.  Also look for New Lothrop freshman Jackson Knieper to be in the hunt.
Predictions: 1) Hughes 2) Sanderson 3) Hinojosa 4) Knieper

Logan Wolford (New Lothrop)
Tommy Lear (Grand Ledge)
Kameron Kempker (Hudsonville)
Mike Post (Dansville)
Gabe Fielder (Durand)
Devin Marshall (Dansville)
Jacob Shafer (Belleville)
Noah Wilkins (Northmont, OH)
Devonte Stone (Dewitt)
Nico Bakenhus (Howell)
Micah Kingen (Swartz Creek)
Breakdown: Six pretty tough kids all vying for the top spot at 119.  Kempker has twice been a regional qualifier and has wins over some really good guys in his career.  Two state qualifiers are also in the field, Logan Wolford and Devin Marshall, who both advanced to the D4 103 state tournament in 2017.  Then you have Gabe Fielder and Mike Post who were regional qualifiers last season.  The wild card is Tommy Lear from Grand Ledge, a solid kid who truthfully had a tough district and didn't make it through.  This weight could turn out a number of different ways on any given day.
Predictions: 1) Kempker 2) Lear 3) Wolford 4) Fielder

Tommy Malloy (New Lothrop)
Keegan Harkins (Hartland)
Evan Higgs (Hudsonville)
Jordan Weber (Dewitt)
Dylan Lorincz (Dexter)
Logan Melvin (Mattawan)
Joe Barton (Howell)
Malachi Kingen (Swartz Creek)
Jaden Dietz (Dansville)
Breakdown: 3x state placer Tommy Malloy of New Lothrop highlights 125.  He'll be pushed by Evan Higgs, a regional qualifier from Hudsonville.  Below that, Jordan Weber is a returning starter on a Dewitt team who advanced to Team State, so he's battle tested.  Also Keegan Harkins of Hartland, who's stuck behind some pretty talented kids on the varsity team so he's traveling with the B squad this weekend.
Predictions: 1) Malloy 2) Higgs 3) Harkins 4) Weber

Andrew Knick (Northmont, OH)
Anthony Mack (Dansville)
Alex Kingsley (Grand Ledge)
Logan Zell (New Lothrop)
Peter Deaton (Mattawan)
Eli Severns (Dewitt)
Cameron Howard (Belleville)
Joe Gorden (Dexter)
Marco Shinn (Howell)
Mason Moore (Grand Ledge)
Tyler West (Hudsonville)
Jeloni Clark (Durand)
Breakdown: Another pretty deep weight here.  Andrew Knick from Northmont, Ohio is a very tough sophomore.  He won this tournament last year at 112 and went on to qualify for the state tournament in D1.  Deaton and Mack wrestled each other at The Herm a year ago, with Deaton winning by fall.  Both are very tough and looking to get back to where they were a couple years ago.  Alex Kingsley is another who could realistically be a finalist, a D1 regional champ in '17.  Logan Zell, a D4 State qualifier could also make a deep run.  Keep an eye on Dewitt freshman Eli Severns as well - he was a MYWA state champ last year.
Predictions: 1) Knick 2) Mack 3) Deaton 4) Kingsley

Jack Samuels (Hudsonville)
Joe Carpenter (Swartz Creek)
Ryan Legal (Grand Ledge)
Austin Barnette (New Lothrop)
Donald Alm (Forest Hills Central)
Luke York (Dewitt)
Kaeden Southworth (Dewitt)
Garret Money (Mattawan)
Jack Wooster (Howell)
Caleb Jones (Northmont, OH)
Ian Beebe (Grand Ledge)
Robby Burke (Durand)
Breakdown: Jack Samuels made the big jump from 112 to 135 in the offseason, but it's hard to imagine he won't be able to handle it.  Joe Carpenter of Swartz Creek came up just shy of advancing to state last year and is a returning Herm finalist.  Below him are two 2x regional qualifiers in Ryan Legal (Grand Ledge) and Donald Alm (FHC).  Adding depth are NL regional qualifier Austin Barnette and Dewitt freshman Luke York.
Predictions: 1) Samuels 2) Carpenter 3) Legal 4) Alm

Karson Kost (Grand Ledge)
Cameron Ensign (Hudsonville)
Adam Castaneda (Grand Ledge)
Tyler Brandt (Dewitt)
Will Taylor (New Lothrop)
Micah Poletti (New Lothrop)
Nathan Lazar (Belleville)
George Dinaj (Durand)
Ethan Green (Howell)
Sam Roub (Forest Hills Central)
Gavin Lawrence (Swartz Creek)
Breakdown: Intriguing matchups across the board at 140.  Karson Kost is the only returning state qualifier.  However, he actually lost to Cameron Ensign at the regional tournament, though Ensign was defeated in the bloodround.  Adam Castaneda was also a regional qualifier at the weight below.  Tyler Brandt of Dewitt is the wild card and could win the whole thing as well.  More than likely, though, we'll see a Kost-Ensign rematch in the finals.
Predictions: 1) Kost 2) Ensign 3) Brandt 4) Castaneda

Quenten Hall (Dewitt)
Austin Wolford (New Lothrop)
Michael Smith (Northmont, OH)
Chase Mol (Hudsonville)
Aaron Stearn-Raskin (Howell)
Cavalier Essenmacher (Ubly)
William Spencer (Ugly)
Wyatt Engler (Forest Hills Central)
Andrew Ropp (Mattawan)
Blake Williams (Belleville)
Jason Milky (Dexter)
Joseph Dinaj (Durand)
Breakdown: Five pretty solid guys at the top of this weight.  Two wrestlers who finished 4th in the state as sophomores, Quenten Hall and Austin Wolford, are the frontrunners and should be an outstanding matchup.  Michael Smith from Ohio was 2nd here last year, losing to Wolford in the finals.  Chase Mol and Aaron Stearn-Raskin will both be contenders; both were regional qualifiers last year.  Mol is coming off of a big win over Fremont state qualifier Cade Breuker on Wednesday.  If there's a wildcard, look for Ubly's Cavalier Essenmacher to pull an upset or two.
Predictions: 1) Wolford 2) Hall 3) Smith 4) Stearn-Raskin

Kilian Southworth (Dewitt)
James Samuels (Hudsonville)
Zack Riley (New Lothrop)
Eli Newburg (Northmont, OH)
Jasper Howell (Dexter)
Hunter Spaulding (Durand)
Tyson Ford (Mattawan)
Thomas Hendricks (Forest Hills Central)
Andreus Sigurani (Grand Ledge)
Garrett Kroczalewski (Grand Ledge)
Gavin Thompson (Swartz Creek)
Brennon Larion (Swartz Creek)
Tom Shuh (Howell)
Breakdown: Dewitt senior Kilian Southworth leads a very tough field at 152.  Southworth was 4th in D2 as a junior.  Like his twin brother, James Samuels made a monstrous leap in weight, going from 125-152 over the summer.  He placed 6th at 125 and it'll be interesting to see where he slots in up a few classes.  Zack Riley has twice qualified for the state tourney in D4 and is capable of winning this weight.  Eli Newburg is the other to watch, a tough kid from Northmont.
Predictions: 1) Southworth 2) Samuels 3) Riley 4) Newburg

Sam York (Dewitt)
Austin Wendling (New Lothrop)
Mason Sigler (Northmont, OH)
Xavier Komaromi (Belleville)
Martin Poljan (Howell)
Nicholas Moore (Durand)
Nolan Ott (Forest Hills Central)
Seth Bounce (Mattawan)
Shane Morrison (Howell)
Garret Rice (Hudsonville)
Ikea Dinaj (Durand)
Breakdown: Kind of a two horse race at 160.  Sam York is the likely candidate to win it all, placing 3rd in the state.  He's also one of the top seniors in Michigan.  Austin Wendling will challenge him for the top spot, as he's the only other wrestler with postseason accolades.  It will be a great opportunity for a number of kids to have a breakout day and get their season started right.
Predictions: 1) York 2) Wendling 3) Sigler 4) Rice

Isaac Torrey (Forest Hills Central)
Cole Wendling (New Lothrop)
Jonah Schrock (Howell)
Ali Jackson (Belleville)
Jacob Brandt (Dewitt)
Cam Orr (New Lothrop)
Sayer Robinson (Durand)
George Deljevic (Dexter)
Fouad Saleh (Northmont, OH)
Bryce Herrema (Hudsonville)
Zack Harper (Swartz Creek)
Carson Decker (Dewitt)
Cameron Spohn (Swartz Creek)
Breakdown: One of the deeper weights in the entire tournament.  Isaac Torrey is surely the favorite after a huge junior season that saw him qualify for the state tourney.  He's also the defending Herm champ.  Cole Wendling qualified for state and is probably next in line in terms of talent.  You've also got regional qualifiers Jonah Schrock and Sayer Robinson in the mix.  However, look at some of the dark horses in the weight to break through.  Dexter's George Deljevic is a quality guy, and a returning 3rd place finisher at the Herm.  Bryce Herrema from Hudsonville was very good a year ago, as was Dewitt's Jacob Brandt.  Finally, MYWA state champ Cam Orr is entered; he's one of the better incoming freshman across the state.  
Predictions: 1) Torrey 2) Wendling 3) Brandt 4) Orr

Keegan Moore (Forest Hills Central)
Justin Carnahan (New Lothrop)
Dylan Moran (Northmont, OH)
Logan Kozarian (Howell)
James Sharpe (Grand Ledge)
Shane Duzan (Belleville)
Brian Kramer (Dexter)
Bobby Mowry (Dewitt)
Ray Atkinson (Mattawan)
Mason Rudy (New Lothrop)
Marcus Kachur (Hudsonville)
Travis Truett (Swartz Creek)
Andrew Gilbert (Ubly)
Ethan Miller (Dansville)
Phil Tracy (Northmont, OH)
Gavin Thompson (Durand)
Austin Aceves (Dexter)
Breakdown: This is the deepest weight in terms of entries.  Two state placers and three regional qualifiers make it a very competitive lineup.  Keegan Moore and Justin Carnahan both placed in 2017, Moore in D1 at 171 and Carnahan in D4 at 140.  Carnahan wrestled the Herm at 160 last year, so the jump in weight may not be as crazy as the 50 lb weight jump looks like on paper.  Kozarian and Sharpe are the regional qualifiers from Michigan, while Moran advanced in Ohio.   
Predictions: 1) Moore 2) Carnahan 3) Moran 4) Kozarian

Alex Wilson (Howell)
Adam Aguilar (Grand Ledge)
Kyle Scott (Hudsonville)
Brian Heyward (Northmont, OH)
Adam Heneveld (Forest Hills Central)
Allan Jamick (New Lothrop)
Connor Majewski (Belleville)
Ethan Cameron (Dexter)
Seth Udell (Forest Hills Central)
Denver Jewell (Durand)
Doug Trutzl (Dewitt)
Gavin Patterson (New Lothrop)
Carson Darby (Swartz Creek)
Parker Hamel (Mattawan)
Mark Young (Dexter)
Zack Walker (Ubly) 
Breakdown: 215 is anybody's bracket.  You do have four regional qualifiers entered, though, so that makes it a quality field with lots of parity.  And we'll just keep it simple and point out the rematches.  Heneveld and Scott were regional qualifiers at 171 last year; Heneveld beat Scott 8-3.  Wilson and Aguilar were regional qualifiers at 215; Wilson beat Aguilar 9-7.  There's a lot of intrigue to see those matches again, but for now, we'll predict them to go as they did last season.
Predictions: 1) Heneveld 2) Scott 3) Wilson 4) Aguilar

Lance Clapp (Swartz Creek)
Brady Riggs (Grand Ledge)
Trace Schirmers (Forest Hills Central)
Jaden Rice (Belleville)
Zachary Hasse (Dewitt)
Seth Hoonhurst (Hudsonville)
Seth Frantz (Northmont, OH)
Dylan Coy (Dexter)
Andrew Johnson (Durand)
Luke Hall (Swartz Creek)
Darrick Rudolph (Mattawan)
Breakdown: On paper, Clapp and Riggs are the two frontrunners.  Both will be in contention for their first all-state honors this year.  A year ago, Clapp was a state qualifier and Riggs was a regional qualifier.  Trace Schirmers of FHC is the darkhorse and could make a finals appearance.  He was very active and had success in the offseason, and actually had a good season for the Rangers last year but didn't enter in the postseason.  After those three it's a battle for fourth between Hoonhurst, Hasse, Rice and a few others as well.
Predictions: 1) Clapp 2) Riggs 3) Schirmers 4) Hoonhurst