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Joe Loren Memorial Preview

By MI Grappler, 12/15/17, 9:00AM EST


HS Weekend Tournament Preview

Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview this week is the Joe Loren Memorial hosted by Chippewa Hills High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

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Oakland County Championships
Marquette Challenge
Kent County Championships
Genesse County Championships
Manning Vieau Duals at Brighton

Joe Loren Memorial Weight by Weight Preview

- AJ Baxter, Clinton
- Lance Clark, Shepherd
- Daylin Wittig, Chippewa Hills
- Taylor Gibson, Chippewa Hills
Breakdown: Like many tournaments in the early parts of the season, a lot of unknown at 103.  However, some very good freshmen will headline the weight here.  Baxter and Clark off to strong starts as expected, and Chip Hills has a pair of unbeaten 103s as well.  Expect Baxter and Clark to meet in the finals, with the edge to the Clinton freshman.
Prediction: 1) Baxter 2) Clark 3) Wittig 4) Gibson

- Brent Steed, Kingsley
- Garrett Mogg, Meridian
- Kyle Andrews, Shepherd
- Carson Hayes, Chippewa Hills
Breakdown: A pretty wide open weight at 112 in terms of crowning a champ.  Steed and Mogg were state qualifiers a year ago, while Andrews advanced to regionals.  Carson Hayes is coming into his own as a freshman for the Warriors, placing third in his debut tournament on the high school level.  Have to think experience wins out in a big tourney like this, but don't be shocked if someone not listed makes an upset run.
Prediction: 1) Mogg 2) Andrews 3) Steed 4) Hayes

- Kyle Schaaf, Clare
- Christian Minard, Clinton
- Colton Kanyo, Gladwin
- Will Kidder, Shelby
- Caleb Cline, Shepherd
- Damien Ballan, Traverse City West
Breakdown: There should be some great matches from the quarterfinals on at 119.  Leading the way is Schaaf, who is the top-ranked grappler in D3, followed by Ballan, a D1 state qualifier as a freshman.  Minard and Kanyo are returning state qualifiers, Kidder is a regional qualifier, and Cline is a very good freshman.  The top two are pretty clear cut, but look for the other four to jostle for podium placement.
Prediction: 1) Schaaf 2) Ballan 3) Minard 4) Kidder

- Bray Haynes, Chippewa Hills
- Noah Comar, Clinton
- Travis McDonald, Meridian
- Mateo Diaz, Midland
- Dakota Greer, Tri County
- Nate Postma, Unity Christian
Breakdown: The marquee matchup of the tournament is likely to occur at 125 with defending state champions Noah Comar and Dakota Greer slated to clash in the finals.  It won't be a cakewalk to the finals for either, with three other state qualifiers - Haynes, McDonald, and Diaz - as potential contenders.  It's a tough call between Comar and Greer, who have a combined nine career losses between them, but we're going Greer.  
Prediction: 1) Greer 2) Comar 3) Diaz 4) Haynes

- Teddy Peters, Onaway
- Hunter Dysinger, Shepherd
- Justin Bonner, Chippewa Hills
- Landis Gilman, Clinton
Breakdown: From the looks of it, not one of the deeper weights in the tournament.  Would not be shocked if a few guys either come up from 125 or are down from 135, which would brings some more firepower.  If these are the four, then Peters would be the favorite being the only state qualifier in the bunch.  Bonner, Dysinger, and Gilman are all guys looking to break through and this could be the weekend they do it.
Prediction: 1) Peters 2) Bonner 3) Dysinger 4) Gilman

- Korante Lowery, Chippewa Hills
- Colt Smedley, Clare
- Anthony Stockdale, Clinton
- Cameron Houtman, Meridian
- Matthew Grant, Onaway
- Garrett Stace, Portage Central
- Brent Worth, Shelby
- Hunter Derry, Traverse City West
Breakdown: While there's only one state placer here, it may actually be the deepest weight of the tournament.  Matthew Grant is the lone placer and may be considered the favorite going in.  Behind him you have state qualifiers in Stockdale, Houtman, Worth and Derry.  Also throw in regional qualifiers Lowery and State.  The wild card is Smedley of Clare, who's coming off of a great opening weekend.  There will no doubt be some tight bouts and upsets in this weight and it will be a fun one to follow.
Prediction: 1) Grant 2) Derry 3) Worth 4) Stace

- Mason Hayes, Chippewa Hills
- Riley Jeffrey, Clinton
- Cole Federer, Meridian
- Trevor Robinson, Shepherd
Breakdown: A couple state title contenders in Robinson and Hayes are joined by a pair of regional qualifiers, Jeffrey and Federer.  Robinson is one of the top guys in all of Division 3, so he's the pick to win it on paper.  Hayes was a placer two years ago and really can go with anyone, so expect him to give Robinson a great match.
Prediction: 1) Robinson 2) Hayes 3) Federer 4) Jeffrey

- Trenton Wiggins, Chippewa Hills
- Austin Palmateer, Gladwin
- Nick Felt, Shelby
- Isaac Cabrera, Swan Valley
- Wylie Edick, Traverse City West
Breakdown: Another weight with two clear-cut favorites heading into Saturday.  It is one with some ranking implications as well.  Felt and Palmateer are ranked 2nd and 3rd, respectively.  Felt was a state runner-up in D4 last year and eighth in D3 two years ago.  Palmateer placed 4th in the state in 2017.  They'll be pushed by three quality guys in Wiggins, Cabrera, and Edick.
Prediction: 1) Felt 2) Palmateer 3) Edick 4) Cabrera

- Austin Young, Chippewa Hills
- Isaiah Dole, Clare
- Garrett Phillips, Clinton
- Brandon Avery, Meridian
- Coty Ionetz, Onaway
- Jayden Pahssen, Swan Valley
- Seth Konyenbelt, Unity Christian
Breakdown: This weight has a similar feel to 135 in that there are a number of guys who are fringe top-ten guys looking to break out mixed with some already established hammers.  Konyenbelt is the lone returning placer, having placed 6th last year.  Avery and Ionetz qualified for the state tourney, while Young, Dole, Phillips, and Pahssen are all regional qualifiers.  Maybe the toughest weight to pick a top four as it could go a number of ways.
Prediction: 1) Dole 2) Konyenbelt 3) Avery 4) Young

- Brandon Russell, Chippewa Hills
- Brayden Randolph, Clinton
- Dillon Kroening, Gladwin
- Matt Waier, Midland
- Jaycob Herpin, Pennfield
- Jaxon Labreck, Traverse City West
Breakdown: 160 features a handful of grapplers all with a chance to end the tournament on top of the podium.  Herpin and Russell are both state qualifiers from D3 last year.  Labreck and Waier and D1 regional qualifiers.  Kroening qualified for regionals last year as a freshman, and Randolph is one of the top freshmen in the state.  Look for some major battles to take place at this weight.
Prediction: 1) Herpin 2) Labreck 3) Randolph 4) Waier

- Jack Owens, Beaverton
- David Spedowski, Chipppewa Hills
- Eathan Hicks, Clinton
- Damien Leddy, Gladwin
- Sam Hine, Midland
- Ashton Leenhouts, Pennfield
- Logan Buckner, Shepherd
Breakdown: Some good depth here with Spedowski and Owens more than likely the favorites heading in.  They met three times last year with Spedowski winning each match.  Behind them is Sam Hine of Midland who could realistically win it all as well.  Four more regional qualifiers will also challenge - Hicks, Leddy, Leenhouts, and Buckner.
Prediction: 1) Spedowski 2) Owens 3) Hine 4) Leddy

- Kyle Cassiday, Beaverton
- Robert Granberry, Chippewa Hills
- Trent Sexton, Clinton
- Jacob Ransom, Traverse City West
Breakdown: In terms of ranked wrestlers, this weight may have the biggest crop top-tier guys.  Four wrestlers are ranked in the top-six of their respective weights.  No idea how the seeds will play out either since three of the four are returning state placers.  One thing is for sure - there will be some amazing semifinal and final matches.
Prediction: 1) Ransom 2) Granberry 3) Cassiday 4) Sexton

- Eric Cassiday, Beaverton
- Billy Koepf, Chippewa Hills
- Chayton Wiggins, Chippewa Hills
- Shane Edwards, Pennfield
- Dominick Wilson, Portage Central
- Zac Masiewicz, Traverse City West
Breakdown: Some interesting possible matchups at 215 with 2nd-ranked Cassiday and Wilson, and also 3rd-ranked Koepf.  Regional qualifiers Edwards and Masiewicz add some depth as well.  Wiggins is a wild card and capable of pulling off some upsets along the way.  Wilson hasn't competed yet this year, but if he's here it'll be a good test for the returning all-stater to start his season.
Prediction: 1) Koepf 2) Cassiday 3) Wilson 4) Edwards

- Seth DeMoines, Beaverton
- Andrew Vinton, Chippewa Hills
- Zac Stickler, Clare
- Don Stump, Clinton
- Kevin Smith, Shepherd
Breakdown: Some good depth in the heavyweight division with state placer Andrew Vinton followed by four regional qualifiers - DeMoines, Stickler, Stump, and Smith.  On paper Vinton is definitely the favorite to take home the title.  Stickler is a good athlete who may be the opponent in the finals, but the other three could all find themselves there as well.
Prediction: 1) Vinton 2) Stickler 3) Stump 4) DeMoines