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On Paper: DeWitt/St. John's

By MI Grappler, 01/17/18, 2:15PM EST


D2 #4 DeWitt vs D2 #6 St. John's

103 - Nick Ebright (DeWitt) vs Peyton Frederick (St. John's)
Two pretty solid freshman lightweights kick things off down low.  Ebright has found a great deal of success as of late, most notably making the finals of the Goodrich TOC.  Have to think he has the upper hand here, but Frederick is good enough to make it interesting.
DeWitt 3, St. John's 0

112 - Matt Foddrill (DeWitt) vs Brendon Smith (St. John's)
These two met twice last year with Smith taking both bouts - 9-8 in the first meeting and a fall in the second.  It'll likely be closer to the former, especially in a dual meet setting, but if Smith can muster up bonus it will be huge for the Red Wings.
DeWitt 3, St. John's 3

119 - Jordan Weber (DeWitt) vs Cody Wood (St. John's)
Both of these wrestlers have shown great improvement from a year ago and this match is definitely a toss up.  Wouldn't be surprised either way, but let's take Weber in a close decision.
DeWitt 6, St. John's 3

125 - Luke York (DeWitt) vs #4 Brendan Zelenka (St. John's)
Zelenka could be down at 119 but we'll assume he goes 25.  York is coming off a strong weekend and has been very tough down at a new weight.  That said, Zelenka is one of the top 19's in the state and has a propensity for bonus points.  
St. John's 7, DeWitt 6

130 - Eli Severns (DeWitt) vs #3 Kaleob Whitford (St. John's)
130 features a pretty solid matchup between 3rd-ranked Whitford and Severns, who has spent the majority of the year in the top ten and is enjoying a very good freshman season.  While Severns may keep it close, expect Whitford to pull away and pick up some bonus for St. John's.
St. John's 11, DeWitt 6

135 - Ronnie Slater (DeWitt) vs Justice Gonzalez (St. John's)
Slater is coming around again this year for the Panthers as he tends to do in the second half of seasons.  Look for him to use his experience over the freshman Gonzalez and pick up a win for DeWitt.
St. John's 11, DeWitt 9

140 - Tyler Brandt/#7 Jackson Severns (DeWitt) vs #1 James Whitaker (St. John's)
DeWitt has three really good options at 140, but we'll assume Hall is up to 145, where he spends a lot of time for dual meets.  That leaves Brandt and Severns versus top-ranked Whitaker.  Though he'll have a quality opponent, just one of his wins has been by regular decision so we'll give him the major on paper.
St. John's 15, DeWitt 9

145 - #2 Quenten Hall (DeWitt) vs Spencer Sillman (St. John's)
Sillman has been out the past couple of weeks but should he be in the lineup, he will have a tough matchup with Hall.  Hall is coming off of a huge weekend and that momentum is likely to translate to this rivalry dual.  He will be looking for bonus, and if Sillman is not there, a fall.
St. Johns 15, DeWitt 15

152 - #2 Kilion Southworth (DeWitt) vs Justin Mulder (St. John's)
This is one weight where the Panthers are likely to rack up big bonus, with one of their heavy hitters in Southworth.  St. John's has rotated a few guys at this weight but just don't have the firepower to contend with the returning all-stater.
DeWitt 21, St. John's 15

160 - #3 Sam York (DeWitt) vs Alex Costilla (St. John's)
Another heavy hitter for DeWitt who will be heavily favored, especially with the absence of Cross Gonzalez for St. John's.  He's been out for some time and we will assume will not be back for this dual.  York has sixteen pins on the year and could be in a good spot for number 17.
DeWitt 27, St. John's 15

171 - Chandler Murton/Jacob Brandt (DeWitt) vs #6 Braxton Parks (St. John's)
Another weight with some pretty good options for DeWitt.  Murton, a freshman, debuted recently with some very good results.  Brandt has been a mainstay in the lineup the past two years but could be at 189 for this dual.  Parks returned to the lineup last weekend and had some stiff competition at DCC, but has had a good enough year to make him the pick to get the decision at this weight.
DeWitt 27, St. Johns 18

189 - Jacob Brandt/Bobby Mowry (DeWitt) vs CJ Krum (St. John's)
As previously mentioned, we may see Brandt here.  Whoever the Panthers roll out will face off against Krum, maybe the best freshman upperweight in the Class of 2021.  He's registered a number of high quality wins this season and will be the favorite tonight.  
DeWitt 27, St. Johns 21

215 - Douglas Trutzl (DeWitt) vs Tyler Secord (St. John's)
This is a rematch from a series a year ago.  These two wrestlers split matches, with Secord holding the most recent win.  Both of them are having the best seasons of their career and have wins over ranked opponents.  Since Secord has the most recent win in the series, we'll take him to squeak out a decision.
DeWitt 27, St. John's 24

285 - Zachary Hasse (DeWitt) vs Andy Fortin (St. John's)
It will be interesting to see if DeWitt runs Trutzl up to heavy and puts Hasse at 215, or if they run it how we have it here.  Either way, DeWitt is in a good spot to pick up bonus and hang on to the dual win.
DeWitt 33, St. John's 24

Swing Matches: 112, 119, 215

DeWitt Keys: Win the swing matches - St. John's is favored in two of the three on paper so flipping any of the other two is at least a six-point swing and keeps the dual out of striking distance.  Also need the hammers to maximize bonus points.  It's possible York runs up to 171 to take on Parks, which would be another win on paper for the Panthers.

St. John's Keys: Basically the inverse of DeWitt's keys, which is to minimize bonus from their heavy hitters and find a way to pull out the swing matches.  They don't have the depth like DeWitt does, so every win is critical and they may need eight of them to take the dual.