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10 Best Team Districts

By MI Grappler, 02/05/18, 11:00AM EST


District 110-1
Jenison vs Grandville, 5 pm
D1 #9 Hudsonville, Bye
When: Wed, February 7
Where: Hudsonville
Notes: Grandville and Hudsonville met two weeks ago with Hudsonville winning 37-29, and the Eagles won the OK Red tournament Saturday.  They're the favorite to get through, but don't count the Dawgs out.

District 118-1
Southgate Anderson vs Temperance Bedford, 5:30 pm
Monroe vs Brownstown Woodhaven, 5:30 pm
When: Web, February 7
Where: Temperance Bedford
Notes: SEC Champs Bedford will have to win two tough duals to get through the district.  The Mules, Southgate, and Woodhaven all have shot to get out.

District 129-1
Chippewa Valley vs D1 #3 Macomb Dakota, 5 pm
Utica Ford vs Sterling Hts. Stevenson, 5 pm 
When: Thurs, February 8
Where: Macomb Dakota
Notes: Maybe not the closest dual in terms of point spread, but Dakota-Utica Ford will have a handful of good individual matches.

District 138-2
Fenton vs Linden, 5 pm 
Holly vs Ortonville Brandon, 5 pm
When: Thurs, February 8
Where: Fenton
Notes: These teams are very familiar and the duals wrestled between each other have been roughly 10-20 point margins.  Holly has wins over all three already, but look for some lineup creativity from the challengers.

District 142-2
Greenville vs Cedar Springs, 6 pm
Sparta vs Northview, 6 pm
When: Thurs, February 8
Where: Sparta
Notes: Sparta has two wins over Cedar Springs on the year, by 9 and 19 points.  Should be another good dual with the Spartans favored by a dozen or so.

District 149-2
D2 #6 Niles vs Edwardsburg, 6 pm 
D2 #8 Stevensville Lakeshore vs St. Joseph, 6 pm
When: Weds, February 7
Where: Stevensville Lakeshore
Notes: Lakeshore beat Niles on criteria last week, so don't pay attention to the number next to the name.  Niles does have a very tough first round match in Edwardsburg, which could play a role in the final dual.  Either way, expect another amazing night of action.

District 168-3
D3 #4 Whitehall vs Montague, 5 pm
Hart vs Shelby, 5 pm
When: Weds, February 7
Where: Shelby
Notes: Whitehall is definitely the favorite in this district.  Hart and Shelby will be a good first round dual, with the slight edge to Hart.

District 175-3
D3 #5 Birch Run vs Montrose, 6 pm
Bridgeport, Bye
When: Thurs, February 8
Where: Birch Run
Notes: A rematch of a dual roughly 10 days ago, Birch Run and Montrose should be very competitive again. Birch Run won the first meeting by 9.

District 177-3
D3 #6 Algonac vs D3 #2 Richmond, 6 pm
When: Weds, February 7
Where: Algonac
Notes: Although Richmond won the first meeting by 30, this dual features some very good matches and re-matches.  Algonac took 4 matches the first time; they'll have to double that number to win this one.

District 188-3
D3 #1 Dundee vs Flat Rock, 5:30 pm
D3 #9 Ida vs D3 #10 Monroe Jefferson, 5:30 pm
When: Weds, February 7
Where: Dundee
Notes: The final dual of this district is not in question, as Dundee is for sure the favorite to advance.  However, Ida vs Jefferson should be very competitive as they battle for the right to take on the Vikings.

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School

March 18, 2018 - Brighton High School