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Goodrich TOC Preview

By MI Grappler, 12/29/17, 9:00AM EST


D2's top 3 140 lbers could meet at Goodrich TOC

Goodrich TOC Preview

Corbin Hallberg, Brandon
Kiefer Kolito, DeWitt
Luke Thornton, Fenton
Nate Young, Lakeville
Logan Perez, Parma Western
Tamin Machart, Utica Ford
Breakdown: 103 is filled with guys looking for to break out on a big stage this year and the TOC could be the place they do it.  Hallberg and Perez have the most experience, being senior 103s and having qualifying for the regional tournament, so consider them the frontrunners to win it.  There are also some talented freshmen in Kolito, Thornton, and Machart who could push to make the finals.
Prediction: 1) Hallberg 2) Perez 3) Kolito 4) Thornton

Christian Miller, Birch Run
Andrew Hughes, Grand Ledge
David Jividen, NB Huron
Brendon Smith, St. Johns
Vince Perez, Tecumseh
Griffin Nicholas, Utica Ford
Breakdown: We could see a rematch of Perez-Hughes from two weeks ago, a match that Perez won 3-0.  Both were 3rd place finishers at the state tourney last year and ranked inside the top three of their respective divisions and weights.  A darkhorse to win it would be Miller of Birch Run, an all-stater last year who currently sports a 17-0 record.  Smith was a state qualifier for St. Johns and is the only other ranked wrestler in the weight class. 
Prediction: 1) Perez 2) Hughes 3) Miller 4) Smith

Jannya Boorman, Addison
Macintyre Breece, Birch Run
Derek Giallombardo, Gaylord
Caleb Teague, Goodrich
Tommy Lear, Grand Ledge
Corey Gamet, Parma
Josh Hilton, Tecumseh
Terrin Machart, Utica Ford
Caleb Meekins, John Glenn
Breakdown: This weight could turn out a number of ways as there is crazy depth.  An intriguing matchup that hopefully happens is Machart-Gamet.  Gamet suffered an injury in the opening week, so it's unknown if he'll be back or not.  Teague and Giallombardo are top tier guys at 119 in D2 and could easily break through to the finals as well.  Also don't forget about Meekins who has just one loss on the year and has the ability to knock off anyone.  Throw in Breece and Hilton and you've got an incredibly talented field that could have some ranked guys finishing with a DNP.
Prediction: 1) Machart 2) Gamet 3) Teague 4) Giallombardo

Blake Szemites, Birch Run
Stone Moscovic, Detroit CC
La’Ron Ruffin, Flint Kearsley
Chayse LaJoie, Gaylord
Carson Turnbow, Goodrich
Alex Kingsley, Grand Ledge
Zach Young, Lakeville
Brendan Zelenka, St. Johns
Kellen Patton, Tecumseh
Gary Nilson, Utica Ford
Kyle Borthwell, John Glenn
Breakdown: No idea what weight LaJoie will be at, but he was at 125 for Marquette so we slotted him here for this tournament.  He's the favorite as the defending state champ.  Moscovic brings a ton of experience and realistically could win the weight in his first time down to 125 this year.  Borthwell is another with the skillset to take home a title, along with Nilson, a major impact freshman from Utica Ford.  Zelenka of St. Johns was 3rd in the state last year and will be right in the hunt as well.  This weight probably has the most potential champions of any in the tournament.
Prediction: 1) LaJoie 2) Moscovic 3) Borthwell 4) Nilson

Kyle Parlberg, Birch Run
Curtis Venturino, Brandon
Eli Severns, DeWitt
John Henry Sosa, Gaylord
Nathan Harville, Goodrich
Ryan Legal, Grand Ledge
Owen Zablocki, NB Huron
Zach P Wells, Utica Ford
Camden Trupp, Detroit CC
Mike Mars, John Glenn
Breakdown: No doubt about it Mars is the leading candidate to win 130.  The 2x state champ has been relatively untested this year and should breeze through the field here.  It starts to get interesting after him though.  You've got Sosa who was 5th at 112  and may be up a weight from where he'll be at the end of the year.  Also in this weight are a pair of really good freshman in Trupp and Severns.  Parlberg and Zablocki are state qualifiers from last year and will be in the mix too.
Prediction: 1) Mars 2) Sosa 3) Trupp 4) Zablocki

Dakota Knieper, Addison
Ronnie Slater, DeWitt
Jayden Rittenbury, Fenton
Andy Ruhstorfer, Flint Kearsley
Rico Brown, Gaylord
Cameron Arold, NB Huron
Kaleob Whitford, St. Johns
Isaac Lefler, John Glenn
Breakdown: At 135 there isn't really a guy who jumps out as the no brainer pick to win it all, but there is an abundance of talented kids who each could march to a title.  Whitford is the highest ranked and has placed the highest at the state tourney so he's the on-paper favorite.  Lefler, Rittenbury, and Ruhstorfer are all right there and will make for some intriguing matchups throughout the day.
Prediction: 1) Whitford 2) Lefler 3) Rittenbury 4) Ruhstorfer

Ty Tanner, Birch Run
Garrett Nyswaner, Clio
Logan Sanom, Detroit CC
Quenten Hall, DeWitt
Brady Triola, Fenton
Trenton DiGenova, Flint Kearsley
Dominic Edwards, Goodrich
Karson Kost, Grand Ledge
Alex Svoboda, NB Huron
Donovan Walters, Parma
James Whitaker, St. Johns
Kyle Yuhas, Tecumseh
Zach M Wells, Utica Ford
Breakdown: The top three ranked wrestlers at 140 in D2 are here, which should give some clarification to the rankings after this weekend.  Whitaker is the pick to win it, but Nyswaner-Hall will be a war should it happen.  Sanom of DCC could be a spoiler if he's entered; he had a win over Nyswaner at the GFC in the fall.  Also look for Triola, Edwards, and Kost to all be in the hunt.
Prediction: 1) Whitaker 2) Nyswaner 3) Hall 4) Sanom

Mason Breece, Birch Run
Jacob Smith, Clio
Kilion Southworth, DeWitt
Jacob McKnight, Gaylord
Tristin Katulski, Goodrich
Delmar Carr, NB Huron
Spencer Sillman, St. Johns
Noah Bright, Utica Ford
Anthony Gibson, John Glenn
Breakdown: Another super talented weight, there are three guys who are ranked second or higher in their weight.  Breece is ranked first in D3, while Gibson and Southworth are both second in their weights.  Seeding could have an impact on which matchups we see, so that will be interesting for the coaches to sort out.  How ever it goes, Gibson is the one who is most likely to emerge with a title.  
Prediction: 1) Gibson 2) Breece 3) Southworth 4) McKnight

AJ Moore, Clio
Tyler Brandt, DeWitt
Tommy Adams, Fenton
Nelson Poet, NB Huron
Seth Phebus, Parma Western
Brenden Dyer, Tecumseh
Ethan Tgiros, Utica Ford
Brenten Polk, John Glenn
Breakdown: This weight features a number of guys who are on the verge of breaking into the D2 152 rankings.  Currently Moore is the lone wrestler in the top ten, but Poet, Adams, and Dyer are right outside the list.  In that spirit, the finals matchup could be one that no one sees coming at all.  Tgiros of Ford is the darkhorse, even though he's undefeated, and could play D1 spoiler.
Prediction: 1) Moore 2) Poet 3) Adams 4) Tgiros

Hunter Dart, Addison
Trenton Naragon, Birch Run
Mikey Nicaj, Brandon
Sam York, DeWitt
Malik Davis, Flint Kearsley
Brady Schulcz, Gaylord
Cody Brenner, NB Huron
Cross Gonzalez, St. Johns
Gabe Bechtol, Tecumseh
Nick Elliott, Utica Ford
Breakdown: As many as six wrestlers in this weight have been in the rankings this year which speaks to the depth.  York is likely the top dog but behind him are a bunch of quality guys.  Gonzalez was a state placer from last year, along with Dart.  Davis and Bechtol have state tournament experience as well.  Brenner is one of the top freshmen in the state at any weight and will have a chance to place very high.  No idea how this one will shake out, but it sure will be fun to watch.
Prediction: 1) York 2) Gonzalez 3)Brenner 4)Dart

Donovan Underwood, Addison
Jacob Brandt, DeWitt
Cade Foster, Gaylord
Juwan Vines, Goodrich
James Sharpe, Grand Ledge
Trevor Mason, NB Huron
Braxton Parks, St. Johns
Chase Kersten, John Glenn
Breakdown: 171 is a weight that will sort out the rankings in Division 2.  Parks is off to a great start this year and is our pick to win this weight.  He'll be challenged by Foster, Mason, and Vines from D2, as well as Underwood from Addison.  Brandt, Kersten, and Sharpe are all pretty tough kids who could sneak into the top four or so also.  
Prediction: 1) Parks 2) Foster 3) Mason 4)Vines

Garrett Bernath, Addison
Brockton Cook, Birch Run
Honour Kline, Goodrich
Drake Pauwels, NB Huron
Eric Pape, Parma
CJ Krum, St. Johns
Ryan Roberts, Tecumseh
Breakdown:  Pauwels hasn't been active since opening week, but the EMU commit will have a couple guys looking to take him out this weekend.  Kline and Cook are the most likely candidates.  Kline is a state placer from 2017, while Cook, a state qualifier, is undefeated through seventeen matches this season.  One guy to watch is freshman standout Krum from St. Johns.  A MYWA state champ last year, he's off to a great start in his young career.
Prediction: 1) Pauwels 2) Kline 3) Cook 4) Krum

Anthony Nicaj, Brandon
Alex Yocom, Clio
Doug Trutzl, DeWitt
AJ Krumholz, Gaylord
Adam Aguilar, Grand Ledge
Lucas Brewer, NB Huron
Breakdown: While there isn't a lot of depth at 215, there are certainly a handful of quality guys who will look to win the tournament.  Yocom from Clio is the favorite.  The super sophomore has just one loss this year- to defending state champ Cushman of Flushing.  Brewer is probably next in line to meet him in the finals but will be challenged by Aguilar and Trutzl.
Prediction: 1) Yocom 2) Brewer 3)Aguilar 4) Trutzl

Luke Yackee, Addison
Terrance Watson, Birch Run
Blake Amy, Clio
Devin Fuller, Fenton
Joe Markham, Gaylord
Blake Coffell, Goodrich
Brady Riggs, Grand Ledge
Donald Farris, John Glenn
Breakdown:  A solid heavyweight class for an in-season tournament.  Four ranked wrestlers and a few just on the outside of the rankings will make this an interesting weight to follow.  Markham and Coffell are the most seasoned, as evidenced by their top-eight finishes last March.  Yackee is ranked in D4 and Farris started the year in the top 10 in D1.  Watson of Birch Run can not be overlooked either, as the sophomore has a couple notable wins to his credit this year.  
Prediction: 1) Markham 2) Coffell 3) Watson 4) Farris

Other Notable Tournaments

Brecksville Invitational Holiday Tournament (Ohio)
D1 #1 Detroit Catholic Central
D2 #1 Lowell
D3 #1 Dundee

Top-4 Seeded Wrestlers
113 - 4. Devon Johnsen (DCC)
120 - 2. Ben Kamali (DCC) 
132 - 2. Avry Mutschler (Lowell)
132 - 4. Derek Gilcher (DCC)
138 - 1. Kevon Davenport (DCC)
145 - 2. Austin Boone (Lowell)
152 - 2. Cameron Amine (DCC)
160 - 2. Tylor Orrison (Dundee)
182 - 3. David Kruse (Lowell)
195 - 3. Easton Turner (DCC)
195 - 4. Kyle Reinhart (Dundee)
220 - 1. Brandon Whitman (Dundee)

Bryan Sosinski Memorial Invitational @ Lawton (Duals)
D4 #3 Carson City
D4 #5 Clinton
D4 #7 Manchester
D4 #10 Springport

Mayville Ryan Mercer Memorial
112 - Jack Demara
119 - Gavin Dempz
130 - Jacob Burchi
215 - Hunter Spies

135 - Adam Good
152 - Torey Coleman
160 - Adam Mather

Bad Axe
135 - Ryan Wehner

Brown City
152 - Jacob Martus

130 - Ty Inches
135 - John Botkins
140 - Blain Wood
145 - Garrett Stoick
152 - DJ Daniels

Cass City
130 - Hayden Larkin
160 - Wyatt Dickson

Lake Orion
145 - Noah Smith
152 - Jaden Fisher
160 - Dylan Wellbaum
171 - Isaac Kinne
189 - Tyler Vestrand
215 - Sam Kinne

130 - Billy Dow
160 - Steven Jackson
215 - Logan Labean
215 - Vinny Domiani
285 - Jackson Schenk

135 - Solomon O'Brien
189 - Damon Pearce

112 - Jack Sherman
125 - Dakota Tatro
152 - John Hitsman

North Branch
152 - Hunter Murphy

140 - Tanner Orweller
145 - Jacob Spiess

285 - Michael King

Richmond B

160 - Cody Hartz
171 - Jacob Horst
215 - Anthony Filkins

Sterling Heights

Swan Valley
145 - Isaac Cabrera
152 - Jayden Pahssen

Jim Wade Family Classic @ Climax-Scotts 
130 - Garrett Klein
135 - Hunter Bowersox
145 - Rayden Roggow
152 - Jacob Roberts

112 - Daniel Villalobos
119 - Evan Siler
140 - Mario Garcia
145 - Josh Zordan

Battle Creek Lakeview
112 - Jacob White
119 - Terry Vette
125 - Bryce Brust
130 - Sawn Thang
145 - Chase Seeley
152 - Mason Evans
171 - Dylan Brown

140 - Cody Reese
160 - Cole Allman
189 - Jamane Smith
285 - Cole Allsup

130 - Jaxon Alwine
135 - Kamron Nusbaum
145 - Jack Jones
152 - Roy Solis
189 - Boe Eckman

160 - Cole Nytray

Grass Lake
112 - Chase Horvath
189 - Brett Lockridge

Gull Lake
130 - Jacob Ragotzzky
215 - Logan Birchmeier



Maple Valley
112 - Jesse Brumm
160 - Franklin Ulrich
171 - Bryce Bignal

119 - Ash Stokes 
171 - Mark Butz

152 - Jordan Tutt
160 - Payton Hunt
171 - Luke Mobley
189 - Cooper Simmons

112 - Alexander Bastien

103 - Trevor Pelton
130 - Clayton Marshall
171 - Logan Swigart

West Catholic