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Hudson Super 16 Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/19/18, 12:30PM EST


HS Weekend Preview

Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Hudson Super 16 hosted annually at Hudson High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the tournament, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

Jim Mooney Williamston Classic
Holt Invitational
Hartland Invitational
Gary Rivers Memorial Duals (Lowell)

1.  Hunter Assenmacher, Ida
2.  Drew Gebhardt, Manchester
3.  Austin Fietz, Dundee
4.  Nolan Rodriguez, Alma
5.  Jake Elasivich, Montrose
6.  Matthew Curtis, Oxford
7.  Caden Sukich, Schoolcraft
8.  Tamin Machart, Utica Ford
Breakdown: Five ranked wrestlers are entered at 103, including D3's top ranked wrestler, Assenmacher.  The quarterfinals will be as competitive as any weight in the tournament, particularly the Elasivich-Rodriguez matchup.  The two were 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at New Lothrop and had almost identical results with common opponents. 
Predictions: 1) Assenmacher 2) Fietz 3) Rodriguez 4) Gebhardt

1. Reese Fry, Manchester
2. Vince Perez, Tecumseh
3. Ashton Anderson, Oxford
4. Tyler Swiderski, Dundee
5. Brendon Smith, St. Johns
6. Griffin Nicholas, Utica Ford
7. Caden Natale, Hudson
8. Ramiro Guerrero, Adrian
Breakdown: We though we'd see Fry-Perez a week ago at Clinton but we'll settle for watching the undefeated wrestlers go at it this week.  Last year, Fry won both meetings.  A pair of very tough freshman are also in the weight in Anderson and Swiderski, who both have the capability of pulling off an upset or two.  Natale is another guy to watch after finishing 2nd at the Airport Invite last weekend.
Predictions: 1) Fry 2) Perez 3) Swiderski 4) Anderson

1. Terrin Machart, Utica Ford
2. Jonathon White, Dundee
3. Mark Brado, Waterford Kettering
4. Brandon Wireman, Ida
5. Jacob Shelby, Manchester
6. Liam Hillary, Oxford
7. Joshua Hilton, Tecumseh
8. Jensen Ballinger, Jonesville
Breakdown: Four state placers and four others who are at least regional qualifiers make this weight extremely deep.  At the top, Machart is the favorite to win it all as a two-time all-stater and currently unbeaten on the season.  Two must-see matchups, should they happen, are the White-Brado semi and the Wireman-Shelby quarterfinal. 
Predictions: 1) Machart 2) White 3) Brado 4) Shelby

1. Reese Wallis, Montrose
2. Scotty Torres, Hudson
3. Kellen Patton, Tecumseh
4. Josh Rankin, Michigan Center
5. Reese Darrow, Jackson Northwest
6. Daniel Jaworski, Dundee
7. Hunter Schafer, Ida
8. Gary Nilson, Utica Ford
Breakdown: Without a doubt the toughest weight class of the tournament.  From the quarterfinals round on, every single match is up in the air.  That includes Wallis-Nilson in the 1 vs 8 match.  If they wrestled this weight ten times, you'd have ten different outcomes, as any of the top eight could seriously win the whole weight.  If it stays to seed, Wallis and Torres will be an electric final.  Both wrestlers are having the best seasons of their high school careers.
Predictions: 1) Wallis 2) Torres 3) Patton 4) Darrow

1. Jordan Hamdan, Hudson
2. Daniel Poupore, Saline
3. Anthony Mack, Dansville
4. Christian Killion, Dundee
5. Kaleob Whitford, St. Johns
6. Zach P Wells, Utica Ford
7. Joe Vackaro, Oxford
8. Blake Belaire, Manchester
Prediction: Two undefeated wrestlers headline this weight with Hamdan and Poupore nabbing the top two seeds.  Poupore picked up a major decision over Mack earlier in the season so he has a fairly clear path to the finals.  Hamdan will face the winner of Killion-Whitford which is an absolute toss-up.  Both are ranked in the top three of their weights and have very entertaining styles.   No matter how it shakes out Hamdan is still the pick to win it but expect Poupore to potentially give him his toughest test of the year to date.
Predictions: 1) Hamdan 2) Poupore 3) Whitford 4) Mack

1. Stoney Buell, Dundee
2. Sergio Borg, Oxford
3. Jarrett Ferman, Alma
4. Hunter Bowersox, Athens
5. Jake Race, Jackson Northwest
6. Jett Gott, Schoolcraft
7. Thomas Potter, Springport
8. Kyle Hartmann, Saline
Breakdown: Still unbeaten in the state of Michigan, Dundee freshman Buell is the top seed at 135.  He's been outstanding in his first year for the Vikings.  Behind him is two-time D1 state placer Borg, ranked fourth in the big school division.  That presents a unique matchup of youth versus experience but Buell has handled any and all challengers thus far.  Below those guys, Ferman is one to watch (actually had a win over Buell this summer).  
Predictions: 1) Buell 2) Borg 3) Ferman 4) Bowersox

1. James Whitaker, St. Johns
2. Jayce Kuehnlein, St. Louis
3. Carson Price, Hudson
4. Kyle Yuhas, Tecumseh
5. Rayden Roggow, Athens
6. Zach M Wells, Utica Ford
7. Kalim Low, Ida
8. Grant Ott, Dundee
Breakdown: 140 has several interesting matchups.  Kuehnlein, a 2017 state runner-up, drops down for the first time, throwing a wrinkle into that weight class in D4.  He's slated to face Price of Hudson who was 3rd in the state two years ago.  Both are top four guys in that weight so this will shed some like as to where both of them stand.  Either way, Whitaker is the favorite to win it all here.
Predictions: 1) Whitaker 2) Kuehnlein 3) Price 4) Roggow

1. Ryan Miller, Oxford
2. Alex Rosas, Alma
3. Anthony Gonzalez, Waterford Kettering
4. Jordan Tutt, Martin
5. McCallister McAvoy, Dundee
6. Devin Strong, Springport
7. Gabe Guerrero, Adrian
8. Jorge Sereno, Hudson
Breakdown: Oxford's Miller snagged the top seed courtesy of his impressive season thus far.  Rosas and Gonzalez are in position to see each other in the semis in a battle of state placers.  That one could go either way but should be exciting nonetheless.  If Gonzalez should advance to face Miller in the finals, it'll be the fourth time in the past two season the two have met; Miller leads the series 2-1.  One quarterfinal of note is Tutt-McAvoy, two high quality guys with podium aspirations.
Predictions: 1) Miller 2) Gonzalez 3) Rosas 4) Tutt

1. Zach Bellaire, Dundee
2. Jake Davis, St. Louis
3. Noah Teague, Springport
4. Trent Myre, Oxford
5. Jacob Roberts, Athens
6. Justin VanBlaricum, Alma
7. Troy Reissig, Erie-Mason
8. Mark Fox, Schoolcraft
Breakdown:  You have to love it when number ones meet up.  Bellaire and Davis, top-ranked wrestlers in D3 and D4, respectively, are the top two seeds at 152.  However it's not a clear path to that matchup by any means.  Davis will have to go through state placer Teague in an opportunity for Teague to move himself up the rankings.  Bellaire is tasked with facing Myre or Roberts.  Myre is probably the most likely candidate and is a very tough competitor for Oxford.  Expect fireworks from the semifinals on.
Predictions: 1) Bellaire 2) Davis 3) Myre 4) Teague

1. Tylor Orrison, Dundee
2. Caleb Tabert, Oxford
3. Gabe Bechtol, Tecumseh
4. Payton Hunt, Martin
5. Austin Tapley, Jackson Northwest
6. Cade Gilless, Saline
7. Jimmy Viar, Montrose
8. Dalton Adams, Schoolcraft
Breakdown: Defending state champ Orrison highlights the 160 bracket as the number one wrestler.  His senior year has been outstanding as is on pace to make a run at another title in Division 3.  Tabert and Bechtol are his most likely finals opponents, both state qualifiers.  Tabert was in the finals of the CC Invite so he's battle tested.  Bechtol has rebounded after suffering an injury earlier in the year and is a great athlete who could give Tabert problems.
Predictions: 1) Orrison 2) Tabert 3) Bechtol 4) Hunt

1. Devin Trevino, Oxford
2. Braxton Parks, St. Johns
3. Jaxon Guinn, Dundee
4. Seth Barnier, Ida
5. Spencer Blanco, Hudson
6. Kevin Miller, Jackson Northwest
7. Tarek Bawardi, Skyline
8. Colin McCaffrey, Manchester
Breakdown: There's a good amount of parity in this weight all the way through.  Trevino is the only wrestler who has placed at the state tournament so he'd be the easy choice to win the weight.  He's lined up to take on Barnier in the semis, who won the Airport Invite a week ago and knocked off an all-stater in the process.  Parks vs Guinn is another good semi for this tournament.  Both are ranked wrestlers and very talented, which should make for an entertaining bout.  Don't sleep on Blanco either, who won the Airport Invite up at 215 last weekend.
Predictions: 1) Trevino 2) Parks 3) Guinn 4) Barnier

1. Tanner Beach, Jackson Northwest
2. Ernie Diaz, St. Louis
3. Ryan Roberts, Tecumseh
4. CJ Krum, St. Johns
5. Austin Schlicht, Oxford
6. Kyle Motylinski, Dundee
7. Zach Betz, Springport
8. Kyle Moll, Hudson
Breakdown: 189 may end up being one of those weights where you just throw the seeds out.  There are a ton of evenly matched wrestlers and several of them are capable of winning the weight.  Beach is a returning all-stater for Northwest and headlines the weight.  He's followed by state qualifier Diaz and Tecumseh's Roberts, who is unbeaten at 189 on the season.  Krum is a freshman hammer and has the skill set to challenge anyone in the weight.  Also watch for Motylinski, a veteran and a state qualifier for Dundee, as well as Schlicht who is enjoying a breakout season.
Predictions: 1) Beach 2) Diaz 3) Krum 4) Motylinski

1. Hunter Krueger, Adrian
2. Kyle Reinhart, Dundee
3. Shannon Petersen, Hillsdale
4. Tyler Secord, St. Johns
5. Zachary Sabin, Saline
6. Charlie Depp, Manchester
7. Aaron Ludwig, Springport
8. Brandon Walker, East Jackson
Breakdown: Krueger and Reinhart are the top two seeds at 215.  Both are seniors with state tournament experience and are enjoying a great deal of success this year as well.  Petersen of Hillsdale is a great athlete and could make a run to the finals should he survive his quarterfinal with Depp, a very good wrestler in his own right.  Secord has been great this season and will be a force in the weight this weekend too.
Predictions: 1) Krueger 2) Reinhart 3) Secord 4) Petersen

1. Brandon Whitman, Dundee
2. Isiah Krizek, Hudson
3. Luke Overweg, Springport
4. Greg Simmons, Alma
5. Brock Kuhn, Michigan Center
6. River Fox, Schoolcraft
7. Griffin Barnette, Montrose
8. Jacob Campbell, Ida
Breakdown: It pretty much goes without saying but Whitman is the favorite to win this weight.  However, after him it gets very interesting.  Krizek-Barnette, Overweg-Fox, and Simmons-Kuhn could all go either way in their quarterfinal bouts.  An Overweg-Krizek match would be particularly interesting as it would shore up the D4 heavyweight rankings.  Similarly, Simmons and Kuhn are very close in ranking in D3 and that match will give one of them the upper hand.
Predictions: 1) Whitman 2) Krizek 3) Overweg 4) Kuhn