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CC Invite Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/05/18, 6:00PM EST


HS Weekend Tournament Preview

Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the DCC Invite hosted annually the first weekend of January at Detroit Catholic Central High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the CCI, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

New Lothrop Hall of Fame
Adam H Provencal Invite (Grand Haven)
Spartan Classic (Warren Fitzgerald)
Wyandotte Invitational
Dave Elliott Memorial Tournament (Clinton)

CCI Weight by Weight Preview

1.  Brock Prater, Macomb Dakota
2.  Daniel Rehfeldt, Detroit CC
3.  Mason Shrader, Brighton
4.  Joe Haynes, WW Tower
5.  Matt Curtis, Oxford
6.  Lance Garrisi, Romeo
7.  Ethan Early, Brownsburg (IN)
8.  Caden Natale, Hudson
Breakdown:  No Chambal this weekend, as it was expected to be a rematch of him and Prater, the top two at 103 in Division 1.  Rehfeldt and Shrader will be a great semifinal matchup of experience versus youth.  Haynes on the top side is a tough freshman as well, but Prater did major him at Macomb County.
Prediction: 1) Prater 2) Shrader 3) Rehfeldt 4) Haynes

1.  Nick Alayan, Macomb Dakota
2.  David Stepanian, WW Tower
3.  Steven Garty, Davison
4.  Kysen Montgomery, Brownsburg (IN)
5.  Devon Johnsen, Detroit CC
6.  Ben Manly, Brighton
7.  Ashton Anderson, Oxford
8.  Gage Houghtaling, Lapeer
Breakdown:  A potential rematch of the Macomb County finals looms as Alayan and Stepanian sit in the top two spots.  Alayan took the first meeting this year, while Stepanian won their bout from a year ago.  A grudge match would be entertaining to say the least.  This weight also includes four other wrestlers ranked in the top ten in D1.  Brownsburg's Montgomery is also a potential bracket-buster.  Just a freshman, he has a ton of notable wins to his credit and his high school career is off to a great start as well.
Prediction: 1) Alayan 2) Stepanian 3) Montgomery 4) Garty

1.  Ben Kamali, Detroit CC
2.  Chaise Mayer, WW Tower
3.  Caleb Teague, Goodrich
4.  Justin Tiburcio, Macomb Dakota
5.  Drake Campbell, Brownsburg (IN)
6.  Caleb Meekins, John Glenn
7.  Jaron Wilson, Davison
8.  Logan Kehres, Brighton
Breakdown:  Loaded weight but the real surprise is Mayer dropping down to 119 to potentially set up a major finals match with Kamali.  To do that, both will have to navigate some tough waters with Teague, Tiburcio, Campbell and Meekins all looming as potential semi matchups.  Should Kamali and Mayer meet, expect fireworks.  Both score a ton of points and have some flash to go along with it.
Prediction: 1) Kamali 2) Mayer 3) Tiburcio 4) Teague

1.  Mike Mars, John Glenn
2.  Ty Mills, Brownsburg (IN)
3.  Dominick Lomazzo, Detroit CC
4.  Scotty Torres, Hudson
5.  Stone Moscovic, Detroit CC
6.  Eddie Homrock, Brighton
7.  Dominic Todaro, Romeo
8.  Daltan Myers, Oxford
Breakdown:  While Mars is the favorite to win the weight, he'll have a very tough finals opponent, regardless of who it is.  Mills is an Indiana state runner-up and also beat Lomazzo at the IndianaMat Preseason Open.  Those two would be the biggest challengers.  The quarterfinals will feature some intriguing matchups as well, with Lomazzo-Homrock and Moscovic-Torres poised to do battle.
Prediction: 1) Mars 2) Mills 3) Lomazzo 4) Moscovic

1.  Jordan Hamdan, Hudson
2.  AJ Facundo, Davison
3.  Kaleob Whitford, St. Johns
4.  Hunter Hohman, Lapeer
5.  Isaac Lefler, John Glenn
6.  Drew Kreitzer, Brownsburg (IN)
7.  Hunter Garrisi, Romeo
8.  Andrew Barrett, Macomb Dakota
Breakdown:  A pair of two-time state champs are slated to meet in what could be one of the best finals matches of the tournament.  Facundo struggled at the CCI last year, and will look to shake that off and take on Hamdan, who won the tournament a year ago.  It's an interesting style matchup but one that will be fun to watch.  Whitford and Hohman both pose threats to spoil the defending champs' title hopes and can not be taken lightly.  
Prediction: 1) Hamdan 2) Facundo 3) Whitford 4) Hohman

1.  Derek Gilcher, Detroit CC
2.  Sergio Borg, Oxford
3.  Marc Shaeffer, Davison
4.  Evan Lawhead, Brownsburg (IN)
5.  Brandon McCollum, John Glenn
6.  Jimmy McMillan, Goodrich
7.  Jace Hunt, Macomb Dakota
8.  Chase Moscovic, Detroit CC
Breakdown: While this weight doesn't have the depth that some of the others do, there are three very tough kids at the top.  Gilcher and Borg were both 4th in the state a year ago and Shaeffer is a returning finalist at the CCI.  It really looks like a three horse race and any one of them could come out on top.
Prediction: 1) Borg 2) Gilcher 3) Shaeffer 4) Lawhead

1.  Kevon Davenport, Detroit CC
2.  Blake Mulkey, Brownsburg
3.  Nick Gates, Marysville
4.  Logan Sanom, Detroit CC
5.  Dominic Edwards, Goodrich
6.  Brandon Alkazir, Macomb Dakota
7.  Raymond Cole, Davison
8.  Elijah Chaffin, Lapeer
Breakdown:  Many were probably hoping for a Davenport-Whitaker matchup here but Whitaker isn't entered.  Nevertheless, Davenport will probably get a top-notch opponent in Mulkey.  He's an Indiana state placer who made a deep run at Super 32.  Davenport has been relatively untested this year, even in the face of tough competition, so it'll be interesting to see that one play out.  The rest of the bracket is fairly even across the board and a number of guys will be in the hunt to finish top-four.
Breakdown: 1) Davenport 2) Mulkey 3) Gates 4) Sanom

1.  Alex Facundo, Davison
2.  Anthony Gibson, John Glenn
3.  Carson Price, Hudson
4.  Ryan Miller, Oxford
5.  Joe Urso, Detroit CC
6.  Nick Bleise, Brighton
7.  Keff O'Connell, WW Tower
8.  Noah Smith, Lake Orion
Breakdown:  An extremely deep weight at 145, highlighted by seven ranked wrestlers.  The top two in D1, Facundo and Gibson, are the top two seeds and it'll be Facundo's first chance to wrestle some of the top 145 pounders in Division 1.  Every single quarterfinal will be a must-watch, particularly Miller vs Urso.  Tough to say how this weight will shake out but it certainly won't lack great wrestling.
Prediction: 1) Facundo 2) Gibson 3) Miller 4) Bleise 

1.  Brayton Lee, Brownsburg (IN)
2.  Cameron Amine, Detroit CC
3.  Doug Ferrier, Marysville
4.  Brian Case, Davison
5.  Austin Frederick, WW Tower
6.  Christian Karges, Macomb Dakota
7.  Jaden Fisher, Lake Orion
8.  Victor Grabowski, Brighton
Breakdown: The marquee matchup of the tournament will take place at 152, should the seeds hold.  Lee and Amine are two of the top 152 pounders in the country.  Both are two-time state champs and both are incredibly talented with high motors, so it's a must-watch for any fan.  Ferrier, Case, and Frederick are all-staters entered in the weight and should be considered in the mix as well.  Ferrier is undefeated on the year and will test himself against Amine in the semis. 
Prediction: 1) Lee 2) Amine 3) Case 4) Ferrier

1.  Dustin Solomon, Macomb Dakota
2.  Caleb Tabert, Oxford
3.  Dylan Wellbaum, Lake Orion
4.  Harley Berne, Brighton
5.  Jajuan Lovejoy, WW Tower
6.  Jay Nivison, Davison
7.  John Browning, Detroit CC
8.  Kevin Patterson, Goodrich
Breakdown: Kind of some interesting seeding here due to common opponents and head-to-heads on the year.  Lovejoy, a returning state placer, lost to Berne but beat Nivison, who's up a couple weights.  Wellbaum has burst onto the D1 scene after winning Oakland County and could take on another Oakland County foe in Tabert in the semis.  Solomon remains the favorite, but the margin may be slimmer than many think.
Prediction: 1) Solomon 2) Tabert 3) Lovejoy 4) Wellbaum 

1.  Cal Stefanko, Davison
2.  Layne Malczewski, Macomb Dakota
3.  Aidan Wagh, Detroit CC
4.  Trey Barbour, WW Tower
5.  Devin Trevino, Oxford
6.  Isaac Kinne, Lake Orion
7.  Chase Kersten, John Glenn
8. Juwan Vines, Goodrich
Breakdown:  Another really solid weight.  Stefanko holds a win over Malczewski from last year's CCI so he gets the nod as the one seed.  The real story of the weight is the depth.  You see the list of pre-seeds above, but state qualifier Juwan Vines is unseeded as is Tyler Vestrand of Lake Orion, who is off to a great start.  171 will have a load of competitive early morning matchups, maybe more than any other weight.
Prediction: 1) Malczewski 2) Stefanko 3) Trevino 4) Wagh

1.  Nathan Walton, Brownsburg (IN)
2.  Honour Kline, Goodrich
3.  Trevor McGowan, Davison
4.  Rory Cox, Detroit CC
5.  Greyson Stevens, Brighton
6.  Brendin Yatooma, Detroit CC
7.  Austin Schlicht, Oxford
8.  CJ Krum, St. Johns
Breakdown: The second Hoosier to receive a top seed is Walton, a 3x state placer (8-3-3) in single-division Indiana.  He's the favorite here and will take on some of Michigan's better 189s.  Kline, McGowan, and Cox pose the biggest threats, but Walton may be just out of reach.  There is also a trio of underclassmen looking to break out on a big stage in sophomores Stevens and Yatooma, along with freshman Krum.
Prediction: 1) Walton 2) Kline 3) Cox 4) McGowan  

1.  Sam Kinne, Lake Orion
2.  Joel Radvansky, WW Tower
3.  Easton Turner, Detroit CC
4.  Lawson Aiken, Brownsburg (IN)
5.  Gavin Miller, Romeo
6.  Luke Stanton, Brighton
7.  Mike Robinson, Macomb Dakota
8.  Travis Eads, Davison
Breakdown: Not one of the deeper weights of the tournament, but like 135 it is very top-heavy.  Kinne, Radvansky, and Turner are all ranked inside the top-three of their weights in Michigan.  Aiken has just one loss in Indiana on the season.  Radvansky and Turner will be one of the more appealing matchups to follow and is also a 2015 MYWA state championship rematch.
Prediction: 1) Kinne 2) Turner 3) Radvansky 4) Aiken

1.  Rahmi Khalil, Macomb Dakota
2.  Arron Gilmore, Davison
3.  Isiah Krizek, Hudson
4.  Blake Coffell, Goodrich
5.  Reilly Peterson, Brownsburg (IN)
6.  Steven Kolcheff, Detroit CC
7.  Colby Ford, Brighton
8.  Donald Farris, John Glenn
Breakdown: Four all-state heavyweights headline this weight.  Khalil has been solid thus far in his senior campaign and is the likely favorite to win the CCI, having already beaten Gilmore in OT in December.  Kolcheff and Krizek will be a good quarterfinal, as will Peterson-Coffell.  Peterson is 18-1 on the year for Brownsburg.
Prediction: 1) Khalil 2) Gilmore 3) Peterson 4) Kolcheff