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Macomb County Classic Preview

By MI Grappler, 12/22/17, 7:00AM EST


GFC Champ Machart the Favorite at 119

The Macomb County Invitational Classic goes down today and tomorrow at Chippewa Valley High School and the field is outstanding.  From a team standpoint D1 #2 Macomb Dakota and D2 #2 Warren Woods Tower are the top squads.  Individually, over 40 ranked wrestlers are entered and some major matchups look like they could go down.  Read our preview below and you can follow along on  

Brock Prater, Dakota
Brendan Ferretti, Dakota
Joe Haynes, WW Tower
Cam Haslem, St. Clair
Jack O'Donnell, DeLaSalle
Lance Garrisi, Romeo
Tamin Machart, Utica Ford
Breakdown: A pretty good batch of little guys to kick it off.  Really would've like to have seen Ferretti and Haynes go at it since they split matches last year, but it appears they're on opposite sides of the bracket.  However, it does leave a couple intriguing quarterfinals matchups in Ferretti-O'Donnell and Haynes-Haslem.  When it all shakes out, there's a good chance we see an all-Dakota final.
Prediction: 1) Prater 2) Ferretti 3) Haynes 4) Haslem

David Stepanian, WW Tower
Nick Alayan, Dakota
Matthew Cali, Romeo
Alex Shrum, Clawson
Allan Davis, Clawson
Brett Hudson, Marysville
Randon Seres, PH Northern
Breakdown: Stepanian and Alayan are two of the top 112 pounders in any division and are on a collision course for a rematch of the 2016 Macomb Finals.  Stepanian took that match 8-4.  Two Clawson state qualifiers could also mix it up with Shrum and Davis entered.  Cali, Hudson, and Seres will all battle with those two for 3rd as the top two are pretty clearcut here.
Prediction: 1) Stepanian 2) Alayan 3) Cali 4) Shrum

Terrin Machart, Utica Ford
Justin Tiburcio, Macomb Dakota
Connor Casey, Macomb Dakota
Al Biland, Anchor Bay
Jacob Lagocki, L'Anse Creuse
Ryan Lee, Chippewa Valley
Breakdown: There could be another outstanding finals match here should the seeds hold and Machart and Tiburcio advance.  Both are 2x D1 state placers and currently unbeaten on the year.  Machart has been on fire since the GFC so he'll definitely be a tough out but Tiburcio is a hammer in his own right.  Connor Casey is down to 119 from 125/130 where he's been for the first two weeks; he is slated to meet his teammate Tiburcio in the semis.  Biland, Lagocki, and Lee are all quality guys as well and are the next tier of guys in the weight.
Prediction: 1) Machart 2) Tiburcio 3) Casey 4) Biland

Chaise Mayer, WW Tower
Gerald Carter, Roseville
Dominic Todaro, Romeo
Gary Nilson, Utica Ford
Michael Hazelton, L'Anse Creuse
Joey Papas, Dakota
Dante Lumetta, Utica Eisenhower
Andrew Kakoos, Warren Mott
Breakdown: It will be very intriguing to see how this weight turns out as there are a number of really tough kids entered.  Obviously Mayer is the frontrunner, being a two-time state finalist.  After him, you've got a few unbeatens in Todaro, Nilson, and Hazelton.  Also in the mix is Carter, who is the two seed and has some notable wins on his resume over the past couple seasons.  Papas, Lumetta, and Kakoos could throw a wrench in the weight and sneak into the top-four also. 
Prediction: 1) Mayer 2) Todaro 3) Nilson 4) Carter

Matt Tomsett, Lamphere
Hunter Garrisi, Romeo
Lucas Peck, Eisenhower
Drake Hiltunen, Algonac
Andrew Barrett, Dakota
Zach P Wells, Utica Ford
Andrew Valente, SCS Lakeview
Joshua Brady, Fraser
Duncan Pattison, DeLaSalle
Carson Boni, Chippewa Valley
Breakdown: Similar to 125, 130 features quite a few wrestlers who could have a breakout weekend.  Tomsett is the favorite on paper as he's the only returning all-stater in the bunch.  Garrisi and Barrett were both state qualifiers last year, but Barrett is the 5 seed so he'd have to knock off Tomsett to make the finals.  At least seven others in the weight will have great opportunities to get themselves into the rankings and end 2017 with a bang.
Prediction: 1) Tomsett 2) Garrisi 3) Barrett 4) Peck

Mark Langewicz, Algonac
Alex Backer, L'Anse Creuse
Justin Selimi, Lamphere
Nick Zipay, Chippewa Valley
Andrew Yeiser, DeLaSalle
Breakdown: This is probably the most wide open weight of the tournament.  Langewicz is the only one with any state tournament experience so he's clearly the favorite heading in.  Beyond that it's really up in the air as to who will emerge.  Zipay is a darkhorse contender, as are Backer, Selimi, and Yeiser.  
Prediction: 1) Langewicz 2) Zipay 3) Yeiser 4) Selimi

Tracy Hubbard, Michigan Collegiate
Michael Pizzo, Clawson
Nick Gates, Marysville
Brandon Badour, Chippewa Valley
Zach M Wells, Utica Ford
Breakdown: 140 features a handful of guys all looking to break through on the state level.  Hubbard is a super talented kid and is the favorite, though he'll be tested by a couple of the guys listed above.  Gates is also in the mix and the likely finals opponent for Hubbard in what should be an entertaining match.  The darkhorse is Badour, who is capable of knocking anyone off.   
Prediction: 1) Hubbard 2) Gates 3) Badour 4) Pizzo

Jalen Smith, Fraser
Keff O'Connell, WW Tower
Matt Andrews, Center Line
Brandon Kwiatkowski, SH Stevenson
Conner Geerlings, Algonac
Trevor Dusty, New Haven
Reid Maher, Dakota
Samuel Shaw, L'Anse Creuse
Noah Bright, Utica Ford
Breakdown: The top two seeds here, Smith and O'Connell, met last weekend with Smith taking a 4-3 decision.  There's a good chance we see that match again this weekend.  Andrews and Kwiatkowski both have upset potential and could make deep runs in the tournament.  Behind those four, there will some great matchups between very good guys throughout the tournament.
Prediction: 1) Smith 2) O'Connell 3) Kwiatkowski 4) Andrews

Doug Ferrier, Marysville
Christian Karges, Dakota
Wyatt Grimes, Marysville
Nino Tranchida, Anchor Bay
James Ladd, Algonac
Brennen Steinbauer, Armada
Max Sandzik, Clawson
Justin Barone, L'Anse Creuse
Nick Elliott, Utica Ford
Breakdown: There will be some really good guys who finish outside the top eight with the depth in this weight class.  Ferrier is no doubt the frontrunner to win it, but below him there will be some great battles.  On the top half, Ladd and Tranchida will be a great quarterfinal match.  Grimes should make the semis on the bottom half but who he will wrestle is in question.  More than likely it'll be Karges, but either Sandzik or Elliott will be tough quarterfinal opponents for the Dakota senior.
Prediction: 1) Ferrier 2) Karges 3) Grimes 4) Tranchida

Dustin Solomon, Dakota
Jajuan Lovejoy, WW Tower
Jack Jewell, Algonac
Dylan Seaton, PH Northern
Jared St. James, St. Clair
Reginald Muse, MI Collegiate
Breakdown: There are several wrestlers who could have breakout tournaments at 160.  While Solomon is certainly the favorite, several question marks surround how the rest of the bracket will play out.  The quarters on the top side will feature Seaton and St. James, who are both unbeaten on the year.  On the bottom of the bracket, Jewell and Lovejoy are on target to compete in the semis, which should be a great bout and really could be a coin flip.
Prediction: 1) Solomon 2) Lovejoy 3) Jewell 4) St. James

Layne Malczewski, Dakota
Steven Dunmire, Fitzgerald
Austin West-Houck, Fraser
Jack Morris, Eisenhower
Reggie Bostock, DeLaSalle
Breakdown: Four ranked guys at 171 which speaks to the quality of the weight.  Malczewski and Morris will likely be the semis on the top half, in a matchup of former teammates.  On the bottom, red hot West-Houck should clash with returning state placer Dunmire.  While there's a lot of talent, the no-brainer pick to win it is Malczewski, but 2 through 4 is totally up in the air.
Prediction: 1) Malczewski 2) Dunmire 3) West-Houck 4) Morris

Trey Barbour, WW Tower
Nathan Nowik, Armada
Taye Ghudiali, Fitzgerald
Damani Wallace, DeLaSalle
Connor Montilla, Chippewa Valley
Kendel Taylor, Bishop Foley
Gustavo Flores, New Haven
Chris Hackney, Fraser
Breakdown: This could be fixed by the time the tournament starts, but as it sits right now Hackney is unseeded.   Whatever the case, he's the most accomplished in the weight, no question.  He'll have a tough road consisting of Wallace, Montilla, and Barbour to go through.  On the bottom, Ghudiali is someone who could make it to the finals as he's been on fire in the early part of this season.
Prediction: 1) Hackney 2) Ghudiali 3) Barbour 4) Nowik

Joel Radvansky, WW Tower
Marcus Fresch, Roseville
Michael Berger, Lutheran North
Gavin Miller, Romeo
Joseph Jean-Baptiste, Fitzgerald
Breakdown: A pair of returning all-staters are the class of this weight, with Radvansky and Fresch being the top two seeds.  Fresch has taken some early losses this year but could just be rounding back into form.  Radvansky is unbeaten and really is a tough matchup for anyone, and he's also the defending Macomb Champ, so consider him the favorite on paper.  3rd place is totally up for grabs but Jean-Baptiste is the only other regional qualifier in the weight.
Prediction: 1) Radvansky 2) Fresch 3) Jean-Baptiste 4) Miller

Rahmi Khalil, Dakota
Mike Nykoriak, Algonac
Mark Hickman, Fraser
Dominique Harris, MI Collegiate
Zachary Okroy, Chippewa Valley
Thomas Munzenhofer, L'Anse Creuse
Darren Hudson, Warren Cousino
Jaren Johnson, Warren Lincoln
Breakdown: Another potential matchup of state placers could take place in this final also, with 4th place finishers from 2017 Khalil and Nykoriak on track to see each other in the finals.  Give the nod to Khalil on paper.  Hickman is the three seed and is a state qualifier, though he did take a loss to Okroy on opening night.  Throw in Harris, Munzenhofer, Hudson, and Johnson, and you've got a pretty deep heavyweight class. 
Prediction: 1) Khalil 2) Nykoriak 3) Munzenhofer 4) Hickman