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Airport Invite Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/12/18, 2:45PM EST



Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Airport Invite hosted at Carleton Airport High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the tournament, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

DCC Super Duals
WWT Clash of Champions
Sparta Invite
Forest Hills Eastern Team Tournament
Michigan Duels

Hunter Assenmacher, Ida
Brendan Ferretti, Macomb Dakota
Caden Jacobs, Forest Hills Central
Zain Bazzi, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Jake Campbell, Wyandotte Roosevelt
Gabe Livingston, Battle Creek Lakeview
Brandon Thacker, Lutheran Westland
Breakdown: Two of the top 103s in the state are likely to see each other in the finals here.  Top-ranked Hunter Assenmacher, a returning state runner-up in D3 is unbeaten on the year.  Brendan Ferretti has also been great in his rookie season for Dakota with just one loss, to his teammate.  Campbell, Bazzi, and Livingston should be the next tier below battling for third.
Prediction: 1) Assenmacher 2) Ferretti 3) Campbell 4) Bazzi

Allan Davis, Clawson
Alex Shrum, Clawson
Jacob White, Battle Creek Lakeview
Armando Callejas, Battle Creek Lakeview
Jacob Corcoran, Waterford Kettering
Caden Natale, Hudson
Rayshon Robinson, Chippewa Valley
Jamal Chakkour, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Dominique Maestas, Portage Northern
Breakdown: Two pairs of teammates are tops in this weight.  Clawson's Davis and Shrum are returning state qualifiers in Division 3.  Battle Creek Lakeview has two regional qualifiers entered in Callejas and White.  Look for the teammates to be split on the bracket and we realistically could see either pair in the finals.  Hudson's Natale could sneak into the top four, coming off a fifth place finish at DCC at 103.
Prediction: 1) Davis 2) Callejas 3) White 4) Shrum

Brandon Wireman, Ida
Mark Brado, Waterford Kettering
Christian Zimmerman, Lutheran Westland
Bryce Brust, Battle Creek Lakeview
CJ Berro, Hudson
Ryan Lee, Chippewa Valley
Blake Piette, Airport
Bryce Sheeders, Battle Creek Lakeview
Breakdown: A big surprise here is that Brust made the descent to 119.  He's the favorite being a returning state finalist.  Brado or Wireman will be a good test for him at the weight and those two should have a great semifinal match.  Zimmerman is the wildcard, currently unbeaten on the year and a returning all-stater himself.
Prediction: 1) Brust 2) Brado 3) Wireman 4) Zimmerman

Scotty Torres, Hudson
Hunter Schafer, Ida
Nicholas Pyle, Woodhaven
Kenny Snyder, Chippewa Valley
Ali Moussa, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Tyler Conrad, Waterford Kettering
Terry Vette, Battle Creek Lakeview
Sawn Thang, Battle Creek Lakeview
Nate Smith, Macomb Dakota
Breakdown: This weight could go a number of ways as there are several quality wrestlers entered.  Torres has to be the favorite after his impressive showing a week ago at Detroit CC.  A Schafer-Vette match presents a good amount of intrigue.  Vette is up from 119and off to a good start; Schafer was 5th in the state last season.  Pyle, Thang, and Smith will all challenge to break into the top four.
Prediction: 1) Torres 2) Vette 3) Schafer 4) Pyle

Jordan Hamdan, Hudson
Jared Riggins, Jackson
Ian Abel, Forest Hills Central
Jake Johnson, Waterford Kettering
Carson Boni, Chippewa Valley
Anthony Ferensic, Woodhaven
Joey Papas, Macomb Dakota
Breakdown:  Hamdan is the odds-on pick to win it at 130.  A two-time state champ and undefeated on the year, he won his second CCI title last weekend.  Riggins is a great prospect and continues to improve for Jackson so look for him to give Hamdan a good battle.  Boni and Johnson are pretty talented guys, as are Ferensic and Papas.  Those four will make for some entertaining bouts behind the top two seeds.
Prediction: 1) Hamdan 2) Riggins 3) Boni 4) Johnson

Jon Fritz, Airport
Mason Grasso, Woodhaven
Nick Zipay, Chippewa Valley
Junior Martin, Waterford Kettering
Breakdown:  Not a ton of depth at 135 but a pair of ranked guys are listed in Fritz and Grasso.  Both are enjoying a great deal of success this season and really the match could go either way.  There's something about a home tournament that lends us to believe Fritz will have the edge.  
Prediction: 1) Fritz 2) Grasso 3) Zipay 4) Martin

Brandon Badour, Chippewa Valley
Carson Price, Hudson
Kalim Low, Ida
Dominic Worthington, Waterford Kettering
Mikale Mitchell, Woodhaven
Abdullah al-Haddad, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Arthur Calloway, Airport
Luke Lavanaway, Erie Mason
Michael Pizzo, Clawson
William Prowse, Portage Northern
Breakdown: 140 is a deep weight that is relatively even across the board.  On paper Price is the favorite, being the only state placer in the bunch.  Badour has been very good this season for Chippewa Valley and will be right in the mix.  Prowse from Portage Northern is an under the radar guy but had a good freshman season and has replicated that in his sophomore campaign.  Pizzo is also in the mix and depending on how the bracket shakes out could make his way into the finals. 
Prediction: 1) Price 2) Badour 3) Prowse 4) Pizzo 

Kyle Emery, Woodhaven
Anthony Gonzalez, Waterford Kettering
Justin Chambless, Airport
Chase Seeley, Battle Creek Lakeview
Jorges Sereno, Hudson
Joseph Barton, Ida
Breakdown: A really good matchup could go down between Gonzalez and Emery.  Emery is a fringe guy in the D1 rankings at 145, which is the deepest weight in the division.  Expect a lot of action between the two and consider the meeting a toss up.  Seeley is likely the next in line to challenge for a finals bid.  A state qualifier last year for Lakeview, he's enjoyed a great deal of success in his career.
Prediction: 1) Gonzalez 2) Emery 3) Seeley 4) Sereno

Joey Muzzin, Woodhaven
Mason Evans, Battle Creek Lakeview
Max Sandzik, Clawson
Allen Martin, Waterford Kettering
Troy Reissig, Portage Northern
Aidan Wilson, Chippewa Valley
Mitchell Derhammer, Portage Northern
Breakdown:  152 has one of the best finals matchups, potentially, of any weight in the tournament.  Evans and Muzzin are both ranked inside the top five in Division 1.  They actually met in the consolation bracket at the state tournament last year, with Evans winning the match.  For that reason he's our pick to win here.  Sandzik from Clawson is a state qualifier and a great wrestler himself and should not be taken lightly at all.
Prediction: 1) Evans 2) Muzzin 3) Sandzik 4) Reissig

Hadi Chemeissani, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Seth Lambart, Lutheran Westland
Josh Watters, Woodhaven
Camden Miller, Morenci
John Betz, Hudson
Dylan Brown, Battle Creek Lakeview
Tyonne Caper, Portage Northern
Breakdown: This weight is so even across the board that it's hard to separate the top four from the pack.  On paper Chemeissani and Watters have had the best seasons and will be the picks to see each other in the finals.  Betz and Lambart are D4 regional qualifiers and it would not be a major upset if either of them made their way to the finals or even won the whole tournament.
Prediction: 1) Chemeissani 2) Watters 3) Betz 4) Lambart

Kyle Bergmooser, Airport
Isaac Torrey, Forest Hills Central
Noah Hubbard, Jackson
Seth Barnier, Ida
Andrew Norstrom, Battle Creek Lakeview
Blake Borck, Hudson
Breakdown: Another one of the top finals bouts should be at 171 with Torrey and Bergmooser.  Bergmooser was all-state in D2 last year and Torrey qualified for his first state tournament.  As mentioned earlier, the home gym advantage may swing in Bergmooser's favor, but Torrey is a great athlete and off to a strong start so he's our pick to win this toss up match.  Hubbard and Barnier are also wrestling well and are next in line behind our finals picks.
Prediction: 1) Torrey 2) Bergmooser 3) Hubbard 4) Barnier

Keegan Moore, Forest Hills Central
Hiram Robinson, Wyandotte Roosevelt
Adam Heneveld, Forest Hills Central
Trey Monroe, Jackson
Connor Montilla, Chippewa Valley
Kyle Moll, Hudson
Jordan Loss, Battle Creek Lakeview
Breakdown: Moore and Robinson both were at the state tournament in D1 at 171 in 2017.  Moore finished 7th while Robinson came up a match short of placing.  They will likely engage in a fan-friendly, high-scoring affair that either one is capable of pulling off.  Moore is our pick but don't be shocked if it goes the other way.  Montilla, Moore, and Heneveld have had some ups and downs this season and whoever can string together the best day will finish third more than likely. 
Prediction: 1) Moore 2) Robinson 3) Montilla 4) Monroe

David Wilson, Woodhaven
Spencer Blanco, Hudson
Seth Udell, Forest Hills Central
Trace Schirmers, Forest Hills Central
Jesse Pieper, Waterford Kettering
Jacob Campbell, Ida
Benoit Richards, Jackson
Breakdown: Wide open is the best way to describe 215.  There are probably six or seven potential champs here which will make for an exciting day.  Campbell from Ida probably has the most quality wins of the group and may be the frontrunner to win it all.  Blanco is an interesting case as well, wrestling up, and a very dangerous wrestler.  But again, you could pick any of the above wrestlers to win it and it wouldn't be a bad guess.
Prediction: 1) Campbell 2) Wilson 3) Blanco 4) Schirmers

Isiah Krizek, Hudson
Samuel Johnson, Airport
Zachary Okroy, Chippewa Valley
Nick Ruehle, Woodhaven
Harrison Watkins, Dearborn Hts. Crestwood
Kyle Starkweather, Battle Creek Lakeview
Breakdown:  A pretty solid group of heavyweights, several of which have had some wins over top-level guys this season.  Most notably, and the favorite to win the weight, is Krizek of Hudson.  He was 4th at the CCI and 4th in the state last season.  Okroy started off strong this year and will look to regain form.  Ruehle and Johnson are challengers to make the finals as well.
Prediction: 1) Krizek 2) Ruehle 3) Johnson 4) Okroy