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Individual State Tournament Update

By MI Grappler, 12/19/17, 7:00PM EST


Michigan Grappler has obtained some of the early information regarding the Individual State Tournament at Ford Field this year.  While much of the information is TENTATIVE, and also with the understanding that moving from a three day tournament to two days while simultaneously changing venues presents several unique challenges, we are optimistic about the event.

Below are some highlights of the notable changes including, but not limited to, the setup, weigh-ins, finals format, and more.  

20 Total Mats
- 5 mats per division will be used through the tournament, with the exception of the semis and the finals.

Warm-Up Area
- 2 full mats, potentially three, will be available for a warm up area.  This is a big improvement from the Palace setup.

One Weigh-In
- Just one weigh-in will take place, on the morning of the first day.  With the format of the tournament, having a weigh-in on day two of the tournament would leave the possibility of someone missing weight after the bloodround or even before the finals.  Having a weigh in before the semifinals on Friday would leave just seven hours between weigh-ins.

Semifinal Layout
- Four mats will be used per division for the semis.  That means that two weights will be running their semis at the same time.  After all four matches are completed, the next set of weights will start.  

Awards After Finals
- Shoutout to the MHSAA here.  All of the awards will be presented following the conclusion of all finals matches.  This encourages spectators to stay for ALL matches and allows wrestlers to prepare for matches as they normally would without waiting several hours.  It also provides a benefit for the casual fan to experience the state finals in roughly 2.5 hours, rather than a long, drawn-out evening.