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Northern Michigan Championships Preview

By MI Grappler, 01/26/18, 1:15PM EST



Every weekend will breakdown the top tournaments to watch around the state.

Our featured tournament preview is the Northern Michigan Championships hosted by Gaylord High School.  Read below for a weight by weight breakdown of the tournament, and click below for a preview of the other major tournaments.

Lenawee County All-Star Meet
Lowell Duals
Jim Peltier Classic (Yale)
Saline Super Duals

AJ South, Boyne City
Colin Arnt, Escanaba
Will Sides, Gaylord
Lane Matzke, Gladstone
Zachary Duncan, Grayling
Joe Lagrou, Marquette
Breakdown: More than likely a three-horse race between Sides, Lagrou, and South, who are all having fantastic years.  Sides has been hot lately so he's the pick to win it all.
Predictions: 1) Sides 2) Lagrou 3) South 4) Arnt

Brodey Bevins, Escanaba
Thomas May, Grayling
Willard Dubke, Ogemaw Heights
Zach Ouillette, Oscoda
Tristan Dycewicz, Pinconning
Breakdown: A pretty talented group of young guys, headlined by Pinconning sophomore Dycewicz, a state qualifier from last year.  He's the most battle tested and the favorite to be the champ.  Dubke and May are super tough freshman who will be looking for the upset.
Predictions: 1) Dycewicz 2) Dubke 3) May 4) Bevins

Justin Mathieson, Escanaba
Chayse LaJoie, Gaylord
Vadym Torvinen, Gladstone
Colton Kanyo, Gladwin
Andrew Hopkins, Grayling
Coleton Fredrickson, Mancelona
Collin Fure, Marquette
Sam Sobeck, Rogers City
Breden Spencer, Roscommon
Nathan Heyrmann, Sault Area
Damien Ballan, TC West
Breakdown: Without a doubt the deepest weight of the tournament.  At the top, LaJoie (if he's at 19) and Spencer would be an exciting finals match.  Ballan is very good as well and could pose a threat to make a deep run.  Kanyo, Sobeck, and Fredrickson are all state qualifiers who add to the depth with a number of others as well.
Predictions: 1) LaJoie 2) Spencer 3) Ballan 4) Kanyo

Hunter Rosted, Forest Area
Derek Giallombardo, Gaylord
Nicholas Dawson, Gladstone
Tyler Currie, Sault Area
Dylan Kolbiaz, Standish Sterling
Breakdown: Giallombardo is the odds-on favorite to win this weight, though he'll be tested by all-stater Kolbiaz who is turning in another outstanding season.  Outside of those two, a handful of guys will battle for 3rd, namely Dawson, Rosted, and Currie.
Predictions: 1) Giallombardo 2) Kolbiaz 3) Dawson 4) Rosted

John Henry Sosa, Gaylord
Adam Bruce, Gladstone
Cole Hibbard, Grayling
Logan Dekeyser, LaSalle
Griffin Moore, Marquette
Jonny Dubke, Ogemaw Heights
Teddy Peters, Onaway
Breakdown: Another weight with some parity as to who the champ will be.  Bruce, Sosa, and Dubke will all vie for the title and any one of them is capable of pulling it off.  Hibbard and Peters can not be slept on either, as they bring solid resumes to the weight also.
Predictions: 1) Bruce 2) Sosa 3) Dubke 4) Hibbard

Hunter Larson, Escanaba
Rico Brown, Gaylord
Max Halstead, Grayling
Matthew Grant, Onaway
Nathan Childs, Pinconning
Kamsang Riddell, TC St. Francis
Hunter Derry, TC West
Breakdown: 135 presents a great deal of intrigue as you have three guys in the hunt.  Derry is undefeated on the season, Larson is undefeated in Michigan, and Grant was 4th in the state last year.  So you'll have great matches from the semis on.  Brown, Halstead, Childs, and Riddell will also pose tough tasks along the way.
Predictions: 1) Larson 2) Derry 3) Grant 4) Brown

Cole Hansen, Gladstone
Brendan Fenstermaker, Onaway
Hunter Brown, LaSalle
Ethan Noreyko, Roscommon
Elias Sanchez, TC West
Breakdown: Noreyko and Hansen are on a collision course to set up a great finals match at 40.  Noreyko has not lost this season for Roscommon, and Hansen has tasted defeat just three times.  Behind them, Sanchez of TC West and Onaway freshman Fenstermaker will look to make a name for themselves.
Predictions: 1) Noreyko 2) Hansen 3) Sanchez 4) Fenstermaker

Kody Michel, Benzie Central
Jeremy Chernauckas, Charlevoix
Jacob McKnight, Gaylord
Austin Palmateer, Gladwin
Harley Huddle, Marquette
Hunter Eurich, Mio
Coty Ionetz, Onaway
Andy Simaz, TC St. Francis
Wylie Edick, TC West
Breakdown: Another very intriguing weight and one of the deepest to boot.  There are five or six guys who could realistically win the weight.  Palmateer is a returning placer for Gladwin.  McKnight is a Cadet AA and just outside of the top 10 in D2 - one of the deepest weights in any division.  Edick and Simaz are also hammers, with Edick having a win over 2nd ranked Simaz earlier this season.  Ionetz, Eurich, Chernauckas, and Michel are all going to be tough outs, as they all have been to the state tournament.
Predictions: 1) McKnight 2) Palmateer 3) Edick 4) Simaz

Brady Schulz, Gaylord
Brody Sanville, Gladstone
Victor Edick, Gladwin
Jacob Johnson, Marquette
Garett Morris, Ogemaw Heights
Anthony Johnson, Oscoda
Breakdown: Some really good parity at this weight, too.  Anthony Johnson and Morris have had very, very good years and would be the frontrunners to make the finals.  However, Edick, Sanville, and Schulz are not slouches by any means and could pull an upset to further their cases to pop into the rankings.
Predictions: 1) A.Johnson 2) Morris 3) Edick 4) Sanville

Chanler Turnbull, Boyne City
Scout Wunder, Escanaba
Dillon Kroening, Gladwin
Alex Chouinard, Gladstone
Andy Dault, Oscoda
Zackery Backus, Pinconning
Jaxon Labreck, TC West
Breakdown: Not entirely sure what to make of 160.  It appears that there six or seven pretty evenly matched guys, which should make for an outstanding day of action.  It's one of those weights where whoever has the best day is going to win - it's that even.  Kroening has perhaps the best resume of the bunch this year and will be our pick to win the bracket.
Predictions: 1) Kroening 2) Turnbull 3) Labreck 4) Dault

Clay Myers, Frankfort
Cade Foster, Gaylord
Damien Leddy, Gladwin
Logan Joseph, Grayling
Ridge Schutte, Whittemore Prescott
Breakdown: On paper, you'd think that Foster and Schutte are no-brainer picks to make the finals as both are ranked in their divisions.  But Leddy and Joseph, along with Myers, are capable contenders who have the ability to be major bracket busters.  In the end, Foster has been tested often this year, and almost always has risen to the occasion.
Predictions: 1) Foster 2) Schutte 3) Leddy 4) Joseph

Spencer Joles, Boyne City
Doby Gillis, Gladstone
Will Ciske, Mio
Jacob Ransom, TC West
Breakdown: Ransom looks like the easy choice to emerge as the champion at 189.  He was an all-stater for TCW last season and has showed signs of slowing down this year.  After him is a trio of guys looking for a breakout tournament in Gilles, Joles, and Ciske.  All three are potential finalists.
Predictions: 1) Ransom 2) Gilles 3) Joles 4) Ciske

Jared Demeuse, Gladstone
Reece Ferrigan, Grayling
Christian Ward, Oscoda
Zac Masiewicz, TC West
Breakdown: While the depth at 215 leaves something to be desired, there are four very good guys who will mix it up.  All are having the best years of their careers and will be hungry for an NMC title.  Ferrigan and Masiewicz are the frontrunners, but don't be surprised if Demeuse or Ward step up and win the weight.
Predictions: 1) Ferrigan 2) Masiewicz 3) Demeuse 4) Ward

Joe Markham, Gaylord
Cole Dawson, Gladstone
Nathan Ames, Kingsley
Charlie Prescott, Whittemore Prescott
Breakdown: Two all-state heavyweights should clash in the finals here.  Markham and Prescott, both ranked in the top 4 of their divisions, should provide a solid big man matchup.  Ames and Dawson could be next in line behind them, as they are solid guys looking for a boost heading into the postseason.
Predictions: 1) Markham 2) Prescott 3) Ames 4) Dawson